“Loyola College B.Sc. Chemistry April 2008 Polymer Chemistry Question Paper PDF Download”



GH 16






Date : 03-05-08                  Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 1:00 – 4:00



Answer ALL  questions.                                                                                 (10×2=20)

  1. How will you differentiate oligomers from polymers?
  2. Write the H-bondeed structure of polyamide and give its importance.
  3. Draw the structure of isotactic polymer of polypropylene.
  4. Write the photo initiation mechanism of ethylene using benzoyl peroxide.
  5. What is the role of surfactants in emulsion polymerization?
  6. What is pearls polymerization?
  7. How is PMMA prepared?
  8. Mention any two uses for each thermo and thermosetting polymers.
  9. How will you increase the strength and elasticity of natural polymers?
  10. Write the name of the polymer process which enables the production of following.
  11.  i) Soft drink bottles

ii)Film and sheets




Answer any eight questions.                                                                           (8×5=40)

  1. Write short notes on Mn & Mw with examples.
  2. Discuss the characteristics of a monomer with three examples.
  3. Discuss the geometrical isomerism of polybutadiene with structure.
  4. What are living polymers? Explain with mechanism.
  5. Explain the different types of polymerization.
  6. What is solution polymerization? Explain its advantages.
  7. How are the following polymers prepared?
  8. i) Polystyrene  ii) Nylon 6,6   iii) Teflon
  9. Differentiate electrometric compounds and fibre forming plastics.
  10. Explain the variance of conductivity values of doped and undoped polyacetylene.
  11. Discuss the advantages of die-casting.
  12. Write a note on (i) antioxidats

(ii) colourants.

  1. What is FRP? Explain the process of hand lay-up technique.





Answer any four questions.                                                                            (4×10=40)

  1. a) What are secondary bond forces? Give its importance in polymers. (6)
  2. b) Explain the linear and cross-linked polymer with example.                       (4)
  3. What are stereo-regular polymers? Discuss the mechanism of preparation using coordination catalyst.                                                                                     (2+8)
  4. Compare the bulk and gas phase polymerization techniques with example.
  5. Thermal stability of polymers depends on their structure. Explain in detail with examples.
  6. Explain the following polymerization process.
  7. i) compression moulding                                                                                 (5)
  8. ii) film casting.                                                                                                (5)
  9. Give the preparation and uses of the following. (5×2=10)
  10. i) Buna-S      ii) PAN      iii) Polyethylene   iv) PVC    v) Kevlar fiber.



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