Step by Step guide to VITEEE 2015 Application Process

Step by Step guide to VITEEE 2015 Application Process

Entranceindia is there to help for you all students who want to apply for the VITEEE 2015. The first step to study in one of the renowned VIT University is to initiate a smooth application process. For that you need to understand lucidly the total application procedure to avoid any flaws. No one at the end their application forms to get rejected due to silly mistakes or missing out some vital information you may have overlooked. So getting hold of the entire information with step by step guide by Entranceindia will certainly make your life easy.

The online application form is available in the VIT university website The application have already begun from 1st December. The last date for the acceptance of VITEEE 2015 application is scheduled on 27th February 2015.

These are the instruction step by step to fill the form for the VITEEE 2015 Application process.

Step 1

The initial linking up is established between you as aspirant and VIT University. VIT sents relevant information like the password to login to start your registration process forwarded to your mobile number and your email address. Once enter all the details to submit you are not entitled to change it, so be extra cautious providing the following information.

  • Your Name ~ your full correct spelling of your name as in Class 12 certificate. If you use initials in your name and its on our certificate don’t miss out or elaborate.
  • Date of Birth ~ as per the records in the format DD/MM/YY
  • Your Gender~ Select male, female or transgender
  • Email address ~ Provide a mail address you frequently access to so remembering the password is easy for you. Or if you have created an email address exclusively for the purpose write your new email address and the password and keep it in a secure place
  • Then type verification code displayed in the screen and register
Step 2

It’s now for you to establish the bond streamlining to confirm the connection between you and the VIT University. Keep the password in handy that is forwarded to you in your email address and mobile number.

  • Registered email address~ the same you have provided in the Step1
  • Password~ The same provided by VIT University in your email and mobile
  • Type the verification code displayed on the screen and click on login
Step 3

Login in the Last step does direct you to this page where you have to start filling your personal details and your educational details. It should be properly filled, with relevant details and correct before you submit. After the submission a application number will be generated.

Personal Information

  • Your Name ~ Fill the same way as in the Step 1 with the same instructions
  • Date of Birth ~ the same instruction in Step 1. Also, it should be noted that if you are born on or after 1st July 1993 you are only eligible to get your application approved.
  • Gender~ Same as Step 1
  • Religion~ Which religion you follow clicking on the available options
  • Nationality~ You are a born Indian or from any other country where you belong from should be specified
  • Community~ Which community you belong from like General or Other Backward Classes or Sheduled Caste or Schedule Tribe
  • Mother Tongue~ There are various languages spoken in India. In which language you speak at home be specified eg. Hindi or Marathi or Tamil and likewise
  • Native State ~ You may be born and brought up in the State where dad may have settled down due to job or business purpose. Native State means where your forefathers actually belonged from, not staying in a place due to professional requirements
  • Whether you need hostel facility ~ While doing the course where will you stay? You prefer to stay at home or any relatives place or intend to take the hostel arranged by the institute.
  • Blood Group ~ this is a very important aspect providing your correct blood group. If you don’t know your blood group yet, please detect as you will need it everywhere.
  • Address of correspondence ~ Your present address where you are residing
  • Mobile Number ~ The same number you provided in Step 1
  • Email address ~ The same email address in Step 1
  • Name of your Parents or Guardian
  • Parents/ Guardian Occupation ~ Your parents are doing job or business

Educational Details

  • Medium of Instruction ~ Which medium of instruction you are familiar in your school or in class 12 in English or any other vernacular language
  • Mode of Study ~ Are you a regular student attending regular classes or did your studies in correspondence mode. Here it is to be reminded only regular students, full time in formal education is only eligible to apply.
  • Name of the Board ~ From which board you have appeared or passed out your class 12 exams
  • Roll number/ Registration number ~ provide that if you have already been allotted
  • Name of the School
  • Address of the School
  • Month and year of passing out ~ which year you have passed your class 12
  • Choice of campus ~ There are two VIT campus one at Chennai and one in Vellore. You have to choose the campus you want to be a part of.
Step 4

There is a payment involved as Application fee. You can pay the amount of 940 INR or 50 USD for NRI candidates by

  • Demand Draft drawn in favor of VIT University payable at Vellore. If you prefer DD you need to get the draft drawn before you initiate the Application process
  • You can also proceed with online mode of payment like the use of Net Banking or through Debit or Credit Card.
Step 5

You need a soft copy of your passport size color photograph with a dimension of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm in jpeg format. You also need to scan your signature in a dimension of 6cm and 2 cm of height that too in jpeg format. These things you have to arrange in advance before you forward with the application.

BITSAT 2015 Application Process

The Step by Step Guide to BITSAT 2015 Application Process

BITSAT 2015 Application Form is currently accessible from December 18, 2015 onwards. Due date to seek BITSAT 2015 is on the February 20, 2015. The BITSAT 2015 Online Application Procedure must be taken over to see the BITS Admission Test for admissions to the designing courses at the BITS facilities at Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. Applicants must meet the qualification criteria of BITSAT 2015 preceding applying. Applicants will have the capacity to think about the Application structures, their accessibility, last dates for accommodation, walled in areas required and in addition the applicable expenses through the BITSAT 2015 Application Form Procedure. Intrigued understudies can fill BITSAT 2015 Application Form beneath.

The Form Filling Process

Know how to fill the structure beneath to keep away from oversights and submit the structure effectively. Look at the step-wise aide

Step 1

  • Fill BITSAT 2015 application form on the official web of the institute
  • When you visit the enrollment page, you will see a significant structure filling guidelines for seeking BITSAT 2015. Perused them painstakingly and reconnoiter “I have perused and seen all the guidelines” box.

Step 2

In this step enter your personal data in the application structure on the screen

  • Verify you enter your name accurately and precisely as it shows up in your Class XII examination mark sheet
  • Enter right date of birth as in your certificate
  • Enter father’s name accurately

Step 3

 The next step is to fill up instructive subtle elements like the test center preference with your educational details

  • Enter full name, sexual orientation, your date of birth, your father’s name, your mother’s name, Email address s, location for correspondence and contact number
  • Enter Class XII subtle elements – Name of the current school or college you are presently studying, board of your examination,  your year of passing out the exams and also elect the subject to be taken for Part IV of BITSAT like you want to opt for Mathematics or Biology.

Step 4

When you have typed the total details in the previous steps like your personal and educational background you are directed to a page where you are told to confirm the correctness for the verification

  • You have to verify what you have entered
  • If the details you have entered is correct you have to confirm by clicking on the button
  • If you want to correct or change the information you have to do it by clicking on the Edit button. If you have to change the date you need to update the date button
  • Once you are done with all the changes as required, click on the confirmation button to shift to the next page of the admission process.

Step 5

Making the Payment of Application Fee:

  • The fees for BITSAT 2015 is Rs.2090 for male candidates and Rs. 1590 for female candidates for Hyderabad and Pillani test centers
  • For applying for the admission test for the Dubai test center you have to pay Rs. 3, 100 or US$50 which applies to both male and female candidates
  • You can make the payment either by debit or credit card issued by Master and Visa.
  • Payment can also be made using an Online Payment gateway
  • If you prefer to pay by cash you can also step in one of the listed ICICI Bank and make the payment for your Application fee. A confirmation of your cash deposit the bank will give you a receipt for the same.

AIEEA – Career in Agriculture

For a career in Agriculture its better to opt for the AIEEA

The backbone of the Indian economy still continues to be agriculture. With an employment of 54.6% of the total workforce of India engages with this sector, the prospect of pursuing agriculture as a career option is quite rewarding. Considering the entire agricultural sector, which include Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Livestock and other subdivision the percentage of GDP is 13.9 for the financial year 2013-14 as per the estimates released by the Central statistical office. The 12th Five year plan from 2012-2017 targets a growth to 265 tonnes at a growth rate of 4%.

Green, blue, yellow and white revolutions have been in charge of acquiring thriving to the farming group. The support of the achievement, other than government strategies and high receptivity of the farming group, has been the foundation of institutions of higher agricultural education. These institutions create new type of skilled manpower who were instrumental in creating new innovations as well as in their evaluation, refinement and scattering to the farming group.

AIEEA exams the starting point of a productive agricultural career

To meet this test, managed endeavors are obliged towards logical and learning based progressions in agriculture and its allied services. To try to achieve this endeavor, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and other Agricultural Universities, spread over in different agricultural zones of the nation, have assumed a key part in changing the agricultural situation of the nation through an entrance examination All India Entrance Exam for Agriculture or AIEEA exams. It is actually a launch pad that supports a competent human resource created from these universities and institutions.

The AIEEA exams are conducted by the ICAR is not only an entrance test providing a learning opportunity for all its students, but do have an understanding with other Agricultural Universities with a secured percentage of 15% seats for undergraduate students and 25% seats in post graduation levels to all the pass out students in the AIEEA exams.

The changing opportunities in the Agriculture sector

So are still in the crossroads figuring out is a career in agriculture is a good option? Does it still pop up in your mind an old farmer working hard in the field trying to cope the hot sun suffering from malnutrition. Just re-think. The agricultural sector did see a lot of changes with use of technology and innovations for the increase of productivity, but still there is a long way to achieve in the Indian scenario. It is you who can make the change, to make a difference to all the people out there by choosing a challenging career in agriculture.

There are four broad areas in agricultural science like Food Science where you have the opportunity to develop improved ways to preserve, package and store according to Industry or government standards. Plant Science is all about agronomy, plant breeding and entomology. You can also become an agricultural scientist to study plants and animals to improve the production method and quality. Soil scientists are concerned with the composition of the soil that impact the growth of the plants, the fertilizers to be used, the crop rotation and so forth. Animal Science deals with the production and processing of dairy products, fish and meat.

Career with ICAR

Career with ICAR: Learning Opportunities

The Indian Council of Agriculture or ICAR an independent organization under the guidance of the department of Agriculture and Education governed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of India since 1951 have played a pioneer role in the radical transformation of agricultural produce through research and development. This escorted the Green Revolution increased the production of food grains by 5 times, horticultural crop by 9.5 times, fish by 12.5 times, milk by 7.5 times and egg 39 times in the present days. The improvement of agricultural educational standards endowing with the technically qualified human resource is one of the main factors of this huge positive shift of the entire scenario.

Unemployment is a major concern

But modern times have witnessed a rather negative blow with rising unemployment typically among the agricultural graduates. But why so? The job market suggests that there is a shift from the public sector units to the private industrial agriculture in the production, processing and also adding value to each and every process and also in regards of the service sector. The need of the day is to recruit agricultural graduates who do possess knowledge and skills in industrial agriculture to get absorbed in the fast expanding agro-industry. Furthermore, these graduates must be taught in new subject areas and most important to get an exposure to practical learning in real life situations of a field or factory or engineering workshop.

Syllabus woes

The predominating syllabus of agricultural training produces graduates looking for professional occupations in government divisions. Their ability and skills don’t fill the prerequisites of becoming private sector organizations. The instruction produces degree holders, but without any practical knowledge how to analyze and tackle real field problems to provide solution to the management.

ICAR provides with that practical learning opportunity

ICAR does support a plan on experiential learning which includes setting up of instructional farms for the production in crop science, animal husbandry and fisheries and also model plants for nourishment transforming and worth expansion for item enhancement and building workshops for assembling, operation and upkeep of farm machinery and gears. The real purpose of the plan is to barrier understudy contribution in learning in the life size environment of experimental farms and also model plants and designing workshops.

It is mandatory for the any undergraduate students take practical training classes in any of the two areas of employable crafts. The bottom line is that the learning by experience and also through learning for the professional development. Each area of experiential learning further strengths up the knowledge by means to infuse the inputs to sale what is being produced.

The training is further supplemented by placement opportunities of the students in private or public sector farms or engineering workshop or factories for a period of two to three months to apply the skills learned in field practice. The training program does also involve subject matter lectures in the field of technology, communications skills and business management. Lectures to be also bestowed providing an idea to the students about government policies and the standards to be maintained, the rural development programs and all the credit institutions functioning in the market.

The training does mix and reinforce calculated learning with inventively praiseworthy practices for field applications. In totality, each ones training is seen to fabricate pragmatic aptitudes and business administration information in the entire span of activities involving the agricultural industry.

The Making of the Nuclear Scientist

The Making of the Nuclear Scientist

NEST creates opportunities to join the Bhaba Atomic research center training school

The completion of the MSc Five year integrated courses at NISER and CBS provides you with an opportunity as a lucrative gateway to get associated with one of the prestigious institutes of National importance “The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre”. You are eligible to appear directly for an interview for the admission to The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Training School.

The Bhabha Atonomic Research Centre Training School (BARC) conducts a one year orientation course for Engineering Graduates and Science Post Graduates (OCES) to grant a launching pad to all for all those candidates who wants to make big as a Nuclear Scientist, a dream they have fostered. The selected candidates get an opportunity to join a larger team they wished for to obtain knowledge and experience under eminent nuclear scientist and researchers. They learn the wisdom that focuses on a balancing act between the energy needed for a developing country and the safety concern of a common man due to a nuclear installation. A dream comes true to all Nuclear Scientist aspirants, isn’t it?

NEST exams the initial step

NEST exam is the initial stepping stone hoping to become Nuclear Scientist working under the umbrella of the Bhabha Atomic Research Center with one day, a desire to touch the sky high. The NEST or the National Entrance Screening Test is a must if you want to get admitted to a five year integrated MSc program delivered by the efficient and skilled professors at the Department of Atomic Energy affiliated to Mumbai University and also at the National Institute of Science Education and Research at Bhubaneswar. The courses deal with basic science for research and development in the areas of science subjects.

These institutes have begun with the command to give great teaching in essentials of science by a personnel of recognized scientists inserted in a dynamic exploration environment and to make a national pool of scientists prepared to take up examination challenges in the boondocks of fundamental and also in the field of applied sciences. The Integrated Msc program at these institutes takes after a semester-based course structure and nonstop appraisal inside an adaptable and creative scholarly, educational module, presenting the understudies to research right on time in their project. The graduated students from NISER and CBS give affirmation of accomplishment the second stride towards joining the BARC programs.

Apart from the OCES training, BARC also conducts the DGFS program, a two year graduate fellowship scheme. During both of these programs you are eligible for a stipend and an allowance with free boarding and lodging. After the successful completion of the training program, a trainee must pass out with at least 50% aggregate marks to be declared successful in the programs. Those who have come out with flying colors are posted as scientific officers in one of the many DAE units.

To get an upper hand for a free flow to become a nuclear scientist or working as a scientific officer in the Department of Atomic Energy the best is to get admission in NISER or CBS. This is only possible if you are able to crack the NEST exams.

Bandari Srinivas Institute Of Technology, Telangana

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Lucrative Science Career with NEST

Lucrative Science Career with NEST 2015

Parents as well as students, are quite worried after they complete their class 12 exams, they are actually at the career crossroads trying to figure out how to proceed. So if you plan to proceed with an M.Sc course in the future in the basic science spectrum, there is nothing better than joining renowned institutes like NISER in Bhubaneswar and CBS at Mumbai, established under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. To precede your career objective with the best footing studies in this prestigious institute you need to crack the NEST exams 2015 in order to opt for this 5 year long M.Sc curriculum.

CBS and NISER have been set up to build and support a brand establishment in the field of fundamental sciences. The inventive showing routines and the accentuation we put on lab and undertaking work will help to develop and create your test and explanatory aptitudes, and Satisfy the expanding interest for very qualified, roused and capable youthful personalities to leave on vacations in innovative work in different science and engineering ranges, specifically those regions that are of significance to the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. The center point is to pull in adolescent personalities to the boondocks of energizing research in essential sciences in order to make a substantial commitment to making India a dynamic, alert and vote based information based powerhouse with the opening of Indian industry, a few open doors, particularly in R&D foundations – both in the private and open segment are getting to be accessible.

The students experience extremely thorough research center work alongside thorough hypothetical courses, joined with the visits and presentation of some of our nation’s leading institutes examination foundations, and additionally on-running communications with employees from BARC, TIFR, IIT-B, ICT, and so forth, and opportunities for ventures under the direction of the nation’s top researchers and academicians.

Where you can work with

The growing expansion plans and the need of motivated and trained human resources from NISER or CBS provide an opportunity to join the pass outs in the department of science or the Indian space research organization. You also have the opening to work with the atomic energy department and its various units, not to leave out the Indian institute of technology or the department of oceanography. The various branches are in a continuous lookout for faculty members and also for research associates to further strengthen the different programs carried out for development.

These institutes are the source of the highly qualified students, the cream of the nation to build a strong nation of ours with various development activities. Those who have further come out with flying colors are encouraged to do further studies to a doctorate level leading to the Ph.D.

NISER and CBS students also have given a go ahead with the direct interview for the admission of the BARC training institute. This one year integrated course where the students are pitched by different scientists and engineers in various branches of science and engineering. After the successful completion BARC school students are absorbed in regular research and development position in various organizations.

Career Choices with NISER

The best career awaits you

After hurdling over the NEST 2015 exam opens up a gateway providing you with an opportunity to study in one of the best premier institute with science and research as the key areas of specialization.

These are some of the career branches you can choose from:

School of Biological Science

The School of Biological Sciences provides you with an opportunity to build yourself through the training rendering in one of the leading international centers with research facilities in the field of modern and classical biology. It instigates within your creative thoughts with a unique way of thinking to conquer more grounds in research and development.

The School of Biology, offers a 5-year incorporated M.Sc. Course in Biology. The student enters the course at post higher secondary school level and gains a Masters degree after the fruitful culmination of the course incorporating presentation to research in biology. The course curriculum has been produced as an amalgamation of both essential and connected sciences. A student enlisted into the incorporated M.Sc. Biology course at NISER will be mulling over all the subjects as appropriate to modern biology with an interdisciplinary prospective.

School of Chemical Sciences

The main aim of the School of Chemical Sciences at NISER, is to confer high quality of education to all undergraduate and postgraduate level of learning to students. It also provides a cutting edge with research facilities to the students of the school.

To add up to the advantages it bestows traditional organic, inorganic chemistry coupled up with the interface areas of the subject of Biology, Material Sciences and Medicine. The School of Chemistry offers one of the best incorporated M.Sc program and the syllabus is outlined to show fundamental standards as well as to have hands on reasonable experience by doing examination ventures as a piece of the educational module.

School of Physical Science

The School of Physical Sciences is in pursuit of perfection in research and in teaching. As we live in the twenty first century, a splendid and challenging future lies in front of us. On one hand, there are a few essential issues of the previous century remaining uncertain and an alternate as one investigates into new domain all the more challenging issues come up. Physics scientist of the macro world and micro world are being vivaciously investigated. There are fantastic advances both in test and hypothetical outskirts.

The School of Physics is occupied with exceptional dynamic research with out of enthusiastic, skilled faculty. It is perceived that NISER will sustain possibly outstanding researchers without bounds. Material science program in the nation with a wide foundation in science.

School of Mathematical Science                       

The school expects to prepare individuals who are situated towards research and instructing in both fundamental and propelled ranges of Mathematical sciences. Also, as all essential sciences need science it inspires brilliant students to admire the subject the way we do. The School of Mathematics means to have a dynamic scholarly for faculties, students and guests. To satisfy the vision of the NISER and its School of Mathematics individuals having great research facility in Mathematical sciences and high inspiration for educating.

About NISER, Bhubaneshwar

NISER Bhubaneswar nurtures our future scientists

It was way back in the year 2006 that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the setting of the National Institute of Science and Research (NISER) at Bhubaneswar. The objective on such an initiative is to attract the meritorious students towards learning of Science and indirectly improve the quality of teaching of science and mathematics at the school level. The institute is set for the talented scholars to pursue a career in the field of science development and research.

NISER speaks for itself

The National Institute of Science Education and Research will encourage this collaboration in the research and advanced education. The accentuation of education at NISER is to create scientific trained manpower of an astounding which could specifically discover placement the nation over. More noteworthy accentuation to be on extensions of science important to the Department of Atomic Energy and likewise indulging the better use of nearby local assets.

NISER is an organization at standard with the best in the nation as far as infrastructure and facilities are concerned. It does compete with loads of rehearsed with the best colleges in the world. This will guarantee world class education and likewise pull in the best scientists. It is equipped with world-class facilities for research in all the developing limbs of science including Physical science, Chemistry, Biology and also in the field of Environmental sciences.

Keeping in mind the end goal to attract bright young students to this integrated course, the course maintains a standard and difficulty on a world-class level. The students are bestowed stipend to the students furthermore permit them time for research exercises actually amid their understudy days. There are campus interviews and placements and both research focuses and in industry to make the course more attractive to the students in the present competitive environment that actually attracts the students to IT-related jobs.

NISER caters to a range of scientific related courses

The course provides MSc programs for duration of 5 years catering to bestow knowledge in the emerging field of basic science, in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. An aspirant takes admission after completion of class 12 exams. After the completion of MSc degrees, there is also an opportunity to further pursue Ph.D degrees along with employment prospects in different Research and Development organizations and industries across the country.

There are also occasions where a student does join the integrated MSc course or the Ph.D programs after the completion of BSc in some other University. Joining the Ph.D curriculum is also possible after MSc study from other Universities.

NISER a strong foundation in the field of science and research

The program will be intended to give solid establishments to students, through the core courses, before they set out at the edge of research in the field of their decision. Be that as it may, NISER’s educational module will guarantee that each understudy is acquainted with energies to various different extensions of the scientific spectrum. NISER vision is to make an environment of scientific culture where each section exceeds the expectations in any field a student tries to seek further research.