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Date & Time: 27/04/2009 / 9:00 – 12:00  Dept. No.                                                  Max. : 100 Marks



PART A                                   (20marks)

Answer All questions              


I Choose the Correct Answer                                                               ( 5×1 =5 marks)

  1. The inoculum used in the fermentation process is ……% of the total volume of the medium.
  2. 5 10                c. 15                d. 20
  3. Casein is a …….. protein.
  4. yeast milk             c. animal          d. plant
  5. ………. is the first discovered antibiotic.
  6. Streptomycin Penicillin     c. Tetracyclin               d. Amoxyillin
  7. Which of the following enzyme is produced from pineapple?
  8. Ficin Papain                     c. Bromelain    d. peroxidase
  9. Pick the odd one out.
  10. Azolla Rhizobium                c. Azotobacter             d.Mycorrhizae


II State whether the following statements are True or False     ( 5 x1 = 5 marks)

  1. Photobioreactor is used for the production of microbial enzymes.
  2. The production of malt is called ageing.
  3. Most of the antibiotics are produced from actinomycetes.
  4. Vinegar is used as food preservative.
  5. Microbes involved in degradation of plastics are called as bioplastics.


III. Complete the following                                                                     ( 5 x 1 = 5 marks)

  1. Extra chromosomal DNA present in E.coli is called ………
  2. …….. is added to grape juice to prevent the growth of non yeast strains.
  3. ………… is a dipeptide, produced by a combination of aspartic acid and phenylalanine.
  4. Penicillin is obtained from ……………….
  5. ………….. is an example for biopesticide.



  1. Answer the following, each in about 50 words  ( 5 x 1 = 5 marks)


  1. Define bioreactor.
  2. Mention any two substrates for the cultivation of mushroom.
  3. What is Aspartame?
  4. Define Biotransformation.
  5. Mention the importance of Rhizobium.


PART B                       ( 5 x8 = 40 marks)

Answer any  five, each within 350 words only. Draw diagrams and flowcharts wherever necessary.


  1. Briefly explain about downstream processing.
  2. List out the important industrial products of fermentation technology.
  3. Describe the steps involved in cheese production.
  4. Write notes on importance and cultivation of Spirulina.

25 Describe the biosynthesis of Penicillin.

  1. Mention any two applications and one microbial strain used for citric acid, glutamic

acid and enzymes production.

  1. Explain the industrial production of gluatamic acid.
  2. Write notes on Bioplastics.


PART C                       (2x 20 = 40 marks)


Answer the following, each within 1500 words only. Draw diagrams and flowcharts wherever necessary.


29a. What is bioprocessing technology? Explain in detail the different stages of fermentation process.


  1. Give an account of commercial production of wine and ethanol.



30a. Describe the commercial production methods for Vitamin B12.


b.i) Define Biosensor. Explain the working principle of modern device to quantify the

biomolecules in our system.

  1. ii) Explain the microbial technology of protease production.




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