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GH 24







Date : 23/04/2008                Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 9:00 – 12:00



Answer all the questions.                                          (10  ´ 2   = 20)


  1. Write the products obtained when anthracene is reduced using sodium –amalgam and isopentanol.
  2. Give the name and structure of any two very potent cancer producing polycyclic hydrocarbons.
  3. Give the products obtained when pyridine reacts with sodium amide.
  4. How wil you determine the number of double bonds present in the alkaloid piperine.
  5. What is isoprene rule ? Indicate the isoprene units in the structure of citral.
  6. How will you synthesize α- terpineol from α -pinene.
  7. What are purines ? Write the structure of Caffeine.
  8. Give any two biological importance of anthocyanins.
  9. Write the products obtained when uric acid is oxidized using dil.HNO3.
  10. Write the structure of cyanidine chloride



Answer any Eight questions                     (8  ´  5   = 40)


  1. How will you synthesize anthracene from Phthalic anhydride using Friedel – Craft’s reaction.
  2. Complete the following reactions.


  1. i. How is thiophene manufactured from acetylene ?
  2.       How will you synthesise quinoline using Skraup’s synthesis method.
  3. i. Explain why are pyrrole,furan and thiophene classified as aromatic compounds.
  4.          How will you prepare pyridine from pyrrole.
  5. Identify the products in the following reactions.
  6. Quinoline               A
  7. Pyridine   +   Acetyl chloride     B

iii.     Pyridine   +  C6H5 Li     C

  1. i. What happens when citral is subjected to oxidation with Alk. KMnO4 followed by chromic acid? Write the name and structure of the products formed.
  2. What happens when menthol is heated with KHSO4
  3. Briefly discuss the constitution of Geraniol.
  4. i. What are terpenes ?  How are they classified ?
  5.   How will you establish the position of double bonds in citral.
  6. Write short notes on Flavones and Flavonoids.
  7. Give any one method for the synthesis of cyanidine chloride.
  8. How will you synthesize Xanthine from urea using Traube’s method.
  9. i. What are the products obtained when Caffeine is oxidized using potassium chlorate in HCl.
  10.   How will you synthesize Caffeine from uric acid using Fischer method.

Answer any four questions.                                 ( 4 ´ 10 = 40 )


  1. Elucidate the structure of phenanthrene. Confirm it by Haworth and Pschorr’s synthesis.
  2. i. Deduce the orbital structure of pyrrole.
  3. Give any one method for the synthesis of piperine.
  4. Elucidate the structure of menthol.
  5. What are anthocyanins? Discuss the structure and any two general methods of synthesis of anthocyanins.
  6. Establish the structure of iso-quinoline.
  7. Elucidate the structure of uric acid.


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