Top 10 CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

CBSE schools in Coimbatore:

                 Next to Chennai, Coimbatore is the right location for choosing the best CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore has many top most and popular CBSE schools which are directly affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. CBSE syllabus is flexible and comfortable for most of the students since it follows nationalized curriculum of NCERT for all subjects.

There are several other advantages of CBSE board of education such as

  1. CBSE syllabus is a centralized or nationalized syllabus which helps student to face any tough entrance examinations in the field of Engineering and Medical such as IIT-JEE, JEE Main and NEET very confidently.
  2. CBSE Syllabus is easier when compared to other board of education because of its compact and systematic structure.
  3. The certificate from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is recognized throughout India for higher education and abroad by almost all International institutions.
  4. CBSE Syllabus is more application based than just learning. This means students try to understand any concept in CBSE board by practically applying it.

So, let’s us check Top CBSE Schools in Coimbatore below:

They are:Top 10 CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

  1. Kovai Public School
  2. Radcliffe School
  3. Coimbatore Public School
  4. Delhi Public School
  5. Sri Shakthi International School
  6. SSVM World School
  7. Nav Bharat International CBSE School
  8. Anan Kids Academy School
  9. The Chinmaya International Residential School
  10. PSG Public School


  • Kovai Public School

                 This school follows CBSE curriculum which encourages students to address the global issues as well as local issues. The advantages of CBSE board of education is that it enables critical thinking power, analytical thinking, develops interpersonal and communication skills and so on. This school implements creative teaching using smart classrooms, audio and visual rooms and other resources to make concepts easier to understand.

Facilities: Smart classrooms, e-campus, library, transportation, Science Park, laboratories, catering, medical facilities and group insurance.

Admission procedure:

  1. Students who wish to get admission in this school must buy the application form from the branch office.
  2. Please fill all the required details clearly and correctly.
  3. Students are then finally selected based on the results of the entrance exam, eligibility criteria and availability of seats.
  4. Selected students get approval from School principal by submitting the necessary documents.
  5. Pay the fees at the administrative office.

Test and interview:

  1. For the admission to Pre-KG, LKG and UKG no test is required
  2. For the admission to Class 1 to 5, Oral test must be taken by the student
  3. For the admission to the Classes above VI, Written test must be taken in the subjects of English and Mathematics which is followed by personal interview.


For further details on admission please contact the branch office.

                               Elachipalayam Road,


                               Coimbatore-641 659

                               Phone number: 7402611100, 0421-2333007

  • Radcliffe School

           The main objective of this school is to grow up a child with creative thinking power which will turn them into a lifelong learners and positive contributors to the society. Since its inception from the year 2009, it has spread to 21 cities of India.

Learning methods: Radcliffe school has implemented different learning methods such as IntelligeX and pedagogical approach which concentrates specially on each child for its development.

Facilities: Spacious classrooms with projectors, comfortable and light weight furnitures in the classrooms, Library, 24/7 internet connection in computer lab, latest technology multimedia systems, optical mouse, networked environment, day care facilities, transportation and spacious play grounds for various sports, etc. This school has a tie-up with Tenvic Anil Kumble sports academy to provide specialized training for the students.

Admission procedure:

  1. The registration form must be bought from the administrative office.
  2. Please fill all the necessary details and submit it along with the attested photocopies of the documents to the administrative office.
  3. After cross checking the admission, parents along with the student must meet the principal for the final selection.
  4. Once selected, parents need to pay the admission fees for their children.
  5. Documents which are necessary are attested birth certificate of the child, proof of residence, 4 passport size photographs and parent’s photographs.
  6. Radcliffe also offers the facility of online admission. Please check the following link for further details:


  • Classes: Radcliffe kinder garden: PG to Senior kinder garden

               Radcliffe PG to Class V

               Radcliffe School: PG to Class X

               Radcliffe senior school: PG TO Class XII

               Radcliffe School,

               30, Bharathi Park Cross Road No.2,

               Coimbatore-641 011

               Phone number: 0422-4512079, 0422-4372427

  • Coimbatore Public School:

                       This school which is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the year 2009 is established to concentrate more on creative, stress-free and conceptual learning among students. This school has two levels of classes such as Primary and Secondary. The subjects which are covered in the primary level are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental science, drawing, SUPW and physical education. The subjects which are covered in the secondary level (For Class VI to VIII) are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Sanskrit, Computer, Drawing, SUPW and Physical Education.

                       For the classes Class IX to Class X the subjects covered are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Math, Science and Technology including Physics, Chemistry, Life sciences, Social science including History, geography and economics, information technology, health and physical education and art education.

Facilities: The school provides large number of facilities such as Spacious and ventilated classrooms, transportation facilities, library, resource room, separate courts for basket ball, volley ball, tennis court, laboratories for physics, chemistry and computer science and so on. In addition to this, the school encourages the students in various co-curricular activities such as dancing, music, skating, badminton, dramatics and various club activities such as literary club, science club, math club and eco club.

The admission procedure is now open for the classes LKG to Class VIII. Parents please download the application form from the website or please visit the school administrative office to buy the application form directly.

                  487/1, Chinnametupalayam,

                 Coimbatore- 641 035

                 Phone number: 0422-2973000


  • Delhi Public School

                     DPS is a very famous school network in India for its excellent education service and consistent academic records. Delhi Public School in Coimbatore was established in the year 2012 which has become an epitome for good education and discipline. This school is run under the Takshila Educational Society and Delhi Public Schools Society. There are totally 150 DPS schools in India and Abroad.

The subjects covered from Class VI are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Social science and political science, etc.,. The subjects are taught in a very systemized manner so that the students find it easy to grasp the lessons and its chapters. The syllabus strictly follows NCERT books and taught according to the guidance of experts in CBSE board. The students are given more scope to understand any topic practically by allowing them to do projects, technical works, paper presentation and listening to guest lectures on that particular topic.

Facilities: The school offers amenities such as huge library with large number of books, transportation facility, medical and health check up centres, spacious class rooms, hostels, gymnasium, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, basket ball court, volley ball court, auditorium, etc.

Special programs like “100 days” are organized for the nursery children to mark the completion of their first 100 days. The students are given many interesting activities and mould them according to individual talents. Other programs such as Bal sangam, class presentation and other monthly activities are allotted for each levels of students.

Admission procedure:

  1. Online registration process for admission is closed at present. The admission process will be resumed from December 14th, 2015.
  2. For more details regarding the admission processes please refer the official site or directly visit the administrative office for more details.

              Delhi Public School


              Vadavalli-Thondamuthur Road,

              Coimbatore- 641 109

              Phone number- 0422-2617018/0422-2618018


  • Sri Shakthi International School

                   This school is one of the most popular and prestigious CBSE School in Coimbatore and it is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of New Delhi. This is a contemporary, co-educational school which provides balanced curriculum for the students who aim to study on international educational standards. This school has achieved consistent records in the CBSE board examinations. The students of this school are recognized all over the country for their brilliant performance in academics and great records in the board examinations.


Hostel Facilities: Individual dormitories for girls, boys, staff and workers are offered. All boarding essentials are made available by the school. Special provisions for sanitation and student tidiness are arranged. Boarders are also given a separate hostel schedule to keep them engaged before and after school hours with adequate and proportionate vitality given to the academics, entertainment quotient, food and wellbeing.

Admission process:

  1. Application can either be downloaded from the official website or bought directly from the administrative office of the school.
  2. Please fill all the required information clearly and correctly and send it to the email [email protected]
  3. Along with the application form do not forget to attach the soft copy of necessary documents.
  4. Appear for the admission test or personal interview as per the schedule you have been notified.
  5. After the admission has been granted, finish the remaining procedures and submit all the original copies of the submitted documents for cross checking.


  • Official website: 
  • Email id: [email protected]
  • Official address:


Sri Shakthi International School
Nambiyampalayam Village, Avinashi Taluk, Thekkalur Post, Tiruppur – 641654, Tamilnadu, India.

Phone numbers: 

+91 – 95855 14445,
+91 – 95855 14449,
+91 – 8792277595,
+91 – 9444620505 ,
+91 – 9688160493

View School Brochure

  • SSVM World School:

       SSVM World School is one of the famous schools in Coimbatore affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. This school has proved in proving excellent coaching and holistic education without compromising on any values has helped the group to extend their wings in Coimbatore too. Students at kinder garden are treated with special care and are made to be involved in various interesting activities like pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, learning based on Eurhythmics, etc.,

Facilities: Spacious classrooms, canteen facilities, transportation, separate courts for basket ball, volley ball, tennis, etc., The students are involved in co-curricular activities such as Health and wellness club, quiz club, readers club, English literary club, heritage and integrity club and so on. Cuturals and sports day is conducted to expose the different talents of the students.

Admission procedure:

  1. Admission process is open right now for the classes KG to Class XI.
  2. Parents and students can either download the application form or buy it directly from the administrative office.
  3. Fill in all required details and submit it to the Administrative office.

              SF No: 72/2, Vaigai Nagar,


              Singanallur to Vellalore road,

              Coimbatore-641 016

              Tamil Nadu,


              Phone number: 9367651888/ 9344451888


  • Nava Bharat International CBSE School:

               This is one of the best co-educational CBSE schools in Coimbatore which strives hard to cater the positive needs of the children so has to help them becoming world class leaders and most talented persons. Each individual child is given special attention to attain competitive skills in communication and writing and to instill a sense of global awareness among growing children.

Facilities: The facilities offered are well equipped class rooms, library, cctv security cameras, swimming, spoken language training, math, physics, chemistry laboratories, etc.,

Admission procedure:

  1. The admission process is started on January of every year.
  2. Students can either download and fill in the application form or buy the form directly from the administrative office.
  3. The admission process of this school is highly competitive. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and who perform well in the entrance test are finally selected for admission.
  4. The necessary documents to be attached along with the filled in application form are Birth certificate, medical certificate, passport size photographs and transfer certificates along with its attested photocopies.


                S.F No: 125/2A, 2B Allikulam,

                Sathy Main road,

               Annur-641 653,

               Coimbatore District,

               Tamil Nadu


               Phone number: 9003499366/ 9600366366


  • Anan Kids Academy School

                     This school which is affiliated with CBSE board New Delhi has a well balanced curriculum to develop linguistic, logical and mathematical and interpersonal skills among the students. Kinder garden children are given special attention by educating them through “Theme based learning” and multi domains such as self help, social skills, emotional and spiritual skills, cognitive development, etc. For primary and secondary students, Anan provides best coaching to solve the mathematical problems logically and solve the problems through team works.

Students of Anan are involved in various activities such as multiple field trips, club activities such as plumbing, first aid, public speaking, carpentry, videography, electrical maintenance, automobile, sports activities, co-curricular activities and so on.

Facilities: It has various facilities such as dance music rooms, gym, laboratories, multimedia lab, language lab, math lab, home corner, creative corner, library, food court, etc.,

Please keep checking the official website for admission notification of the academic year 2016.

               14/283/1, Sitra Road,


               Coimbatore-641 048

               Phone number: 0422-6565622, 0422-6565722


  • The Chinmaya International Residential School:

                         This school was established on June 1996 by Pujya Swami Chidanandaji who was the president of Divine Life Society. This school was started with 96 students from Grade 5 to 8 with 11 teaching staffs. At present, the total strength of the school is 550 students along with 65 well qualifies and experienced staffs and has become one of the prestigious and world renowned educational institution in India. Each class has only 25 students so that the teacher can pay attention to each student individually.

Facilities: Spacious classrooms, audio video rooms, library, transport facility, food court.

Admission procedure:

  1. Admission procedure has been started the application form are available from October 16th 2015 for the academic year 2016.
  2. The admission for classes V and IB are kept in hold and second round will be entertained only on January according to the vacancies.
  3. The admission for Class X and Class XII are closed.
  4. The CIRS entrance examination is held in various test centres. Candidates please visit the following link for more details:

               Siruvani Main road,

               Coimbatore-641 114

               Phone: 0422-2613300/0422-2615725


  • PSG Public School:

                     PSG Public Schools strongly believes that Education is a process and not a product. The main ambition of the school is to provide quality education to all types of students irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and sex. Also to nurture innovative skills, creativity and risk taking nature among students. The administration of this school strives hard to sharpen the school environment to provide world class citizens by encouraging them in participating in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Facilities: The facilities which are offered within the school campus are music room, auditorium, examination hall, special day care, canteen facilities, library with huge collections of books, transportation facilities, health care centres, ambulance facility, yoga centres, karate centres and so on. Also regular medical checkup are conducted by the PSG group of hospitals to ensure child’s health and medical condition.

The streams which are offered for the class XI students are:

Science stream:

Group 1: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/biotechnology

Group 2: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer programming/ Engineering drawing

Group 3: English, Informatics prcatices, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/biotechnology

Management stream:

Group 1: English, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Mathematics

Group 2: English, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Informatics practices

Group 3: English, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Physical education

Admission procedure:

  1. Please contact the school’s office to buy the application form.
  2. Duly fill in all the required details clearly and correctly.
  3. Submit the filled in application form to the administrative office.


               Coimbatore-641 004

               Phone number: 0422-4344522, 0422-4344220


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