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AN 02


         EC 1501 – INDIAN ECONOMY – I



Date & Time : 03-11-2006/1.00-4.00           Dept. No.                                                       Max. : 100 Marks




Part  – A


Answer any FIVE questions in about 75 words each.                  (5 x 4 = 20 marks)

  1. Mention the causes and remedies of rural indebtedness.
  2. What is new forest policy?
  3. State the importance of Dual price policy.
  4. Define agricultural labour, marginal farmers and small farmers.
  5. How do we measure farm efficiency.
  6. How will you correlate fragmentation, sub-division and consolidation of holdings?
  7. Define cropping pattern. What are the factors determining the same.


Part – B


Answer any FOUR questions in about 300 words each.            (4 x 10 = 40 marks)

  1. Explain the various sources of irrigation in India.
  2. Define agricultural marketing. What are the defects and remedies of the same.
  3. Evaluate the performance of agriculture during the plan perods.
  4. Make out a brief resume of the development of cottage, small scale agro based industries for the generation of employment opportunities.
  5. Bring out the various problems and solutions of agriclutral sector.
  6. Examine the role of RRB for the development of agricultural sector.
  7. “First Five Year Plan concentrates mainly agricultural development” – Discuss.


Part – C


Answer any TWO questions in about 900 words each.              (2 x 20 = 40 marks)

  1. Critically examine the impact of Green Revolution in India.
  2. The implementation of land reforms and its policies are completely a failure – Discuss. Suggest the remedial measures of the same.
  3. Define cooperative farming, better farming, just farming, and marketing societies. State the importance of cooperative societies in India.
  4. What are the remedial measures to solve the problems of money lenders and finance for agricultural operations of the farmers? Mention the role played by NBFI and Banking finance in India.

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