AIIMS Bhopal

AIIMS Bhopal by EntranceindiaUnder the scheme of PMSSY (Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna), AIIMS Bhopal was established as one of the six AIIMS institutions in India.

PMSSY is a scheme which was developed especially to provide standard medical treatments in affordable costs at all parts of the country.  Also, this scheme ensures to provide high standard education in the less concentrated cities of India.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is one among the seven AIIMS in India which was established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare by Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna(PMSSY) scheme. These institutions are established through an act of the parliament and is considered as a institute of national importance. This institute serves as a centre of excellence in medical education and training in various fields of medicine and its allied sciences. This institute was established with an objective to create its own teaching material and training methodologies. The institute also aims to promote research in various fields of medicine.

AIIMS Bhopal Departments and Clinics

AIIMS Bhopal is currently functioning with 29 clinical departments and provides under graduate MBBS programme with an annual intake of 100 students. The institute has a college of nursing functioning within its premises with an aim to produce highly qualified professionals in various disciplines of nursing sciences. This nursing college offers under graduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The annual intake capacity for B.Sc Nursing programme is 60 students.

AIIMS Bhopal has an hospital attached to it which is 250 bedded multi speciality hospital. The hospital contains 13 departments. The hospital undertakes a wide number of outreach programmes for the people. Around 80-100 patients visit the hospital per day.

AIIMS Bhopal Hospital:

                Below are the few important departments of AIIMS Bhopal which are as follows:

Departments of AIIMS Bhopal Hospital:

  • Out Patient Department:

             Here are the few important steps that an outpatient should follow to enroll his/her name in AIIMS Bhopal Hospital services.

  1. Senior citizens or emergency cases are given more preference than the first come first served patients.
  2. Smart cash card is also introduced in AIIMS Bhopal just like that of AIIMS Patna. The cost of the card is just Rs.10 and is valid for next ten days and can be recharged every 10 days.
  3. Registrations of new patients are done between 8.30 A.M to 11.30 A.M. General timings for all the clinics in AIIMS Bhopal are between 9 A.M to 1 P.M.
  4. Separate rooms are provided for the out patients such as injection and immunization room, Physiotherapy, Minor surgical Intervention, etc.,
  5. Other basic facilities like Patient wheel chairs, trolleys, drinking water, toilet facilities, etc are available to the out patients with dedicative care.
  • Department for attending Emergency cases:

                         Emergency cases in AIIMS Bhopal are attended immediately. Every facility needed for the emergency care is available within the hospital campus.

  • In patient Department:

              Patients who are admitted in the AIIMS Bhopal Hospital for further treatments such as surgical care, Diagnosis of diseases, acute illness and critical care are called “in patients”.

Treatments for in-patients are provided separately with high and dedicative care.

  • Surgical Operations:

    Total number of General surgeries performed last year is 195. Other surgeries like specialty surgeries numbers around 110 and Gynecology surgeries are around 52.

  • Long term Chronic care:

                      Long term chronic care center consist of all facilities needed for an active physiotherapy centre.

  • Trauma and road traffic accidents:

                        Trauma center in AIIMS New Delhi has most of the high tech computerization and automation services. Just like the Parent institution, other six AIIMS institutes have trained their faculties through a crash course called “Emergency Medicine” to provide the standard and best treatments in the Trauma and road accident centers.

Other facilities in AIIMS Bhopal:

  • It has other facilities and separate centers for Ophthalmic center, Neurosciences and Psychiatric center, center for organ transplant and robotic surgeries, etc.,

Departments in Medical College of AIIMS Bhopal:

                             Few of the important departments in AIIMS Bhopal medical college are:

              1. Neurology:

              This is a branch of Science which deals with the treatment disorders in nerves and nervous system.

             2. Neurosurgery:

             This is branch of science which deals with the surgery performed in the nervous system, especially in the spinal cord and brain.

             3. Dentistry:

             This is a branch which deals with the disorders in the oral cavity, tooth zone, jaws and facial areas of human beings.

              4. Anatomy:

               This deals with the study of bodily structure of humans and other living organisms and their parts.

               5. Biochemistry:

               This is a study of chemical processes occurring in the living organisms.

               6. Burns and Plastic surgery:

             Plastic surgery is surgery which is performed to restore the original form of the body or face or other parts of the human body.

               7. Cardiothoracic surgery:

            This is a special branch of science which deals with the surgeries performed in the heart and lungs of the human body.

              8. Ophthalmology:

              This deals with the treatment of disorders and problems in eyes.

              9. Psychiatry:

          This deals with the human’s emotional problems and abnormal behavior due to those stressful mental problems.

             10. Otorhinolaryngology:

            This is a branch which is something similar to ENT department and deals with the problems caused in nose, ears and throat.

There are many other departments like Pharmacology, Physiology, Microbiology, Forensic medicine and toxicology, etc., in the medical college of AIIMS Bhopal.

Central Facilities in AIIMS Bhopal:

              Other central facilities which are available in the AIIMS Bhopal are:

Auditorium in AIIMS Bhopal: 

               This is an impressive building which is octagonal shape and has a seating capacity of 1000 people. Important sessions like interviews, conferences, symposiums and meetings are all conducted in this Auditorium.

Guest House in AIIMS Bhopal:

               There are 14 Guest rooms and two luxury suites available for both official and non official visitors.

Costs of the guest room for official visitors are: Rs.250 per day

Costs of the guest room for the non official visitors are: Rs.550 per day

Technology in AIIMS Bhopal:

     This is a special facility which is not available in most of the colleges. Information Technology Group (ITG) is a group of professionals which provides all IT services and stands as a backbone of AIIMS Bhopal.

They are mainly responsible to take care of all IT related services of AIIMS Bhopal. Also, they offer other services like hardware services, networking related services and deals with the software development problems and so on.

Few of the working areas in which ITG concentrates are:

  • Software:

          ITG takes care the development of the softwares which used by AIIMS Bhopal

  • Governance:

          ITG is responsible for monitoring and securing highly confidential data and sensitive datas of AIIMS Bhopal. In short it conducts watch dog activity to prevent any eavesdropping.

  • Infrastructure/Networking:

           This is the setting up of networking lines within the campus making “Internet” available throughout the main areas of colleges, hospitals and hostels. ITG has set up a best internet lines and intranet lines within the campus of AIIMS Bhopal.

  • Data management:

           Nowadays bulk of data is stored digitally in cloud to make it easy for everyone to access it from wherever they are. ITG helps to store all the necessary data in the cloud making it easier for everyone to access.

  • Audio and visual:

          ITG is responsible for audio video supports for all the conferences, symposiums, Lectures and seminars. They are responsible for clear and correct audio and video functioning in the above said events.

Hostel Facilities in AIIMS Bhopal:

        Separate hostel facilities are available for both men and women. Hostels for all the UG medical and nursing students are situated within the campus. Separate room in each floor is available with television and wi-fi facility. Also, running canteen serves 4 nutritious meals per day at affordable cost.

Along with this, indoor and outdoor game facilities are available within the Hostel.

Anti-Ragging Cell in AIIMS Bhopal:

                There is a special squad called Anti-Ragging squad which prohibits ragging strictly at AIIMS Bhopal. According to the directions of Supreme Court of India, UGC and other regulating bodies, ragging has been strictly prohibited in the AIIMS Bhopal.

Special things about AIIMS Bhopal:

            1. Lessons in AIIMS Bhopal are also available in Hindi language for the student’s reference.

            2. The students of AIIMS Bhopal trains to implement Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) method by every health care providers and parents of low birth weight babies.

This is a special way which educates parents of low birth weight babies to protect the baby and stimulate its health and growth. The main key things in KMC method is breastfeeding, infection prevention & bonding and promoting effective thermal control.

            3. A special laboratory called “Sleep laboratory” is soon to be launched at AIIMS Bhopal which helps to deal the sleeping problems and causes of those problems.

Thus, just like other six AIIMS Institutions, AIIMS Bhopal has its own standard and quality of education. Although being a new University which was launched in 2013, it has highly skilled faculties and lecturers to guide the students sincerely in each subject.

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