Loyola College B.Sc. Chemistry April 2006 Chemistry Of Materials Question Paper PDF Download



LM 17


                                                  CH 6602 – CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS

(Also equivalent to CHE 602)



Date & Time : 24-04-2006/9.00-12.00         Dept. No.                                                       Max. : 100 Marks



Part A

Answer all the questions.                                                                          10×2=20

  1. What are Bravais lattices?
  2. Differentiate type I and type II semiconductors.
  3. What are intrinsic semiconductors? Give an example.
  4. What is Curie-Weiss law?
  5. What is Meissner effect?
  6. Give two examples each of n-type or p-type metal oxide semiconductor.
  7. Define piezoelectric ceramics.
  8. How is radius ratio rule useful in determining the crystal structure?
  9. Define magnetic susceptibility.
  10. What is CVD technique?

Part B

Answer any eight questions.                                                                      8×5=40

  1. What are liquid crystals? Explain the different types of liquid crystals.
  2. How is the structure of compounds determined by powder method?
  3. Explain the crystal structure of perovksite with a neat diagram.
  4. Mention any five differences between hard and soft magnetic materials.
  5. What are ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials? Give examples.
  6. How is solar energy harnessed using photovoltaic cells?
  7. Describe the technique of crystal growth from solutions.
  8. An alkali metal crystallizes in a cubic lattice. The edge of the unit cell is 4.16Ao. The density is 975kg/m3 and its atomic weight is 23. Find the number of atoms in the unit cell and give your comment about the type of cubic cell.
  9. Draw and explain the crystal structure of NaCl.
  10. Describe the principle and fabrication of a transistor using n-p junction.
  11. How are TG and DTA useful in the structural determination of crystals? Give    examples.
  12. What is Frenkel defect? Explain with an example.

Part C

Answer any four questions.                                                                     4X10=40

  1. What are the types of non-stoichiometric defects? Explain with examples.
  2. Draw and explain the structures of wurtzite and zinc blende. Mention the     differences between them.
  3. Describe the hydrothermal growth and growth from melt methods for preparing    crystals.
  4. Write a note on photoelectrocatalytic splitting and photo reduction of water.
  5. Explain BCS theory and Kirkendall effect.
  6. a) Mention any four types of Bravais lattices available depending upon the shapes of the unit cells? Explain with suitable examples.
  7. b) Explain photo galvanic studies using a heterobinuclear complex.


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