All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination (AISSEE)

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination (AISSEE):

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination is a written test which is held in the month of January every year for the admission to the classes such as VI and IX in the Sainik schools across India.

What is Sainik School?

Sainik schools are the group of schools which are managed and run by the Sainik School Society. This school was established by V.K.Krishna Menon who was the Defense minister of India at that time for rectifying the regional and class imbalance amongst the officer cadre of Indian military. The school was established for another purpose also such as sending the students to the National Defense Academy (NDA), Pune and Indian Army.

The inspiration of establishing Sainik Schools has come from the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) which has given India many service chiefs.

The main objective of the Sainik schools is to provide the students the best education in the country and to prepare the students to lead as officers in the defense services of the country.

By now, there are 18 Sainik schools those are established in various States of India.


Admission Process of Sainik Schools in India

Sainik Schools are fully residential schools run on public school lines. All the schools are members of All India Public Schools Conference. They offer a common curriculum and are affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. While developing a wholesome personality of the boys so that they are fit for the NDA, the schools also prepare boys for class-X and XII examination of the CBSE as well as UPSC exam for the NDA. The medium of instruction is English even though English is not a pre-requisite for admission. Since these schools prepare boys for NDA in the +2 stage only the Science stream is offered. Besides academic excellence the students are encouraged to develop creative faculties through co-curricular activities and socially useful work. They are systematically introduced to all major games and given compulsory NCC training upto class-XI. Adventure activities form an integral part of training. Each school has extensive infrastructure and land to cater to needs of comprehensive training so that boys are brought up in conducive environment.

  Entrance Test

  • Admission is based on an entrance test comprising Mathematics, Language and Intelligence for Class VI; Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science for Class IX, followed by Interview and medical examination.
  • Sainik Schools admit boys in classes VI & IX on the basis of their merit in the Entrance Examination and an Interview and in Class XI boys are admitted on the basis of the marks scored in Class X Board examination.

    (a) Mathematics 100 (a) Mathematics 200
    (b) Language Ability Test 100 (b) Science 75
    (c) Intelligence Test 100 (c) English 100
    (d) Social Studies 75
    Total 300 Total 450



  • Boys seeking admission in Class VI should be 10-11 yrs of age and for Class IX they should be aged 13-14 yrs as on 01 July in the year admission is being sought.


67% seats are reserved for boys of the State where the school is located. The balance 33% seats are open to boys from all other States and UTs. Within this broad classification, 25% seats are reserved for sons of service personnel including ex-servicemen while 15% seats are reserved for SC and 7½% for ST candidates.


The prospectus and application form are available in the month of October every year and can be obtained from the respective school where the student wants to take admission. For more information click here


All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination is held in the month of January every year .

Syllabus for Sainik School Entrance Test:

It seems no specific syllabus has been prescribed for the AISSEE Exam. But, however, the standard of the class VI Entry Entrance is equivalent to that of the class V whereas the standard of the class IX is equivalent to that of the class VIII of CBSE.

Pattern of the exam AISSEE for class VI:

             This exam has two papers. Paper 1 covers the topics such as Mathematics and Language ability each carrying 100 marks each. Similarly, Paper 2 consists of Intelligence Test which carries 100 marks. Extra 10 minutes is provided to read the general instructions and model answers.

This exam can be written either in English or Hindi or in any other regional language of your state.

The total duration of the Paper 1 is 2 hours whereas 50 minutes for Paper 2.

Pattern of the exam AISSEE for class IX:

Just like the exam for the class VI, Exam pattern for the Class IX consists of two papers. Paper 1 consists of Mathematics and General Science each carrying 200 and 75 marks respectively. Duration of Paper 1 is two and half hours.

Similarly, Paper 2 consists of English and Social studies each carrying 100 and 75 marks respectively. Total duration of this paper is 2 hours.

The question paper for class IX will be in English only.

Students who clear the exam will be shortlisted for the interview process which consists of 50 marks.

How to apply for the examination?

  1. Aspiring candidates can buy the application form and prospectus from the Principal of the Sainik Schools of your locality.
  2. However, the other option is to download and fill the application form the official site of Sainik School of your locality. Fill the application form and submit it with the application fee to the regional office address of New Delhi.
  1. The application fees for the General/Defense/Ex-Defense categories directly is Rs.425/- and through post is Rs.460/-.
  2. Similarly the application fees for the SC/ST candidates are Rs.275/- for direct application form and Rs.310/- for the application form through post.

Sainik School AISSEE Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers:

For Admission to Class VI:

AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2016 Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2015 Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2014 Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2013 Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2012 Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2011Question Paper
AISSEE All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Examination 2010 Question Paper

List of Sainik Schools in India:

There are totally 18 Sainik schools in India such as Sainik school at

  1. Kanjpura (Haryana)
  2. Kapurthala (Punjab)
  3. Chittogarh (Rajasthan)
  4. Satara (Maharashtra)
  5. Balachadi (Gujarat)
  6. Korukonda (Andhra Pradesh)
  7. Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)
  8. Purulia (West Bengal)
  9. Kazhakootam (Kerala)
  10. Amravatinagar (Tamil Nadu)
  11. Rewa (Madhya Pradesh)
  12. Bijapur (Karnataka)
  13. Tilaiya (Jharkhand)
  14. Gopalpara (Assam)
  15. Gorakpur (Uttar Pradesh)
  16. Nagrota (Jammu and Kashmir)
  17. Imphal (Manipur)
  18. Sujanpur Tira (Himachal Pradesh)
  19. Nalanda (Bihar)
  20. Gopalganj (Bihar)
  21. Punglwa (Nagaland)
  22. Kodagu (Karnataka)
  23. Ambikapur (Chhattisgarh)
  24. Rewari (Haryana)
  25. Kalikiri (Andhra Pradesh)




All these Sasinik schools are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

Sample Questions for preparing AISSEE Exam:

  • AISSEE VI standard Paper I Mathematics Sample:

This section carries 100 marks. It is sub divided into section I, section II, and section III. Few of the sample questions from all the sections are as below:

  1. Find the volume of the cube whose one side is 7 cm.
  2. Find the diameter of the circle whose circumference is 88 cm.
  3. If 15 copies of the book cost Rs.2595, what is the cost of the 27 copies of that book?
  4. What should be added to 14.707 to get 17.404?
  5. Find the simple interest on Rs.1200/- for 3 years at 6.5% rate per annum?
  • AISSEE VI standard Paper I Language Ability Sample:

This section also carries a total of 100 marks.

  1. Write a paragraph on the topic “My aim in life”:
  2. Reading comprehension and answering questions asked related to that.
  3. Rearranged the jumbled words.
  4. Write the leave application addressed to the Headmaster seeking two days leave to appear in Sainik entrance examination.
  5. Make sentences using the following words and write the difference between the both.
  • Sale, Sail
  • Throne, Thorn
  • AISSEE IX Standard Paper I Mathematics Sample:

This section carries 50 questions in which 1 to 20 carry 2 marks each, questions 21 to 40 carry 3 marks each, and questions 41 to 50 carry 10 marks each.

  1. The square root of 1000000 is
  2. The value of 102 * 106 is
  3. The degree measured of an angle inscribed in a semi circle is
  4. Area of the surface of the sphere of radius r is
  5. The circumference of the circle is 44 cm. What is the diameter of the circle?
  • AISSEE IX Standard Paper I Science Sample:

This section contains 43 questions. 1 to 35 questions carry one mark each and 36 to 43 carry 5 marks each.

  1. Yeast helps in the production of _____
  2. Carbon exists in amorphous form as ______
  3. Glowing of electric lamp is not combustion because ___
  4. The process of heating the ore in the absence of air below its melting point is called as ____
  5. A pendulum oscillates 40 times in 4 seconds. Find out its time period and frequency.
  • AISSEE IX Standard Paper II English Sample:

English section forms Part A which carries 100 marks totally. This contains 6 questions totally.

  1. Read the passage and answer the following:
  2. Rewrite the following sentences after the necessary corrections:
  • Many a flower fade unseen
  • We have finished the first three chapters
  • Three all novels are well written
  1. Distinguish the following words with the help of sentence formation:
  • Hoard, horde
  • Feat, feet
  • Hail, Hale
  • Flour, Floor
  1. Write a letter to the editor of the Times India on the need to educate people about the environment cleaning. You can mention your views and suggestions in this letter.
  2. Questions on arranging the jumbled words.
  • AISSEE IX Standard Paper II Social Science Sample:

Part B social science consists of 75 marks containing 5 questions.

  1. The Headquarters of U.N.O is situated at New York. State true or false.
  2. The industrial revolution started at first in France. State true or false.
  3. The jallianwala Bagh Tragedy took place in ______ A.D
  4. Bhagat Singh and ________ threw bombs in Central Legislative Assembly on Apr 8, 1929 A.D
  5. Give full form of the following abbreviations:
  • VAT
  • GDP
  • SMS

Books to refer for the AISSEE exam:

  1. Sainik School entrance exam for Class VI and also Class XI step by step study guide by Expert compilations. Publisher Arihant.
  2. Sainik School entrance examination for Class IX PB(English)
  3. Sainik school entrance test (Class VI) Guide by Gupta R.

The results of AISSEE 2016 will be declared on the month of February, 2016.

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