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Date & Time: 23/04/2007 / 9:00 – 12:00          Dept. No.                                                     Max. : 100 Marks




SECTION-A                                            (10 x 2=20 Marks)


Answer ALL of the following in this section:


  1. What is ‘Point-of-Purchase’?
  2. What is ‘Retail Promotion’?
  3. What is Odd Pricing?
  4. Describe the meaning of ‘Reverse Logistics’.
  5. What is ‘Assortment’?
  6. How would you explain ‘Outsourcing’ in the context of retailing?
  7. What is the important use of Electronic Data Interchange for both retailers and suppliers?
  8. Describe the meaning of ‘Impulse Purchases’.
  9. What is ‘Relationship Retailing’?
  10. Who is a ‘Destination Retailer’?


SECTION-B                                               (5 x 8=40 Marks)


Answer any FIVE of the following in this section:


  1. What do you understand by the four different methods available for gathering primary data?
  2. Define “Isolated Store”. Enumerate the advantages and limitations of this retail location type.
  3. What is retailing? List out and explain its’ special characteristics also.
  4. Enumerate the recommendations should web retailers carefully consider?
  5. Explain the six-step approach that helps retailers to pay close attention to customer service.
  6. “A retail price strategy can be demand, cost and / or competitive in orientation”- comment.
  7. What is Direct Marketing? List out its strategic business advantages and also its limitations.
  8. Briefly explain any eight important factors that contribute to a retailer image.


SECTION-C                                            (2 x 20=40 Marks)


Answer any TWO of the following in this section:


  1. Describe the meaning of different types of retail institutions characterized by ownership. Enumerate also the competitive advantages and limitations associated with Independent retailer and chain retailer.
  2. Explain in detail what is your understanding over the following elements of a retail strategy:- (a) Situation analysis (b) Objectives and (c) Identification of Customers
  3. Assume that you are a HR Manager working for an upcoming hypermarket in Chennai . What are the personnel activities, your department would carry out in the name of Human resource management process?


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