BITSAT 2015 English Proficiency Syllabus

English Proficiency

This test is designed to assess the test takers’ general proficiency in the use of English language as a   means of self-expression in real life situations and specifically to test the test takers’ knowledge of basic grammar, their vocabulary, their ability to read fast and comprehend, and also their ability to apply the elements of effective writing.

1. Grammar

1.1          Agreement, Time and Tense, Parallel construction, Relative pronouns

1.2          Determiners, Prepositions, Modals, Adjectives

1.3          Voice, Transformation

1.4          Question tags, Phrasal verbs

2. Vocabulary

2.1          Synonyms, Antonyms, Odd Word, One Word, Jumbled letters, Homophones,


2.2          Contextual meaning.

2.3          Analogy

3. Reading Comprehension

3.1          Content/ideas

3.2          Vocabulary

3.3          Referents

3.4          Idioms/Phrases

3.5          Reconstruction (rewording)

4. Composition

4.1          Rearrangement

4.2          Paragraph Unity

4.3          Linkers/Connectives



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