Career Choices with NISER

The best career awaits you

After hurdling over the NEST 2015 exam opens up a gateway providing you with an opportunity to study in one of the best premier institute with science and research as the key areas of specialization.

These are some of the career branches you can choose from:

School of Biological Science

The School of Biological Sciences provides you with an opportunity to build yourself through the training rendering in one of the leading international centers with research facilities in the field of modern and classical biology. It instigates within your creative thoughts with a unique way of thinking to conquer more grounds in research and development.

The School of Biology, offers a 5-year incorporated M.Sc. Course in Biology. The student enters the course at post higher secondary school level and gains a Masters degree after the fruitful culmination of the course incorporating presentation to research in biology. The course curriculum has been produced as an amalgamation of both essential and connected sciences. A student enlisted into the incorporated M.Sc. Biology course at NISER will be mulling over all the subjects as appropriate to modern biology with an interdisciplinary prospective.

School of Chemical Sciences

The main aim of the School of Chemical Sciences at NISER, is to confer high quality of education to all undergraduate and postgraduate level of learning to students. It also provides a cutting edge with research facilities to the students of the school.

To add up to the advantages it bestows traditional organic, inorganic chemistry coupled up with the interface areas of the subject of Biology, Material Sciences and Medicine. The School of Chemistry offers one of the best incorporated M.Sc program and the syllabus is outlined to show fundamental standards as well as to have hands on reasonable experience by doing examination ventures as a piece of the educational module.

School of Physical Science

The School of Physical Sciences is in pursuit of perfection in research and in teaching. As we live in the twenty first century, a splendid and challenging future lies in front of us. On one hand, there are a few essential issues of the previous century remaining uncertain and an alternate as one investigates into new domain all the more challenging issues come up. Physics scientist of the macro world and micro world are being vivaciously investigated. There are fantastic advances both in test and hypothetical outskirts.

The School of Physics is occupied with exceptional dynamic research with out of enthusiastic, skilled faculty. It is perceived that NISER will sustain possibly outstanding researchers without bounds. Material science program in the nation with a wide foundation in science.

School of Mathematical Science                       

The school expects to prepare individuals who are situated towards research and instructing in both fundamental and propelled ranges of Mathematical sciences. Also, as all essential sciences need science it inspires brilliant students to admire the subject the way we do. The School of Mathematics means to have a dynamic scholarly for faculties, students and guests. To satisfy the vision of the NISER and its School of Mathematics individuals having great research facility in Mathematical sciences and high inspiration for educating.

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