Loyola College B.Com Nov 2006 Financial Services Question Paper PDF Download

                        LOYOLA COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS), CHENNAI – 600 034


AT 09





Date & Time : 09-11-2006/9.00-12.00   Dept. No.                                                       Max. : 100 Marks





Answer ALL questions:                                                                        ( 10 x 2 = 20 )


  1. What do you mean by merchant banking?


  1. What is due diligence certificate?


  1. What is credit syndication?


  1. List out the package of factoring.


  1. What is meant by ESOP?


  1. What is operating lease?


  1. Which assets can be securitised?


  1. Enlist the serious defaults committed by a merchant banker.


  1. What do you mean by forfaiting?


  1. List out any four leading factors in India.



Answer any five questions:                                                                    ( 5 x 8 = 40 )


  1. How do you categorise the merchant bankers?


  1. What are the features of venture capital?


  1. Explain the process of securitisation.


  1. What are the merits of leasing?


  1. Distinguish between factoring and bank financing.


  1. Discuss the working of Depository system.


  1. How is accounting done for financial lease with respect to Lessor?






  1. The turnover of R Ltd. is Rs.60 lakhs of which 80% is on credit. Debtors are

allowed one month to clear off the dues.  A factor is willing to advance 90% of

the bills raised on credit for a fee of 2% a month plus a commission of 4% on the

total amount of debts.  R Ltd. as a result of the arrangement is likely to save

Rs.21,600 annually in management costs and avoid bad debts at 1% on the credit


A scheduled bank has come forward to make an advance equal to 90% of the

debts at an interest rate of 18% p.a.  However its processing fee will be at 2% on

the debts.  Would you accept factoring or the offer from the bank?



Answer any TWO questions:                                                                 ( 2 x 20 = 40 )


  1. Explain the functions of Merchant Banker?


  1. (a) What are the stages of venture capital financing?
  • What are the criteria to be considered while analyzing venture capital proposal?


  1. N Ltd. plans to acquire a computer. It can be either leased or acquired outright by

borrowing at 12% interest payable at the end of each year.  Principal is due for

repayment after 10 years. Other data are as follows:

Purchase of computer: Cost – Rs.40 lakhs; Annual maintenance – Rs.50,000

(to be paid in advance every year);  Life of the computer – 10 years; Depreciation  – 15% p.a.

on WDV;  Salvage value – Rs.4 lakhs.

Leasing of computer: Initial lease payment – Rs.4 lakhs; Lease rent – Rs.7

lakhs (payable in advance each year for 10 years);  Lease rent – Rs. 7 lakhs (payable in

advance each year for 10 years).


Assuming no tax, should the company buy or lease the computer?

Discount Rate


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
12% 0.893 0.797 0.712 0.636 0.567 0.507 0.452 0.404 0.361 0.322



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