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neet ug 2019 biology preparation

NEET UG Biology Preparation

To crack the most popular Pre-medical entrance examination in India i.e. NEET/AIPMT student need thorough preparation. NEET UGBiology Achievers plan has been released by Entranceindia to provide students a thorough practice on Biology. For extensive Biology practice we have added more than 7000 Biology questions. This course is completely based on 10+2 Biology syllabus which will help students to prepare for various other pre-medical entrance exams like AIIMS, JIPMER, etc… Every chapter of 10+2 Biology Syllabus has been covered under this course. Biology Achiever’s Course is designed by our experts keeping students requirement in view. Practice more questions will help students to understand the subject deeply and will increase their question solving skills. Only attending good coaching classes is not enough in itself unless you practice medical entrance pattern question in sufficient numbers well ahead of examination.

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NEET UG Biology Mock Test Features:

  • Questions are based on 10+2 Biology syllabus
  • Each chapter from 10+2 Biology syllabus has been covered
  • There are 3 tests and 50 questions from each chapter
  • All questions comes with detail explanation
  • Additional 7000+ questions has been included in this course
  • 10 NEET UG Biology model papers are also included with this subscription
  • 1 Probable Biology model paper is also included in this package
  • Explanation can be viewed after submitting the test
  • Prepared by Biology experts this course is one of the best Biology practice sets

NEET UG (2019) Biology Achiever’s Plan
(Valid till: July, 2019)

(Biology Chapter tests & 11 Biology Models)
(Extra 7000+ Biology Question)

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NEET UG (2020) Biology Achiever’s Plan
(Valid till: July, 2020)

(Biology Chapter tests & 11 Biology Models)
(Extra 7000+ Biology Question)

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Rs. 2190
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NEET UG Sample Papers

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NEET UG Preparatory Course + Extra Biology
(Chapter tests & 10+1 Model Papers)
(7000+ Additional Biology Questions)

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NEET UG Preparatory Course
(Chapter tests & 10+1 Model Papers)

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NEET UG Model Papers
(10+1 Model Papers)

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NEET UG Physics Achiever’s Plan
(Physics Chapter tests & 11 Physics Models)

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NEET UG Chemistry Achiever’s Plan
(Chemistry Chapter tests & 11 Chemistry Models)

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NEET UG Biology Achiever’s Plan
(Biology Chapter tests & 11 Biology Models)
(7000+ Additional Biology Questions)

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Chapters covered in NEET UG Achievers Biology

NEET UG Biology Model Papers



Model PapersNo. of QnsNo. of QnsTotal Questions
Biology Model Paper – 1 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 2 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 3 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 4 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 5 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 6 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 7 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 8 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 9 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Model Paper – 10 (4 Marks each)454590
Biology Probable Model (4 Marks each)454590
 Total Questions990

Biology Chapter-wise Questions (Class XI)

Level I

Level II


Sl. No.Chapter Name4 Marks4 Marks4 MarksTotal Questions
1The Living World20201050
2Biological Classification20201050
3Plant Kingdom20201050
4Animal Kingdom20201050
5Morphology of Flowering Plants20201050
6Anatomy of Flowering Plants202040
7Structural Organisation in Animals20201050
8Cell: The Unit of Life20201050
10Cell Cycle and Cell Division20201050
11Transport in Plants20201050
12Mineral Nutrition20201050
13Photosynthesis in Higher Plants20201050
14Respiration in Plants202040
15Plant Growth and Development20201050
16Digestion and Absorption20201050
17Breathing and Exchange of Gases20201050
18Body Fluids and Circulation202040
19Excretory Products and their Elimination20201050
20Locomotion and Movement20201050
21Neural Control and Coordination202040
22Chemical Coordination and Integration20201050
Total Questions1060

Biology Chapter-wise Questions (Class XII)

Level I

Level II


Sl. No.Chapter Name4 Marks4 Marks4 MarksTotal Questions
1Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants20201050
2Human Reproduction20201050
3Principles of Inheritance and Variation20201050
4Molecular Basis of Inheritance20201050
6Human Health and Disease20201050
7Microbes in Human Welfare202040
8Biotechnology and Its Applications202040
9Organisms and Population20201050
11Biodiversity and Conservation20201050
12Environmental Issues20201050
Total Questions580

Additional Biology Chapter-wise Questions (Class XI)


1 Mark Questions

(Unit I) The Living World
Diversity and Taxonomy58
Binomial Nomencalure10
Biological Classification 
Kingdom of Organisms8
Kingdom of-Monera112
Plant Kingdom 
Animal Kingdom 
Phylum-Cnidaria or Coelenterata44
(Unit II)Morphology of Flowering Plants 
Dipersal of Fruits and Seeds3
Angiospermic Families98
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 
Tissue System37
Internal Structure of Dicot and Monocot Plants42
Secondary Growth33
Structural Organization in Animals 
Epithelial Tissue29
Connective Tissue78
Muscular Tissue11
Nervous Tissue3
(Unit III)Cell: The Unit of Life 
The Cell194
Cell Organelles158
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 
Cell Cycle32
(Unit IV)Plant Physiology 
Transport in Plants 
Plant-Water Relations59
Ascent of Sap28
Transloaction of Organic Nutrients10
Mineral Nutrition 
Mineral Nutrition106
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants211
Respiration in Plants 
Cellular Respiration125
Plant Growth and Development 
Growth and Growth Hormones96
Photoperiodism, Vernalization & Senescence28
Movement in Plants22
(Unit V)Human Physiology 
Diggestion and Absoption 
Diggestion and Absoption220
Breathing and Exchange of Gases 
Breathing and Exchange of Gases85
Body Fluids and Circulation 
Body Fluids and Circulation145
Excretory Products and their Elimination 
Excretory Products and their Elimination139
Locomotion and Movement 
Locomotion and Movement121
Neural Control and Coordination 
Neural Control and Coordination251
Chemical Coordination and Integration 
Chemical Coordination and Integration196
Total Questions4632

Additional Biology Chapter-wise Questions (Class XII)


1 Mark Questions

(Unit VI)Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants182
Human Reproduction 
Modes of Reproduction12
Human Reproductive System85
Events of Human Reproduction131
Growth, Regeneration and Ageing15
(Unit VII)Principles of Inheritance and Variation 
Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance6
Linkage and Cytoplasmic Inheritance113
Chromosomal Disorders83
Gene Mutation28
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 
Molecular Basis of Inheritance176
The Origin of life45
Organic Evolution14
Evidences of Evolution50
Theories of Evolution80
Speciation and Isolation4
Human Evolution40
(Unit VIII)Human Health and Disease 
Immune System and Human Diseases267
Human Population, Mental Health and Addiction54
Biomedical Techniques48
Microbes in Human Welfare 
Bioenergy, Biofertilizers and Biological Pest Control66
Improvement and Utilization of Plants132
Domestation of Animals40
(Unit IX)Biotechnology and its Application
Tissue Culture47
Genetic Engineering94
DNA Fingerprinting and Gene Cloning21
Transgenic Organisms36
Biopatent, Biopiracy, Biowar and Bioethics5
Genomics, Gene Library and Gene Bank5
(Unit X)Organisms and Population 
Ecological Factors16
Biotic Community and Ecological Succesion19
Ecosystem-Structure and Function132
Biodiversity and Conservation 
Natural Resources40
Biodiversity Conservation98
Environmental Issue 
Environmental Issue189
Total Questions2668

Additional Biology Chapter-wise (Revision) Questions

Sl. No.Chapter Names4 Mark Questions
1The Living World and Systematics6
2Kingdom Monera & Protista, Virus & Kingdom Fungi10
3Plant Kingdom10
4Cell & Cell Division10
6Morphology of Flowering Plants10
7Internal Structure of Angiosperms Plants7
8Plant – Water Relations, Plant Nutrition & Enzyme10
9Photosynthesis & Respiration10
10Reproduction in Flowering Plants & Plant Embryology10
11Plant Growth, Movement & Plant Hormones10
12Ecology & Environment10
13Applications of Biology10
14Micro and Macromolecules5
15Animal Kingdom10
16Animal Tissues & Nutrition10
17Respiratory Gas Exchange5
18Circulation of Body Fluids10
19Excretion, Osmoregulation, Movement & Locomotion10
20Nervous Co – ordination & Sense Organs10
21Hormonal Co – ordination10
22Reproduction & Embryonic Development10
23Human Genetics6
24Origin & Evolution of Life10
25Communicable and Non – Communicable diseases10
Total Questions229