Career Choice at BITS Pilani

Career choice at BITS Pilani:

               BITS Pilani is one of the best Universities of India with best physical and academic infrastructure, Placement facilities, consultancy, curriculum, delivery system, standard education based on current industry, happiness index and so on.

BIT has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a grade “A”. Also, according to a survey titled “Top Science and Technology schools in Asia-Pacific” which was conducted by Asiaweek’s magazine, BITS was in the top 20 in Asia.


Specialties of BITS:

  • BITS Pilani offers admission to the candidate only on merit basis. It does not encourage any recommendation or references.
  • BITS Pilani has got collaboration with many foreign Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This helps the students of BITS Pilani to easily continue their higher education in these foreign Universities.
  • You can feel proud about the brand name “BITS” when you pass out of the college. “BITS Pilani” is a very famous brand name which is recognized in all over the world.
  • It has very good alumni support with most of the students of BITS in top most position in their life and career.
  • BITS Pilani offers direct admission to the board toppers (Never mind the scores secured in BITSAT) at any Indian campuses of BITS.
  • It also offers scholarships for the meritorious students who are from poor family background. Almost 25% of students avail this facility from every batch.
  • Placement of BITS Pilani is something which everyone is familiar with. BITS University provides the country’s best placement facilities which had placed several students in the highest paying jobs.
  • BITS Pilani also offers the students the facility of “Course Flexibility”. You can pursue Engineering and Science at the same time and you can even finish your Engineering degree in 3.5 years if you have required caliber.


Career oriented courses in BITS Pilani:

          Few of the popular and important courses are mentioned below:


First degree courses:

  • BE (Hons) Chemical Engineering:

             Chemical Engineering is one of the nurturing fields which aim to bring more leaders and entrepreneurs in this field. BITS Pilani offers best faculties who have completed Ph.D and Postdocs from IIT’s and Universities abroad. BITS Pilani not only offers B.E (Hons) but also M.E in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D in this field.

         What after Chemical Engineering?

  1. Chemical Engineers are high in demand in current scenario. They are highly employable in the designations such as Field Engineers, Product Engineers and also work in MNCs and in Government sectors.
  2. It is one of the best paying professions in which salary hike is made around 30% over the last decade.
  3. Chemical Engineers work for the welfare of the people. Even Day to day life products are produced only after the supervision of the chemical engineers.


  • BE (Hons) Civil:

             This is one of the oldest departments in BITS Pilani which was established in the year 1956. This department offers Civil Engineering courses in B.E (Hons) Civil, M.E (Civil) and Doctorate programs. Civil Engineering is rather another group which has wide varieties of opportunities all over the world. Civil Engineer is the one who plans, designs, constructs and maintains large projects and systems of a country like Roadways, Tunnels, Bridges, sewage treatment, dams, etc. They are the backbone of any country they are working for.


          What after Civil Engineering?

  1. Positions like Structural Engineer, Offshore Structural Engineer, Project Engineer, Associate Engineer, CAD/CAM Engineer, etc., are the highly paid positions in the field of Civil Engineering.
  2. Civil Engineers are always in high demand in the community. Thus, every possible civil engineer has excellent pay scale.
  3. Civil Engineers get the opportunity to explore new places and travel every nook and corner of the country.
  4. You can check out the chart for referring the hierarchy of Civil Engineering jobs:


  • BE (Hons) Computer Science and Engineering:

                 Computer Science and Engineering a most common and demanding field which most of the students wish to choose.

You can find the semester wise pattern for the CSE in BITS Pilani in the following link:

         What after Computer Science and Engineering?

  1. Most of the students of BITS, have bagged jobs successfully in Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., Other computer science students have successfully chosen their future path as researchers, Computer field jobs in Government sectors, higher education in the same field, etc.,
  2. This is an industry which caters to the world standards. Thus, the pay package is always high for every computer engineer.


  • BE (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

                   In BITS Pilani, EEE department is formed from the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering departments which were formed in the year 1969 and 1970 respectively.

         What after Electrical and Electronic Engineering?

  1. The field of EEE mainly covers the generation of power, storage and usage of power. This field is very important and has high demands in the society.
  2. This field is very important since “Power” seems to be an integral part of our day-to-day life.
  3. EEE engineers are offered opportunities in various fields such as renewable energy sector, communications industry, aerospace industry, power sectors and in Information technology fields.


  • BE (Hons) Manufacturing:

                  The main motive for starting this department is to encourage young talents in the field of product development. This course targets mainly in the product development, testing, manufacturing, etc.

You can find the semester wise pattern for BE(Hons) Manufacturing in the below link:


        What after Manufacturing Engineering?

  1. Pursuing Manufacturing engineering allows you to work for the product development. It offers the opportunities to work with the vendors and suppliers for fixing the price for the products, delivery planning, meeting the standard of the final products, etc.,
  2. Types of designations offered for those who have completed BE (Hons) Manufacturing engineering are:
  • Product Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing researcher
  • Plant and Machinery Engineer and so on


Higher degree courses:

  • Sc (Hons) Biological sciences:

             To target in the modern areas of science and technology, BITS Pilani developed department of Biological sciences by merging the departments of zoology and botany which were established in the year 1969.


          What after M.Sc Biological Sciences?

  1. Obviously, Biological science is a study of plants and living organisms. Within the subjects of Botany and zoology, there are numerous sub-subjects such as Cell Biology, Bio-Chemistry, Ecology, Microbiology, bio-statistics and Genetics.
  2. Students who have successfully completed M.Sc Biological Science are able to get opportunities in various Government firms, research labs, private pharmaceutical firms, etc.,
  3. They can also choose to be a lecturer/ professor in the field of Biological science.
  4. Students with best communication skills and Ph.D degree are able to get higher positions in the Ministries of India as research officers or as an entry level scientist.


  • Sc (Hons) Enomics:

             BITS Pilani offers best education in the field of economics by providing strong fundamentals in the theories of economics. This makes the students to handle every real life applications of economics very easily.

          What after M.Sc Economics?

  1. A huge list of Government and private jobs are waiting for the candidates those who have successfully completed M.Sc Economics.
  2. Meritorious students can get prestigious jobs in Government sectors such as Indian Civil Services, Indian Economic Services, National sample survey, Reserve Bank of India, Ministry of Economic affairs, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, National Council for applied Economics, etc.,


  • Sc (Hons) Mathematics

                    This department was actually established in the year 1944 under Birla Science College which was later incorporated in the institute in 1964.This department mainly focuses on the standard education in the specialized fields of Mathematics such as Algebra and analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, etc.

          What after M.Sc Mathematics?

  1. The candidates who have successfully completed M.Sc Mathematics can take up UPSC and SSC exams which are conducted by the Central Government to fill up the various Government Posts in various departments of the country.
  2. The candidate has wide opportunity after completing M.Sc Mathematics. He/She are eligible to take up lecturer/Professor positions in the Universities and Colleges, apply for Private and Government Banking sectors, Defence department, Railways, etc.,

          Whatever course you pursue through BITS Pilani, you have a guaranteed success in the respected fields especially because of the brand name “BITS”. So, students who have successfully completed the course in BITS Pilani have high reputation and recognition in all the Government sectors, Private sectors, Universities/Colleges, etc.,

Thus, best career opportunities are guaranteed if you are from BITS Pilani.


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