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GH 21







Date : 21/04/2008                Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 9:00 – 12:00


                                                                           PART – A                                                           

Answer all the questions:                                                                  10 x 2 = 20


  1. Calculate CFSE value for high spin Mn2+ octahedral complex.
  2. What is meant by spin – orbit coupling?
  3. ‘The electron transfer from [Co(NH3)6]2+ to [Co(NH3)6] 3+ is extremely slow’. Explain
  4. Give two examples for photoredox reactions.
  5. How is ferrocene prepared? Draw its structure.
  6. Explain cis effect with an example.
  7. Write two examples for Metal template synthesis.
  8. Draw the structure of (a) Fe3(CO)12 (b) Co4(CO)12
  9. What is the biological significance of peroxidases?
  10. What are the contrast agents used in MRI?


Answer any Eight questions:                                                   8 x 5 = 40


  1. Describe the CF splitting of metal d – orbitals in tetrahedral field of ligands.
  2. State John-Teller theorem. Explain why Cu2+ does not form regular octahedral complex while Ni2+
  3. What are the experimental evidences for overlapping between metal and ligand orbitals? Explain with examples.
  4. Discuss the splitting of metal d-orbitals in square planar complex.
  5. Explain dissociative mechanism of ligand substitution reactions in octahedral complex with suitable example.
  6. What are photoisomerisation reactions? Explain with two examples.
  7. How are cis-and trans – isomers of [Pt(NH3)2Cl2] prepared?
  8. Write the name and draw the structure for the following
    • [Pt(C6H5-C º C-C6 H5) (PPh3) 2]
    • Be(C5H5) 2
  9. What is Wilkinson’s catalyst? Describe the hydrogenation an alkene using it.
  10. Discuss the bonding in (a) metal carbenes (b) Metal alkyls.
  11. Write a note on iron-molybdenum center in nitrogenase enzyme.
  12. Explain chelate therapy with examples.




Answer any FOUR Questions:                                                         4 x 10 = 40


  1. What are the principles of MO theory as applied to complexes? Construct MO energy level diagram for  [Co(NH3)6]3+ and explain why it is a diamagnetic complex.
  2. Define inner-sphere electrom transfer reaction. Explain the mechanism involved with a suitable example.  What are the experimental evidences for inter sphere electron transfer reactions?
  3. (a) Describe the factors affecting crystal field stabilization Energy in complexes.

(b) What are complimentary and non-complimentary electron transfer reactions?  Give two examples.

  1. (a) Write a note on cis-and trans-effect in synthesis of octahedral complex.

(b) Describe template synthesis of metal phthalocyanins.

  1. Describe in detail about bonding in metal carbonyls.
  2. (a) Write a note on Zeigler-Natta catalyst and its synthetic application.

(b) Discuss the structure and functions of carboxypeptidase – A.



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