Loyola College B.Com Nov 2008 Insurance Question Paper PDF Download



QB 12


FIFTH SEMESTER – November 2008





Date : 05-11-08                     Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 9:00 – 12:00

             PART -A

Answer ALL the questions:                                                                                       (10×2=20 marks)


  1. What are currency policies?
  2. What is meant by blanket policies?
  3. Mention one difference between Actual Total Loss And Constructive Total Loss in a marine

insurance policy.

  1. ”Insurance is not charity” – do you agree?
  2. What does the theory of probability propose?
  3. State any four marine insurance policies.
  4. What is burglary insurance?
  5. Note any two differences between Annuity Contracts and Life Insurance Policies.
  6. What do you know about Jeevan Suraksha.
  7. What is reinsurance?


                                                            PART -B


Answer any FIVE questions:                                                                                                 (5×8=40 marks)


  1. Explain the advantages of insurance to an individual.
  2. What are the functions of insurance?
  3. Write down the principles of investment.
  4. Write a note on personal accident insurance and bring out the features of the policy.
  5. Mention any five types of bonus options under life insurance
  6. Specify and explain the marine perils which result in marine losses.
  7. Differentiate between life insurance and fire insurance.
  8. What are the methods of reinsurance?




Answer any TWO of the following questions:                                                          (2×20=40 marks)


  1. What are the important clauses incorporated in a marine policy?
  2. Describe the different kinds of fire insurance policies.
  3. Explain the nature of life insurance contract.

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