PGIMER PG 2016 Selection Procedure

PGIMER PG 2016 Selection ProcedureCandidates will be considered for selection to MD/MS courses based on a theory paper consisting of 250 multiple choice question (MCQs) with five alternatives each and single/multiple correct responses. Negative marks will be given for incorrect responses marked. The duration of this competitive entrance examination, to be conducted at various centres at Chandigarh is three hours.
The approximate number of questions for each subject is as follows: Applied Anatomy – 6, Applied Biochemistry-12, Immunogenetics and Molecular Biology-10, Applied Physiology-6, Pathology – 15, Pharmacology – 12, Microbiology – 12, Forensic Medicine – 6, Social and Preventive Medicine-7, Internal Medicine-36, Paediatrics-12, Dermatology-6, Psychiatry-6, Radiodiagnosis-6, Obstetrics and Gynaecology-20, Radiotherapy – 6, General Surgery-36, Otorhinolaryngology -10, Ophthalmology – 10, and Orthopaedics – 10.
The question paper has 250 questions, each with five response options. Hence there are a total of 1250 response options. One or more of these five options can be correct for each question. The question paper therefore has some number of correct responses (say a) and incorrect responses (say b, such that a+b=1250). A candidate would mark a proportion of these responses as being correct. Some of these are truly correct (say x) while the remaining are wrongly marked as being correct (say y). The scoring is done through a customized software that matches the candidates’ responses to each of the 1250 possible responses (marked as correct, or left blank) with the true answer (correct or incorrect). True correct responses (i.e. candidate correctly marks a response as true) are scored positively, and incorrect responses (i.e. candidate marks an incorrect response as correct) are scored negatively. Any responses not marked by the candidate are not scored. A candidate’s percentage score will be computed using the formula: Percentage score= [x/a–y/b]×100.
As an example, assume that the question paper has 600 correct responses. If a candidate marks 580 responses as correct, out of which 450 are truly correct and the remaining 130 are incorrect, then a = 600, b = 650, x = 450 and y = 130. Accordingly, for this candidate, percentage score is: [(450/600) – (130/650)] × 100 = 55.0. Please note that these figures are only illustrative, and do not imply the actual number of correct responses in the question paper, or actual performance of any candidate.
Actual scores will not be considered further since these percentage scores will depend on relative difficulty of the question paper, and the relative ability of candidates, and it is not advisable to use these in generating cut-offs for selection. These will be converted into percentile score using the formula: Percentile= [(B+(0.5×E))/N]×100where B = number of scores below the candidate’s score, E = number of scores equal to the candidate’s score (1 if there is no tie, and >1 if there is a tie), and N = number of candidates appearing for exam. Overall rank of all the candidates shall be decided based on these percentile scores, with a higher percentile score translating into a better rank.
If two or more candidates obtain equal percentile scores, then inter-se merit for selection shall be determined on the following basis:

a) A candidate who has obtained higher aggregate marks in MBBS examination shall rank higher to a candidate who has obtained lower marks.
c) If the aggregate marks obtained in MBBS examination are the same, then a candidate senior in age shall rank higher to a candidate who is junior in age.
An overall merit list based on the percentile obtained by all the candidates appearing in the examination in the theory examination (irrespective of their category) will be prepared. Candidates of various categories who secure percentile in the theory examination, as mentioned against each category, will qualify for admission:

Open (General) and Sponsored/Deputed 55th percentile
OBC, OPH, SC/ST, Rural Area, Foreign Nationals 50th percentile
Bhutanese Nationals 45th percentile

Candidates from reserved categories are also eligible to compete for general category seats (open category). Thus, in addition to category wise list, a combined General Category merit list of all the candidates will also be prepared.

PGIMER PG 2016 Reservation of Seats

PGIMER PG 2016 Reservation of SeatsScheduled castes and tribes (SC/ST)
Some seats for various MD/MS courses are reserved for candidates belonging to scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST) and other categories, as per instructions from Government of India, provided these candidates fulfill the minimum admission requirements prescribed by the Institute for the purpose. Candidates belonging to scheduled castes and tribes are required to furnish a certificate  from the District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / First Class Stipendiary Magistrate, Sub-divisional Magistrate, Taluka Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate, Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar, Sub Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and or his family normally resides / Administrator / Secretary to Administrator / Development Officer (Lakshdweep Islands) in support of their claims. The candidates must supply a Hindi / English Translation of their caste certificate along with the application.

Other backward classes (OBC)
Reservation for MD/MS/ MDS/ House Job/MHA/MPH/M.Sc, candidate from other backward classes (OBC) is granted as per notification of Government of India issued vide OM No. 11015/1/2006- ME P-1 dated 24th April, 2008. The OBC certificate submitted by the candidates should have been issued by the competent authority within one year of the last date of submission of application. OBC certificates issued by the District Magistrate / Deputy Commissioner etc. only will be recognized for this purpose.

Rural area (RA)
5% seats in MD/MS course are reserved for those candidates who have actually worked, are working, or have carried practice in rural area for a minimum of two years on or before 30th June/31st Dec for July & Jan session respectively. Candidate applying under this category is required to furnish certificate (as per format given in Annexure 4) from the District Magistrate concerned in support of the claim. According to the orders of the Government of India, the term ‘rural area’ includes “primary health center, a village, or a town with less than 5000 population and without a Municipal area”. The certificate to be furnished by the candidates should certify that he/she served or is actually serving or has carried on private practice in a village, primary health center, or town with less than 5000 population and without Municipal area.

Person with Disability (PWD)
3% seats are reserved for Person with Disability. If the disability involves only one lower limb, it should be a minimum of 50%, and should not exceed 70%. If the disability involves both lower limbs, the total disability should not exceed 70%, with a minimum of 50%. Candidates with disability of lower limbs between 50% and 70% shall be considered. In case candidates are not available in this category, then candidates with disability of lower limbs between 40% and 50% may be considered for admission.
The candidate must possess a valid document certifying his/her physical disability. The disability certificate should be produced by a duly constituted and authorized Medical Board of the state or Central Government Hospitals/ institutions. The constitution of the Medical Board will be one consultant each from disciplines of Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Surgery.

Sponsored / Deputed Candidates
A candidate applying for admission MD/MS as a sponsored / deputed candidate is required to take the print out of the online application form and furnish the following certificates with his/her application through his/her employer/Sponsoring Authority for admission to the course.

a) That the candidate concerned is a permanent or regular employee of the deputing/ sponsoring authority, and should have been working for at least last three years (on or before 30th June/31st December for July & January session respectively).
b) That after getting training at PGIMER, Chandigarh, the candidate will be suitably employed by the deputing/sponsoring authority to work for at least five years in the specialty in which training is received by the candidate at the PGIMER.
c) That no financial implications, in the form of emoluments/ stipend etc. will devolve upon PGIMER, Chandigarh during the entire period of his/her course and such payment shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring authority.

Deputation/ Sponsorship of candidates holding tenure appointments (like house job, Junior or Senior Residency, adhoc or contract or honorary appointment against a leave vacancy) shall not be accepted. Deputation / Sponsorship of any candidate by private hospitals, institutes or nursing homes are not accepted. The sponsoring Institute should not nominate more than one candidate for a specialty. Sponsorship / deputation of candidates will be accepted only from the following:

a. Central or State Government Departments/Institutions
b. Autonomous Bodies of the Central or State Government
c. Public sector colleges affiliated to universities and recognized by the MCI. In case of candidate deputed/ sponsored by the Medical College affiliated to Universities and recognized by Medical Council of India, deputation/sponsorship certificate signed by the Principal of Medical College concerned only shall be accepted.
Deputed/Sponsored candidates are also required to appear in the selection test. If selected for admission to any course of the Institute, these candidates are required to make their own arrangement for stay during the period of their studies.

Foreign nationals (FN)
A candidate applying for admission as a Foreign National candidate is required to take the print out of the online application form and furnish the relevant certificates are required to route their application through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,
Government of India, New Delhi. All foreign nationals will have to take prior permission from the Medical Council of India before applying for postgraduate Courses in the Institute, as per their instructions issued vide office no. MCI-202(1)(Gen)Regn-2010/45277 dated 9-12-2010. An advance copy must be submitted at PGIMER, Chandigarh before the last date of receipt of applications, However applications of such candidates will be processed after receipt of the same through diplomatic channels. These candidates are also required to appear in the entrance examination along with other candidates. A separate merit list of for these candidates will be prepared within their own group. There will be another separate merit list for Bhutanese nationals, apart from the list for foreign national seats. Selection of candidates will be made on merit based on their performance in the entrance examination. In the event of selection, the candidates have to apply for temporary registration with the Medical Council of India for the duration of postgraduate study.

PGIMER PG 2016 General Requirements

PGIMER PG 2016 General Requirementsa) Must have passed MBBS from a University/ Institute recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI)
b) Must have either completed, or due to complete, one year rotatory internship training on or before 31st December/30th June for January and July session respectively.
c) Must be registered with Central /State Medical Registration Council.

PGIMER PG 2016 Application Fee

Fee SC/ST candidates Rs. 800/-
  For all other categories Rs. 1000/-

PGIMER PG 2016 Application FeeAll candidates are directed to deposit the above fees in any State Bank of India branch by submitting the challan form in the Power Jyoti Account No. 32211613319 of Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh (Examination). Candidates can also deposit fee in the Account No. 32222954695 through SBI-collect service.


PGIMER 2015 Syllabus

The  PGIMER 2015  entrance examination syllabus consist , all subjects of  M.B.B.S  course . The subjects are listed below :

  • Applied Anatomy
  • Applied Biochemistry
  • Immunogenetic & Molecular Biology
  • Applied Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbilogy
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Social & Preventive Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiodiagnosis
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery
  • ENT
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Obst. & Gynaecology



PGIMER 2015 Exam Pattern

The procedure for selection of candidates will be as under:

a)  Candidate will be called for the selection of  MD/MS courses based on a theory paper carrying 100 marks consisting of 250 multiple choice question (MCQs) with five alternative each and single/ multiple correct responses : Negative marks will be given for incorrect responses marked. Duration of the examination is 3 hours. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before 1 ½ hours. The number of questions in each subject studied by the candidates during MBBS is appended below:

  • Applied Anatomy – 6
  • Applied Biochemistry-12
  • Immunogenetic & Molecular Biology-10
  • Applied Physiology-6
  • Pathology – 15
  • Pharmacology – 12
  • Microbilogy – 12
  • Forensic Medicine – 6
  • Social & Preventive Medicine-7
  • Medicine-36
  • Paediatrics-12
  • Dermatology-6
  • Psychiatry-6
  • Radiodiagnosis-6
  • Radiotherapy-6
  • Surgery-36
  • ENT-10
  • Orthopaedic Surgery – 10
  • Ophthalmology – 10
  • Anaesthesia-6
  • Obst. & Gynaecology-20

b)  Merit list based on the percentile obtained by the candidates in the theory examination will be prepared for each category of candidates. Candidates of various categories who secure percentile in the theory as mentioned against each category will qualify for admission:

  Open (General) and Sponsored/Deputed                        : 55th percentile

  OBC, OPH, SC/ST, Rural Area & Foreign Nationals       : 50th percentile

  Bhutanese Nationals                                                     : 45th percentile

c)  Candidates are requested to attend the interview strictly in order of merit in the respective merits lists as the marks obtained by them in the theory examination. The number of candidates to be called for the interview will be three times the total number of seats to be filled in each category of candidates, provided the candidates fulfill the cut off points mentioned above. The selection will be finalized only after the candidates are interviewed by the Selection Committee. The Interview with the Selection Committee is mandatory. A candidate who is absent at the time of interview will not be considered for admission. However he/she is eligible to appear in 2nd/3rd counseling. The interview with the Selection Committee does not carry any marks. There will not be any clinical/practical examination.

d) The reserved categories are also eligible to compete under the general category seats (open category). Thus, in addition to category wise list, a combined General Category merit list of all the candidates will also be prepared.

e) In exceptional circumstances, if a candidate reports for counseling after his/her turn, he/she will be considered for admission only against the subject available at that time.


PGIMER 2015 Eligibility

To be eligible for admission to MD/MS/MHA course a candidate must possess the following qualifications:

a) MBBS  passed or its equivalent qualification from a University/Institute recognized by Medical Council of India.

b) Must have either completed or due to complete one year internship (rotatory housemanship) training by 30th June/31st December for July and January session respectively.

c) Must be registered with  Central / State Medical Registration Council