AIIMS Patna by EntranceindiaAIIMS Patna was established in the year 2012 in accordance to the vision of the Honorable Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee who decided to set up six regional AIIMS institute in which AIIMS Patna is one among them.

AIIMS Patna was established with a motive to provide best medical treatment to all possible people with affordable costs. AIIMS Patna attends more than 1500 patients per day and does more than 200% of investigations at rates which are lower than that of CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) rates.

AIIMS Patna has handled more critical cases like total knee replacement, total hip replacement, cochlear implant and more than 800 surgeries since 2014.

It is also interested to guide even a common man to deal with the medical emergencies before he could seek the formal medical attention. For this, AIIMS Patna has opened a website named

The same has been modified as android app which is named as “Sankat sanket” and it can be downloaded to your android mobile phone. This will immediately beam a message “I am in danger” through the website to seek the help of nearest ambulance, fire fighters or police.

 List of Departments in AIIMS Patna:

          AIIMS Patna has several departments which are divided into Pre clinical departments, Para clinical departments, Clinical departments and other regular departments.

Let us check the courses offered in each department:

Para Clinical Department:

  • Pharmacology:

              Pharmacology is science which deals with the biological effects, chemical effects and

therapeutic uses of drugs on the biological organisms. It is a very important subject which is not only necessary for medicine field but also to other fields such as Nursing, Veterinary medicine, dentistry, etc., It mainly concentrates on prevention and treatment of many diseases by drug therapy.

  • Pathology and Lab medicine:

             This course helps in bringing newest scientific concepts for better understanding of all kinds of biological diseases. This course also forms as a bridge between the basic medicine science and clinical medicine.

  • Microbiology:

           As the name suggests, Microbiology deals with the study of microbes (too small organisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses) and their interactions with the humans, plants, animals and the entire environment.

Pre Clinical Departments:

  • Biochemistry:

          Biochemistry generally deals with the effects of chemical processes in day to day life. This is a science which brings Biology and chemistry together. To solve any kind of biological problems, biochemists makes use of chemical knowledge and techniques.

  • Physiology:

       Physiology is a course which gives you an understanding of basic functions of living organs and their interactions between them.  For example, how our cells, organs and muscles work together.

  • Anatomy:

          Anatomy is an art of describing and identifying the features of the living organisms. Anatomy can be divided into three broad sections such as Zootomy, Phytotomy and human anatomy.

 Clinical Courses:

  • Dentistry:

      As we all know, Dentistry is a branch of science which deals with the study, prevention and diagnosis of problems in oral cavity, human teeth and jaw and facial areas of humans.

  • Radiotherapy:

       Radiotherapy is an efficient way to treat the critical conditions of cancer with high energy radiation through X-Rays.

  • Orthopedics:

      Orthopedics a special branch of Biology which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, skin and nerves.

  • Trauma and emergency:

      This is a branch which guides the students how to react during the emergency medical cases. It also guides to handle such cases through essential medical practice and treatments.

  • Psychiatry:

       A psychiatrist is a physician who treats, diagnoses and prevents the emotional and mental problems of human being. He is a well trained physician who can understand human body functions, relationship between emotional and physical illness.

  • Pediatrics :

      This is a branch of science which deals with the treatment of infants, children and adolescents who have not crossed 18 years of age. 

  • Anesthesiology:

     This is a branch of study which cares for the patient’s health during, before or after surgery. They are responsible for prevention of pain and monitoring the health condition of the patient each time during surgical procedures.

Thus, AIIMS Patna is one of the developing medical centre and institution which has conducted more than 50 medical camps and has planned to increase its bed strength due to the huge number of inpatients every day.

AIIMS Toppers, if you are not able to get seat in AIIMS New Delhi, don’t panic. AIIMS Patna has emerged into a top most and most wanted medical institution which provides best medical services with world class standards and facilities. Thus, you can also choose AIIMS Patna to pursue MBBS or other medical courses in India.

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