National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT) POST GRADUATE 2015 Question Paper With Answer Key

NIFT (POST GRADUATE) National Institute of Fashion & Technology

Solved Paper-2015

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 1-30) Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follows.


But perfect organization, faultless team-work, indomitable courage, super human endurance, even the latest equipment all these are unavailable unless the weather is kind. In the mountains it is the weather that rules everything. It may be fair it the early morning when the climb begins, but unexpectedly blizzards may halt the climbers with inadequate protection on an exposed slope. The villains of the piece are cold, wind and snow and in the Himalayas, these conspire together for the whole year, expect for two short periods. In early May and in October, there may be short intervals between the tremendous gales of winter and the treacherous shows of the monsoon. Only in these intervals is there any chance of finding the right weather conditions for an assault upon a peak. Cold can at least be kept at bay by warm clothing and weather there is no defence.

1. The two greatest enemies of the Himalayan Climber are

(a)  attitude and scarcity of oxygen

(b)  wind and snow

(c)  ice fields and rocks

(d)  slopes and valley

Ans: (b)

2. It is bet to attempt scaling a peak

(a)  in the summer months

(b)  between storms and gales

(c)  early in May or in October

(d)  when the monsoon are over

Ans: (c)

3. The perils of intense cold may be counteracted by

(a)  a special kind of food and clothing

(b)  the use of alcohol

(c)  climbing only during the morning hours

(d)  the use of drugs and medicines

Ans: (a)

4. When climbing in the Hirnalayas one must always remember that the weather is

(a)  severe

(b)  conquerable

(c)  the supreme arbiter

(d)  fickle

Ans: (c)

5. According to the author, what the mountaineer today needs most is

(a)  regular exercise

(b)  adequate medical aid

(c)  financial support

(d)  modern equipment

Ans: (d)


The Rajputs occupy an honoured place in the history of India. They were a war-like people, proud and patriotic. They vere jealous of their honour and would lay down their lives to uphold it. They loved their homes and fought bravely to defend the honour of their women-folk. Nothing would tame their spirits. Perils only called forth their courage and poverty only increased their power of resistance. None could fight like them. Their motto was ‘Better death than dishonour’.

6. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word ‘proud’ in the passage?

(a)  The pride of the Rajputs

(b)  Rajputs and their sacrifices

(c)  The rise and fall of the Rajputs

(d)  Rajputs – the spirited heroes of Indian history

Ans: (d)

7. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word ‘proud’ in the passage?

(a)  Humble

(b)  Kind

(c)  Courteous

(d)  Cowardly

Ans: (a)

8. The expression ‘tame their spirits’ in the passage means

(a)  suppress their ambitions

(b)  arouse their enthusiasm

(c)  develop their courage

(d)  curb their enthusiasm

Ans: (d)

9. Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage?

(a)  The Rajputs achieved eminence in history due to their great bravery

(b)  They were homely people and would fight for upholding women’s honour

(c)  In moments of danger they would exhibit great courage

(d)  They could not, however, face the challenge of poverty

Ans: (*)

10. According to the writer, the Rajputs occupy an honoured place in history, because

(a)  they were found of wars

(b)  they were proud of their wares

(c)  they were jealous of people’s honour

(d)  they lived and died upholding their self-respect

Ans: (d)


Religions is the greatest instruments for so raising us. it is amazing that a person not intellectually bright, perhaps not even educated is capable of grasping and living by something so advanced as the principles of Christianity. Yet, there is a common phenomenon. It is not, however, in  my province to talk about religion. But rather to stress the power which great literature and the great personalities whom we meet in it and in history have, to open and enlarge our minds and to show us what is first rate in human personality and human character by showing us goodness and greatness.

11. In the passage, the author’s ultimate intentions is to talk about

(a)  religion

(b)  history

(c)  education

(d)  character

Ans: (d)

12. The phrase ‘so raising us’ means

(a)  giving us a sense of spiritual superiority

(b)  making us feel that we are more important than we really are

(c)  improving our mental abilities

(d)  making  us realize that we all are children of God

Ans: (b)

13. What surprises the author is that

(a)  even uneducated people are attracted towards Christianity

(b)  Christianity is practiced by a large number of people

(c)  despite being difficult and complex, the principles of Christianity are practiced by so many people

(d)  even very intelligent people cannot understand the principles of Christianity

Ans: (a)

14. The author hesitates to talk about religion because

(a)  he does not feel himself competent to talk about it

(b)  nobody around him likes to talk about it

(c)  he does not believe in any religion

(d)  he does not fully understand its  importance

Ans: (a)

15. According to the author, we come across examples of greatness and nobility in

(a)  great works of literature

(b)  literary and historical works

(c)  historical records

(d)  books on Christianity

Ans: (b)


It is generally acknowledged that children learn a lot from their  parents. It is not so commonly admitted that parents learn a great deal from their children. As adults, it is easy to assume that we are always right, but the laugh was on me one beautiful day.

My daughter Kashmira knew how much I loved flowers. One day when she was of 9 years, she picked some branches from our neighbour’s blossoming fruit tree. Realising she intended to please3 me, I didn’t scold her, but chose a different approach.

“These are lovely, dear, but do you realize that if you had left them on the tree, each of these blossoms would have become a cherry?”

“No, they wouldn’t have,” she said firmly.

“Oh, yes, they would have, Each of these blossoms would have grown into a cherry.”

“Well okay, mother, if you insist,” she finally conceded, “but they were plums last year.”

16. What is not commonly acknowledged is that

(a)  children learn a lot from their parents

(b)  parents teach their children a great deal

(c)  parents learn a great deal from their children

(d)  children learn a great deal inspite of their parents

Ans: (c)

17. “The laugh was on me” means that

(a)  the m other was caught in the wrong

(b)  the daughter was wrong

(c)  people laughed at the mother

(d)  the mother laughed at  herself

Ans: (a)

18. What the daughter picked from the neighbour’s garden were

(a)  some branches

(b)  some flowers

(c)  some branches with blossoms

(d)  some branches with fruit

Ans: (c)

19. The mother did not scold the daughter because

(a)  she loved flowers

(b)  she liked cherry blossoms

(c)  she did not understand why her daughter had done so

(d)  she decided to indirectly make her daughter realize her mistake

Ans: (d)

20. The-mother was caught in the wrong because the daughter

(a)  proved that she had not picked the branch with the blossom

(b)  reminded her that she loved flowers

(c)  reminded her that the branch with blossoms was from a  plum tree

(d)  proved that those blossoms would not yield any fruit

Ans: (c)


Recent advances in Science and Technology have made it possible for geneticist to find out abnormalities in the unborn foetus and take remedial action to rectify some defects which would otherwise prove to the fatal to the child. Though genetic engineering is still at its infancy, scientists can now predict a genetic disorder with greater accuracy. It is not yet an exact science since they are not in a position to predict when exactly a genetic disorder with set in. While they have not, yet, been able to change the genetic order of the gene in germs, they are optimistic and are  holding out that in the near future they might be successful in achieving this feat. They have, however acquired the ability in manipulating tissue cells. However, genetic mis-information can sometimes be damaging for it may adversely affect people psychologically. Genetic information may lead to a tendency to brand some people s inferior. Genetic information can therefore be abuse and its application in deciding the sex of the foetus and its subsequent abortion is now hotly debated on ethical lines.

But on this issue geneticists cannot be squarely blamed though this charge has often been leveled at them. It is mainly a societal problem. At present genetic engineering is a costly process of detecting disorders but scientists hope to reduce the cost when technology becomes more advanced. This is why much progress in this area has been possible in scientifically advanced and rich countries like the USA, UK and Japan. It remains to be seen if in the future this Science will lead to the development of a race of supermen or will be able to obliterate disease from this world.

21. Which of the following is the same in meaning as the phrase’ holding out’ as used in the passage?

(a)  catching

(b)  expounding

(c)  sustaining

(d)  restraining

Ans: (c)

22. According to the passage, the question of abortion is

(a)  ignored

(b)  hotly debated

(c)  unanswered

(d)  left to the scientists to decide

Ans: (b)

23. Which of the following is true regarding the reasons for progress in genetic engineering?

(a)  It has become popular to abort female foetuses

(b)  Human beings are extremely interested in heredity

(c)  Economically sound and scientifically advanced countries can  provide the infrastructure for such research

(d)  Poor countries desperately need genetic information

Ans: (c)

24. Which of the following is the same in meaning as the world ‘obliterate’ as used in the passage?

(a)  Wipe off

(b)  Eradicate

(c)  Give birth to

(d)  Wipe out

Ans: (b)

25. Which of the following is the opposite in meaning to the word ‘charged’ as used in the passage?

(a)  Calm

(b)  Disturbed

(c)  Discharged

(d)  Settled

Ans: (c)

26. Which of the following is not true of true genetic engineering movement?

(a)  Possibility of abuse

(b)  It is confronted by ethical problems

(c)  Increased tendency to manipulate gene cells

(d)  Acquired ability to detect genetic disorders in unborn babies

Ans: (d)

27. Which of t he following is the same in meaning as the word ‘feat’ as used in the passage?

(a)  process

(b)  focus

(c)  possibility

(d)  goal

Ans: (d)

28. Why, according to the author is genetic misinformation severely damaging?

1. The cost involved is very high.

2. Some people are unjustly branded as inferior.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

(a)  Only 1

(b)  Only 2

(c)  Both 1 and 2

(d)  Neither 1 nor 2

Ans: (c)

29. In the passage, ‘abused’ means

(a)  insulted

(b)  talked about

(c)  killed

(d)  misused

Ans: (d)

30. At present genetic engineering ca rectify all genetic disorders. Is that so?

(a)  Yes

(b)  No

(c)  It can do so only in some cases

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

DIRECIONS (Q. Nos. 31-33) In each of the following questions, a number/letter series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question mark in the given series.

31. 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 25, ?

(a)  26

(b)  27

(c)  29

(d)  37

Ans: (c)

32. 22, 24, 28, ?, 52, 84

(a)  36

(b)  38

(c)  42

(d)  46

Ans: (a)


(a)  LMNO

(b)  LMNOP

(c)  MNOPQ

(d)  QRSTU

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 34 -37) Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group.


(a)  Zebra

(b)  Lion

(c)  Tiger

(d)  Horse

Ans: (b)


(a)  Apple

(b)  Marigold

(c)  Rose

(d)  Lily

Ans: (a)


(a)  Football

(b)  Volleyball

(c)  Cricket

(d)  Chess

Ans: (d)


(a)  House

(b)  Cottage

(c)  School

(d)  Palace

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 38-39) Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is one that does not  belong to that group?


(a)  Nose

(b)  Eyes

(c)  Tongue

(d)  Teeth

Ans: (d)


(a)  13

(b)  29

(c)  37

(d)  69

Ans: (d)

40. If FISH is written as EHRG in a certain code, then how would JUNGLE be written in that code?





Ans: (a)

41. In a code language, A is written as B, B is written as C, C is written as D and so on. Then, how will SMART be written in that code language?

(a)  TLBSU

(b)  SHBSU

(c)  PNBSU

(d)  SNBRU

Ans: (c)

42. Deepak starts walking straight towards East. After walking 75 m, he turns to the left and walks 25 m straight. Again he turns to the left, walks a distance of 40 m straight, again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 25 m. How far is he form the starting point?

(a)  25 m

(b)  50 m

(c)  140 m

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

43. Amit walked 30 m towards East, took a right turn and walked 40 m. Then, he took a left turn and walked 30 m. In which direction is he now from the starting point?

(a)  North-East

(b)  East

(c)  South-East

(d)  South

Ans: (c)

44. Rohan walks a distance of 3 km towards North, then turns to his left and walks for 2 km. He again turns left and walks for 3 km. At this point, the turns to his left and walks for 3 km. How many kilometers is he from the starting point ?

(a)  1 km

(b)  2 km

(c)  3 km

(d)  5 km

Ans: (a)

45. Manick walked 40 m towards North, took a left turn and walked 20 m. He again took a left turn and walked 40 m. How far and in which direction is he form the starting point?

(a)  20 m East

(b)  20 m North

(c)  100p m South

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (d)

46. Raj is walking towards West. He takes three turns while walking, all at an angle of 45° towards right, right and left. What direction is he facing now?

(a)  North-East

(b)  South-East

(c)  East

(d)  West

Ans: (a)

47. If the letters in the world U NDERTAKING are rearranged in the alphabetical order, which one will be in the middle in order after the rearrangement?

(a)  G

(b)  I

(c)  K

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

48. Which letter in the word CY BERNETICS occupies the same position as it does in the English alphabet?

(a)  C

(b)  E

(c)  I

(d)  T

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 49-50) In each of the following questions, find out which of the letter series follows the given rule.

49. Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters in the series is two.





Ans: (a)

50. The group of letters should not contain more than tow vowels.





Ans: (a)

51. If the letters of the word ADISHANKARACHARAYA were written in the reverse order, which will be the third letter to the right of the seventh letter from the left?

(a)  R

(b)  A

(c)  K

(d)  N

Ans: (b)

52. The positions of how many digits in the number 321465987 will remain same when the digits are arranged in ascending order?

(a)  None

(b)  One

(c)  Two

(d)  Three

Ans: (d)

53. If the day before yesterday was Saturday, then what day will all on the day after tomorrow?

(a)  Friday

(b)  Thursday

(c)  Wednesday

(d)  Tuesday

Ans: (c)

54. If 30th January 2003 was Thursday, then what was the day on 2nd March, 2003?

(a)  Tuesday

(b)  Thursday

(c)  Saturday

(d)  Sunday

Ans: (d)

55. A number is greater than 3 but less than 8. Also, it is greater than 6 but less than 10. The number is

(a)  5

(b)  6

(c)  7

(d)  8

Ans: (c)

56. How many days will there be from 26th January, 2004 to 15th May, 2004 (both days included)?

(a)  110

(b)  111

(c)  112

(d)  None of these

Ans: (a)

57. Which two months in a year have the same calendar?

(a)  June, October

(b)  April, November

(c)  October, December

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 58-59) In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions to decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer

(a) if only Assumption I is implicit

(b) if only Assumption II is implicit

(c) if either Assumption I or II is implicit

(d) if neither Assumption I nor II is implicit

58. Statement “Please note that the company will provide accommodation to only outside candidates if selected”- a condition in an advertisement.


I. The local candidates would be having some or the other arrangement for their stay.

II. The company plans to select only local candidates.

Ans: (a)

59. Statement You can win over new people by your warm smile.


I. It is necessary to win new people.

II. It is possible for us to smile warmly at unknown people.

Ans: (b)

60. A is the son of B. C, B’s sister, has a son D and a daughter E. F, is the maternal uncle of D. How is E related to F?

(a)  Sister

(b)  Daughter

(c)  Niece

(d)  Wife

Ans: (c)

61. Water has maximum density at

(a)  −1℃

(b)  0℃

(c)  4℃

(d)  100℃

Ans: (c)

62. Bamboo is a

(a)  Grass

(b)  Herb

(c)  Shrub

(d)  Tree

Ans: (a)

63. The best method for improving the nutrient composition of a diet is by

(a)  combining various foods

(b)  use of sprouted cereals and pulses

(c)  use of boiled foods

(d)  use of processed foods

Ans: (b)

64. ‘Green house effect’ means

(a)  pollution in houses in tropical region

(b)  trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide

(c)  prevention from ultraviolet radiations by the ozone layer

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

65. Which of the following have not undergone much of a change during the process of evolution over millions of years?

1. Crocodile 2. Cockroach 3. Horse

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

(a)  1 and 2

(b)  2 and 3

(c)  1 and 3

(d)  All of these

Ans: (a)

66. When a object is placed between two mirrors placed parallel to each other, how many images will be formed?

(a)  2

(b)  4

(c)  6

(d)  Infinite

Ans: (d)

67. If a boy sitting in a train, moving at constant velocity, throws a ball straight up into the air,

(a)  the ball will fall in front of him

(b)  the ball will fall behind him

(c)  the ball will fall into his hand

(d)  the ball will not return downwards

Ans: (c)

68. Clothes keep us warm in winter because they

(a)  supply heat

(b)  do not radiate heat

(c)  prevent air from entering

(d)  prevent the heat of the body from escaping

Ans: (d)

69. When a person enters a dark rook from bright light, he cannot see anything clearly for some time. Slowly, he starts seeing things. This is because the

(a)  length of lens increases

(b)  iris expands

(c)  iris contracts

(d)  distance between the lens and retina increases

Ans: (c)

70. McMahon Line demarcates the boundary between

(a)  India and Pakistan

(b)  India and China

(c)  India and Nepal

(d)  India and Bangladesh

Ans: (b)

71. Zozila Pass connects

(a)  Kashmir and Tibet

(b)  Nepal and Tibet

(c)  Leh and Kargil

(d)  Leh and Srinagar

Ans: (d)

72. First railway line in India was laid in

(a)  1835

(b)  1853

(c)  1917

(d)  1923

Ans: (b)

73. Arjuna Award is given for

(a)  bravery on battlefield

(b)  outstanding performance in sports

(c)  exceptional service in emergency

(d)  exceptional service to slum dwellers

Ans: (b)

74. Who wrote the line, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’?

(a)  PB Shelley

(b)  William Wordsworth

(c)  John Keats

(d)  Robert Browning

Ans: (c)

75. Khyber Pass is in

(a)  India

(b)  Nepal

(c)  Pakistan

(d)  Bangladesh

Ans: (c)

76. The Indian National Calendar is based on

(a)  Christian era

(b)  Saka era

(c)  Vikram era

(d)  Hijri era

Ans: (b)

77. Which of the following countries has only a two party government?

(a)  Australia

(b)  France

(c)  USA

(d)  Great Britain

Ans: (c)

78. Who is the Union Minister for Textiles, Government of India?

(a)  Sharad Pawar

(b)  S. Vaghela

(c)  Arjun Singh

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

79. The President of Sri Lanka is

(a)  Sirimavo Bandaranaike

(b)  Arjuna Ranatunga

(c)  Mahinda Rajapakse

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

80. Who is the first Indian sportsperson to win an individual Gold Medal in the Olympic Games?

(a)  Leander Paes

(b)  Vijender Kumar

(c)  Abhinav Bindra

(d)  Vikram Rathore

Ans: (c)

81. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of Jute in the world?

(a)  Bangladesh

(b)  India

(c)  Myanmar

(d)  Sri Lanka

Ans: (b)

82. Which country has the largest rail network in the world?

(a)  India

(b)  UK

(c)  China

(d)  USA

Ans: (d)

83. Which is India’s national airline?

(a)  Indian Airlines

(b)  Indigo

(c)  Air India

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

84. The headquarters of UNO is located in

(a)  Washington DC

(b)  Hague

(c)  New Delhi

(d)  Geneva

Ans: (*)

85. Saina Nehwal is India’s No. 1 player in which sport?

(a)  Badminton

(b)  Squash

(c)  Golf

(d)  Swimmking

Ans: (a)

86. The ‘PAN’ in PAN Card issued by the Income Tax department stands for

(a)  Permanent Account Number

(b)  Permanent Audit Number

(c)  Permitted Account Number

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (a)

87. Who is the founder of Microsoft Corporation?

(a)  Ross Perot

(b)  Narayana Moorthy

(c)  Bill Gates

(d)  Azim Premji

Ans: (c)

88. The classical dance from Kathakali originated in which Indian State?

(a)  Orissa

(b)  Tamil Nadu

(c)  West Bengal

(d)  Kerala

Ans: (d)

89. What is the legally marriageable age for women in India?

(a)  18 years

(b)  19 years

(c)  20 years

(d)  21 years

Ans: (a)

90. The birthday of late Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the former President of India, is celebrated as

(a)  Lawyers’ Day

(b)  Teacher’s Day

(c)  Children’s Day

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 91-97) In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


(a)  Clever

(b)  Enthusiastic

(c)  Curious

(d)  Devoted

Ans: (b)


(a)  Boast

(b)  Remember

(c)  Manipulate

(d)  Harmonise

Ans: (b)


(a)  Secret

(b)  Comfortable

(c)  Safe

(d)  Independent

Ans: (c)

94. WHIM

(a)  Fancy

(b)  Clumsy

(c)  Desire

(d)  Strange behaviour

Ans: (c)


(a)  Rude

(b)  Impertinent

(c)  Blunt

(d)  Frank

Ans: (d)


(a)  Unreliable

(b)  Current

(c)  Provisional

(d)  Final

Ans: (c)


(a)  Reprimand

(b)  Censure

(c)  Commendation

(d)  Reproach

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 98-107) In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.


(a)  Submissiveness

(b)  Dependence

(c)  Subordination

(d)  Slavery

Ans: (b)


(a)  Humorous

(b)  Comedy

(c)  Romance

(d)  Calamity

Ans: (b)


(a)  Solution

(b)  Act

(c)  Dissent

(d)  Concord

Ans: (c)


(a)  Narrow

(b)  Regional

(c)  Miniature

(d)  Subsidiary

Ans: (a)


(a)  Inflexible

(b)  Prominent

(c)  Pliable

(d)  Fashionable

Ans: (c)


(a)  Liberate

(b)  Enslave

(c)  Enrich

(d)  Identify

Ans: (a)


(a)  Artificial

(b)  Deep

(c)  Shallow

(d)  Real

Ans: (d)


(a)  Diseased

(b)  Fast

(c)  Constant

(d)  Quick

Ans: (c)


(a)  Atheistic

(b)  Immoral

(c)  Secular

(d)  Sinful

Ans: (a)

107. PANIC

(a)  Alarm

(b)  Indifference

(c)  Serenity

(d)  Cautiousness

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 108-111) In each of the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

108. A person who does not believe in any religion

(a)  Philatelist

(b)  Rationalist

(c)  Atheist

(d)  Pagan

Ans: (c)

109. A person who believes that pleasure is the chief good

(a)  Stoic

(b)  Hedonist

(c)  Epicure

(d)  Sensual

Ans: (c)

110. One who loves mankind

(a)  Anthropologist

(b)  Philanthropist

(c)  Seismologist

(d)  Optometrist

Ans: (b)

111. To break off proceedings of a meeting for a time

(a)  Convene

(b)  Terminate

(c)  Adjourn

(d)  Procrastinate

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 112-116) In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/a proverb has been given, followed  by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/proverb.

112. To turn over a new leaf

(a)  To change completely one’s course of action

(b)  To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones throughly

(c)  To cover up one’s faults by wearing new marks

(d)  To change the old habits and adopt new ones

Ans: (a)

113. Hobson’s choice

(a)  Feeling of insecurity

(b)  Accept for leave the offer

(c)  Feeling of strength

(d)  Excellent choice

Ans: (b)

114. To get into hot waters

(a)  To be impatient

(b)  to suffer a huge financial loss

(c)  To get into trouble

(d)  To  be in a confused state of mind

Ans: (c)

115. Dog in the manager

(a)  An undersised bull almost the shape of a dog

(b)  A dog that has no kennel of its own

(c)  A person who puts himself in difficulties on account of other people

(d)  A person who prevents others from enjoying something useless to himself.

Ans: (d)

116. A square peg in a round hole

(a)  An impossible task

(b)  A scheme that never works

(c)  A person unsuited to the position he fills

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 117-120) In each of the following questions, a word has been written in four different ways out of which only one is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.


(a)  Comemorate

(b)  Commemmorate

(c)  Comemmorate

(d)  Commemorate

Ans: (d)


(a)  Mountaineous

(b)  Mountaneous

(c)  Mountainous

(d)  Mountanous

Ans: (c)


(a)  Hindrence

(b)  Hindrance

(c)  Hinderence

(d)  Hinderance

Ans: (b)


(a)  Servent

(b)  Servant

(c)  Sarvant

(d)  Sarvent

Ans: (b)

121. If the outer radius of a metal pipe is 2.84 inches and the inner radius is 1.94 inches, then the thickness of t he metal pipe (in inches) is

(a)  0.75

(b)  0.80

(c)  0.90

(d)  0.95

Ans: (c)

122. A shopkeeper marks the price of his goods 20% higher than the original price. After that he allows a discount of 10%. What profit or loss did he get?

(a)  Profit 10%

(b)  Profit 8%

(c)  Loss 5%

(d)  Loss 7%

Ans: (b)

123. The prices of a scooter and a moped are in the ratio of 9 : 5. If a scooter costs Rs 4200 more than a moped, then find the price of the moped.

(a)  Rs 5250

(b)  Rs 3350

(c)  Rs 6500

(d)  Rs 5700

Ans: (a)

124. Rs 120 is divided among A, B and C such that A’s share is Rs 20 more than B’s and Rs 20 less than C’s What is B’s share?

(a)  Rs 10

(b)  Rs 15

(c)  Rs 20

(d)  Rs 25

Ans: (c)


(a)  35/9

(b)  63/5

(c)  18/7

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

126. 12 ÷09 of 0.3 × 2 = ?

(a)  0.80

(b)  8.0

(c)  80

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

127. 32 × 4.12 = ?

(a)  33.1564

(b)  30.1584

(c)  30.3334

(d)  39.1584

Ans: (b)

128. 17223− – ? = 63.83 + 22

(a)  130.4

(b)  86.40

(c)  108.18

(d)  85.83

Ans: (a)


(a)  120

(b)  1.20

(c)  12

(d)  0.12

Ans: (d)

130. 40 ÷ 20 – (−4.2) = ?

(a)  497.8

(b)  5.786

(c)  947.0

(d)  8.22

Ans: (d)

131. 542 – 369 + 171 – 289 = ?

(a)  135

(b)  55

(c)  255

(d)  245

Ans: (b)

132. 5329 + 4328 – 369 – 7320 = ?

(a)  1698

(b)  1998

(c)  1958

(d)  1968

Ans: (d)

133. A man travelled 2/11 of his journey by coach, 17/22 by rail and waked the remaining 1 km. How far did he go?

(a)  22 km

(b)  20 km

(c)  33 km

(d)  27 km

Ans: (a)

134. Find the value of x in the following propaortion. 75 : 3 = x : 9

(a)  125

(b)  120

(c)  225

(d)  220

Ans: (c)

135. Two numbers are in the ratio of 4 : 5. If the larger number is 15 more than the smaller number, then find the product of the numbers.

(a)  3500

(b)  3000

(c)  4500

(d)  4550

Ans: (c)

136. 16% of 650 + ?% of 850 = 172

(a)  20

(b)  8

(c)  18

(d)  9

Ans: (b)

137. 135 ÷ 9 = × 25

(a)  1.5

(b)  .025

(c)  2

(d)  2.5

Ans: (c)

138. 8279 – 25.87 = 72.79 – ?

(a)  15.17

(b)  16.02

(c)  15.87

(d)  15.98

Ans: (c)

139. 430 + 90 × 12 = ?

(a)  538

(b)  1510

(c)  5380

(d)  6240

Ans: (b)

140. 576 + 2116.8 + 69.44 = ?

(a)  2431.816

(b)  2430.624

(c)  2431.028

(d)  2421.096

Ans: (a)

141. 12 ÷ 4.26 = ?

(a)  22

(b)  1.2

(c)  2.2

(d)  12

Ans: (d)

142. (152 – 122) 4 = ?2

(a)  9

(b)  6

(c)  81

(d)  18

Ans: (d)

143. ?% of 450 = 54

(a)  12

(b)  24.3

(c)  18

(d)  6

Ans: (a)

144. 6 × 3.5 + 4.3 = ?

(a)  71.79

(b)  80.06

(c)  80.87

(d)  137.28

Ans: (*)

145. 45762 – 39826 = 7976 – ?

(a)  2030

(b)  2000

(c)  2400

(d)  2210

Ans: (c)

146. (87324 – 79576) ×5 = ?

(a)  1162.2

(b)  11622

(c)  1372.2

(d)  1163.7

Ans: (b)

147. (31 + 19) × (15 – 11) × (37 + 13) = ?

(a)  4.6

(b)  2.5

(c)  4.5

(d)  3.5

Ans: (b)

148. 91628 – 72.4 = 728.2 + ?

(a)  115.86

(b)  125.68

(c)  215.68

(d)  261.04

Ans: (a)

149. Anil invested an amount for 3 yr at a simple interest of 9% per annum. He got an amount of Rs 19050 at the end of 3 yr. What principal amount did he invest?

(a)  Rs 14500

(b)  Rs 11050

(c)  Rs 15000

(d)  Rs 10950

Ans: (c)

150. Amar started a business investing Rs 45000, six months later Prakash joined him with Rs 30000. In what ratio should the profit they earn be distributed the end of the year?

(a)  3 : 1

(b)  3 : 4

(c)  3 : 2

(d)  Data inadequate

Ans: (a)

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National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT) UNDER GRADUATE 2015 Question Paper With Answer Key

NIFT (UNDER GRADUATE) National Institute of Fashion & Technology

Solved Paper-2015

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 1-5) Fill in the blank.

1. Freedom and equality are the …………. rights of every human.

(a)  inalienable

(b)  inscrutable

(c)  incalculable

(d)  institutional

Ans: (d)

2. Pradeep’s face spoke …………… of the happiness he was feeling.

(a)  elegantly

(b)  tons

(c)  volumes

(d)  much

Ans: (c)

3. His speech was disappointing : it ………. all the major issues.

(a)  projected

(b)  revealed

(c)  skirted

(d)  analyzed

Ans: (c)

4. The defending champions ………. to victory in just 30 minute.

(a)  led

(b)  rucked

(c)  reached

(d)  cruised

Ans: (c)

5. Despite of our best efforts, we failed to ………. any new facts from.

(a)  elicit

(b)  evoke

(c)  eject

(d)  enlist

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 6-10) Choose the option that is the plural form of the given word

6. Wish

(a)  Wishes

(b)  Wish

(c)  Wishies

(d)  Wishs

Ans: (a)

7. Medium

(a)  Media

(b)  Medium

(c)  Mediums

(d)  Medeums

Ans: (a)

8. Sheep

(a)  Sheep

(b)  Sheeps

(c)  Sheepes

(d)  Sheepies

Ans: (a)

9. Advice

(a)  Advices

(b)  Advice

(c)  Advicies

(d)  Advic’s

Ans: (b)

10. Syllabus

(a)  Syllabus

(b)  Syllabai

(c)  Syllabi

(d)  Syllabuses

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 11-15) In each of these questions, a word has been spelt in four different ways, one of which is correct. Choose the correctly spelt word.


(a)  Dolorous

(b)  Dolurous

(c)  Doloreus

(d)  Delorious

Ans: (a)


(a)  Nectar

(b)  Nector

(c)  Nactor

(d)  Nactar

Ans: (a)


(a)  Canine

(b)  Canninne

(c)  Cannine

(d)  Caninee

Ans: (a)


(a)  Immence

(b)  Imence

(c)  Immense

(d)  Immenze

Ans: (c)


(a)  Occurence

(b)  Occurance

(c)  Occurrence

(d)  Occurrance

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 16-17) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.

16. He listened to my request with indifference.

(a)  caution

(b)  displeasure

(c)  concern

(d)  disinterest

Ans: (d)

17. During his stay in Canada, he had quite a few frustrating experiences.

(a)  disappointing

(b)  disenchanting

(c)  humiliating

(d)  repulsive

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 18-20) Choose the word which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.

18. Hydra is biologically believed to e immortal.

(a)  undying

(b)  perishable

(c)  ancient

(d)  eternal

Ans: (b)

19. The Gupta rulers patronized all cultural activities and thus Gupta period was called the golden era in Indian History.

(a)  criticized

(b)  rejected

(c)  opposed

(d)  spurned

Ans: (c)

20. This is a barbarous act.

(a)  bad

(b)  good

(c)  civilized

(d)  exemplary

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 21-25) Choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom/phrase in the sentence.

21. His innings is a feather in his cap.

(a)  fantastic

(b)  beautiful

(c)  superior

(d)  glorious

Ans: (a)

22. He has some rare coins in this collection.

(a)  special

(b)  useful

(c)  uncommon

(d)  inexpensive

Ans: (c)

23. Einstein asked President Roosevelt to look into the matter.

(a)  to investigate

(b)  to peep

(c)  to search

(d)  to observe

Ans: (a)

24. News of Sachin’s century spread like wildfire.

(a)  slowly

(b)  fast

(c)  here and there

(d)  yesterday

Ans: (b)

25. Amit produced is arguments in black and white

(a)  oral

(b)  coloured

(c)  written

(d)  readable

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 26-45) Study the passages below and answer the questions that follow each  passage.


We possess an insidious subsidy culture. If an election is coming, a quick word will raise the LPG cylinder cap or lower CNG prices, ignoring gaping fiscal deficits. In the idealised public sector era, subsidies were a symbol of our commitment to bring about egalitarian growth, protecting or infant industries. Now, in the last decade, our central government has spent almost Rs 11 trillion on subsides-mostly captured by the upper class on fuel and large farmers on fertilizers. Similar to Italy, our unmanageable spending problems are compounded by welfare expansion and a social expectation for subsides. Everyday, choices from education to transport, are tailored by subsidies that the government gives. Populism runs amok, with warped socialist economics focusing on vote lined needs but not appropriate holistic solutions. A bitter fiscal reckoning awaits.

26. According to the paragraph, our government frequently provides subsidies to

(a)  improve economic conditions of the country

(b)  gain more popularity

(c)  provide increased facilities to people

(d)  improve our exports and reduce imports

Ans: (b)

27. As per the paragraph, subsidies should be given to

(a)  provide equal rights

(b)  discourage black market

(c)  encourage industrialization

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (d)

28. With a view to improving economic situation of our country, we

(a)  should continue to provide subsidies

(b)  must take some strict measures

(c)  should give more subsidies to the needy and poor

(d)  must not pay any attention to subsidies

Ans: (b)

29. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Government provides subsidies as a part of vote-ban politics

(b)  In Italy, government spends much more money than it should

(c)  During the last few years, government has not spent much on subsidies

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (c)


The writer has rightly blamed the two national parties for attempting to manipulate voters. People are sick and tired of politicians spewing out false promises. They look forward to a drastic change in attitude so that there will be greater focus on individual emancipation and overall welfare. But it will take some more time before we evolve into a strong conscious electorate which can see through these games, which have also now been joined by regional groups and newbie parties. It is the duty of national parties to roll out a visionary and implementable agenda. But his can happen only under strong and capable leadership which can electrify the masses and shake of pessimism. Elections should be about ideas and ideology which and empower people.

30. As per the paragraph, people who vote

(a)  have become now mature to decide

(b)  are still not capable of deciding in a mature manner

(c)  are displaying their capability to take appropriate decisions

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

31. Polls in India need to

(a)  give more powers to people

(b)  now become more popular

(c)  include people form different regions

(d)  encourage honest politicians

Ans: (a)

32. Politicians in India often

(a)  guide people on the correct path

(b)  provide the right kind of leadership we need

(c)  mislead people on various issues

(d)  focus on welfare of people

Ans: (c)

33. Which of the following statements is ‘not true’?

(a)  We need major changes in the attitudes of our politicians

(b)  Our leaders come out with really great ideas during elections

(c)  People have started disliking our political leaders now

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (d)


It is true that debate and discourse can either be elevated to reflect the concerns of an aspiring young nations or cater to our baser instincts. Countries like America, which have matured as democracies, practice a rambunctious style of politics. However, in our case it is only vulgarity that is currently on full display. To be absolutist about the freedom to offend is totalitarianism, not democracy. Though India’s democracy is increasingly becoming more inclusive,  its social system is growing increasingly exclusive. Hence people feel that chances of their views being heard are greater only, if their arguments create an upheaval. So it is time to debate where to draw the line between free speech and offensive that may ignite confrontation.

34. As per the paragraph, Indian democracy, over a period of time,

(a)  includes less number of people

(b)  has become less popular

(c)  now includes more number of people

(d)  does not impact the lives of people

Ans: (b)

35. Currently in India, to draw attention of people on some issues, one needs to

(a)  remain peaceful

(b)  create some chaos

(c)  respect others’ point of view

(d)  ignore that issue altogether and move ahead

Ans: (b)

36. Presently, freedom of speech in India often leads to

(a)  understanding a situation better

(b)  avoidable hostility among people

(c)  resolving quite a few major issues

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (d)

37. According to the paragraph, which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Indian society has now become more divided

(b)  Indian democracy is now more dignified

(c)  Debate indicates people’s concern on a subject

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (d)


We have come a long way since the acronym ‘BRIC’ was coined in 2001. Emerging markets are now an integral part of the world map and this elite group of nations has firmly positioned itself as an important catalyst driving global growth. However, these economies too are vulnerable to global hitches, as was evident in 2011 when most emerging markets, including India, China, and Brazil witnessed a drop of over 18% even as developed economies like the US registered a growth of 5% against all odds. The first three weeks of the New Year have caught everyone off guard with emerging markets racing ahead of their developed counterparts.

From being one of the worst performers in 2011. India has rallied by more than 9.5% followed by Brazil (7%) and China (6.9%). While such a momentum may not be sustainable over a longer horizon. no one can ignore the fact that the combined population of China, India, Brazil and Indonesia amounting to 3 billion or 43% of the global population will drive consumption demand in these markets for decades to come. Secondly, these countries do not have to face certain critical issues that the developed world has to address. One of the critical challenges for developed economies relate to entitlement issues, as they struggle to take care of their citizens’ needs pertaining to health care and unemployment.

While analyzing growth trends in these economies, it is important to understand the different in terms of the nature of the growth. Emerging markets are moving along a natural growth trajectory, driven by several fators as mentioned above, whereas developed markets are being forced to induce growth through various stimulus measures amid a scenario of peaking unemployment and near-nadir consumer confidence levels. This induced growth in a way also helps the cause of emerging markets since most of these economies derive a substantial portion of their GDP from exports.

38. It can be inferred from the passage that ‘BRIC’ is a/an

(a)  grouping of the world’s topmost economies

(b)  grouping of the world’s emerging economies

(c)  economic term that was tossed out of use in the year 2001

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

39. According to the author of the passage, emerging economies of the world.

1. are going to increase their impact on the global economy in times to come

2. are having roller-coaster rides as far as their economies are concerned

3. are not committed to providing healthcare and employment opportunities to their citizens to the extent that the leading economies of the world are

(a)  Only 1

(b)  1 and 2

(c)  1 and 3

(d)  1, 2 and 3

Ans: (a)

40. Which of the following factors equally affect both the developed and developing economies, as specifically implied in the passage?

1. Recession 2. Unemployment

3. Natural growth tendency of the economy

(a)  1 and 2

(b)  Only 1

(c)  1 and 3

(d)  1, 2 and 3

Ans: (d)

41. Which of the following statements is/are true s per the passage?

(a)  Induced economic growth in the developed countries indirectly helps economic growth in the developing countries

(b)  When developed economies are experiencing growth, the developing economies experience decline and vice versa

(c)  Both (a) and (b

(d)  Neither (a) nor (b)

Ans: (a)


The revolutionary changes in the role of women that we have experienced in India during the past few decades aren’t the saplig of any seed sown by any political party. Rather it is the result of the courage that women themselves have mustered in facing up to make chauvinists. The women who once dared not pronounce their husbands name may now refuse to change their surname after marriage. The transition has not been just of attire but of attitude. The Indian woman has realized that the only way to live and survive is to ‘start living’. They respect themselves. Laws to protect women have always been there. But it is the strength of women that has renewed and giving the more traction. It’s a pity that almost half of our society, constituted by the fairer sex, is still almost completely ignored by the political parties. Politicians was continue to ignore women should brace themselves to face the bung of NOTA in future elections.

42. As per the paragraph, amount of attention paid by political parties to women is

(a)  quite adequate

(b)  fairly substantial

(c)  not at all sufficient

(d)  just about adequate

Ans: (c)

43. Women of today have become

(a)  much less confident of themselves

(b)  timed and pesimistic

(c)  quit confident and bold

(d)  more confused and withdrawn

Ans: (c)

44. We notices remarkable changes in the role of women in the present times due to

(a)  tremendous support given by politicians

(b)  encouragement given by male members of our society.

(c)  resolve by own members themselves to be on their own

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

45. Which of the following statements is true as pr the paragraph?

(a)  Women must continue to support politicians

(b)  In the present period, women have become less confident to themselves

(c)  We don’t have adequate laws to protect women

(d)  Women are now more courageous

Ans: (d)

46. A boat goes from pint I to point II and come bck. The speed of water in river is 5 km/h and it takes total time 72 min. If ratio time from I to II and III to 1 : 3

(a)  25 km/h

(b)  20 km/h

(c)  30 km/h

(d)  15 km/h

Ans: (b)

47. A ferry is moving downstream from city A to city B with speed 45 km/h. a passenger jumped into river in middle of cities and starts swimming towards city A. Ferry reached city B an comes to city A with speed 30 m/h and both reached at same time. What is speed of passenger in river?

(a)  21.75 km/h

(b)  7.5 km/h

(c)  11.25 km/h

(d)  18.75 km/h

Ans: (d)

48. A can do a work in 20 days, and B can do in 10 days. A starts the work and works alone for 5 days. Then, B joins A and they finish the work. In how many days the work gets finished?

(a)  10

(b)  12

(c)  9

(d)  8

Ans: (a)

49. A car starts with a speed of 20 m/h and increases its speed by 10 km/h after every hour. Another car has a constant speed of 50 m/h. In how much time, both the cars over equal distance?

(a)  4 h

(b)  5 h

(c)  6 h

(d)  7 h

Ans: (d)

50. Pipe A can fill a tank in 8 h, B can fill in 6 h, C can empty in 12 h. A and B are opened alternatively with C. In how much time the tank is filled, if A is opened first?

(a)  16

(b)  15

(c)  12

(d)  18

Ans: (a)

51. The speed of a car is 6/5 speed of train. These cover the distance of 100 km in same time while car stops for 10 min on the way for refueling. What is speed of train?

(a)  80 km/h

(b)  90 km/h

(c)  100 km/h

(d)  110 km/h

Ans: (c)

52. Reema took a loan of Rs 12000 on simple interest for as many years s the rate of interest. If she paid Rs 58800 as interest at the end of the loan period, then the rate of interest is

(a)  6%

(b)  7%

(c)  8%

(d)  9%

Ans: (b)

53. If a mobile has 5 digits password, then how many different passwords can be set so that it must be divisible by 4

(a)  25000

(b)  105 – 102

(c)  5! – 4!

(d)  24000

Ans: (a)

54. A box contains 7 green, 6 black and 4 yellow balls. How many selections are possible so that we have one ball of each colour

(a)  138

(b)  168

(c)  148

(d)  17

Ans: (b)

55. Iff the radii of the circular ends of the a bucket 25 cm high is 4 cm and 2 cm. Then, the capacity of the bucket is





Ans: (b)

56. A copper sphere of radius 6i cm is melted to form spheres of radius 2 cm. How many such spheres are formed?

(a)  27

(b)  31

(c)  36

(d)  14

Ans: (a)

57. A couple plans to have two children. What is the probability that the couple gets one girl and one boy?

(a)  1/2

(b)  1/4

(c)  3/4

(d)  1/6

Ans: (a)

58. On an average 8 articles out of 280 produced by a certain machine are defective. What is the probability that an article chosen at random is not defective?

(a)  31/34

(b)  21/23

(c)  1/35

(d)  34/35

Ans: (d)

59. If x = 51/3 + 51/3, then 5x3 – 15x =

(a)  25

(b)  26

(c)  10

(d)  15

Ans: (b)

60. A, B and C receive Rs 10000, Rs 12000 and Rs 16000 as profit on total investment of Rs 200000. What is the difference in investment by C and A and B together?

(a)  37951

(b)  35000

(c)  39751

(d)  31579

Ans: (d)

61. Rakesh gives Rs 140000 to Ramesh for a business. Ramesh spends 1/8 of his profit on rent of shop. If they are left with equal amount, what is investment of Ramesh?

(a)  Rs 160000

(b)  Rs 150000

(c)  Rs 170000

(d)  Rs 180000

Ans: (*)

62. x + 1 is a factor of the polynomial

(a)  x3 + x2 – x + 1

(b)  x4 + x3 + x2 + 1

(c)  x3 + x2 + x + 1

(d)  x4 + 3x3 + 3x2 + x + 1

Ans: (c)

63. If one side of a square is represented by 18x – 20 and the adjacent side is represented by 42 – 13x, the length of the side of the square is

(a)  20

(b)  16

(c)  14

(d)  13

Ans: (d)

64. The area of an isosceles triangle with base 2 cm and one of the equal sides 4 cm is





Ans: (c)

65. The angle between the two altitudes of a parallelogram through the same vertex of an obtuse angle of the parallelogram is 30°. The measure of the obtuse angle is

(a)  105°

(b)  95°

(c)  100°

(d)  150°

Ans: (d)

66. If twice the age of daughter is added to three times the age of mother, the sum is 120 and if twice the mother’s age is added to three times the duaghter’s age, then the sum is 90. The age of mother is

(a)  30 yr

(b)  36 yr

(c)  41 yr

(d)  42 yr

Ans: (b)

67. Mukesh told his grand-daughter Sailee that five years earlier, he was seven times as old as she was. After 15 yr, he will be thrice as old as she will be. Find the sum of their present ages.

(a)  70

(b)  75

(c)  90

(d)  100

Ans: (c)

68. What is the value of A : B ; C, If A : B = 2 : 3 and B : C = 4 : 5?

(a)  8 : 12 : 15

(b)  2 : 3 : 4

(c)  2 : 3 : 5

(d)  4 : 6 : 11

Ans: (a)

69. A certain sum of money is divided among A, B and C so that for each rupee A has, B has 65 paise and C has 35 paise. If B’s share is Rs 1300, then total sum of money is

(a)  Rs 7000

(b)  Rs 6000

(c)  Rs 5000

(d)  Rs 4000

Ans: (d)

70. If cost price of 24 articles is equal to the selling price of 16 articles, then the profit/loss percentage is

(a)  40% loss

(b)  50% profit

(c)  45% loss

(d)  33.33% profit

Ans: (b)

71. Amit owns a scooty worth Rs 25000, which he sells to Anil at a profit of 10%. If after sometime, Anil sells it to Sahil at a loss of 10%, then the cost price of scooty for Sahil is

(a)  Rs 25750

(b)  Rs 25250

(c)  Rs 25000

(d)  Rs 24750

Ans: (d)

72. x% of y + y% of x is equal to

(a)  2% of xy

(b)  20% of xy

(c)  2% of 100xy

(d)  2.5% of xy

Ans: (a)

73. There are only two candidates contesting the election, a person who got 47% of votes lost by 540 votes. Assuming that there were no invalid votes, the total number of votes casted are

(a)  7000

(b)  8000

(c)  9000

(d)  10000

Ans: (c)

74. Sugar at Rs 30 per g is mixed with sugar at Rs 40 per g in the ratio 2 : 3. The price of new mixture per kg is

(a)  Rs 35

(b)  Rs 36

(c)  Rs 37

(d)  Rs 38

Ans: (b)

75. The average weight of ten members in a group was increased by 1 kg when one of the members, who weighed 65 kg replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is

(a)  55 kg

(b)  65 kg

(c)  75 kg

(d)  85 kg

Ans: (c)

76. Sudeep said to Rajeev, “The man watching TV is one of the two brothers of the daughter of my father’s wife”. How the man watching TV is related to Sudeep?

(a)  Brother

(b)  Brother-in-law

(c)  Cousin

(d)  Uncle

Ans: (a)

77. In a row of forty children P, is thirteenth from the left end and Q is ninth from the right end. How many children are there between P and R, if R is fourth to the left of Q?

(a)  12

(b)  13

(c)  14

(d)  15

Ans: (d)

78. A watch reads 4 : 30. If the minute hand points East, in what direction will the hour hand point?

(a)  North

(b)  North-West

(c)  South-East

(d)  North-East

Ans: (d)

79. In a certain code language, BEAT is written as YVZG, then what will be the code of MILD?

(a)  NROW

(b)  ONRW

(c)  NOWR

(d)  ONWR

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 80-81) Each of the following questions consist of the sets of figures. Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 constitute the problem figure while figures (a), (b) (c) and (d) constitute the answer figure. There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure from the answer figure that would replace the question mark? in Fig. (d).



Ans: (d)


Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 82-85) As per the below diagram. Which diagram represents are relationship given in the following statements.

82. Soccer players, Chess payers, Athletes

Ans: (d)

83. Squares, Rectangles, Geometric figures

Ans: (a)

84. Edible things, Plants, Coriander-leaf

Ans: (c)

85. Animals, Cats, Dogs

Ans: (*)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 86-90) Study the information below to answer these questions.

Seven students Pradeep, Qadir, Rohit, Sushant, Tushar, Uday and Vikas write a test series.

I Either Rohit or Sushant scores highest in each test.

II Pradeep always scores less than Pradeep.

III Qadir always scores less than Pradeep.

IV Each time either Rohit scores the highest and Tushar gets the least.

V Each time Sushant scores the highest, either Uday or Qadir scores the least.

VI Each student scores marks different from  each other.

86. In a particular test, if Sushant is ranked second, which of the following can be true?

(a)  Uday gets more than Vikas

(b)  Vikas gets more than Qadir

(c)  Tushar gets more than Qadir

(d)  Pradeep is ranked 3rd

Ans: (a)

87. In a particular test, if Sushant is ranked sixth and Qadir is ranked fifth, which of the following can be true?

(a)  Vikas is ranked first or fourth

(b)  Rohit is ranked second or third

(c)  Pradeep is ranked second or fifth

(d)  Uday is ranked third or fourth

Ans: (d)

88. In a particular test, if Rohit gets the highest. Vikas should be ranked not lower than

(a)  second

(b)  third

(c)  fourth

(d)  fifth

Ans: (c)

89. In a particular test, if Rohit is ranked  second and Qadir is ranked fifth, which of the following cannot be true?

(a)  Tushar is ranked third

(b)  Tushar is ranked sixth

(c)  Pradeep is ranked sixth

(d)  Vikas is ranked 2nd

Ans: (a)

90. In a particular test, if Rohit is ranked second and Qadir is ranked fifth, which of the following must be true about Tushar’s rank?

(a)  Fourth

(b)  Third

(c)  Seventh

(d)  Sixth

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 91-94) In each of these questions, there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of :: and the same relationship exhibits between the two terms of its right. A term is missing on the right side, choose the missing term (‘?’) among the four alternatives given.

91. Rustle : Leaves : : Sing : ?

(a)  Whistle

(b)  Bullets

(c)  Kettles

(d)  Birds

Ans: (d)

92. Firm : Stentorian : : Piquant : ‘?’

(a)  Please

(b)  Sharp

(c)  Bitter

(d)  Bland

Ans: (c)

93. Cartographer : Map :: Bard : ?

(a)  Book

(b)  Sarctuary

(c)  Mould

(d)  Peotry

Ans: (d)

94. Antibiotic : Bacteria : : Pesticides ‘?’

(a)  Insects

(b)  Wounds

(c)  Crops

(d)  Vegetables

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 95-97) Each of these questions has statements followed by two conclusions I and II. Decide which of the conclusions follows the statements

Mark the answer as

(a) if Conclusion I follows

(b) if Conclusion II follows

(c) if neither Conclusion I nor II follows

(d) if both Conclusion I and II follow

95. Statement Space has no gravitational pull. It has no atmosphere


I. Gravity is due to atmospheric pressure

II. It is not difficult to breathe in space

Ans: (c)


96. Statement Computer literates have good reasoning ability. Seema can understand the puzzle quickly.


I. Seema is computer literate

II. Seema has good reasoning ability

Ans: (b)

97. Statement Evaparations cause cooling. Coke is very cold.


I. Some of the coke must have evaporated

II. Coke offered in this restaurant is very cold.

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 98-100) In the following questions, two statements have been given, which bear a cause and effect relationship. Mark the answer as

(a) if Statement I is the ‘Cause’ and the Statement II is its Effect.

(b) if Statement II is the ‘Cause’ and the Statement I is its ‘Effect’.

(c) if both Statements I and II are ‘Effects’ of a common ‘Cause’.

(d) if both Statements I and II are Effects’ of independent Causes.

98. Statement I The Times of India has reported today that water of Ganga at Varansi contains level of pollutant much higher than the permissible limit

Statement II The people living in the area are to be shifted to another area to avoid a catastrophic situation.

Ans: (c)

99. Statement I The Government has planned to make arrangement for supply of safe drinking water from Tehri Dam.

Statement II The Ganga water at Kanpur is not even fit for bathing as it contains very high level of pollutants.

Ans: (b)

100. Statement I The iterant users of the country have been advised to stay alert while using internet till the hackers are caught

Statement II The Government machinery will make an all out effort to catch those who are responsible for hacking and put in place a sound internet security system for all its websites.

Ans: (c)

101. ‘Rikee Chatterjee’ is the famous Indian fashion

(a)  designer

(b)  photographer

(c)  ramp model

(d)  choreographer

Ans: (c)

102. The raised zari metallic thread embroidery created by sewing flat stitches on cotton padding is commonly known in India as

(a)  Kantha

(b)  Karchobi

(c)  Kasuti

(d)  Kathi

Ans: (b)

103. A unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers, yarns, and thread and its defined as the mass in grams per 1000 meters is known as

(a)  Denier

(b)  Tex

(c)  Mommes

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

104. On which date of the year 2014 India celebrated National Mathematics Day to commemorate birth anniversary of Mathematician autodidact Srinivasa Ramaunjan?

(a)  15 November

(b)  22 December

(c)  17 October

(d)  12 September

Ans: (b)

105. ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Divas’ was organized from 7-9 January 2015 at

(a)  Vadodara

(b)  Gandhinagar

(c)  Ahmedabad

(d)  Rajkot

Ans: (b)

106. Who among the following tops the philanthropy list of India in 2014 according to the annual Hurun India Philanthropy list 2014?

(a)  Shiv Nadar

(b)  Ratan Tata

(c)  Azim Premji

(d)  Mukesh Ambani

Ans: (c)

107. Fieldfresh Foods is a joint venture between processed food manufacturer Del Monte Pacific and

(a)  Bharti Ent

(b)  PespiCo

(c)  Parle Agro

(d)  Dabur

Ans: (a)

108. Who won the men’s FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the year 2014?

(a)  Christiano Ronaldo

(b)  Lionel Messi

(c)  James Rodrignez

(d)  Manuel Neuer

Ans: (a)

109. Which one of the following hotels from India voted as the best hotel in the world in 2014 in a global poll conducted by financial magazine Institutional Investor, USA?

(a)  The Leela Palace Udaipur

(b)  The Oberoi, Mumbai

(c)  The ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

(d)  The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

Ans: (b)

110. ‘Khushii’ (Kinship for Humanitarian, Social an Holistic Intervention in India), an NGO is headed by which one of the former Indian cricketers?

(a)  Anil Kumble

(b)  Sachin Tendulkar

(c)  Kapil Dev

(d)  Rahul Dravid

Ans: (c)

111. Who become the first male dancer to get a doctorate in Mohiniyattam (usually performed by women) from Kerala Kalamandalam, a deemed university?

(a)  KM Abu

(b)  Avijit Das

(c)  Uday Shankar

(d)  None of these

Ans: (a)

112. During the Indus Valley civilization, which of the following animals was rarely represented in figures or seals?

(a)  Leopard

(b)  Tiger

(c)  Elephant

(d)  Bull

Ans: (a)

113. Which painting of the Kishangarh School has been used as a postal stamp issued by the Government of India?

(a)  Mumtaz

(b)  Rani of Kishangarh

(c)  Bani-Thani

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

114. ‘Graha Tyag’ of Chaitanya was painted by which artist of the Bengal school?

(a)  Yamini Roy

(b)  Kshitindra Nath Majumdar

(c)  Abanindranath Tagore

(d)  Sharda Charan Ukil

Ans: (a)

115. What is the main aspect of the construction of the Taj Mahal?

(a)  Decoration

(b)  Painting

(c)  Symmetry

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

116. ‘Morellato’, the popular international female luxury wrist watch is endorsed by

(a)  Aishwarya Rai

(b)  Prity Zinta

(c)  Anushka Sharma

(d)  Kareena Kappor

Ans: (b)

117. ‘EVARA’ is a popular ………… jewellery brand.

(a)  silver

(b)  diamond

(c)  platinum

(d)  gold

Ans: (c)

118. ‘Zara’, the international fashion brand belong to

(a)  Germany

(b)  Australia

(c)  Spain

(d)  India

Ans: (c)

119. ‘Cherokee’, the global fashion lifestyle brand tied up with which one of the following Indian companies?

(a)  Aditya Birla Group

(b)  Arvind Mills

(c)  Reliance Retail

(d)  ITC Group

Ans: (c)

120. ………. covers the entire gamut of women’s prêt-a porter from western to fusion to Indian silhouettes. Churidar-kurtas, tunics and saris form the matrix of the Indian designs.

(a)  Jamdani

(b)  Taika

(c)  Dastar

(d)  Mufti

Ans: (a)

121. ‘home centre’, the high-gloss living popular brand is from the house of

(a)  Bombay Dyeing

(b)  Raymond

(c)  Lifestyle

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

122. ‘Xcent’, the Hyundai Car is endorsed in India by

(a)  Ranbir Kapoor

(b)  Akshay Kumar

(c)  Ranbir Singh

(d)  Shah Rukh Khan.

Ans: (d)

123. ‘CASA MODA’, the popular home furnishing Indian brand is from the house of

(a)  Century Textiles

(b)  Siyaram Silk Ltd

(c)  Bombay Dyeing

(d)  Grasim Industries

Ans: (b)

124. ‘Mayr Suitings’, the famous Indian suiting brand is from the house of

(a)  Bhilwara Group

(b)  Dinesh Mills Ltd

(c)  Arvind Limited

(d)  Mafatlal Ind Ltd

Ans: (a)

125. Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Summer-Spring 2015 took place in 2014 at

(a)  New Delhi

(b)  Mumbai

(c)  Bangalore

(d)  Panjim, Goa

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 126-140) Read the following cases and answer the questions given at the end of each case on the basis information provided.


Eureka Forbes leader in the Rs 3800 crore water purification systems market, is betting big on ‘customized solution’ to expand its footprint. Eureka Forbes has mapped the water quality in over 85% of India’s pin codes over the last 15 years. “This holds us in good stead in offering solutions for over 17 different types of water conditions in the country so far”, said Senior Vice-President (Marketing), Eureka Forbes Ltd. It recently moved up the value chain from just ‘pure’ to position its products on the ‘health’ platform, with its new tagline ‘More than just pure, Healthy water’. Based on its internal feed-back system, the company undertakes various research programmes across the country to understand the needs of different sets of consumers.

Over the last 30 years, Aquaguard has invested heavily in research and technology to understand customer needs and customize solutions and products to suit every water type in India. For instance, it has launched mobile water purifier Aquaguard-on-the-Go, he said. Eureka Forbes is expanding its retail network to cover tier-II and tier-III markets. Initially, a pure-play direct sales company, it now has a significant presence in retail, fracnchised, rural, institutional community, and e-tail platforms. VP says the rural market holds high growth potential, particularly for off-line water purifiers, and “we have come out with a new range of affordable purification units for rural markets”.

It has set up water kiosks in several tier II and tier III towns that sell water at 15 paise a litre. So far, it has established over to 200 such kiosks in the country. It also proposes to set up such kiosks in major cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. But it may not sell a litre at 15 paise, as cost of running those kiosks i major cities will be much higher. “We are planning to do some pilots before we launch them,” he said. He market for water purifiers in the country is growing at 15% year on year. Many homegrown and global brands have jumped into the fray. “We welcomes all competition. It fuels innovation and eventually that will benefit the consumer,” says VP

126. Eureka Forbes is focusing on rural market due to the fact that

(a)  it holds tremendous growth potential

(b)  Eureka Forbes plans to provide pure water at a reasonable price to rural areas

(c)  it has already made units for rural markets

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (a)

127. Eureka Forbes has made efforts to study quality of water in various locations and

(a)  has covered only some areas

(b)  these efforts have not been much successful

(c)  has already covered a large area of the country

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

128. Consequent to research to observe needs of various category of people, Eureka Forbes now plans to offer

(a)  generic solutions

(b)  customized solutions

(c)  one-time solutions only

(d)  one solutions for all

Ans: (b)

129. As per the case, which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Eureka Forbes is quite averse to competition

(b)  Eureka Forbes pays adequate attention to research

(c)  Eureka Forbes has set up some outlets to supply pure water at a reasonable cost in small towns

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (a)


The fragmented home appliance category is poised for consolidation, with companies looking for acquisitions to strengthen their manufacturing capabilities and expand operations into newer areas. Early this year, the Netherlands based Royal Philips Electronics had acquired Tamil Nadu based Preethi, makers of mixers and grinders In May, France’s Groups SEB bought out the 45% stake of Maharaja Whiteline in order to take full control of the company. Market leader Bajaj Electricals is now scouting for acquisitions to make a mark in the non-electrical kitchen appliance space, while new entrant Borsil is seeking a foothold in manufacturing with the help of smaller companies. “We want to strengthen our position in the non-electrical kitchen appliances space like pressure cookers, gas stoves and non-stick cookware, for which we are open to acquiring smaller companies in these categories,” says Executive Director, Bajaj Electricals.

Earlier, some of these items were reserved for the small scale sector. Bajaj Electricals said it is looking for players who make an brand these products to add them to its roster of kitchen and small appliances. The company continues to sell the largest number of mixer grinders (2.5 million a year) and irons (at 3.5 million) in the country. Bajaj Electricals has a research and development centre in Mumbai, but most of its home appliances are out-sourced to third party players. With a sales turnover of Rs 1500 crore from the home appliance division, Bajaj Electricals has already tapped into the premium end of the category with its imported Morphy Richards brand. The mass-end comprises its own brand of Bajaj, with appliances ranging from sandwich makers to water heaters.

Borosil, which has recently entered the home appliance category, is also eager to acquire smaller players with manufacturing capabilities. Glassware maker Borosil’s foray into home appliances is expected to get a let-up with potential acquisitions. “We have set aside a budget of Rs 150 crore for acquisitions. Since we do not have our own manufacturing facilities, we will look at small companies with manufacturing facilities in categories like tableware and crockery. An acquisition will ensure a position of strength and know-how in the kitchen appliance category,” says Managing Director, Borosil Glass Works. Considering that the company already has 14000 outlets for its glass works, it would use the same for some of its kitchen appliances such as mixer grinders. “Once you start your own manufacturing, it helps in building the kitchen appliance business further,” MD, Borosil Glass Works adds.

130. Borosil, which is basically a glassware maker, presently

(a)  has hugh manufacturing facilities of their own

(b)  has just a few manufacturing units of their own

(c)  does not have manufacturing units belonging to it

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

131. To market its kitchen appliances, Borosil plans to

(a)  open a large number of outlets in all parts of India

(b)  open only a few outlets in selected towns

(c)  open big outlets only in Metro cities

(d)  utilize its existing outlets

Ans: (d)

132. Bajaj Electricals is currently planning to

(a)  expand its existing business of selling electrical appliances

(b)  come out of its business of dealing with electrical appliances

(c)  enter into selling non-electrical kitchen appliances

(d)  close down its business altogether

Ans: (c)

133. As per the given case, which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Some home appliance companies are acquiring properties to enhance their manufacturing capacities

(b)  Bajaj Electricals does not outsource its electrical appliances

(c)  Bajaj Electricals is a leader in selling Mixer grinders

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)


Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer plans to tweak its collections and improve instore services as it bets on enhancing customer experience to power the next phase of growth in India, a top executive said. “The brand is doing will here and has a great platform to go forward. As the hext step, we want to do some qualitative work The focus will be on customer experience,” said General Manager at Tag Heuer India. The brand owned by French luxury conglomerate LVMH, is currently one of the top three in the Swiss watches category in terms of revenue and recall value in the country, GM said. He said Tag Heuer will focus on having the right collections and being at the right retail shops rather than chasing numbers mindlessly. “We want to get into the finer details of selling luxury watch to get into the finer details of selling a luxury watch to the Indian consumer. The numbers (sales) are being met, what is missing is the brand experience,” said GM.

134. Tag Heuer is currently focusing on

(a)  quantity sales

(b)  customer service

(c)  both (a) and (b)

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

135. As per the case. Tag Heuer has

(a)  low brand value

(b)  high brand name in the market

(c)  to improve availability of its products

(d)  tremendous pressure to improve sales

Ans: (b)

136. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Tag Heuer plans to give better experiences to its customers

(b)  Before further expansion in India, Tag Heuer wants to improve its services in its existing stores

(c)  Tag Hauer feels that current sales are just not adequate

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)


Maruti Suzuki planning to introduce a new compact multi-utility vehicle that would help it log volumes in the fiercely competitive compact car space, once been its forte, but now being threatened by bigger rivals like Hyundai, Honda and Toyota. This all-new compact, MUV, code-named YJC, is being conceived especially for India, and will be placed under the flagship Ertiga. Maruti is trying to create a new niche segment that will bridge the gap between hatchbacks and crossover vehicles in terms of size and seating capacity. A company spokesperson, however, refused to confirm the developments. “As a company policy, we do not comment on future products.” Currently, under development stage, YJC would be sold in India and may be shipped to South East Asia, Just like the Ertiga. The company has floated proposals to its vendors and suppliers for designing and sourcing components of the car. Maruti Suzuki, which is likely to introduce the car in the festive season of 2016, is targeting around 80,000 units in the first year, said a person close to the development.

“Maruti plans to develop a new product, which is niche area until now as there are no premium wagons in the country. It is expected to be a premium product that’s likely to be placed over its popular Wago R and is expected to deliver higher volumes for the company trying to regain its turf in the compact car segment. It has also floated request for quotations from its suppliers,” the same person added. According to sources in the industry, Maruti is trying to create a new niche segment to drive volumes like it has accomplished with its automated vehicles at an affordable price. The AMT, introduced in the Celerio hatchback, has been a hit with a large chunk of Indian customers who prefer it over regular manual cars with just a 10% premium. Trying to emulate its success, Maruti Suzuki’s R and D teams are working with their Japanese counterparts to develop a new segment that would be spacious, but will have the ease of a regular compact car.

137. In the recent past, Maruti had launched a vehicle with automated manual transmission which has been

(a)  a failure

(b)  quite popular with customers

(c)  only partially successful

(d)  subsequently withdrawn by the company

Ans: (b)

138. Maruti is planning to launch a new vehicle in 2016, which will be a

(a)  premium hatchback

(b)  compact MUV

(c)  premium Wagon

(d)  All of these

Ans: (d)

139. As per the policy of Maruti, the company

(a)  does not launch a new product before 5 yr of the earlier launch

(b)  does not believe in passing comments on its future vehicles

(c)  reveals its assessment on its future products.

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

140. According to the case, which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  The new vehicle to be launched will not be placed under the Ertiga brand

(b)  The new car would have more space and can be easily operated like a compact vehicle

(c)  Currently, Maruti is being seriously challenged in the market by number of auto majors

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 141-150) Each of these questions has a statement based on the preceding passage. Evaluate each statement and mark answer as

(a) if the statement is a Major Objective in making the decision : one of the goals sought by the decision maker.

(b) if the statement is a Major Factor in making the decision : an aspect of the problem, specifically mentioned in the passage, which fundamentally affects and/or determines the decision.

(c) if the statement is a Minor Factor in Making the decision : a less important element bearing on or affecting a Major Factor, rather than a Major Objective directly

(d) if the statement is a Major Assumption in Making the decision : a projection or supposition arrived at by the decision maker before considering the factor and alternative.


The Centre has decided to recast the boards governing trade of commodities such as tea, coffee and spices to make them more performance oriented and accountable at a time when global competition is fast intensifying. The move, which will involve amendment of archaic Acts to make the boards more responsive to contemporary challenges comes after commerce and industry minister felt that these boards need to improve their working and achieve specific results in promoting exports. There have been reports of closure of several tea plantations in West Bengal and Assam, home to Darjeeling tea and Assam tea. The department of commerce is working on amendment of the Tea and Coffee Acts, which date back to 1942 and 1953, respectively. “We are planning to update Acts for tea and coffee to streamline framework of operations. They are very old. We want greater decentralization of powers and simplifications of systems.” said the official, who did not wish to be identified. The commodity boards for tea, coffee, rubber, spices, tobacco, etc., working under the commerce department are responsible for not only carrying out export promotion but also developing the domestic industry. They have offices in India as well as abroad. Tea Board is concentrated in Kolkata, prompting the government to decentralize its operations and give powers to other centres such as Guwahati and Coonoor. This will help bring in more players into the market, making it easier to obtain licenses. While boards do not directly export, they regulate the sector, register exporters and given licenses. The government is also trying to scale up incentives for marketing and export promotion. The manufacturers will need to comply with the Plant Protection Code from next year and procure a certificate of complying with the standard. The government is also working on an insurance based sceme for stabilization of prices of four plantation based crops-tea, coffee, rubber and spices. Another official involved in the exercise cited the example of Coffee Board, saying the body has not been able to boost exports even as it has supported domestic trade primarily because it lacks the vision required to succeed in international markets.

141. The Centre has decided to recast the boards governing trade of commodities such as tea, coffee and spices to make them more performance oriented

Ans: (a)

142. The move involves amendment of archaic acts to make the bards more responsive to contemporary challenges

Ans: (b)

143. We are planning to update Acts for tea and coffee to streamline framework of operations

Ans: (b)

144. This will help bring in more players into the market

Ans: (c)

145. Board lacks the vision required to succeed in international markets

Ans: (d)


Ultra Tech cement has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to buy tow cement plants of Jaiprakash Associates in Madhya Pradesh, a deal that will help consolidate its position as India’s biggest cement-maker. For Delhi-based Jaypee Group, the deal is part of ongoing exercise to reduce debt, which stood at Rs 65000 crore as on March 31, 2014, and would shrink to close to Rs 44000 crore, if this deal is consummated. The Aditya Birla Group from will sign a definitive agreement after completing a due diligence process that will start shortly. A late evening press release from the company put the total enterprise valuation of the transaction, including debt, at Rs 5400 crore. The company’s board approved the acquisition recently. “The deal will help us scale up our presence in eastern and central UP and Eastern and central MP.

We have a  marginal presence in these markets which is roughly growing at 8.9%,” said MD, Ultra Tech Cement. The acquisition will help the company ramp up capacity 5 million tonnes to 68 million tonnes. Further, surplus clinker capacity (clinker is a key input for cement) at the two units will enable Ultra-Tech to boost capacity by 2 million tonnes, said the press release. The plants are located at Satna in Madhya Pradesh. In the near term, it will have a financial impact as Ultra Tech have to pay higher interest on the debt accrued through the deal, said analyst at Brokerage Elara Capital. “But if you take a view of FY18 or later, the deal will be highly accretive as the region is expected to see minimal capacity addition.” “Utilization levels of cement plants in FY18 are expected to profits,” said Elara Capital’s.

The acquisition, if concluded would mean that the company’s plans to boost capacity to 71 million tonnes by 2016 will be achieved ahead of schedule. Ultra Tech had acquired the Gujarat units of schedule. Ultra Tech had acquired the Gujarat units of Jaiprakash Associates, with a earmarked Rs 7000 crore to expand capacities over the next three years.

146. The deal is part of an ongoing exercise to reduce debt.

Ans: (a)

147. The acquisition will help the company ramp up capacity by 5 million tonnes.

Ans: (a)

148. Surplus clinker capacity at the two units will enable Ultra Tech to boost capacity 2 million tonnes.

Ans: (b)

149. In the near term, it will have a financial impact as Ultra-Tech will have to pay higher interest

Ans: (d)

150. The company’s plans to boost capacity to 71 million tonnnes by 2016 will be achieved ahead of schedule

Ans: (*)

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National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT) POST GRADUATE 2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

NIFT (POST GRADUATE) National Institute of Fashion & Technology

Solved Paper-2016


DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 1-5) In each of these questions, a word its underlined in the given sentence. For the underlined word, four words are listed below. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

1. They are carrying out a charade of negotiations with the government.

(a)  Series

(b)  Charter

(c)  Absurd pretence

(d)  Spate

Ans: (c)

2. The individual’s freedom is circumscribed by his responsibility to others.

(a)  Limited

(b)  Entangled

(c)  Destroyed

(d)  Eroded

Ans: (a)

3. Indians are likely to be

(a)  Generous

(b)  Narrow-minded

(c)  Brave

(d)  Short-sighted

Ans: (b)

4. I was discomfited to find the boss in the disco.

(a)  Irritated

(b)  Uncomfortable

(c)  Embarrassed

(d)  Displeased

Ans: (b)

5. He spent most of his years debunking

(a)  Exposing

(b)  Cheating

(c)  Threatening

(d)  Pacifying

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 6-10) A word is followed by four words. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the word given in capital letters.


(a)  Pensive

(b)  Imaginative

(c)  Rhetorical

(d)  Pacified

Ans: (b)


(a)  Praise

(b)  Blame

(c)  Solemnity

(d)  Frivolity

Ans: (c)


(a)  Praise

(b)  Cruel

(c)  Slander

(d)  Dialogue

Ans: (a)


(a)  Antipathy

(b)  Ignorance

(c)  Dissonance

(d)  Disharmony

Ans: (a)


(a)  Unmanageable

(b)  Dutiful

(c)  Submissive

(d)  Painful

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 11-15) Fill in the blank.

11. Kicking the bucket is a humorous …….. for dying.

(a)  dictum

(b)  incantation

(c)  euphemism

(d)  addendum

Ans: (c)

12. Seeing the pictures of our old home made me feel ……….. and nostalgic.

(a)  fastidious

(b)  conciliatory

(c)  indignant

(d)  wistful

Ans: (d)

13. The scholar was so ………. in his field that many of our professors became nervous in his presence.

(a)  eminent

(b)  pathological

(c)  petulant

(d)  amiable

Ans: (a)

14. The fans were ……………. when their team lost its seventh game in a row

(a)  irascible

(b)  despondent

(c)  lucid

(d)  didactic

Ans: (a)

15. Singh ……… his son for breaking the window-pane.

(a)  coerced

(b)  relegated

(c)  expropriated

(d)  chastised

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 16-20) In each of these questions, same sentences are given, denoted by A, B, C and D and so on. By using all these sentences, you have to frame a meaningful paragraph. Choose the correct order of the sentence from the four alternatives.

16. A. An empiricist is one who observes how things work and is prepared to try things out.

B. As scientist he would prefer to work from observation rather than from preconceived theory.

C. The empiricist looks first and thinks later.

D. An empiricist is normally contrasted with a rationalist who believes that the mind can work out.

E. The rationalist thinks first and looks later.

(a)  ABDCE

(b)  ABCDE

(c)  DCABE

(d)  ABEDC

Ans: (c)

17 A. Such a national policy will surely divide and never unite people.

B. In fact, it suits purpose of the politicians; they can drag the people into submission by appealing to t hem in the name of religion.

C. In order to inculcate unquestioning belief, they codemn other states which do not follow their religion.

D. The emergence of theocratic states, where all types of crimes are committed in the name of religion, has revived the religion of the Middle Ages.

(a)  ABCD

(b)  DBCA

(c)  DBAC

(d)  CDAB

Ans: (c)

18. A. The remnants of such a supernova remain discernible for thousands of years after explosion.

B. Only such supernova can make the heaviest elements like gold and uranium.

C. For a few weeks, an exploding star glows more brightly than a million suns and its interior collapses to make another star.

D. Massive stars not only burn up extremely fast but perish more spectacularly inn supernova explosions.

(a)  ABCD

(b)  ADCB

(c)  DCBA

(d)  BDCA

Ans: (c)

19. A. There are also two scorers.

B. After each over they swap positions.

C. In the early 1990s, a third umpire was introduced for test matches.

D. The essential officials in the field are two umpires who control the field.

E. One stands at the bowler’s end, the other is square on to the batting wickets, so that the batsman has his back to him.

F. The umpire’s main duties are to judge whether a batsman is out in answer to an appeal of ‘how’s that?’ from the fielding side; to ensure that the batting, bowling and fielding are within the laws; to signal boundaries, leg-byes, byes, wides, no balls and short runs to the scorers; to decide if conditions are fit or unfit for play.





Ans: (c)

20. A. In the West, Allied Forces had fought their way through Southern Italy as far as Rome.

B n June 1944, Germany’s military position in World War II appeared hon

C. In Britain, the task of amassing the men and materials for the liberation of Northern Europe had been completed.

D. The Red Army was poised to drive the Nazis back through Poland.

E. The situation on the Eastern front was catastrophic.

(a)  EDACB

(b)  BEDAC

(c)  BDECA

(d)  CEDAB

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 21-25) In each of these questions, is word has been spelt in four different ways, one of which is correct. Choose the correctly spelt word.


(a)  Necessary

(b)  Necesarry

(c)  Necesary

(d)  Neccessary

Ans: (a)


(a)  Supreintendent

(b)  Superintendent

(c)  Suprintendent

(d)  Supereintendent

Ans: (b)


(a)  Ommission

(b)  Omision

(c)  Omission

(d)  Ommision

Ans: (c)


(a)  Forein

(b)  Fariegn

(c)  Foriegn

(d)  Foreign

Ans: (d)


(a)  Coleagu

(b)  Colleagu

(c)  Coleague

(d)  Colleague

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 26-30) Choose the plural form of the given word.

26. Foot

(a)  Feet

(b)  Foots

(c)  Feat

(d)  Feets

Ans: (a)

27. Switch

(a)  Switchs

(b)  Switch

(c)  Switches

(d)  Switchhes

Ans: (c)

28. Cat

(a)  Catty

(b)  Cat

(c)  Cats

(d)  Kitten

Ans: (c)

29. Salt

(a)  Salts

(b)  Salty

(c)  Salt

(d)  Saults

Ans: (a)

30. Volcano

(a)  Volcanos

(b)  Volcanoes

(c)  Volcanose

(d)  Volcanae

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 31-50) Study the passages below and answer the questions that follow each passage.


While the word ‘hyperlocal grocery’ seems to have excited the investors thus, making them pump in millions of dollars in this space, the real challenge has just begun. Global venture capital Tiger Global-led Grofers has announced that will temporarily shut operations in nine cities. According to reports, the Gurgaon-based company will no longer deliver in the following cities: Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, Kochi, Ludhiana, Mysuru, Nashik, Rajkot and Vishakhapatnam. The decision comes a few weeks after the company had issues delivering products in the Delhi-NCR region. While market experts are questioning the viability and sustainability of these hyperlocal businesses, the company stated that it has just shut operations in the smaller cities as the market is not yet matured enough to order daily essentials and groceries on an app. The consumers in these cities still have a habit of buying grocery products from trusted loal stros and big brands. Gurgaon-based Grofers, started in 2013 by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar, is an on-demand delivery start-up that delivers items from nearby stores of the cities to the customer. It has a mixed model and is partly inventory-led. The company has raised over $35 million, highest in the segment, from DST Global, SoftBank and Tiger Global, and is valued at $115 million. The founder of a Pune-based grocery start-up, requesting anonymity, said that the company’s major issue was scaling up too fast in a short span of time.

Another investor, who also requested anonymity, said that the ‘hyperlocal’ business model just runs like a courier service, thus, needs a lot of investment on the distribution part. Industry experts are of the view, that there are too many start-ups competing with one another in this segment, and hence, a consolidation is quite inevitable sooner or later. According to industry reports, there are over 20 such start-ups that came up in Bengaluru last year. Many of them such as Town rush and Town essentials have already downed their shutters. Meanwhile, a few like PepperTap, ZopNow and Zopper have got funding and have acquired a few smaller ones e.g. PepperTap acquired Jiffstore recently.

Even Paytm tried to run a grocery app, but shut within a month of launch. Ola, which has a grocery app called Olastore, is also struggline withthis business model. Major problem with online grocery start-ups is maintaining inventory and distribution of perishable goods. Another major issue is the rising competition from biggies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Group’s My 24 × 7 market, who are also trying to grab a pie of the hyperlocal grocery business. Industry research agencies such as Technopak and IGD expect the online grocery business to grow at 25-30 per cent year-on-year in major Indian cities. India’s online grocery market, which is estimated to be less than $ 100 million at present, is expected to cross $25 billion by 2020.

31. Which among the following is the primary reason due to which Grofers had to close its activities in a number of cities?

(a)  Poor financial backup

(b)  Inefficient manpower

(c)  Adverse mind-set of customers to buy grocery online

(d)  Not adequate infrastructure

Ans: (d)

32. During the next 4-5 years, online grocery business is likely to

(a)  go down gradually

(b)  remain as it is now

(c)  grow substantially

(d)  remain unattractive

Ans: (c)

33. Currently, hyperlocal groceries are facing tough competitions from

(a)  big brands

(b)  local stores

(c)  Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

34. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Hyperlocal groceries entered the market with considerable hope

(b)  Distribution of perishable goods has never been a problem with online groceries

(c)  Attempts made by the Ola and Paytm to run online groceries have not been much successful

(d)  All of the above are not true

Ans: (b)


The Union Government’s decision to accelerate its vehicular emission norms process is as ambitious as its is audacious. Making the shift from Bharat Stage IV to VI by 2020, skipping BS-V altogether, will be a huge challenge; and it almost borders on the impossible. But before listing the man difficulties that lie ahead, it is important to properly contextualize the situation: India has no choice but to make the shift, and quickly so, towards clean energy (and green vehicles). The national capital is already the world’s most polluted city, and a dozen other Indian cities feature in the World Health Organizations list of 20 most polluted urban centres of the world. The situation will progressively worsen as the country develops further-adding more cars to our roads, skyscrapers to our cities, and factories to our national landscape. here is aso the looming threat from climate change which puts India’s poorest and most vulnerable communities on the frontline of the environmental war. In short, these are desperate times, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Unless there is a gargantuan effort to innovate and incorporate clean technologies, adopt and adapt to clean fuel, schemes, such as the current odd-even road rationing policy being tried out in Delhi, will become the norm across the country. The new policy will face two main problems: First, oil producing and marketing companies, may not be able to fast-track their technologies quickly enough to meet BS-VI standards and, second, automobile producers may also not be able to do the same in the reduced timeframe. e.g. even four years after the introduction of BS-IV norms, the BS-IV motor spirit (petrol) and BS-IV high speed diesel are available only in 24 per cent and 16 per cent of the domestic market respectively. Similarly, auto-makers are already arguing that the new timeline is not feasible as the green technologies and designs currently in use in the US, Europe and Japan, where the equivalent of BS-VI norms are in effect, cannot be copy-pasted into the Indian system because of different local requirements.

e.g. Indian cars ravel at much lesser speeds than their Western counterparts, making it difficult to achieve the 600 degree Celsius temperature necessary to burn the soot in the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), which will be mandatory under BS-VI. Also, the DPFs will have to be re-designed to fit into the small bonnet space of most Indian cars; as a bigger car will attract greater will attract greater excise duty. Then there are safety concerns about fast-tracking new technologies without properly testing them or synchronizing them with existing systems. Finally, all technological upgrades will require huge sums of money, and the public will have to bear some of the cost at least in the forseeable future. These are serious challenges, and let there be no doubt that implementing the accelerated programme will be an uphill task. However, India needs to make this work. If it succeeds, it will be well worth the effort.

35. As India continues to develop in the next few years, the menace of pollution

(a)  would drastically reduce

(b)  may not affect us formidably

(c)  would become much worse

(d)  may not bother us

Ans: (c)

36. Which of the following may pose problems in enforcing BS-VI norms by 2020?

(a)  Small size of Indian cars

(b)  Lower speeds of cars that move in India

(c)  Adopting new technologies to Indian conditions

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (b)

37. To overcome the present grim situation of extreme pollution, we need to

(a)  switch over to clean fuel at the earliest

(b)  innovate and use latest technologies

(c)  Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d)  continue using BS-IV norms

Ans: (c)

38. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Both automobile companies and oil producing and marketing corporate would find it difficult to switch over to BS-VI norms in a short time

(b)  Short-term measures to control pollution are much needed

(c)  Presently, India may be figuring in the most polluted countries in the world

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (c)


Toshiba Corp will exit the television and home appliance business in India and prune losses after failing to cut much teeth in the country as the Japanese company struggles globally to recover from a multi-billion dollar accounting scandal. Toshiba has informed key trade partners and dealers in India about its decision and has stopped importing goods for over a month now four senior industry and trade executive said, asking not to be identified. The company is trying to clear inventory, they said. The parent company is exploring options to license the brand or tie up with an Indian company to sell consumer electronics products. It has held exploratory talks with Videocon, although no deal has been finalized. When contacted, Videocon Chairman Venugopal Dhoot denied that the group is in talks with Toshiba for any brand licensing deal or business relationship.

For laptops, Toshiba will focus on business-to-business sales. “The Toshiba group is undertaking a fundamental restructuring of its visual products business and personal computer business globally,” a Toshiba India spokesperson said in an e-mailed response to queries. “Toshiba already stopped their operation of television sales last year in India and is currently considering a brand licensing structure regarding its overseas television business, including India. Regarding the PC business, Toshiba will end the B2C business in markets other than Japan and US.” The company will focus on the profitable and sustainable B2B as a core activity and will expand its customer base. “Toshiba has recognized India not only as a growing market but also as a strategic export and development base,” the spokesperson said. Toshiba faces one of the biggest  accounting scandals in Japan after overstating profit for seven years It is expected to make a $4.5 billion loss in the current financial year, cut several thousand jobs and undertake a global restructuring that includes exiting several businesses. A senior industry official said several employees in Toshiba’ Indian consumer business have already quit the company, while business head Sanjay Warke has been given another responsibility. Toshiba’s exit comes after Sharp Corp last month announced its decision to sell its Indian operations after failing to make significant progress in the country’s consumers electronics market and due to recurrent losses of the parent.

39. During the past several years, Toshiba has been incurring heavy losses due to

(a)  inappropriate marketing strategies

(b)  its inability to provide quality products

(c)  its involvement in a huge accounting scandal

(d)  its inability to provide after-sales services

Ans: (c)

40. Presently, Toshiba has

(a)  stepped up importing goods in India

(b)  reduced importing goods in India

(c)  has totally stopped bringing goods in India for over a month

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (c)

41. Currently, Toshiba is involved in which of the following activities in India?

(a)  Disposing of its goods in India

(b)  Reducing manpower

(c)  Restructuring globally

(d)  All of these

Ans: (c)

42. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Sharp Corp has already decided to sell its Indian business

(b)  Toshiba is considering a brand licensing structure for some products

(c)  Toshiba does not consider India as a growing market

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (c)


The entry into India of the Big Bo of streaming media is good augury, smaller rivals believe, as Netflix, will smooth the path for them and help popularize online video consumption. CEO off the US-based Netflix, announced his company’s international expansion into dozens of countries, but India is expected to be the key prize because of its size and the relative maturity of its media market. It’s a good thing Netflix has entered the market. What Netflix’s arrival does is it educates the market and lot of people will now buy devices to stream content.

With over 400 million users, India has the third-largest number of internet users after China and the US, making it an attractive target for media streaming companies which are still trying to understand the complexities of the market. India is a big market, in terms of size, if not value, so it is natural that Netflix wanted to come to India. Founded in 1997, Netflix is listed on the Nasdaq and has market value of nearly $ 50 billion (Rs 3.3 lakh crore). At the end of October 2015, it had nearly 70 million subscribers. But Netflix has several hurdles it must4 cross before it can make an impact on the Indian market. Its services start from Rs 500 per month, a steep price point for the average Indian. Besides it has to contend with problems arising from rampant piracy and cramped bandwidth.

43. Media streaming companies find Indian market

(a)  big and easy to do business

(b)  not big but fairly smooth for business

(c)  quite large but complicated

(d)  not worth operating

Ans: (c)

44. Which of the following is considered the second largest internet user country?

(a)  India

(b)  China

(c)  US

(d)  Brazil

Ans: (c)

45. Rivals of Netflix feel its entry in India

(a)  very discouraging

(b)  extremely bad for their business

(c)  will popularize online consumption

(d)  None of them

Ans: (d)

46. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Netflix will have to face the menace of piracy in India

(b)  Netflix will be offering very cheap services in India

(c)  Netflix has a very large number of subscribers presently

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (b)


Swedish commercial vehicles major Volvo on Monday announced consolidation of its bus business in India into a group company, Volvo India Pvt. Ltd, which is also responsible for manufacturing of Volvo trucks, among others. “With effect from 31st December, 2015, Volvo Buses India has merged into the joint company of Volvo Group in India, namely Volvo India Private Limited (VIPL). Volvo India Pvt. Ltd (VIPL) Managing Director said it’s quite natural’ for all businesses and brands of the group to be part of a unified legal organization in order to harness synergies, competencies, create greater efficiencies are responsiveness at the back-end, leading to better customer experience.

Volvo Buses will, however, continue to be responsible for its brand, market and business operations while leveraging the tremendous synergies and strength of the joint company. Volvo Group in India includes multiple business areas and brands such as Volvo Buses, Volvo Penta Engines, Volvo Construction Equipment, UD Buses, Volvo Trucks and Eicher Trucks and Buses, among others. Eicher and Volvo trucks are sold via a joint venture company – VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

With the consolidation, VIPL is now responsible for almost all manufacturing and business areas that make up the group globally. It also hosts various global support and engineering services engineering design and development, IT support and services, accounting and logistics services, catering to both domestic and global operations of the group.

VIPL is headquartered in Bengaluru and has three manufacturing facilities near the city, namely the Volvo Trucks facility in Hosakoe, Volvo and UD Bus factory in Hosakote too and Volvo and SDLG Construction Equipment factory in Peenya Industrial Area. With the merger, the group has over 3,500 employees and approximately 300 sales and supports points across the country, excluding operations of VECV, it said.

47. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. is currently involved in which of the following activities?

(a)  Business of Volvo Construction equipment

(b)  Marketing of Volvo trucks

(c)  Marketing of Eicher trucks

(d)  Both ‘b’ and ‘c’

Ans: (d)

48. VIPL has been formed mainly to

(a)  consolidate resources and competencies

(b)  improve efficiencies

(c)  deliver better customer satisfaction

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (d)

49. Sales and support network Volvo is ………….. as per the passage.

(a)  highly inadequate

(b)  just about ssatisfactory

(c)  quite sufficient

(d)  unsatisfactory

Ans: (c)

50. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  There is not change in the leadership of Volvo Bus Business in India

(b)  Manufacturing units of Volvo are located near Chennai

(c)  VIPL will be in a position to extend global support to Volvo business in various activities

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (b)

51. Which of the following fractions is less than 7/8 and greater than 1/3?

(a)  1/4

(b)  23/24

(c)  11/12

(d)  17/24

Ans: (d)

52. Forty five men can complete a work in 16 days. Six days after they started working, 30 more men joined them. How many days will they now take to complete the remaining work?

(a)  16

(b)  12

(c)  6

(d)  10

Ans: (a)

53. A man takes 3 h 45 min to row a boat 15 km downstream of a river and 2 h 30 min to cover a distance of 5 km upstream. Find the speed of the river current.

(a)  1 km/h

(b)  1.5 km/h

(c)  1.2 km/h

(d)  1.3 km/h

Ans: (a)

54. The sum of successive odd numbers from 1 to 15 is ……. .

(a)  81

(b)  64

(c)  49

(d)  36

Ans: (b)

55. A shirt with marked price Rs 800 was sold at Rs 680. The rate of discount allowed on the shirt is ……. .

(a)  10%

(b)  15%

(c)  20%

(d)  25%

Ans: (b)

56. Find the compound interest on Rs 48000 for one year at 8% per annum when compounded half yearly.

(a)  Rs 3916.20

(b)  Rs 3812.10

(c)  Rs 3916.80

(d)  Rs 3716.80

Ans: (c)

57. To gain 25% after allowing a discount of 10% the shopkeeper must mark the price of the article which costs him Rs 360 is ………. .

(a)  Rs 500

(b)  Rs 450

(c)  Rs 460

(d)  Rs 486

Ans: (a)

58. A pond was dug by four men – Ram, Rahim, Rahul and Rohan. They were paid a total of Rs 1500 and the money is to be shared in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 2 : 1, respectively. What is the share of Ram and Rohan together?

(a)  Rs 1000

(b)  Rs 250

(c)  Rs 500

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

59. In a mixture of 120 L milk and water, the amount of water is 40 L and the remaining milk. What is the ratio of milk to water?

(a)  1 : 2

(b)  1 : 4

(c)  4 : 1

(d)  2 : 1

Ans: (d)

60. The cost of five chairs and three tables is Rs 3110. Cost of one chair is Rs 210 less than cost of one table. What is the cost of two tables and two chairs?

(a)  Rs 1660

(b)  Rs 1860

(c)  Rs 2600

(d)  Cannot be determined

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 61-64) Read the following information carefully to answer these questions.

There is a group of five persons – A, B, C, D and E. One of them is a horticulturist, one is a physicist, one is a journalist, one is an industrialist and one is an advocate.

• Three of them i.e. A, C and the advocate prefer tea to coffee and two of them i.e. B and the journalist prefer coffee to tea.

• The industrialist, D and A are friends to one another but two of them prefer coffee to tea.

• The horticulturist is C’s brother.

61. Who is a horticulturist?

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  C

(d)  D

Ans: (a)

62. Who is an industrialist?

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  D

(d)  E

Ans: (b)

63. Which one of the following groups includes a person who likes tea but is not an advocate

(a)  ACE

(b)  DE

(c)  BCE

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

64. Who is a physicist?

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  C

(d)  D

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 65-67) Each of these questions has a statement followed by two conclusions I and II. Consider the statement and the following conclusions. Decide which of the conclusions follows from the statement.

Give answer

(a) if conclusion I follows

(b) if conclusion II follows

(c) if neither conclusion I nor II follows

(d) if both conclusions I and II follow

65. Statement

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.


I. Your life will be dull, if you don’t face a problem

II. To escape from problems, you should always have some solutions with you.

Ans: (b)

66. Statement

India’s economy is dependent mainly on forests.


I. Trees should be preserved to improve the Indian economy.

II. India wants only maintenance of forests to improve economic conditions.

Ans: (a)

67. Statement

This world is neither good nor evil; each man creates a world for  himself.


I. Some people find this world quite good.

II. Some people find this world quite bad.

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 68-70) In each of these questions, two statements I and II are given. These may have a cause and effect relationship or may have independent causes or be the effects of independent causes.

Give answer

(a) if statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect

(b) if statement II is the cause and statement I is the effect

(c) if both the statement I and II are effects of independent causes

(d) if both the statement I and II are effects of some common cause

68. Statement

I. The prices of petroleum products dropped marginally last week.

II. The State Government reduced the tax o petroleum products last week.

Ans: (a)

69. Statement

I. Many people visited the religious place during the weekend.

II. Few people visited the religious place during the week days.

Ans: (c)

70. Statement

I. A large number of people living it he low-lying areas have been evacuated during the last few days to safer places.

II. The Government has rushed in relief supplies to the people living in the affected areas.

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 71-73) For the Assertion (A) and Reason (R) given in each of the questions below, choose the correct alternative from the following.

(a) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

(b) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(c) (A) is true, but (R) is false

(d) (A) is false, but (R) is true

71. Assertion (A) Leakages in household gas cylinders can be detected.

Reason (R) LPG has a strong smell.

Ans: (a)

72. Assertion (A) Baking soda creates acidity in the stomach.

Reason (R) Baking soda is alkaline.

Ans: (d)

73. Assertion (A) Cut fruits and vegetables should not be kept in the open for long.

Reason (R) Their vitamin content is ruined.

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 74-77) Find the odd one out.

74. 8, 13, 21, 32, 47, 63, 83

(a)  13

(b)  21

(c)  32

(d)  47

Ans: (d)

75. 8, 14, 26, 48, 98, 194, 386

(a)  14

(b)  48

(c)  98

(d)  194

Ans: (b)


(a)  OTY

(b)  AFL

(c)  DIN

(d)  EJO

Ans: (b)


(a)  RVT

(b)  PTR

(c)  EJG

(d)  CGE

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 78-81) Complete the series by replacing the missing term’?’.

78. ABD, DGK, HMS, MTB, SBL, ?

(a)  ZKU

(b)  ZAB

(c)  XKW

(d)  ZKW

Ans: (d)

79. 13, 35, 57, 79, 911, ?

(a)  1110

(b)  1112

(c)  1113

(d)  1315

Ans: (c)

80. 13, 32, 24, 43, 35, ?, 46, 65, 57, 76

(a)  45

(b)  52

(c)  54

(d)  55

Ans: (c)

81. 2, 1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, ?

(a)  9

(b)  10

(c)  11

(d)  12

Ans: (b)

82. Six children B, D, C, M, J and K are split into two groups of three each and are made to stand in two rows in such a way that a child in one row is exactly facing a child in the other row. M is not at the ends of any row and is to the right of J, who is facing C. K is to the left of D, who is facing M. Which of the following groups of children is the same row?

(a)  BDC

(b)  BMD

(c)  MJK

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (d)

83. Kamal starts from his house towards the West. After walking a distance of 30 m, he turned towards right and walked 20 m. He then turned left and after moving a distance of 10 m, turned to his left again and walked 40 m. He now turns to the left and walks 5 m. Finally, he turns to his left. In which direction is he walking now?

(a)  North

(b)  South

(c)  East

(d)  South-West

Ans: (a)

84. In a certain code language, ‘TUTORIAL’ is written as “DODNGLCF’ and ‘DANCE’ is written as ‘YCJMZ’, how can ‘EDUCATION’ be written in that code?




(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

85. Pointing to a man on the stage, Rita said, “He is the brother of the daughter of the wife of my husband.” How is the man on the stage related to Rita?

(a)  Son

(b)  Husband

(c)  Cousin

(d)  Nephew

Ans: (a)

86. Halter top is well known female dress which has

(a)  full sleeves

(b)  half sleeves

(c)  no sleeves

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

87. Which of the following is a type of a bag?

(a)  Tote

(b)  Duffel

(c)  Sling

(d)  All of these

Ans: (d)

88. Baggit is a known brand which offers

(a)  bags

(b)  belts

(c)  caps

(d)  All of these

Ans: (d)

89. Emerald is a shade of which colour?

(a)  Blue

(b)  Green

(c)  Red

(d)  Yellow

Ans: (b)

90. Batik printing involves use of

(a)  wax

(b)  beads

(c)  mirrors

(d)  shells

Ans: (a)

91. Which of the following stones are used to make Navratna jewellery?

(a)  Opal

(b)  Cat’s eye

(c)  Turquoise

(d)  All of these

Ans: (b)

92. Ad line ‘Be You’ is linked with which of the following online stores?

(a)  Jabong

(b)  Yepme

(c)  Myntra

(d)  Snapdeal

Ans: (a)

93. A close-fitting necklace is called a

(a)  chain

(b)  choker

(c)  mangal sutra

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

94. Which of the following is a basic variety of cultured pearls?

(a)  Freshwater

(b)  Salt water

(c)  Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

95. In which year did India win the three titles of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific?

(a)  1999

(b)  2000

(c)  2001

(d)  2002

Ans: (b)

96. Which of the following stores are known for exclusive sale of shawls, soles and scarves?

(a)  Biba

(b)  Ahujasons

(c)  Binhals

(d)  Jainsons

Ans: (b)

97. Which among the following is the India’s biggest company in terms of annual revenue of Rs 4,51,911 crores as per an annual list of 2015 Fortune 500 companies in India?

(a)  Indian Oil Corp

(b)  Reliance Industries

(c)  Tata Motors

(d)  State Bank of India

Ans: (a)

98. Government of India revised the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) to add ……… more drugs in December 2015 for bringing down price of medicines of critical diseases.

(a)  70

(b)  45

(c)  106

(d)  92

Ans: (c)

99. Who among the following cancer expert of India origin is included in the list of New Year Honours 2016 ‘KNIGHTHOOD’ by the British Empire?

(a)  Harpal Singh Kumar

(b)  Rajesh Mistry

(c)  Pritesh Lohar

(d)  None of these

Ans: (a)

100. ‘Be you’ is the trademark of which one of the following e-commerce companies in India?

(a)  Myntra

(b)  Jabong

(c)  Flipkart

(d)  Snapdeal

Ans: (b)

101. Which among the following countries has said it has successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb with a 6 kilotonne yield in January 2016?

(a)  Iran

(b)  Russia

(c)  Israel

(d)  North Korea

Ans: (d)

102. Which one of the following technology giants has launched Surface Pro-4 tablets in India in January 2016?

(a)  HTC

(b)  Apple

(c)  Sony

(d)  Microsoft

Ans: (d)

103. As per the WHO’s recent report based on data collected by the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programe (NVBDCP), India along with Ethopia, Pakistan and Indonesia account for 80% of all ….. cases worldwide.

(a)  dengue

(b)  malaria

(c)  chikungunya

(d)  kala azar

Ans: (b)

104. Which one of the following e-business companies has acquired Delhi based consumer behavior predictable platform ‘Shifu’ in an $8 million in January 2016?

(a)  Paytm

(b)  ebay

(c)  Snapdeal

(d)  Quikr

Ans: (a)

105. Which is the India’s first transgender music band recently launched by noted playback singer Sonu Nigam?

(a)  Indian Ocean

(b)  Kailasa

(c)  6-pack

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

106. Retail venture ‘Shoppers Stop’ and ‘Hyper City’ is owned by

(a)  Bharti Group

(b)  Future Group

(c)  Raheja Group

(d)  Sriram Group

Ans: (c)

107. ‘SPACES Home and Beyond’, the popular range of Bed, Bath and Rugs from the house of HomeStop is promoted in India by

(a)  Parineeti Chopra

(b)  Esha Gupta

(c)  Priyanka Chopra

(d)  Yami Gautam

Ans: (a)

108. Who was the brand ambassador of the recently concluded Premier Badminton League (PBL) in January 2016 in India?

(a)  Ritesh Deshmukh

(b)  Abhishek Bachchan

(c)  Akshya Kumar

(d)  Ranbir Kapoor

Ans: (c)

109. ‘Vouge Eyewear’ in India is promoted by

(a)  Alia Bhatt

(b)  Sonam Kapoor

(c)  Zarine Khan

(d)  Deepika Padukone

Ans: (d)

110. Tata Group company ‘Titan’ and global luxury firm ‘Maison Montblanc’ formed a joint venture to open latter’s retail outlets with an investment of ………… in the next 5 yyears.

(a)  Rs 100 crore

(b)  Rs 150 crore

(c)  Rs 200 crore

(d)  Rs 250 crore

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 111-130) Read the following cases and answer ht questions given at the end of each case on the basis of information provided.

CASE-I, an onine aggregators hotel roos and home-stay, is baking big on the ‘alternative stays’ segment for growth. Alternative stays primarily include a home-stay. The company envisages home-stay to account for nearly half of its earnings in FY-17; up from the existing one-third. Ticket size for home-stay bookings vary around Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500. The Chennai-based company currently offers 40,000 rooms under the alternative stay segment across 10,000 to 12,000 properties in the country. According to Co-founder and COO, Stayzilla, it is targeting to close FY-16 at a gross booking value of Rs 300 crore and more than double it to Rs 750 crore a year later (in FY-17). They see a huge growth opportunity in the home stay segment, especially with the hotel booking market saturating.

The company, currently, sees bookings of around 10,000 room nights per day. The inventory is spread across budget and branded hotels, guest houses, lodges and home-stay. In the hotel booking segment, it competes with the likes of OYO, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Expedia and so on. Stayzilla will soon introduce an insurance scheme for homeowners (in home-stay category). The premium so charged varies upward of Rs 1,000 and will cover expenses related to damage of property, by the guest, if any. They have already entered into a tie-up with an insurance company and will now take it to the homeowners. The company is also looking to start a insurance scheme for guests put up at these home-stays. Coming free of charge, the insurance will cover minor medical costs that the guest may encounter during his home-stay.

111. Currently, hotel booking market has

(a)  presented big opportunities

(b)  shown some promise

(c)  no scope at all

(d)  been grossly neglected

Ans: (c)

112. Stayzilla plans to grow in a big way mainly banking on which segment?

(a)  Hotels

(b)  Guests houses

(c)  Home-stay

(d)  Lodges

Ans: (c)

113. In the immediate future, Stayzilla will be offering insurance for

(a)  homeowners

(b)  guests

(c)  Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (a)

114. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Stayzilla’s income from home-stay is planned to increase.

(b)  As per the insurance scheme offered by Stayzilla, homeowners could get their houses secured from thefts and other disasters

(c)  Presently, Stayzilla competes with leading online aggregators of hotel rooms and home-stays

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (b)


Ujjval and Neha Saraf, co-owners of Brandzstorm, are entering a new phase in their business. Brandzstorm, which handles luxury watch brands such as Gio Collection, Giordano,, Giani Bernard, Cross and Swiss Eagle in India, has signed on a five-year-deal with super accessories. For the Sarafs, this deal marks a crucial move away from being a family-owned company to one run by professionals. Neha says, “I handle the online part of the business and Ujjval, my husband, s responsible for the offline part.” Started in 2010, Brandzstorm ovwns and holds master licenses for many brands such as Giordano timewear, Giodano travelger, Cross Time pieces, Swiss Eagle lifestyle, Monte Michelin, Klaus Kobec, Fjord, NU band and Giani Bernard.

Having created a niche for itself in the watch category. Brandzstorm is now looking to launch eyewear and handbags with its brands in the country. The company, which has a staff of nearly 200 employees, has a turnover of Rs 75 crore and is growing at the rate of 35-40 per cent annually. “While 70 per cent of our sales come from offline, the share of online sales has been steadily increasing,” says Neha. Brandzstorm’s initial deal covers Superdry’s watch collection and could extend to eyewear later. Both Ujjval and Neha belong to business families.

Their fathers and forefathers were textile traders. An entrepreneur couple for the last 14 years, Ujjval started his own firm Compact International-which marketed electronic items-to earn extra cash in addition to the pocket money he received. Neha is an MBA graduate. Both were certain about two things: that they wanted to spend their lives together and that they “were least interested in their traditional family business”, according to Ujjval. He says, “I bring in my experience and Neha brings in her management and branding expertise tht we put to practical use. “Brandzstorm is actively acquiring brands. Some of its recently acquired brands include Fjord and Klaus Kobec.

It has also acquired the fitness brand NU band and the Sarafs believe that this will help the company foray into the smart wearable business. While Ujjval is responsible for the company’s sourcing and overall sales, Neha takes the lead when it comes to marketing, advertising and design. “I have been designing since my childhood. I used to design my own clothes when I was five,” she says. “Earlier this year, at the India Beach Fashion Week, I launched myself as a designer with Gio Collection’s new line of watches called ‘Lust at firt sight.’ However, the couple hasn’t entirely rejected the old ways. They do take guidance from their families about the business. “Certain values remain the same – transparency, fairness and honesty. But the way that business is done is different now,” says Neha. Does the couple manage to keep the professional and personal separate? “ We have our moments, but we are ambitious. We are two different people at work,” says Ujjval.

115. Brandzstorm’s business is currently mostly offline, and online business

(a)  has not shown much progress

(b)  did show a marked decline

(c)  has increased slowly

(d)  has shown dramatic progress

Ans: (c)

116. Owners of Brandzstorm plan to run their business

(a)  by strictly following fairly business model

(b)  in a more professional manner

(c)  by totally rejecting the old ways

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

117. Currently, Sarfas wish to

(a)  acquire more watch brands only

(b)  not expand and consolidate on their present business

(c)  diversify into other accessories etc

(d)  expand their offline business only

Ans: (c)

118. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Brandzstorm is showing a steady growth in business

(b)  Owners of Brandzstorm do not come from business families

(c)  Brandzstorm is also acquiring fitness brands

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (b)


The world Bank expects India’s growth to pick up to 7.8% in the next financial year, projecting it to be the fastest growing economy in the world for the next three years by a distance, riding on stronger domestic policy reforms. India is expected to notch near 8% growth in the subsequent years as the world economy also picks up pace to 2.9% growth in 2016 compared with modest 2.4% in the just concluded year. “South Asia will be a bright spot, reflecting improved conditions in India,” the World Bank said in its flagship report ‘Global Economic Prospects’.

The report pegs growth in the current year at 7.3%, same as last year while raising concerns over legislative reforms. “In India, progress in reforms is not assured as the Upper House of Parliament, which the ruling party does not control, has The power to block the government’s  legislative agenda,” the report said, adding that the government has made progress in key areas such as energy and in November announced major reforms to liberalize Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in several sectors. According  to the report, weak growth in 2016, but economic activity should still pick up modestly to a 2.9% pace, from 2.4% in 2015, as advanced economies gain speed. Recognizing that the that the simultaneous weakness in most major emerging markets is a concern for achieving the goals of poverty reduction and shared prosperity, the report warned that the spillovers from major emerging markets will constrain growth in developing countries and pose a threat to hard-won gains in raising people out of poverty. “More than 40% of the world’s poor live in the developing countries where growth slowed in 2015,” said World Banks Group President Jim Yong Kim. “Developing countries should focus on building resilience to a weaker economic environment and shielding the most vulnerable.

The benefits from reforms to governance and business conditions are potentially large and could help offset the effects of slow growth in larger economies.” According to the report, developing economies are forecast to expand by 4.8% in 2016, less than expected earlier but up form a post-crisis low of 4.3% in the year just ended. “Growth is projected to slow further in China, while Russia and Brazil are expected to remain in recession in 2016. The recently negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership could provide a welcome boost to trade” it said. “There is greater divergence in performance among emerging economies. Compared to 6 months ago, risks have increased, particularly those associated with the possibility of a disorderly those associated with the possibility of a disorderly slowdown in a major emerging economy,” said World Banks Group Vice-President and Chief economist Kaushik Basu. “A combination of fiscal and Central Ban policies can be helpful in mitigating these risks and supporting growth.”

119. According to World Bank report, which of the following countries is likely to go into recession in 2016?

(a)  Russia

(b)  China

(c)  India

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (d)

120. India may not be able to bring in reforms due to the fact

(a)  government is not very keen to do so

(b)  government needs more time to prepare reform agenda

(c)  government does not have full control over legislative process

(d)  there is no need to bring in so many reforms

Ans: (c)

121. Which of the following is true in respect of developing countries?

(a)  Economic growth slowed in 2015

(b)  A large number of poor live in these nations

(c)  Economic growth will improve in 2016, compared to 2015

(d)  All are true

Ans: (b)

122. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  India will be able to ear the change in the global financial market in the near future and do well

(b)  World economy will go down in 2016, compared with 2015

(c)  India brought in reforms in FDI recently

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (b)


Modern retailers are creating exclusive ‘Patanjali destinations’ at their outlets as Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s products fly off the shelves. Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail, Spencer’s Retail and SRS report Patanjali products such as ghee, honey, chyawanprash, juices, instant noodles and shampoo among the top-selling brands in their respective categories. Retailers are putting up standalone racks, counters or bays depending on the size of the stores to stock Patanjali’s grocery products. While rivals are closely tracking Patanjali products, analysts have taken note of the growing popularity of the brand. Patanjali is ‘injurious to listed FMCG health’, IIFL Institutional Equities wrote in a report. The brokerage estimates the brand’s sales to reach Rs 20,000 crore by fiscal 2020. It didn’t give current numbers. “The reason for Patanjali’s success is its unique business model of a single brand, a wide spread of categories, exclusive store network and a close association of a personality.

The growing appeal of Ayurvedic products and low price help,” the brokerage firm wrote. “We estimate the highest impact on Colgate as Patanjai is gaining substantial traction in oral care, followed by Dabur due to multiple category overlap.” Reliance Retail pioneered the concept of selling Baba Ramdev’s products through Patanjali destinations over a year back. The Future Group, which runs the Big Bazaar chain of supermarkets, has a tie up with Patanjali. This is the first time in grocery retail that standalone spaces are being given to one entire umbrella brand clubbed together. Patanjali is causing disruption across all categories. Patanjali has created a large dedicated customer base through a combination of focus on organic and Ayurvedic ingredients and attractive pricing Hence, they are showing outstanding growth in a mature and slow market.

Hyper city has dedicated special shelves, counters and point of sale for Patanjali products. At Reliance Retail stores, Patanjali products like chyawanprash and ghee have high double-digit share of sales in those categories while in toothpaste and soaps, the sales are in single digit, trade executives said. Reliance Retail was the first modern retail chain to sell Patanjali products, when it created dedicated spaces almost a year back for the brand. The supermarket customer is more evolved and has an inclination for healthy and natural products which has triggered the demand for Patanjali products. We identified Patanjali’s potential over a year back and today Reliance Fresh is the highest selling modern trade partner for Patanjali. In dormant categories like honey, e.g. there’s share of voice from all players.

This is exactly why competition is good for consumers. Now, one player positions on prie, one on functional benefits and the third on purity. It’s the category that’s getting focus and like the cola wars or detergent wars, honey wars will ensure new recruitment and growth in existing consumption. In 6 weeks, the products have already taken high double-digit share in Spencer’s National Capital Region stores. Chains such as SRS retail, with a concentrated footprint, too, are reporting similar trends. Managing Director at SRS e-Retail, said in categories such as biscuits, soap and ghee, it is seeing 30% month on month step up of Patanjai products, across it 32 offline outlets as well as online. They sold close to 5,000 packs of Patanjali biscuits in the first month it was launched. For a brand to have this kind of consumer traction inn such a short span is remarkable.

123. Which of the following is considered the main reason for Patanjali’s success?

(a)  Linkage with a known person

(b)  Availability of items of various categories

(c)  Business model of a single brand

(d)  All of the above

Ans: (d)

124. According to present estimates in the next 4-5 years, sales of Patanjali are likely to

(a)  decline drastically

(b)  increase marginally

(c)  maintain the present level

(d)  increase substantially

Ans: (d)

125. The first modern retail chain to market products of Patanjali is

(a)  Big Bazaar

(b)  Reliance Retail

(c)  Spencer’s Retail

(d)  SRS Retail

Ans: (b)

126. In the oral-care segment, due to arrival of Patanjali products, sales of which of the following would be most adversely effected?

(a)  Colgate

(b)  Dabur

(c)  Closeup

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (a)


127. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  Emergence of Patanjali has led to intense competition in even products such as honey

(b)  Reliance fresh is selling Patanjali products in a big way

(c)  SRS Retail does not sell products online

(d)  All are not true

Ans: (c)


SpiceJet, which has activated plans to place orders for new planes to expand its fleet strength, is considering Embraer jets for its fleet among others. The Brazilian aircraft maker had late last year given a presentation on its aircraft to the SpiceJet management, which is exploring all options before taking a final call on the purchase order, top airline sources said here, adding at present, “all options are on the table”. If the budget carrier opts for Embraers along with other types of aircraft, it will become the second domestic carrier to have such planes, after regional airline Air Costa.

The now-defunct Paramount Airways also had an all-Embraer fleet when it was operational. SpiceJet currently has a total of 41 aircraft in its fleet comprising 25 Boeing  737s, 14 Bombardier Q400s and tow leased A320 family Airbus planes. SpiceJet is evaluating all options before placing order for new aircraft. As par of this exercise, an Embraer team has also given its presentation. The Gurgaon-based airline has not yet decided about the type or type of new aircraft it will buy nor the number of planes, the sources said. When contacted, a SpiceJet spokesperson said that the airline is talking to multiple aircraft makers, but refused to share details.

128. In the recent past,SpiceJet has

(a)  not revealed any plans to purchase new aircraft

(b)  not intentions to expand its fleet

(c)  not made any decision to purchase aircraft from any aircraft maker

(d)  made the announcement to buy Embraer planes now

Ans: (c)

129. In the past, which of the following airlines had only Embraer aircraft in its inventory?

(a)  Paramount Airways

(b)  Air Costa

(c)  SpiceJet

(d)  None of them

Ans: (a)

130. As per the paragraph, which of the following statements is not true?

(a)  At present SpiceJet has more than 40 aircraft

(b)  SpiceJet plans to buy 20 more aircraft

(c)  SpiceJet has more Boeing 737s than Bombardier aircraft on its fleet

(d)  A team of Embraer has been interacting with SpiceJet authorities

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 131-150) Each of these questions has a statement based on the preceding caslet, Evaluate each statement and mark answer as

(a) If the statement is a Major Objective in making the decision one of the goals sought by the decision maker

(b) if the statement is a Major Factor in making the decision: an aspect of the problem, specifically mentioned in the caselet, which fundamentally affects and/or determines the decision

(c) if the statement is a Minor Factor in making the decision: a less important element bearing on or affecting a Major Factor, rather than a Major Objective directly

(d) if the statement is Major Assumption in making the decision: a projection or supposition arrived at by the decision maker before considering the factor and alternative

CASELET-I launched designer Anju Modi’s collection inspired by Deepika Padukone-starrer Bajirao Mastani. The steeply priced collection (from Rs 80,000 – 3 lakh), inspired by the Persian culture, is an exclusive collaboration between the designer and the portal is expecting a 10-fold increase in its designer wear sales as Padukone’s ensembles have become a rage after the blockbuster opening of the movie. Chief Executive said thanks to festivities and New Year celebrations, sales of designer wear went up three times in the past quarter compared with the previous one. Sales of products costing more than Rs 1 lakh went up eight times. “It makes great business sense as designers are able to showcase to a much larger audience, there’s greater accessibility and marketing osts are minimal,” said Chief Executive.

Luxury consumers are slowly and steadily testing the online waters and purchases range from booking private jets and yachts to ordering a Tarun Tahiliani to gifting bespoke Loccitane spa expericens for their loved ones. Spurred by the boom in e-commerce, companies like Sokudo, Jetsetgo and Labelcentric are also eyeing online buyers by selling luxury products and experiences. Kanika Tekriwal’s JetSetGo, an online marketplace for private jets that received seed funding from You We Can Ventures of cricketer Yuvraj Singh, is processing 10 charter queries and one charter flight a day. “We are targeting to launch several customer-centric products base on the opportunity we see. This includes exploring the possibility of an intercity private jet shuttle, products around weddings, special experiences and helicopter travel experiences. “Chitra  Goenka launched portal Label Centric 4 months ago, which sells pre-owned luxury goods by brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Chanel at almost 80% of. “Online helps you sale up and reach a much larger audience. At times, people want to sell their products which are two seasons old rare gifted or those that they have rarely used. We arrange for free pickups, authenticate, revalue the products after dry-cleaning, etc and give a final payout price to sellers and buyers,” said Goenka. Unlike label centric and other fashion portals, Zokudo ws set-u with an aim to e-gift luxury products and experiences.

Customers can shop for luxury vouchers for products and experiences which can be sent to recipients via SMSes or e-mails. There are options of swapping brands if the recipient so desires, and group gifting. “Through our internal research we discovered that close to 70% of the HNIs are extremely open to the online medium and that 68% of online buying is for gifting purposes”, said founder Yash Mehta. “With more brands jumping and testing the space, with the niche online players gradually expanding operations and understanding how to forge true-value adding partnerships with such brands, the space will get more rewarding for all. For sure, the online space can’t be ignored by anyone, even the high-end brands,” said managing director at Swarovski India.

131. com is expecting a 10-fold increase in its designer wear sales.

Ans: (a)

  1. Designers are able to showcase to a much larger audience.

Ans: (b)

133. There is a boom in e-commerce.

Ans: (c)

134. You We can Ventures are targeting to launch several customer-centric products.

Ans: (c)

135. The online space will get more rewarding for all.

Ans: (d)


India’s growth strategy for energy has shifted from being led by the private sector-led approach. The public sector companies which were considered laggards till a few years ago-as the private sector implemented aggressive targets with vigour-are now in the driving seat.

State-run oil marketing companies are slated to set-up the country’s largest refiner and they continue to dominate the fuel retail business despite the sector opening up. Even in the power sector, chronically sick electricity boards are on the revival path and NTPC continues to expand even as privately owned generation companies are limping. “This is a heavily capital intensive space and no many companies have the financial strength to expand. Only public sector enterprises with deep pockets have the wherewithal to invest on expansion,” said senior Vice-President and Co-head, corporate ratings, ICRA. “The private sector may take another three-four years to repair their balance sheets to be back in the reckoning.” While PSUs’ performance picking up is a big positive, critics feel that for long-term growth, steps need to be taken to get the private sector back in the ring. “We still have a strong case for private sector participation, but for that to happen, the problems on the ground need to be resolved. It would be an unfortunate mistake to break the momentum of the private sector. There are ongoing arbitration cases worth thousands and so many other issues.

The government needs to solve these issues and facilitate investment by private firms instead of only focusing on public sector investment,” said CEO of the Mohali Campus and Deputy Dean of the Indian School of Business. Oil and Gas Minister has been talking about how the fall in crude prices presents an opportunity for domestic energy companies as service providers are cutting costs. Indian state-run oil companies have bucked the trend by going ahead with their expansion plan at a time when most energy companies have cut capex, Essar Energy is holding back capex plans and is also believed to be exploring cost-saving measures. Reliance Industries continues with its capex plans, but the company’s key focus is on expanding its broadband network. RIL and Cairn are also entangled in battle with the government, a situation that doen’t augur well for their expansion plans. “The fall in crude prices has created more fiscal headroom for investment and investment by the public sector will help kickstart the slowed down economy. The Indian economy on the whole is operating at 65% utilization, and unless this rises to 80%, the private sector is unlikely to restart investment,” said senior director-consulting at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India.

136. Energy sector is a heavily capital intensive space.

Ans: (b)

137. There should be a long-term growth.

Ans: (d)

138. There are ongoing arbitration cases worth thousands of private sector.

Ans: (b)

139. There has been fall in crude prices.

Ans: (c)

140. There will be a kickstart in the slowed down economy.

Ans: (d)


The step fall in oil prices have helped reduce the cost of developing and maintaining oilfields by at least 40% but Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) is unable to gain from this. Reason : Lack of discretion. Oil majors have deferred investments and cut costs, but ONGC, being a state form, can’t fire people or renegotiate contracts easily. Most of its contracts are written with an intent of not allowing discretionary powers to executives to change the terms midway. This means terms are fixed for the duration of the contract and can be negotiated only at renewal. This is what is happening. The rates for rigs or other equipment and services needed for exploration and production in the oilfields have crashed across the globe as the oil glut forces companies to shelve projects and cut capital expenditure. This is already benefitting many oil providers, terminating or deploying them at far lower rates. But for ONGC, the gain have been slim this fiscal year as it can’t rework contracts underway and must wait for the renewal.

In 2016-17, the company hopes to save about 20-25% of its costs as more contracts are now due for renewal, a senior company executive said. By contrast, Cairn India, a private firm controlling a quarter of the country’s crude oil production , started a massive cost reduction exercise at the beginning of the last year, about 6 months after the crude oil prices had started tumbling from a peak of $115. It fired more than 300 people, terminated several rigs and renegotiated lower rotes for many services. he absence of this flexibility to a state firm is surely a disadvantage when rates keep falling. “But we also escape its flipside when the prices are rising,” said another senior company executive. When the commodity cycle is on an upswing, ONGC can keep its rates stable for the entire term of the contract, usually 3 years.

141. There is a steep fall on oil prices.

Ans: (b)

142. Most of the contracts of ONGC are written with an intent of not allowing discretionary powers to executives to change the terms midway.

Ans: (c)

143. The rates for rigs or other equipment and services needed for exploration and production in the oil fields have crashed across the globe.

Ans: (c)

144. ONGC hopes to save about 20-25% of its cost.

Ans: (a)

145. Cairn India started a massive cost reduction exercise at the beginning of the last year.

Ans: (c)


Huawei, China’s biggest telecom devices company, has set its eye, its eyes on India. The company, which sold a little over 100 million devices last year globally and lagged only Samsung and Apple, said India is one of the key markers where it wants to grow and the expansion plan will include possibility of having a manufacturing presence in the country. Huawei joins a growing list of major Chinese makers who are ageing the fast-growing Indian mobile handset market companies such as Xiomi, Oppo and Vivo are likely banking on the Indian market for the next phase of growth, as the country looks set to overtake the US and emerge as the second biggest smartphone market (behind only China).

“India is a strategic, and a critical market for us,” George Zhao, President of Huawei’s ‘Honor’ smartphone range said “we are confident on the potential of the Indian smartphone market and will be increasing our investments and product range going forward.” The company is likely to decide on a local manufacturing base as a first sep. The Union Budget last year had given as excise benefit of nearly 12% to those making locally and this has prompted companies to make in India, in line with the power pitch to boost local manufacturing “We are evaluating aspects related to local manufacturing.

We may either it them a contract” arrangement or through an independent set up. This is still being finalized, Zhaq said. The focus of Huawei will also be to boost sales of ‘Honor’ band, which may originally started as an ‘online only division’, but is gradually being pushed through the offline channels as well. The company is taking to mobile operators. Such as Reliance Jio and Airtel ‘Honor’ is one of the fastest growing business for us and closed. Last year with $ 6 billion in sales against just $ 100 million in 2013. We will provide localized devices which are in synch with conditions in the Indian market, “an official said Huawei sold around a million devices in India last year and hopes for an exponential growth in the coming years. “We have an R & D set-up in India which understands what the Indian consumers want.”

146. Huawei wants to have a manufacturing presence in India.

Ans: (a)

147. India is set to emerge as the second biggest smartphone market (behind only China).

Ans: (d)

148. Huawei is confident on the potential off the Indian sales market.

Ans: (c)

149. The union budget last year had given an excuse benefit of nearly 12% to those making locally.

Ans: (b)

150. Huawei hopes for an exponential growth in the coming years.

Ans: (a)

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National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT) UNDER GRADUATE 2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

NIFT (UNDER GRADUATE) National Institute of Fashion & Technology

Solved Paper-2016

DIRECTIONS (Q, Nos. 1-5) Fill in the blanks with the suitable word given in the options.

1. Life is to death as pleasure is to ……….. .

(a)  poverty

(b)  suffering

(c)  anguish

(d)  pain

Ans: (d)

2. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are the little courtesies by which we keep the …………. of life oiled and running smoothly.

(a)  path

(b)  machine

(c)  garden

(d)  river

Ans: (b)

3. Many of the advances of the civilization have been conceived by young people just on the ………….. of adulthood.

(a)  boundary

(b)  threshold

(c)  peak

(d)  horizon

Ans: (b)

4. The more your action and thought are allied and ………… the happier you grow.

(a)  divergent

(b)  unravelled

(c)  integrated

(d)  invincible

Ans: (c)

5. He ………… in wearing the old-fashioned coat in spite of his wife’s disapproval.

(a)  insists

(b)  persists

(c)  desists

(d)  resists

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 6-10) Choose the option that is the plural form of the given word.

6. Face

(a)  Faces

(b)  Facess

(c)  Facies

(d)  Facees

Ans: (a)

7. Issue

(a)  Isssuies

(b)  Issuess

(c)  Issues

(d)  Issuees

Ans: (c)

8. Ox

(a)  oxes

(b)  Oxess

(c)  Oxess

(d)  Oxen

Ans: (d)

9. Child

(a)  Childs

(b)  Childes

(c)  Childess

(d)  Children

Ans: (a)

10. Tooth

(a)  Teeth

(b)  Tooths

(c)  Toothes

(d)  Teeths

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 11-15) In each of the following, a word has been spelt in four different ways, one of which is correct. Choose the correctly spelt word.


(a)  Freedom

(b)  Freidom

(c)  Friedom

(d)  Freedome

Ans: (a)


(a)  Incaleculable

(b)  Incalculable

(c)  Incalculeable

(d)  Incalcullable

Ans: (b)


(a)  Happyness

(b)  Happinesse

(c)  Happiness

(d)  Happynesse

Ans: (c)


(a)  Revieled

(b)  Reveeled

(c)  Revealeed

(d)  Revealed

Ans: (d)


(a)  Appropriate

(b)  Appropriatee

(c)  Appropriatte

(d)  Apropriate

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 16-17) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning bonda the underlined word in the sentences.

16. We should always try to maintain and promote communal amity.

(a)  bondage

(b)  contention

(c)  friendship

(d)  understanding

Ans: (c)

17. Manny species of animals have becomes extinct during the last hundred years.

(a)  aggressive

(b)  non-existent

(c)  scattered

(d)  feeble

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 18-20) Choose the word which is closest the opposite in meaning of the underlined word in the sentence.

18. His short but pointed speech was applauded by all sections of the audience.

(a)  disapproved

(b)  misunderstood

(c)  praised

(d)  welcomed

Ans: (a)

19. In ancient India, scholars has no interest in political power or material

(a)  internal

(b)  spiritual

(c)  psychic

(d)  celestial

Ans: (b)

20. A friendly dog met us at the farm gate.

(a)  helpful

(b)  understanding

(c)  quiet

(d)  hostile

Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 21-25) Choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the underlined idioms/ph cardrases in the sentence.

21. Raj couldn’t pay the bill, so he asked the owner to put it on the cuff.

(a)  on credit

(b)  against his credit

(c)  in his bank account

(d)  in his friend’s account

Ans: (a)

22. His statement is out and out a lie.

(a)  totally

(b)  simply

(c)  merely

(d)  slightly

Ans: (a)

23. If you are fair and square in your work you will definitely prosper.

(a)  active

(b)  honest

(c)  business like

(d)  authoritative

Ans: (b)

24. The heavy downpour played havoc in the coastal area.

(a)  caused destruction

(b)  caused diseases

(c)  caused floods

(d)  caused hardship

Ans: (a)

25. To have a green thumb means

(a)  one’s nails are painted green

(b)  one is artistic

(c)  to have a natural interest in gardening

(d)  one has a green tattoo on the thumb

Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 26-45) Read each of the passages given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the most suitable options from the given ones.


Modern economy theory does not differentiate between renewable and non-renewable materials, as its approach is to measure everything by means of a money price. Thus, taking various alternative fuels like coal, oil, wood and water-power; the only difference between them recognized by modern economics is relative cost per equivalent unit. The cheapest is automatically the one to be preferred, as to do otherwise would be irrational and uneconomic. From a Buddhist point of view, of course, this will not do since the essential difference between non-renewable fuels like coal and oil on the one hand and renewable sources like wind-power and water-power on the other cannot be simply overlooked. Non-renewable goods must be used only if their use is indispensable and then only with the greatest care and highest concern for conservation. To use them carelessly or extravagantly, is an act of violence and while complete non-violence may not be possible on this Earth, it is nonetheless a duty of man to aim at the ideal of non-violence in all he does.

26. Which of the following statements is/are correct on the basis of information in the above passage?

1. Buddhist economists totally prohibit the use of non-renewable sources.

2. The attitude of modern economists towards natural resources is uneconomic.

3. Complete non-violence is not possible.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

(a)  Only 1

(b)  Only 2

(c)  Only 3

(d)  1 and 3

Ans: (c)

27. The Buddhist viewpoint implies

(a)  conservation should be given the highest consideration

(b)  hydel projects are highly capital intensive

(c)  oil is to be preferred since it does not produce ash

(d)  money economics should govern the choice of energy sources

Ans: (a)

28. Buddhist economists are not in favour of

(a)  economic development

(b)  world economy being governed by oil prices

(c)  using non-renewable sources indiscriminately

(d)  harnessing wind energy

Ans: (c)

29. In this passage, the author has tried to

(a)  show that the modern economist is concerned only with costs

(b)  underline the need for conserving natural resources

(c)  differentiate between the two economic philosophies

(d)  explain the impact of oil on the world economy

Ans: (b)


As society becomes more and more affluent, people would prefer to work shorter hours at their regular employment so that they may enjoy longer hours off leisure during which they may enjoy longer hours of leisure during which they can indulge in more congenial activities. They will not like to waste their leisure time performing routine domestic chores, which would be capable of performing many of these monotonous chores is one that will appeal to many. Already robots are used in mines and factories to perform tasks which are too risky for human beings.

It takes a lot of research by dedicated scientists and sufficient financial backing for a model to be developed to perform a new task. This in turn depends on the number of people who feel the need for a robot to perform these specific tasks. The problem of designing a robot capable of performing various routine tasks around the house is not insurmountable. A domestic robot slave with its own computer and response mechanism and source of power, which can be programmed to perform certain specific tasks, is not an impossibility.

30. In an affluent society, people prefer to work shorter hours because

(a)  they are lazy

(b)  they do not have the strength to work

(c)  they want time to carry out other activities

(d)  they abhor their work

Ans: (c)

31. Domestic chores

(a)  are welcome by housewives

(b)  are too demanding

(c)  lead to family discord

(d)  are too time consuming

Ans: (b)

32. Robots are already used in mines and factories to perform

(a)  hazardous tasks

(b)  tasks with greater efficiency than human beings

(c)  tasks which lead to economy in the operations

(d)  tasks which are forbidden by the labour laws

Ans: (a)

33. Developing a robot capable of performing a new task

(a)  is difficult for the scientists

(b)  is impossible for the scientists

(c)  requires huge capital

(d)  depends on the number of people who require it.

Ans: (d)


The energy crisis has been with us for a long time and will be with us even longer. Whether Arab oil flows freely or not, it is clear that the world industry cannot be allowed to depend on so fragile a base. The supply of oil can be shut off at whim any time. In any case, the oil wells will run dry in about 30 years. New sources of energy must be found and this will take time. But it is not likely to restore the sense of copious energy availability we had in the past.

34. In the writer’s opinion, the energy crisis

(a)  is an outcome of unregulated supply of oil to industries

(b)  will subside as soon as the Arab oil begins to flow again

(c)  is very likely to lead to the World War

(d)  will remain with us for an almost indefinite period of time

Ans: (d)

35. The phrase ‘so fragile a base’ refers to the

(a)  current energy crisis in the world

(b)  uncertainty about the flow of Arab oil

(c)  delay in finding the new energy sources

(d)  drying up of the oil well in future

Ans: (b)

36. The type of writing in the given passage could be called

(a)  official

(b)  scientific

(c)  popular

(d)  political

Ans: (d)


All who have gone before you have submitted to the stroke the death. All who come after you shall undergo the same fate. The great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure travel alike the road which leads to the grave. At the moment when you expire, thousands throughout the world shall with you, be yielding up their breath. Can that be held to be a great calamity which is common to you with everything that lives on the Earth, which is an event as much according to the course of the nature, as it is that leaves shall fall autumn or that fruit should drop from the tree when it is fully ripe.

37. Death is a natural phenomenon because

(a)  the moment you die, thousands of people all over the world die with you

(b)  it is as natural as the fall of leaves or fruits from the trees

(c)  many people have died in the past

(d)  the great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure, all die

Ans: (b)

38. The author compares death with the fall of the ripe fruit from a tree to show that death

(a)  occurs in nature also

(b)  is a kind of all from a great height

(c)  give freedom from the ordeals of life

(d)  occurs with the achievement

Ans: (d)

39. Which one of the following sentences shows that death is a great leveller?

(a)  All who come after you shall undergo the same fate

(b)  The great and the good, the prince and the peasant, the renowned and the obscure travel alike the road which leads to the grave

(c)  At the moment when you expire, thousands throughout the world shall with you, be yielding up their breath

(d)  All who have gone before you have submitted to the stroke of death

Ans: (b)


I was late bloomer and always envied those people who stood out in high school because I didn’t. I learned early on thought that it’s essential to set yourself apart from the group. Life is one struggle after another to succeed, particularly when you’re starting out. If your biodata is sitting at the bottom of a pile of junk mall, sometimes a distinctive approach will get you noticed, especially if the competition is fierce.

Once my partner Jerry and I asked the other freelance writers of a TV serial what characters they hated to write for the most. Everybody said the same thing-they disliked writing for the minor characters because they thought that writing for them wouldn’t help them get other jobs. Jerry and I decided that we would write scripts for the minor character because that’s what was needed and we needed to set ourselves apart. In the first script, Jerry and I wrote a school-girl falls in love with a boy in her class. The producers loved the story. And with that one script, Jerry and I were not longer just another comedy-writing team.

40. The author is of the opinion that

(a)  one should be part of the group

(b)  one should be different for others

(c)  it is  important to do well in high school

(d)  one should heed to the advice of the seniors

Ans: (b)

41. The author had been

(a)  into advertising business

(b)  a comedy writer

(c)  a music director

(d)  a news reader

Ans: (b)

42. According to the author,

(a)  one should be very meticulous in preparing his biodata

(b)  competition in the job-market is very fierce

(c)  one should follow a conservative approach in preparing his biodata

(d)  one should try to get noticed by being innovative

Ans: (d)

43. Jerry and the author wrote scripts for the minor characters

(a)  to realize their creative potential

(b)  to earn more money

(c)  to establish a different image

(d)  because they did not have enough work

Ans: (c)


Wind-power has obvious advantage as it is non-polluting, causes no ecological imbalance, requires no throughout fuel and has extremely ow gestation period. After almost a decade of sporadic growth wind energy finally seems to be stepping out from shadows of alternative technology into the commercial mainstream, worldwide, Even though, India now has an installed base of just over 1600 MW, this is nothing compared to countries such as Germany which meets around 20% of its energy requirements from wind energy. Wind-power offers long-term price stability too. Not only are generation costs of such projects low, the capital expenditure is comparable to fossil fuel based stations. Wind-power plants have low operating and maintenance costs. Long-term economics work out to be quite favourable for the wind energy. Infact, it is being seen as a solution to sustainable development. By the end of 2001 the installed wind-power was almost 25000 MW.

44. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a)  Wind-power plants take a long time to get commissioned

(b)  Maintenance cost of wind-power plants is high

(c)  Wind-power plants lead to violent vibrations

(d)  Wind-power plants require no fuel

Ans: (d)

45. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a)  Installation of wind-power is resisted by environmentalists

(b)  Generation cost of wind-power plants is high

(c)  Installation cost of wind-power plants is much higher than that of fossil fuel based plants

(d)  Wind-power is now being commercially harnessed

Ans: (d)

46. When 5% is lost in grinding wheat, a country has to import 20 million bags to make up for the loss. But when only 2% is lost, it has to import 15 million bags. What is the quantity of wheat which grows in the country in million bags?


(b)  150



Ans: (d)

47. In a consumer preferences survey, 20% respondents opted for product A, whereas 60% opted for product B. The remaining individuals were undecided. If the difference between those who opted for product B and those who were undecided is 720, how many individuals had been interviewed for the survey?

(a)  1440

(b)  1800

(c)  3600

(d)  Data inadequate

Ans: (b)

48. A, B and C invested capitals in the ratio 7 : 3 : 2. At the end of the business term, they received the profits in the ratio 2 : 3 : 7. Find the ratio of time for which they contributed their capitals.

(a)  4 : 14 : 49

(b)  49 : 14 : 41

(c)  14 : 41 : 49

(d)  49 : 41 : 4

Ans: (a)

49. A, B and C have 40, x and y balls, respectively. If B gives 20 balls to A, he is left with half as many balls as C. If together they had 60 more balls, each of them would have had 100 balls on an average, what is the ratio of x to y?

(a)  3 : 2

(b)  2 : 3

(c)  2 : 1

(d)  3 : 4

Ans: (b)

50. If 9 engines consume 24 metric tonne of coal, when each is working 8 h, a day, how much coal will be require for 8 engines, each running 13 h a day, it being given that 3 engines of former type consume as much as 4 engines of latter type?

(a)  23 metric tonne

(b)  24 metric tonne

(c)  25 metric tonne

(d)  26 metric tonne

Ans: (d)

51. Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 12 min and 15 min respectively, while a third pipe C can empty it in 6 min. Both A and B pipes are opened together for 5 min in the beginning and then the third pipe C is also opened. In what time will the cistern be emptied?

(a)  30 min

(b)  33 min

(c)  37.5 min

(d)  45 min

Ans: (d)

52. If 20 lines are drawn in a plane such that no two of them are parallel and no three are concurrent, the number of points in which they intersect each other, is

(a)  220

(b)  190

(c)  250

(d)  120

Ans: (b)

53. A boy has 3 library tickets and 8 books of his interest are there in the library. Out of these 8, he does not want to borrow Chemistry Part II, unless Chemistry Part I is also borrowed. The number of ways in which he can choose the three books to be borrowed, is

(a)  61

(b)  32

(c)  51

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

54. Two partners invested Rs 1250 and Rs 850 respectively in a business. Both the partners shared 60% of the profit and distributed the rest 40% as the interest on their capitals. If one partner received Rs 30 more than the other, the total profit is

(a)  Rs 262.50

(b)  Rs 622.50

(c)  Rs 220.50

(d)  Rs 226.50

Ans: (a)

55. A person has chemical of Rs 25 per litre. In what ratio should water be mied in that chemical, so that after selling the mixture at Rs 20 per litre he may get a profit of 25%?

(a)  12 : 15

(b)  16 : 9

(c)  13 : 16

(d)  19 : 22

Ans: (b)

56. A wire of length 60 m is used to enclose a field which is in the shape of a right angled triangle. The area of the field is 150 m2. Then, the largest side of the field has a length of

(a)  30 m

(b)  20 m

(c)  25 m

(d)  15 m

Ans: (c)

57. A, B and C enter into a partnership. A contributes Rs 320 for 4 months, B constitutes Rs 510 for 3 months and C contributes Rs 270 for 5 months. If the total profit is Rs 208, then find the profit share of A, B and C.

(a)  Rs 64,  Rs 76.5, Rs 67.5

(b)  Rs 46, Rs 76.5, Rs 67

(c)  Rs 40, Rs 50, Rs 65

(d)  Rs 62, Rs 72, Rs 82

Ans: (a)

58. A man bought two packets of toffees, the same number in each. The first, he bought at 5 paise each, but the second at 3 for 13 paise. He then mixed them all together and sold them at 70 paise a dozen. His gain is

(a)  25%

(b)  12%

(c)  24%

(d)  16%

Ans: (a)

59. The average weight of 8 persons of a family is increased by 1 kg when one of the members whose weight is 60 kg is replaced by a new person. The weight of the new person (in kg) is

(a)  61

(b)  68

(c)  62

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

60. A manufacturer sells a pair of glasses to a wholesale dealer at a profit o 18%. The wholesaler sells the same to a retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer in turn sells them to a customer for Rs 30.09, thereby earning a profit of 25%. The cost price for the manufacturer is

(a)  Rs 15

(b)  Rs 16

(c)  Rs 17

(d)  Rs 18

Ans: (c)

61. The average marks of a student in 8 subjects is 87. Of these the highest marks are 2 more than the one next in value. If these two subjects are eliminated, the average marks of the remaining subjects is 85. What is the highest score?

(a)  91

(b)  94

(c)  89

(d)  96

Ans: (b)

62. Rahim and his uncle differ in their ages by 30 yr. After 7 yr, if the sum of their ages is 66, what will be the age of the uncle?

(a)  51

(b)  49

(c)  39

(d)  41

Ans: (d)

63. What is  equal to?

(a)  5

(b)  5√2

(c)  5√5

(d)  √5

Ans: (d)

64. A circus tent is cylindrical to a height of 3 m and conical above it. If the diameter of the base is 140 m and the slant height of the conical portion is 80 m, the length of canvas 2 m wide required to make the tent is

(a)  8960 m

(b)  9660 m

(c)  9460 m

(d)  9860 m

Ans: (c)

65. The ratio between the length and breadth of a rectangular park is 3 : 2. If a man cycling along the boundary of the park at the speed of 12 km/h completes one round in 8 min, then the area of the park (in sq m) is

(a)  15360

(b)  153600

(c)  30720

(d)  307200

Ans: (b)

66. For what value of k, (x – 5) is a factor of x3 – 3x2 + kx – 10?

(a)  −8

(b)  4

(c)  2

(d)  1

Ans: (a)

67. A car covers a distance of 715 km at a constant speed. If the speed of the car had been 10 km/h more, then it would have taken 2 h less to cover the same distance. What is the original speed of the car?

(a)  55 km/h

(b)  50 km/h

(c)  45 km/h

(d)  65 km/h

Ans: (a)

68. A man can row 40 km upstream and 55 km downstream in 13 h. Also, he can row 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 h. Fined the speed of the man in still water.

(a)  5 km/h

(b)  2 km/h

(c)  4 km/h

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

69. Mahesh is 60 yr old. Ram is 5 yr junior to Mahesh and 4 yr senior to Raju. The youngest brother of Raju is Babu and he is 6 yr junior to hm. What is the age difference between Mahesh and Babu?

(a)  18

(b)  15

(c)  13

(d)  06

Ans: (b)

70. If the angle between the radii of a circle is 130°, then the angle between the tangents at the ends of the radii is

(a)  90°

(b)  70°

(c)  50°

(d)  40°

Ans: (c)

71. There are two bags, one of which contains 3 black and 4 white balls, while the other contains 4 black and 3 white balls. A dice is cast, if the face 1 or 3 turns up, a ball is taken from th first bag an if any other face turns up, a ball is chosen from the second bag. The probability of choosing a black ball is

(a)  10/21

(b)  11/21

(c)  12/21

(d)  9/21

Ans: (b)

72. A can hit a target 4 times in 5 shots, B can hit 3 times in 4 shots and C can hit twice in 3 shots. When they fire together, what is the probability that atleast two shots hit the target?

(a)  13/30

(b)  1/3

(c)  5/6

(d)  None of these

Ans: (c)

73. An automobile financier claims to be lending money at simple interest but he include the interest every six months for calculating the principal. If he is charging an interest of 10%, the effective rate of interest becomes

(a)  10%

(b)  10.25%

(c)  10.5%

(d)  None of these

Ans: (b)

74. A boat takes 19 h for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to a point C midway between A and B. If the velocity of the stream is 4 km/h and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 km/h, what is the distance between A and B?

(a)  200 km

(b)  180 km

(c)  160 km

(d)  220 km

Ans: (b)

75. A train after travelling 150 km meets with an accident and then proceeds with 3/5 of its former speed and arrives at its destination 8 h late. Had the accident occurred 360 km further, it would have reached the destination 4 h late. What is the total distance travelled by the train?

(a)  840 km

(b)  960 km

(c)  870 km

(d)  1100 km

Ans: (c)

76. Ram starts from his house on cycle and goes 10 km towards North-East. He turns to the left and cycles 8 km, then he turns towards South-East and cycles for another 10 km. Finally, he turns towards his house. In which direction is he going now?

(a)  South

(b)  South-East

(c)  West

(d)  North-West

Ans: (c)

77. Krishna is the mother-in-law of Binndu who is the sister-in-law of Ahsaan. Dhamendra is the father of Sandeep, the only brother of Ahsaan. How is Krishna related to Ahsaan?

(a)  Wife

(b)  Aunt

(c)  Mother-in-law

(d)  Mother

Ans: (d)

78. In a row of girls, Veena is 12th from the start and 19th from the end. In another row of girls, Sunita is 14th from the start and 20th from the end. How many girls are there in both the rows together?

(a)  72

(b)  65

(c)  63

(d)  61

Ans: (c)

79. If CARING is coded as EDVGKC and SHARES is coded as UKEPBO, how will CASKET be coded as in the same code?





Ans: (d)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 80-81) Each of the following questions consist of the sets of figures. Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 constitute the problem figures, (a), (b) (c) and (d) constitute the answer figures. There is a definite relationship between figures 1 and 2. Establish a similar relationship between figures 3 and  4 by selecting a suitable figure from the answer figure that would replace the question mark (?) in figure 4?


Ans: (c)


Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 82-85) As per the below diagram, which diagram represents the relationship given in the following statements.

82. Food, Curd, Spoons

Ans: (d)


83. Teachers, Educated, Employed

Ans: (c)

84. Criminals, Pickpocketers and Arsonists

Ans: (b)

85. Travellers, Train, Bus

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 86-90) Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions based on that.

From amongst five doctors, A, B, C, D and E, four engineers G, H, K and L and six teachers M, N, Q, P, Q and R, some teams are to be selected. Of these A, B, G, H, O, P and Q are females and the rest males. The formation of terms is subject to the following conditions

I. Whenever there is a male doctor, there will be no female teacher.

II. Whenever there is a male engineer, there will be no female doctor.

III. There shall not be more than two male teachers in any team.

86. It the team consist of two doctors, two female teachers and two engineers, all the following teams are possible except.





Ans: (d)

87. If the team consists of two doctors, three female teachers and two engineers, the members of the team are





Ans: (b)

88. If the team consists of three doctors, two male engineers and two teachers, the members of the team would be





Ans: (a)

89. If the team consists of two doctors, one engineer and four teachers, all the following teams are possible except





Ans: (b)

90. If the team consists of two doctors, two engineers and two teachers, all the following teams are possible except





Ans: (c)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 91-94) In each of these questions, there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of ‘: :’ and the same relationship exhibits between the two terms of its right. A term is missing on the right side, choose the missing term (?) among the four alternatives given.

91. Flexible : Rigid : : Confidence : ?

(a)  Diffidence

(b)  Indifference

(c)  Cowardice

(d)  Scare

Ans: (a)

92. Soldier : Regiment : : Horse : ?

(a)  Navy

(b)  Fleet

(c)  Cavalry

(d)  Herd

Ans: (d)

93. Ornithologist : Birds : Archaeologist : ?

(a)  Artifacts

(b)  Archipelago

(c)  Arbiter

(d)  Aquatic

Ans: (a)

94. Philatelist : Stamps : : Numismatist : ?

(a)  Coins

(b)  Maps

(c)  Jewels

(d)  Samples

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 95-97) Each of these questions has a statement followed by two conclusions numbered as I and II. Consider the statement and the following conclusions. Decide which of the conclusions follows from the statement.

Mark answer

(a) if neither conclusion I nor II follows

(b) if conclusion II follows

(c) if conclusion I follows

(d) if both conclusions follow

95. Statement There is mounting concern that water will be a flash point for political, social and economic turmoil.


I. Water faces an endemic global shortage.

II. The scarcity of water will have serious repercussions on our lives.

Ans: (c)

96. Statement Cardiac myopathy is marked by an increase in the size of heart and decrease in the efficiency of pumping.


I. The bigger the size of heart the better it works.

II. The efficiency of the heart is inversely proportional to the size of the heart.

Ans: ()

97. Statement Every natural remedy is not necessary harmless and should be used with caution.


I. The natural remedies are not scientifically prover.

II. Everything natural has no side effect.

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 98-100) In each question, two statement I and II are provide. These may have a cause and effect relationship or may have independent causes or be the effects of independent causes. Read the statements carefully.

Mark answer

(a) if the statement I is the cause and statement II is the effect

(b) if the statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect

(c) if both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes

(d) if both the statements are effects of some common cause

98. Statement I The prices of ‘Silver’ have gone up from Rs 27000 per kg to over Rs 50000 per kg in almost a year’s time.

Statement II Indian jewelers are receiving a lot of demand for the silver ornaments from American and European clients.

Ans: (c)

99. Statement I There is an alarming increase in the number of young unemployed MBA’s this year in comparison to the last year’s figures.

Statement II Nearly one lakh applications were received against a recruitment call given by a private bank for only ten vacant posts.

Ans: (a)

100. Statement I Many people visit the religious places on week days and weekends to pray to Mother Durga in Navratras.

Statement II Many religious people go on fasting during Navratras to seek the blessings of Mother Durga.

Ans: (d)

101. Which Tennis Star won the third sports person of the year in 16th Lourees World Sport Awards?

(a)  Novak Djokovic

(b)  Roger Federen

(c)  Yannick Noah

(d)  Manuel Ovautes

Ans: (a)

102. Which actress is included in the list of the 100 most influential people in the World 2016?

(a)  Aishwarya Rai

(b)  Priyanka Chopra

(c)  Anushka Sharma

(d)  Kareena Kapoor

Ans: (b)

103. Who begged 2016 Padma Shri Award by President of India?

(a)  Priyanka Chopra

(b)  Katrina Kaif

(c)  Preity Zinta

(d)  Aishwarya Rai

Ans: (a)

104. Which shoe maker began his carrier as a jeans buyer?

(a)  Luis Flapo

(b)  Manolo Blahnik

(c)  Peter Morre

(d)  James Park

Ans: (b)

105. Fashion designer Sophie Albou, called her label ‘Paul & Joe’ after?

(a)  Her two sons

(b)  Her pet cat

(c)  Her son and daughter

(d)  Her brother

Ans: (a)

106. Which group purchased YSL (Saint Laurent)?

(a)  Burberry group

(b)  Madame group

(c)  Gucci group

(d)  Tag Hever group

Ans: (c)

107. Who created blue jeans?

(a)  Wvangler Bord

(b)  Levi Strauss

(c)  Coco Chanel

(d)  Dion Lee

Ans: (b)

108. Which top model coined the term super model?

(a)  Janice Dickinson

(b)  Gisele Bundchen

(c)  Lily Cole

(d)  Devan Aoki

Ans: (a)

109. Twitter unveiled its click to buy button recently, which fashion company has the first to integrate Twitter’s newest functionality?

(a)  Edie Parker

(b)  Burberry

(c)  Ginger & Smart


Ans: (b)

110. Which actress at 63rd National Film Awards won best actress award?

(a)  Kareena Kapoor

(b)  Vidhya Balan

(c)  Kangna Ranaut

(d)  Parineeti Chopra

Ans: (c)

111. Which Indian based fashion label gained worldwide attention after casting transgender model in their latest sari collection campaign.

(a)  Raymond

(b)  Akhati

(c)  Red Lotus

(d)  Feb India

Ans: (c)

112. ‘Sonata’, ‘Ajanta’ and ‘Maxima’ are the well known Indian brands of

(a)  jewellery

(b)  watches

(c)  cosmetics

(d)  home furnishing

Ans: (b)

113. World’s largest roller coaster named ‘Ferrari World’ is located in

(a)  Tokyo

(b)  Abu Dhabi

(c)  Mumbai

(d)  Beijing

Ans: (b)

114. Which state has the traditional dress of men known as ‘Sola or Fotua’ and ‘Eri-chaddar’?

(a)  Assam

(b)  Manipur

(c)  Nagaland

(d)  Meghalaya

Ans: (a)

115. ‘Van Heusen’ is a leading international brand of

(a)  formal wear

(b)  fashion accessories

(c)  jewellery

(d)  None of these

Ans: (d)

116. The international awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, California (USA) for excellence in the field of cinema are popularly known as

(a)  IIFA Awards

(b)  Oscar Awards

(c)  BAFTA Awards

(d)  Grammy Awards

Ans: (b)

117. Who among the following is not a fashion designer?

(a)  Ritu Kumar

(b)  Shiv Kumar Sharma

(c)  Tarun Tahilini

(d)  Rahul Khanna

Ans: (b)

118. National Gallery of Modern Art is located at

(a)  Mumbai

(b)  Kolkata

(c)  New Delhi

(d)  Lucknow

Ans: (c)

119. Which of the following is not a system of colour notation?

(a)  Ostwald

(b)  Rocky

(c)  Munsell

(d)  Prang

Ans: (b)

120. What is common about famous personalities Manish Malhotra, JJ Valya and Rohit Bal?

(a)  Male Modelling

(b)  Film Direction

(c)  Noval Writing

(d)  Fashion Designing

Ans: (d)

121. Which Indian state is the leading cotton producer?

(a)  Gujarat

(b)  Maharashtra

(c)  Andhra Pradesh

(d)  West Bengal

Ans: (a)

122. Watches sold as a jewellery is related to

(a)  Titan Raga

(b)  Tanishq

(c)  Swatch

(d)  Gold plus

Ans: (a)

123. Linen is the other name given to

(a)  cotton

(b)  frau

(c)  ramie

(d)  kapoll

Ans: (a)

124. Which is popularly known as golden fibre?

(a)  Jute

(b)  Cotton

(c)  Lenin

(d)  Wool

Ans: (a)

125. Buddha Purnima is traditionally known as

(a)  Vesaki

(b)  Vesakha

(c)  Vaishakhi

(d)  Purnima

Ans: (b)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 126-141) Read the following cases and answer the questions given at the end of each case on the basis of information provided.


Starbucks Corp is expanding its partnership with Tata Group beyond India by launching the latter’s single origin coffee in the US and Himalayan mineral water in Singapore. The world’s largest coffee retailer will also launch specialty tea brand Teavana in India by year end, a top official said. “The vision and partnership signed five years ago was not just for the business and joint venture in India. As two global iconic company with strong capabilities around the world, its about how we could continue to look at ways to partner together beyond India,” said John Culver, group President at Starbucks Coffee China and Asia Pacific.

“Both can leverage expertise around sourcing, blending are bringing coffee and tea products outside India. The brand-Starbucks Reserve Tata Nullore Estates will be the first coffee from India t be roasted and launched in Seattle later this year. In addition, Starbucks’ coffee will also be exclusively made available on all flights by Vistara, a JV between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. The local unit-Tata Starbucks-opened their first Indian store in October 2012, and now has 84 outlets making its pace of expansion a record in Starbucks’ 45 year history. The Indian JV generated revenue of Rs 171 crore in the year ended March 2015 and 80% jump even as losses narrowed to Rs 47 crore from Rs 51.87 crore a year ago. The Seattle based coffee chain posted per-store sales that were more than two-and-a-half times higher than its largest rival, thanks to premium pricing and locations that attract more customers. Starbucks also expected its Indian business to eventually rank among its top five markets.

126. Which is world largest coffee retailer in world?

(a)  Coffee Café Day

(b)  Costa Coffee

(c)  Starbucks

(d)  MC Cafe

Ans: (c)

127. With which group Starbucks Corp is expanding its retail chain in world?

(a)  Tata Group

(b)  Reliance Group

(c)  Birla Group

(d)  United Beverages Group

Ans: (a)

128. What is the vision of partnership between Starbucks Corp and Tata Group?

(a)  To do business only in India

(b)  To expand their capabilities around the world

(c)  Business in India and USA

(d)  To expand business in China and Asia Pacific

Ans: (b)

129. What lead to sales two and half times higher than its largest rival?

(a)  Premium pricing

(b)  Location

(c)  Premium pricing and location

(d)  Quality

Ans: (c)


Beverages major Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd is hoping that he Unnati farms contribute majorly to make its mango fruit drink Maaza a one billion dollar brand and also help in localization or oranges for its Minute Maid orange juice brand said a top company official.

“The two lakh tone mango pulp need when Maaza becomes a one billion dollar brand is majorly expected from the mangoes grown in Unnati farms. The entire two lakh tone of mango pulp will be for the domestic market,” Venkatesh Kini, President, Coca-Cola India and South-West Asia told reporters here. Project Unnati is aimed at a large scale adoption of Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP) technique, at least in the areas where Jain Irrigation Systems and Coca-Cola have influence. India accounts for 50 per cent of the world’s mango production but the per acre yield as very  low as compared to other countries.

130. For which drink Coca-cola opened Unnati Farms?

(a)  Minute Maid and Maaza

(b)  Limea

(c)  Spril

(d)  Real Fruit Juice

Ans: (a)

131. What will be the contribution of Unnati Farma in development of Mazza brand?

(a)  It will become top brand

(b)  It will become 1 billion dollar brand

(c)  It will become 2 billion dollar brand

(d)  None of the above

Ans: (b)

132. How much mango pulp will be available from Unnati farms of Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd?

(a)  1 lakh tonne

(b)  2 lakh tonne

(c)  50 thousand tonne

(d)  8 lakh tonne

Ans: (b)

133. What is India’s share in mango production in world?

(a)  50%

(b)  30%

(c)  40%

(d)  60%


Ans: (a)


Japan’s Seiko Watch Corporation has appointed Niladari Mazumdar as President and Chief Operating officers of its India subsidiary. Mazumdar has spent nearly a decade with the company and has heading Seiko India’s sales and marketing division until the announcement of his elevation. He takes over from Atsushi Kaneko, who will not be the Chairman of Seiko’s European operations. “For the first time, since our entry into India in 2007, a non-Japanese has been appointed to head the subsidiary,” said Mazumdar.

“The opportunity we-have in India is huge and for Seiko, India is among the top three priority markets, which also include Japan and US. “Mazumdar started his career with Titan Industries, where he spent 12 years taking on various responsibilities in the sales, marketing, retailing and international business spheres of Titan’s watch and jewellery division. Seiko recently launched its grand collection for men, which ranges from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 3 crore, Seiko, which completes with Rado and Tissot, has six boutiques and 285 stores in India. The company had started selling online exclusively on Amazon about seven months back.”

134. Niladari Mazumdar has been appointed as President and Chief Operating officer of which watch corporation?

(a)  Tissot watch

(b)  Titan watch

(c)  Seiko watch

(d)  Casio watch

Ans: (c)

135. When did Seiko enter into Indian market?

(a)  2008

(b)  2010

(c)  2011

(d)  2007

Ans: (d)

136. Seiko sell exclusively on which online retail site?

(a)  Flipkart

(b)  Amazon

(c)  Snapdeal

(d)  e-bay

Ans: (b)

137. Seiko recently launched its grand collection for men, which ranges from

(a)  2 lakh to 5 lakh

(b)  4 lakh to 3 crore

(c)  5 lakh to 60 lakh

(d)  10 lakh to 1 crore

Ans: (b)


Ride hailing app Ola ran up losses of Rs 796 crore for the fiscal year ended 2015 according to regulatory fillings made by Bengaluru-based company as its spent nearly double what it earned in a bid to maintain its lead over rivals like Uber in the fast growing taxi app business.

In the same period the company earned total revenue of Rs 421 crore, an eight-fold increase over the previous year, according to the most recent disclosures filled with the ministry of corporate affairs earlier this month. ANI Technologies, which owns Ola, has classified the bulk of the revenue of Rs 380 crore as coming from the car rental service while the company earned Rs 2.26 crore through commission on taxi services. Ola did not reply to ET’s email seeking Ola which is fiscal 2015 was competing with two major rivals-Uber as well as TaxiFourSure-spent an estimated Rs 920 crore on fleet operation costs. Advertisement and sales promotion was the next largest expenses at Rs 100 crore. TaxiForSure, which was owned by Serendipity Infolabs was acquired by Ola in February of 2015 is a primarily stock deal worth an estimated $ 200 million.

138. Which app run cab service face losses in 2015?

(a)  Ola cab

(b)  Meru cab

(c)  Uber cab

(d)  None of these

Ans: (a)

139. Who own ola an app run cab service?

(a)  TSQ solution

(b)  ANI Technologies

(c)  Tata Technologies

(d)  GMR Group

Ans: (b)

140. What is largest expanses for Uber and TaxiForSure?

(a)  Sales promotion

(b)  Advertisement

(c)  Fleet operation cost

(d)  All of these

Ans: (c)

141. Which group was acquired by ola in February 2015?

(a)  TaxiForSure

(b)  Apna Cab

(c)  Cab plus

(d)  None of these

Ans: (a)

DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 142-150) Each of these question has a statement based on the preceding passage. Evaluate each statement and mark answer as.

(a) if the statement is a Major Objective in making the decision : one of the goals sought by the decision maker.

(b) if the statement is a Major Factor in making the decision : an aspect of the problem, specifically mentioned in the passage, which fundamentally affects and/or determines the decision.

(c) if the statement is a Minor Factor in Making the decision : a less important element bearing on or affecting a Major Factor, rather than a Major Objective directly

(d) if the statement is a Major Assumption in Making the decision : a projection or supposition arrived at by the decision maker before considering the factor and alternative.


Food safety regulator FSSAI has approved standards for alcoholic drinks like whisky and beer and finalized a list of additives to be used for making these products. This is a first for all major alcoholic drinks in the country for which standards and the additives list have been finalized. “The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has finalized a list of food additives and standards with respect to alcoholic beverages, these standards are in alignment with International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) standards.

The life been moved to the Union Health Ministry, and the standards will be operationalized soon after a notification “With this, FSSAI has crossed a major landmark in setting of standards for almost all food categories available in the country, “he said. Earlier this month, the regulator has operationalized the list of 11000 food additives provisions that can be used by food businesses in various categories.

This assumes importance because food products which have been manufactured by using these approved additives may not require product approval. FSSAI was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, which consolidates various acts and orders that have hitherto dealt with food related issues under various ministries and departments. The regulator was in the spotlight after it banned Maggie noodles in June last year, which was later lifted by the Bombay High court.

142. Food safety regulator FSSAI has approved standards for alcoholic drinks like whisky and beer.

Ans: (a)

143. This is a first for all major alcoholic drink in the country for which standards and the additives list have been finalized.

Ans: (a)

144. These standards are in alignment with International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)

Ans: (a)

145. FSSAI has crossed a major landmark in setting of standards for almost all food categories available in the country.

Ans: (a)

146. This assumes importance because food products which have been manufactured by using this approved additives may not require product approval.

Ans: (d)


Just a few years ago, seeing an Indian youth with a Nokia or an office-goer with a Blackberry device on the road was common sight. In 2009, about 70% of smartphones sold globally had operating systems offered by Blackberry and Nokia and the two stalwarts were going strong. But even tech leaders can, at times, fail to gauge when a particular phenomenon can go extinct. The mobile operating systems offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft, which account for nearly 99% of sales today, were in less than 25% of mobile devices sold  at that time, says a recent blog post y Whatsapp which has decided  to end its support to Blackberry phones and those powered by Nokia’s Symbian OS by the end of this year.

After acquiring Nokia for $ 7.2 billion in 2013, Microsoft soon realized it made a big mistake and is now selling off Nokia’s phone-making business to Apple’supplyy-chain partner Foxconn. With the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft actually placed a bet on hardware which has never been its strength. On the other hand Canadian mobile company Blackberry reported a $ 670 million loss in the first fiscal quarter this year-its biggest loss in over two years. “Blackberry can’t catch up on the plethora of offerings IOS and Android-players are providing with their vast ecosystem. The surges in vendors offering android devices at competitive prices dominate the smartphone market globally. Similarly, Windows based smartphones are likely to decline sharply given the fact that Nokia is no longer a part of Microsoft”.

147. The mobile operating system offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft, which account for nearly 99% of sale today.

Ans: (a)

148. Whatsapp hs decided to end its support to Blackberry phones and those powered by Nokia’s Symbian OS by the end of this year.

Ans: (d)

149. Microsoft is now selling off Nokia phone making business to Apple’s supply chain partner Foxconn.

Ans: (a)

150. With the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft actually placed a bet on hardware which has never been its strength.

Ans: (b)

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