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Date : 10/11/2012             Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 1:00 – 4:00



Answer ALL Questions:                                                                                                (10 x 2 = 20 )


  1. Fill in the Blanks: (4 x ½ = 2)


  1. The _______ Business Environment consists of a micro and macro environment.
  2. The characteristics of _______ like skill, quality, morale commitment and attitude can

contribute to the strength and weakness of the organization.

  1. The business environment in many countries has been significantly influenced by the

invasion of _______  culture.

  1. Cultural transmission takes place by means of _______ commission.


  1. True or False: (4 x ½ = 2)


  1. The Indian Constitution guarantees the citizens the fundamental right to freedom to practice

any profession, trade or business.

  1. Social Responsibility of business refers to what the business does for the benefit of society.
  2. In the mixed economy only features of private capitalism are evident.
  3. The macro environment is also known as task and operating environment.


  1. Choose the best alternative: ( 4 x ½ = 2)


  1. The division of powers between the Central and State Government has been defined

through the  ____ lists given in our Indian Constitution.

  1. a) Union List b) State List         c) Concurrent list             d) All the 3
  2. The entrepreneurial role consists of governmental participation in business through ______

ownership and management of industrial and commercial undertakings.

  1. a) Public b) Private         c) Free enterprise      d) Government Enterprise
  2. Urbanisation means the ________ of nation’s population living in urban areas.
  3. a) proportion b) nature         c)  rate               d) structure
  4. ______ is that branch of Commerce which is concerned with the sale transfer or exchange of

goods and services.

  1. a) Marketing b) Trade         c) Economics         d) Industry
  2. Match the following: (4 x ½ = 2)


  1. Entre-pot trade –     Automobiles
  2. Primary industry – Welfare of people
  3. State Policy – extractive and genetic
  4. Assembling – re-export trade


  1. Explain the term Macro Environment.
  2. What is a Technology Index?
  3. Name two fundamental rights.
  4. Define Business Ethics.
  5. What is GATT?
  6. Identify two limitations of Environmental Analysis.




Answer any FIVE Questions:                                                                                          ( 5 x 8 = 40 )


  1. Explain the types of Business Environment and list out the importance and limitations.
  2. What are the approaches of Environmental Analysis?
  3. List out the merits and demerits of the different Economic Systems.
  4. What are the functions and economic roles of the State?
  5. Explain the relevance of the Competition Act.
  6. What is the impact of foreign cultures on Indian Businesses? Illustrate with examples.
  7. What are the demographic factors that affect Business Environment?
  8. Explain the role and functions of the World Trade Organisation.




Answer any TWO Questions:                                                                                         ( 2 x 20 = 40 )


  1. Explain the role of Economic Parameters. Bring out a detailed description of the various

indices that help study the effect of Economic factors that affect the Environment.

  1. What is the COPRA? Bring out the significant provisions and role of the CPA – 1986 in

protecting the interest of consumers.

  1. Explain the factors related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Illustrate the strategies

used in implementing a CSR initiative for different business groups with suitable examples.

  1. Outline the Trading Blocks that affect Globalisation across the world. Also explain the

impact of Globalisation in India with relevance to the IT Industry.



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