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All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Raipur which is located at GE road, Raipur, is one of the recently launched AIIMS Institutions of India. AIIMS Raipur was launched recently during the year 2012 under the scheme of PMSSY of Government of India. Initially, it allowed around 50 students for the first batch of MBBS and later 100 students were allowed in the next batch of MBBS in the subsequent years.

AIIMS Raipur Hospital consists of 160 beds and it has started to work since February 2014.

PMSSY (Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna) scheme is a popular scheme of Government of India under which six AIIMS institutions were established regionally such as in Raipur, Patna, Rishikesh, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar and Jodhpur.

These regional institutes were established mainly to bring quality healthcare facilities in every regions and states of India.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Raipur was established in the year 2012 as a public medical college and research university. It is one among the six new AIIMS which got registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act. The institute operates autonomously under the administration of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by Government of India. AIIMS Raipur came into existence with an objective to impart high quality medical education to meet the demand for medical professionals in the country. The institute offers under graduate and post graduate degrees in various fields of medicine and its allied sciences. The institute also provides nursing and dental education.

The institute has a hospital attached to the college which serves as the teaching hospital. The hospital is a multi speciality hospital. The hospital is currently functioning with 43 departments with a total of 930 beds. The hospital has 9 special clinics in Ayush PMR building. The college has 12 clinical departments. AIIMS Raipur offers under graduate MBBS and B.Sc Nursing courses to the students. The annual intake capacity for MBBS is 100 students and for B.Sc Nursing is 60 students per year. The college is yet to start post graduate courses in medicine.

Central facilities provided in AIIMS Raipur:

  • Library Facilities in AIIMS Raipur:

                      AIIMS Raipur has an excellent central library facility built over 3 floors. In the first floor it has a general reading section and subject books, second floor is for reading purpose alone and third floor consist of state of art e-books and journal sections.

More than 500 books in nursing section and 4000 books on medical subjects are available in the library.

  • Guest houses and Hostel Facilities in AIIMS Raipur:

         Every teaching and non teaching staffs of AIIMS Raipur are possible to stay within the campus of the University. It has separate blocks for faculty members, teaching and non teaching staffs.

Bungalows for director and Guest houses for the official and non official visitors are available within the campus of AIIMS Raipur.

  • Tele-medicine Facilities in AIIMS Raipur:

         This is a facility available within the campus of AIIMS Raipur which helps in treatment and diagnosis of the diseases through telecommunication mediums.

  • Sports and Gym Facilities in AIIMS Raipur:

                Sports and Gym facility is available for the students to keep themselves fit and confident.

  • Ambulance facilities in AIIMS Raipur:

                   Ambulance facility is available 24/7 within the campus of AIIMS Raipur. This is very useful during the emergency situations.

Courses offered in AIIMS Raipur :

  1. UG Medical courses
  2. PG Medical courses
  3. Nursing courses
  4. Dental Education
  5. Doctoral courses

Organizational structure of AIIMS Raipur:

  • President of AIIMS Raipur:

             This is the highest designation offered in the AIIMS organizational structure. He/She is elected by the Central Government members other than Director of the institute.

  • Director of AIIMS Raipur:

               This is the one of the highest position which is responsible for governing the administration of the Hospital and Academic centers.

  • Deputy director of AIIMS Raipur:

               The deputy director act as Financial adviser, Administrative officer and superintending Engineer.

  • Medical Superintendent of AIIMS Raipur:

            Medical superintendent is responsible for taking care of all laboratories of the clinics, medical stores, nursing services, hospital peripheral services, blood banks, wards and operation theatres, etc. He/she also responsible for maintaining Hospital records.

  • Head of Departments of AIIMS Raipur:

                 This position comes under academic section. The person in this position is responsible for managing all professors, additional professors, associate and assistant professors, UG and PG students, etc., Head of the departments are otherwise called academic leaders who are responsible for achieving the University strategic objectives.

Departments in AIIMS Raipur hospital:

      There are several departments in the AIIMS Raipur  hospital and few of them are:

                1. Psychiatry:

                This is a branch of science which deals with the treatment of mental and emotional problems and bodily reactions to those emotional problem.

                2. Orthopedics:

                  This is branch which deals with the treatment for bones and muscles of human body.

                3. Radiology:

                 Radiology is a science which makes use of high energy radiations or X-rays for diagnosis and treatment to cure diseases.

                 4. Anesthesiology:

                  This is a branch which deals with the anesthesia and anesthetics.

                  5. Dentistry:

                  This deals with the treatment of root canals, oral cavities, teeth, jaw and facial areas of human body.

                  6. Transfusion medicine and blood bank:

                This is a branch which deals with the transfusion of blood and blood components through the blood banks under the supervision of a medical director.

                 7. Trauma center:

                 This is a center which runs specially to treat the patients suffering from traumatic illness.

                 8. Emergency department:

               This department will be active for the whole 24/7 period. It has all facilities needed to reat the emergency cases.

                 9. Nursing:

                This is a department which provides best nursing services to the patients visiting AIIMS Raipur.

                10. Cardiology

                This branch deals with the treatment of heart related diseases and problems.

Special clinics in AIIMS Raipur :

                   Special clinics are available apart from the regular departments of Hospital. Special clinics are as follows:

Diet clinic in AIIMS Raipur:

                   This is a special type of clinic which helps people to reduce the excessive weight and make them diet conscious.

This special clinic operates between Monday and Friday.

ENT in AIIMS Raipur:

   This special clinic provides special treatment in the form of two departments such as Vertigo clinic and Rhinology clinic.

Vertigo in AIIMS Raipur:

     Vertigo is condition of giddiness or dizziness caused for a person even when he is absolutely normal. Vertigo clinic is open on Wednesday.

Rhinology in AIIMS Raipur:

             This is a branch of science which deals with the study of nose including the problems of sinuses. Rhinology clinic is open on Thursday.

General medicine in AIIMS Raipur:

              Treatment for general areas like Hypertension, Diabetes, Rheumatology are provided in this “General Medicine” clinic. Hypertension clinic is open on Monday whereas diabetes clinic and Rheumatology clinic are open on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Obstetrics and Gynecology in AIIMS Raipur:         

                     This special clinics is responsible for providing pregnancy care, prenatal care, detection of sexually transmitted diseases, etc.,

This has two special clinics such as:

Adolescent Clinic:

              This special clinic concentrates specially on adolescent people who have not completed their age of 18. Generally they deal with the patients who have just entered the stage of puberty (9 to 11 years for girls and 11 to 13 for boys). This clinic is open on Wednesday.

Menopause Clinic:

      This is rather another special clinic which deals with providing dedicative treatments during a woman’s menopause period which is typically between the ages 45 and 50. This clinic is open on Tuesday.

Pediatrics in AIIMS Raipur:

               This is a branch which deals with the treatment of diseases in children.

This has special clinics such as:

Asthma clinic:

      This is a special clinic which specially deals with the treatment of Asthma in children.  This clinic is open on Monday.

Headache clinic:                                                                     

   This is a special clinic which deals with the cases of headaches in children. They examine clearly the causes of head ache and provide appropriate treatment for that. This clinic is open on Friday.

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