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Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering the future beholds bright and prosperous

A Robotics Engineer are the ones who invent the robotic toys, built an equipment and special effects for an amusement park or the entertainment industry, even increase the manufacturing capacity for specialized robots for an automated task and designs robots to perform tasks where humans cannot explore like the depth in the ocean or exploring the planets in our solar system. Feeling excited!

Robotics is a branch of engineering that basically deals with the engineering science and technology of roots. The core function includes that of the manufacturing, functioning, designing and the structural positioning of the robots. It is basically regarded as a sub-category of mechanical engineering. They usually design the robots and likewise develop various new applications for the functioning in a span of different industries to increase the manufacturing process taking less time. It is also used in other fields of application like exploring the sea, servicing the electrical signals or for nuclear science or in the field of bio-medical equipment.

A person qualified in this field can apply the specialization and mastery in various others spectrum of works like in nanotechnology, or surgery in the areas of modern warfare or even in space-exploration. In the present day scenario the humans are being replaced by the robots where the environmental conditions are hazardous, deadly or controlled in the manufacturing units or space crafts, the atomic plants and the mining industry or even deep sea vessels. The computerized application of the functioning through robots made it possible for the tremendous increase of productivity.

Robotics Engineer is interesting to learn, can I prosper?

As a future Robotics engineer you must have the capacity to envision how something will function after it is finished. You should likewise have an inclination towards mechanical issues and have the capacity to recognize and afterward illuminate those issues. To be a futuristic robot engineer, you must be exact in estimation, arranging and mechanical development, and must have the capacity to impart specialized guidelines to others. So have good communication skills is a must other important aptitudes could incorporate the capacity to work continuously within an unstructured environment..

A lot of prospects

There are lots of career opportunities available for robotics engineer. Industries such as aerospace or automobiles, defense and also the manufacturing sectors , agriculture, mining recruit such talent. You can also opt to work in a research institute and also as a faculty in an educational institution. The gaming industry is a huge prospect where robotics engineering is much in need. This is due to the fact that in this industry as there are a lot of enjoyable variation that are basically provided by robotics such as X- Box, PCs and the Play station etc.

This field is one of the most promising and the rewarding career. The expected salary may vary that mainly depends on your education and which industry you are working for.

The initial salary of a qualified robotic engineer starts from 5 lac- 6 lacs per annum. The prospects of this field are much better in developed countries.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all engineering fields

Mechanical engineering affects all facets of human life to improve and make the world a better place to live in. They are the ones who does confront with the greatest of challenges that of energy, safe water and the transportation. They are the ones who design the ultra sophisticated tiny devices that navigate the human body to investigate diseases saving life. It is through their hard work we are able to enjoy our everyday life, from mobiles to iPods to computers to that of our favorite video game. In fact, virtually everything you are acquainted with during the course of the day, there is mechanical engineering that have something to do with it for to help improve our existence.

Mechanical engineers do create and develop the mechanical systems for all of humankind. They are concerned with the principles of force and motion to design, manufacture and for seamless operational processes for the advancement of the world enhancing the safety measures and economic vitality. Each and every sector does require mechanical engineers from thermal power station or the air conditioning industry or gas turbines industry and also in other industries.

Can I become a mechanical engineer?

As an aspiring mechanical engineer you should have a solid foundation in mathematics and science. The capacity to solve problems coupled with the learning and knowledge of the mechanical design for to identify the various problems and come up with effective solutions to address those. A good communicator and a good listener further help to make a mark in your profession as your work involves interactions and an amalgamation with the other engineers to come out with a better solution for the client. The sheer behavior of curiosity along with a sense of creativity work drastically well for a mechanical engineering aspirant. The ability to merge applying the concept of engineering science and the technology for designing for the production of various goods is an ultimate goal for a mechanical engineer. Balancing both ends the ticket towards success.

For career and job opportunities you can choose from an end number of industries

There are a lot of job prospects for a mechanical engineer pass out. They are required for designing, the manufacturing, the installation of various parts and the operating systems that are needed in innumerable industries. Opportunities exist both in the private and the public sector. In a government sector, fresher are recruited as a junior engineer and goes up the ladder as a Assistant engineer to a assistant executive engineer to a executive engineer to a superintendent engineer and so forth. For a mechanical engineer graduate employment offers do come from different industries like automobiles, aeronautical industries, space research centers, steel plants , oil exploration and refining and also bio-mechanical.

The remuneration that you get is ample and ranges between Rs.10,000- Rs.25,000 on a monthly basis. Those who have extended their qualification to post graduation are offered a bigger salary scale. You can also expect an annual pay package of 40 lac pa in the later part of your career depending on the experience and the skills you attain.

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering one of the most lucrative job opportunity

We were the first to ever burst into the silent sea’. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samual Taylor Coleridge truly depicted the life of a mariner in ancient times. But things have changed vast and wide with lots of opportunities as a Marine Engineer. This field is challenging with lots of excitement for those who are quite passionate to work with tools and at sea. It is a fact that more than 80% of the transportation that happens is through sea routes for the exports and imports between different countries. Marine Engineering is the basic profession in respect of ships and the navigation that happens.

 A marine engineer is responsible for the seamless operations, the maintenance and the repair that have to be undertaken for all mechanical and the engineered equipment inside a ship. As ships these days come with modern technology it is only a marine engineer can handle it. A lot of discipline and responsibility behold a chief marine engineer as the freight and cargo that’s being transported worth millions of dollars.

Marine engineers require a lot of discipline and hard work

Like all other engineering branches, aspiring marine engineers should possess a strong aptitude for mathematics and physics. The ability to think independently and work with a team both should be part of their skill. The work that they undergo requires rounds of changes taking a lot of years for its completion, for that they should obtain a lot of patience.

A lucrative prospect await you

Fourth engineer and third assistant engineer await you after completion of Marine engineering course which entails you to reside you on a ship for a major part of a year. The levels of engagement starts from first engineer to fourth engineer, to the topmost Chief engineer. They also get employment prospects by the engine production organizations or the ship building organizations, by the various research bodies, the ship designing firms and above all the Indian Navy also needs their expertise. If you don’t want to be on board of a ship in most parts of the year you can also join marine workshop at various ports across the country. They can also opt for ship manufacturing companies.

These days marine engineers are finding their place in the IT sector also in a major way so as various consultancy companies, construction firms, the power sector, the steel manufacturing industry and the electronic industry which are equally good paymasters. You can also work with the Directorate General Shipping of India or also explore the entrepreneurial scope in this field. You can also join academics and join the teaching profession which is picking up in prospects

A bag full

Hefty pay packages that too tax free for the services at sea and a NRI status is what Marine Engineers are facilitated. And what’s more, if you are fresher the salary you do obtain is much more on a higher scale as compared with any other engineering streams and if you manage to get recruited in oil tanker the salary shoots up than others. The chance to travel across the globe seeing the world without any expenses is an incentive by itself. It all about happily living a luxurious life for a marine engineer due to the heavy salary packages they usually get as a compensation of being away from home.

Leather Technology

Leather Technology: Engineers in need to fulfill the growing leather industry

Before you start wondering what the future bestows for the leather industry lets hang on to some of the facts with that of the Indian market. India accounts to over 14% of the global annual footwear production. The leather industry in India is the fourth largest export industry in the world. The Leather industry is an employment intensive sector with 2.5 million been associated with it and of these 30% are women. With the Indian leather industry is expected to grow and multinational stepping in Leather Technology is a good career option you can think of.

Leather technology is an engineering branch of study which deals with the production and the refining of the raw leather product so that it can be utilized in an effective way. The study also deals with the synthesis of the artificial leather effectively renovated to make commercial goods and products. Due to the growing leather industry this stream of study is gaining importance day by day in the industrial sector.


Can I be a part of the leather technology?

It’s all about creativity and style and how well you can transform the ideas into attractive products and accessories. You should have the current prospective of what’s happening in the world of fashion design, the new trends that seems evolving with the knowledge of the economic parameters and the technical skills. An in-depth understanding of the functions like technology, production, marketing, and sales adds on to your skills to flourish in this field. Any aspirant with flair of style, with artistic skills and a color and texture sense can think of enrolling themselves in leather technology. Dedication, with lots of patience, commitment towards work long hours against tight deadlines and a passion to succeed is a true essence of the skills required to shine in this profession.

The Leather industry is growing strong will sure help your career graph

After the successful completion with some hands on practical training the persons can work as a technical designer or a style designer or taking care of the quality control of the products. These specialists do get employment in different export houses, leather firms, or government organizations and even in industries dealing in leather products. They can also work as lecturers in various universities and institutes..

The remuneration of leather technology specialist depends on the company, the nature and the area of the work. The job opportunities are mostly with the private sectors paying a higher salary than government units. Recently the influx of multinational companies setting up a base in Indian soil the industry is undergoing a lot of improvement than the erstwhile small scale units with not so satisfactory monetary returns. Now in the present scenario a fresh candidate can expect a minimum of Rs.10,000- Rs. 15,000 per month. The aspirant can work as a designer, or merchandise in different categories and products depending on the qualification of the candidate and the size of the firm. You can work also as a freelancer and the return depends of an individual performance.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering a new scope with a lot of prospects

How to get the insulin used by diabetic patients? Where to get the insulin? It was the part of the scientist who discovered who eventually determined that the insulin can be purified of pigs or cattle was sufficient to treat the insulin deficiency in the diabetic patients. But this major breakthrough accompanied with side effects for some patients. They suffered an allergic reaction. This is where genetic engineering solved the problem and paved a way to a new field of scientific and medical advances. Likewise the advancement was seen in the year 1997 when Dolly made headlines as being the first successfully cloned large mammal. Since then genetic engineering made various developments in medicine like the treatment for cancer, in agriculture like transgenic insect resistant crops and also in the animal husbandry sector

Genetic Engineering is all about as intention to reshuffle the sequence of DNA in a gene by the use of artificial methods. Work that involves genetic engineers are that of the extraction of DNA out of an organism to change it by the use of chemicals or by radiation and then putting it back into that same organism or different organism. They also do make a study how various behaviors and characteristics are transmitted generations after generation and also the reasons causing genetic disorders. Through research they analyze the cause and trying to figure out the potential cures.

Can you be a successful genetic engineer?

For you to become a successful genetic engineer, you need to have a sharp analytic mind with a propensity for research. Further, you should have an exceptional concentration power with an eye for minute details along with an imaginative power. Also, you should be powered with a lot of stamina for you to cope with the long hours of work. Moreover you should have an ability to work in a team and above all you should be gifted with a sound moral sense.

Scope of work involves plants, animals and humans

Genetic engineering can be divided into specialization in relation to plants, animals and also humans. In plants and animals this field relates in improving the resistance to disease that results in damage, improving the natural characteristics of value and also to develop new ones. The developments relate to the change of color, the size and the texture results in a genetically modified food. In human genetic engineering is utilized to detect hereditary defects by the introduction of normal genes into the cells to replace the missing and the defective ones.

Job prospects

The demand for genetic engineers is increasing both in India and also in other countries. Medical, pharma industries and agricultural sectors have a natural demand for genetic engineers. They can also work in the research and development departments both in the public and the private sectors. Other than that, they can also opt for teaching.

A post graduate degree holder with a specialization in genetic engineering do earn a initial salary of Rs.5000- Rs.8000 whereas a person with a Phd doctoral degree do get Rs.10,000 initially.

Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology – The big Indian fashion dream

India is a land of dream for all fashion designers due to the sheer variety and availability of different types of material from traditional silk to ikats to jamawars and handlooms in vibrant weavers and dyes. With the Indian fashion conquering the world fashion arena with names like Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Sunit Verma, Tarun Tahiliani there is no looking back of the Indian fashion is the world arena. In is a fact that Indian textiles and garments has been always in the limelight and with the changing prospective of this industry, there is a lot of innovation in garments and the accessory designs that’s happening. Due to this a lot of specialization is required with more concern there is a lot of scope that have been unleashed in the field of fashion technology.

 The area a vast spectrum of activities in fashion technology dealing with the design, conceptualizing the whole idea, production management that is required, the quality control prospective, the planning, the printing, the fashion merchandising, the color mixing , the nature of textile to be used and the marketing of the product.

Are you creative enough?

Can you emanate style in whatever you do? Do you have the talent to showcase originality and have creative pursuit to make people look good? If so, a career in fashion technology is the career path for you. A fashion technology person needs to play with colors, shades and different textures with innovative ideas through drawing and sketches. You should possess the capacity to visualize new designs, the patterns of the garment to be worn matching them with accessories. The person should literary enjoy working with various fabrics and accessories. So if you have the power of all these qualities with no hesitation you can jump into the arena of fashion technology.

Prospects are huge

Fashion Technology provides you with an upper hand knowledge and experience on apparel manufacturing technology. It is a true introduction to obtain a theoretical, practical and the industry exposure. Fashion houses and garment manufacturing units are in need of candidates like you and you are expected to get job offers as Production Managers or assistant production managers in these manufacturing units.

Getting placed is no big deal after successful completion of the course. Excellent placement lies ahead of you in the garment, leather sector and the jewellery industry. You can get your hands to become a merchandising executive, or a fashion designer or illustrators or be a fashion co-ordinator. There are export houses, textile mills, various reputed garment stores, boutiques, and leather manufactures, jewelry manufactures and retailers and also fashion show organizers are in a constant look for the creative guys like you.

The salary is not in a higher scale in the initial stages but as you gain experience working with different projects your pay is on a upward rise. As a trainee designer at a very start a stipend of around Rs.10,000 is allotted to you. After acquiring the working knowledge a person can look forward to getting Rs.30,000- Rs.40,0000 on a monthly basis. And if you are able to get yourself trained under a umbrella of a reputed designer, there is no looking back in your career

Introduction to Engineering as a Career

Joining the Dots We the Engineers

Engineering is all about making a difference, the difference by means of innovative solutions that makes a better tomorrow. The world of engineering visions every challenge does have myriad solutions. These engineers face the toughest challenge solving the problems by collaborating and creating new ways to fight towards victory towards sustainable development helping to shape an affluent society. Engineers take up the challenge to design and to build practical devices to make our day to day easier and satisfying.

There will always be dependability and interest for gifted engineers in various fields, some of which are fresh out of the box with emerging areas of function while others have existed for a long time. As society creates and enhances, engineers are called upon to roll out these improvements to make a superior, economical world to live in. Choosing to study engineering you, should decide upon, but it’s certainly the best career option for a full time employment for the next 30-40 years of your life with plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction. Still, if you are in two minds, just read on to understand better.

It’s a field for challenge and creativity

 Engineers deal with energizing tasks and impact how our reality changes and moves forward. The astounding structures, vehicles and disclosures in advanced society have been impacted and made by engineers portrays its geniuses. In the event that you are interested about how things function and have a sharp personality for applying what you have learnt out how to take care of the issue around you , engineering is the ideal platform for your abilities. Be arranged to commit years of learning and practice to ace a field of building; don’t hope to assemble an Airbus or the following Burj Khalifa, which is presently the tallest building on the planet in a year of finishing your degree

Learn skills to apply anywhere

The abilities that you grow as an engineer are fantastically important and profoundly looked after. Individuals will turn to you for help for various issues. The capacity to give viable answers for problems is pivotal and will provide for you awesome certainty when confronted with any test or obstruction. You will build up a comprehension of the plausibility of a venture from a budgetary and down to the practical point of view. You likewise figure out how to deal with your time adequately, working with a group of people to develop yourself as a true leader.

These abilities can be connected to any aspects of your life. That also makes your career a more profound one being promoted in the managerial positions such as a CEO or any high level officials.

Lots of opportunities await you

As an engineer, you will rank amongst the most generous professions in this world, even as a graduate. Your novel, widespread aptitude set will empower you to work in pretty much any nation wherever you want to. Very few careers offer this kind of chance to pick up experience and investigate new societies and ways of life. Engineers working in multinational organizations will regularly travel abroad for meetings and to visit or travel for an inspection to assess organization units is certainly a mixed bag to their everyday schedules.

Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering-a specialization in high demand

Simply envision a world without instruments. It would be similar to navigating into a period that presumably goes even past the Stone Age. Man has dependably been captivated towards instruments and the journey to imagine and improve on new instruments has pushed humankind past boundaries to an age where the instruments have turned into an integral part of the life. Today, we discover instruments at home and at working environment, and this was conceivable simply because of the science instrumentation.

Instrumentation engineering can be alluded to as a mixture of distinctive subjects that can be the platform for some professions. In fact, instrumentation engineering is a between disciplinary extension that incorporates the study of interlinked discipline which includes that of electrical, chemical, computer engineering and also electronics. Instrumentation and control specialists configuration fabricate to fix up gadgets or frameworks that are utilized to gauge or control physical quantities that of the temperature, pressure or the flow. It is the work of the instrumental engineer to decide upon which types of instrumentation are needed for the purpose check for better quality and product efficiency.

Aside from covering the core subjects that of systems dynamics, the industrial instrumentation, the process control and of bio-medical instrumentation and robotics this field do provide an upper hand dealing with the various software and hardware, including that of microprocessor based instrumentation, or micro controller instrumentation, systems designs embedded, the computer architecture and the computer process control. Computer programming like C Language and Fortran are also part of the subject.

Instrumentation engineering sounds interesting can I enroll?

It is recommended that aspirants wishing to enter a degree program in instrumentation engineering have a strong foundation in subjects like mathematics and science before enrolling yourself to this particular specialization. Further, if you do have knowledge in computers and engineering it is very much helpful. Above all you should have a good logical ability.

Career Prospects

To improve the efficiency, the stability and the safety measures of the automated process Instrumental Engineers are recruited in various organizations. Their main focus is to handle the designing, the production and the maintenance of the instrumentation system that are deployed for the manufacturing of various activities. Likewise, these instrumentation engineers play a regular part in ensuring that the efficiency and quality is maintained for the manufacturing goods. For the nature of work activities they are in need in the industrial sectors that of thermal power plants, chemical companies, cement manufacturing units, steel plants and different research and development organizations. The companies which cater to the manufacturing of a whole lot of diverse instruments, so employ them due to the expertise for the day to day operations. Instrumentation engineers can also sees themselves as part of the software and the hardware industry.

For a fresher you can start up with a salary of Rs.1 lac to Rs. 2.4 lacs per annum. And once you have gathered experience, senior engineers do get an offer of a pay package of 3.5 lacs to 6 lacs per year.