AMRITA Engineering 2019 Achievers Chemistry

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amrita engineering entrance chemistry model papers

AMRITA Engineering 2019 Chemistry Preparation

To enable maximum practice in specific subject like Chemistry has released AMIRITA Engineering Chemistry Achiever’s Plan. This course is accomplished with all the Chapter tests from 10+2 syllabus. The question comes with three layers (Level I, Level II and Revision Tests). Each test can be attempted separately. There are 50 questions from each Chapter. After completing one Chapter students can take the Chapter test to assess their understanding on that specific Chapter. Along with Chapter tests there are 10 Chemistry Syllabus Model Papers similar to AMRITA Engineering Entrance Exam Pattern. All questions come with step by solution. After submission of each test answer and explanation will be shown for wrong as well as correct attempt.

Amrita Engineering Achievers Chemistry Pattern

Course Features:

  • This plan aims at providing Preparatory Practice Papers for Chemistry for all Class-XII students appearing for AMRITA Engineering Entrance
  • The plan includes both Chapter Wise Questions covering the whole AMRITA Chemistry syllabus and 10 Chemistry Model Test Papers exactly similar to the pattern of AMRITA Engineering Examination
  • Each Chapter has 50 questions at three levels (Level 1, 2 And Revision Test) based on their complexity. This helps students to step wise progress in their learning by going from less difficult to more difficult questions
  • Our Chemistry Achiever’s Course is designed to help both AMRITA Engineering and Class XII preparation
  • This is intended to help students practice gradually to finish the whole Chemistry Syllabus (Both Class XI and XII) before commencement of their board exam and AMRITA Exam
  • AMRITA Chemistry Achiever’s Course provides you a strategy which can make you AMRITA winner

AMRITA Engineering (2019) Achiever’s Chemistry
Valid till: July, 2019

(Chemistry Chapter Tests & 10 Chemistry Models)

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AMRITA Engineering (2020) Achiever’s Chemistry
Valid till: July, 2020

(Chemistry Chapter Tests & 10 Chemistry Models)

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Amirta Engineering Preparatory Course
(Chapter tests & 10 Model Papers)

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Amrita Engineering Model Papers
(10 Model Papers)

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AMRITA Engineering Achiever’s Physics
(Physics Chapter tests & 10 Physics Models)

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AMRITA Engineering Achiever’s Chemistry
(Chemistry Chapter tests & 10 Chemistry Models)

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AMRITA Engineering Achiever’s Mathematics
(Mathematics Chapter tests & 10 Mathematics Models)

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Chapters in Amrita Engineering Achievers Chemistry

Amrita Engineering Chemistry Model Papers (10 Sets)


Model PapersNo. of QnsTotal Questions
Model Paper – 1 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 2 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 3 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 4 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 5 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 6 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 7 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 8 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 9 (4 Marks each)3030
Model Paper – 10 (4 Marks each)3030
Total Questions300

Chemistry Chapter-wise Questions (Class XI)

Level I

Level II


Sl. No.Chapter Name4 Marks4 Marks4 MarksTotal Questions
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry20201050
2Structure of Atom20201050
3Classification of Elements
& Periodicity in Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure20201050
5States of Matter20201050
8Redox Reactions20201050
10The s-Block Elements20201050
11The p-Block Elements20201050
12Organic Chemistry –
Some Basic Principles and Techniques
14Environmental Chemistry202040
Total Questions690

Chemistry Chapter-wise Questions (Class XII)

Level I

Level II


Sl. No.Chapter Name4 Marks4 Marks4 MarksTotal Questions
1Solid State20201050
4Chemical Kinetics20201050
5Surface Chemistry20201050
6General Principles and
Processes of Isolation of Elements
7The p-Block Elements20201050
8The d-and f-Block Elements20201050
9Coordination Compounds20201050
10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes20201050
11Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers20201050
12Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids20201050
16Chemistry in Everyday Life20201050
Total Questions800