Senior School Certificate Examination (XI-XII) English – Elective NCERT (class XII) 2018-19

CBSE Curriculum for Senior School Certificate Examination (XI-XII) English – Elective NCERT (class XII) 2018-19

SECTION – A( 20 marks)
Reading an unseen passage and a poem:-                                                                                              60 Periods
10 Very Short Answer Questions from a   literary or discursive passage of about 950-1000 words .( 1×10=10 marks)
05 Short Answer Questions  to be answered in 50-60 words from a  poem of about 24 – 28 lines to test interpretation and appreciation.(2×5=10 marks)
SECTION –B( 30 marks)
A.Creative Writing Skills and Applied Grammar:-                                                                                 60 Periods
Two  Long  Answer  Question  to  be  answered  in  80-100  words:  A  short  discursive,  interpretative writing(5×2=10 marks)
One  Very  Long  Answer  Question  out  of  two  to  be  answered  in  150-200  words:  An  essay  on  an argumentative/discursive topic such as an article/report/speech.(10×1=10 marks)
Very Short Answer Questions: Transformation of Sentences: (10 marks)
SECTION – C (30 marks)
Literature Textbook: Kaleidoscope(30 marks)                                                                           60 Periods
Four Short Answer Questions to be answered in 50-60 words each , taken from two extracts out of the three given to test understanding and appreciation.(2×4=8 marks)
Two Long Answer Question out of three  to be answered in 80-100 words to test deeper understanding, interpretation, appreciation(5×2=10 marks)
Two Long Answer Questions out of three to be answered in 120-150 words to test the   drawing of
inferences and evaluation.(6×2=12 marks)
Section D( 20 Marks)
Fiction                                                                                                                                       40 Periods
Students can select one of the two prescribed texts.
Two Long Answer Questions out of three to be  answered in  80-100 words to seek comments, interpretation, evaluation and appreciation of characters,events, episodes and interpersonal relationships.(2×5=10 marks)
One Very Long Answer Question out of two to be answered in 150-200 words to test deeper understanding, interpretation, appreciation and drawing inferences.1×10=10 marks)
Prescribed Books:
1.  Kaleidoscope – Text book published by NCERT
2.  Fiction: A Tiger for Malgudi or The Financial Expert by R.K. Narayan (Novel) Fiction
Question Paper Design 2018-19
CBSE ENGLISH ELECTIVE NCERT XII (Code No. 001)                                                                             Marks -100
Typology Testing VSA Short Long Long Very Total Over
Competencies/learning 1 Answer Answer- Answer- Long marks all %
Outcomes marks 50-60 1 2 Answer
words 80 – 100 120-150 150 –
2 marks words
5 marks
6 marks
words (HOTS)
Reading Comprehension Conceptual understanding, decoding,
analysing, inferring,
interpreting, appreciating or literary conventions and vocabulary.
10 5 20 20
Creative Writing Skills Reasoning appropriacy of Style and tone, using appropriate format, infererring, analysing, evaluating, creativity with Fluency
Applying appropriate language Conventions,
Comprehension using structures
interactively, application, accuracy and fluency
10 2 1 30 30
Literature Texts Recalling, reasoning, appreciating literary conventions illustrating with relevant quotations from the texts, giving opinions and justifying, infererring, analysing, evaluating, creativity and Fluency 4 2 2 30 30
Fiction Recalling, reasoning, appreciating literary conventions, Illustrating with relevant quotations from the texts, infererring, analysing, evaluating and creating, giving opinions, justifying with fluency 2 1 20 20
TOTAL 20×1=
9×2=18 6×5=30 2×6=12 2×10=
100 100


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