State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2012 Class-VIII Question Paper With Answer Key

State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2012 Class-VIII


General Mental Ability Test

   Directions-(Q. 1-10) Each question has four term. Three term are alike in some way. One term is different from three others. Find out the correct term which are different from three other of its alternative letter.


(A)  Ranchi

(B)  Chennai

(C)  Agartala

(D)  Pune

Answer: (B)


(A)  Mathematics

(B)  Trigonometry

(C)  Algebra

(D)  Geometry

Answer: (A)


(A)  Tomato

(B)  Radish

(C)  Cauliflower

(D)  Brinjal

Answer: (B)


(A)  CGK

(B)  EIM

(C)  HLP

(D)  KNQ

Answer: (D)


(A)  L12, O15

(B)  M14, S20

(C)  F6, J10

(D)  K11, R18

Answer: (B)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (A)

Directions-(Q. 11-20) There are four terms in each question. The terms right to the symbol : : have some relationship as the two terms of the left of symbol : : Out of the four term one term is missing which is one of the four alternative given below. Find out the correct alternative.

11. ENPR : HRUX : : GLNP : ?





Answer: (B)

12. LORV : JLNQ : : INQW : ?





Answer: (A)

13. FLMQ : ILPU : : HLOV : ?





Answer: (C)

14. IMQW : :LPTZ : : ELRU : ?





Answer: (B)

15. Lothal : Gujarat : Kalibanga : ?

(A)  Chhattisgarh

(B)  Tripura

(C)  Karnataka

(D)  Rajasthan

Answer: (D)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (D)

Direction- (Q. 21-25) are based on number series. In each series one term is missing which has been indicated by question mark (?). Find out the missing term from the given four alternative letter.

21. 2, 5, 10, 17, 26, ?

(A)  37

(B)  39

(C)  41

(D)  34

Answer: (A)

22. 2, 7, 14, 23, ?

(A)  41

(B)  46

(C)  34

(D)  42

Answer: (C)

23. 3, 9, 16, 22, 29, 35, 42, ?

(A)  54

(B)  48

(C)  45

(D)  56

Answer: (B)

24. 195, 193, 190, 186, 181, ?

(A)  196

(B)  179

(C)  175

(D)  171

Answer: (C)

25. 5, 24, 61, 122, 213, ?

(A)  340

(B)  225

(C)  276

(D)  320

Answer: (A)

Directions-(Q. 26-30) Each problems figure four design given at the left hand side consisting sequential order and the place of fifth figure is vacant, which has been shown by question mark (?). Four answer figure are given against each problem figure. Find out the correct answer figure-


Answer: (C)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (C)

Directions- (Q. 31-35) The letters in column I are coded in form of numbers which are written in column II but the orders of numbers is different. Study the code of letters the find out the correct answer for each question from given four alternative-

Column I                                   Column II

ELN                                           435

CFN                                           372

GFN                                           632

CLS                                            758

31. What is the code for word CFGN ?

(A)  4359

(B)  7263

(C)  2635

(D)  5724

Answer: (B)

32. What is the code of word GNLE ?

(A)  3756

(B)  2463

(C)  4735

(D)  6354

Answer: (D)

33. What is the code for word CEG ?

(A)  746

(B)  623

(C)  753

(D)  463

Answer: (A)

34. What is the code for word ELFN ?

(A)  3267

(B)  7624

(C)  4523

(D)  5317

Answer: (C)

35. What is the code for word ECSN?

(A)  2573

(B)  9346

(C)  4783

(D)  6347

Answer: (C)

36. If in a code language BULLOCK is written as OCKLBUL How IMPROBITY is written in similar language-





Answer: (A)

37. If in a code language ‘LUNAR’ is written as ‘TPSQN’. How ‘NARUL’ is written in similar language-





Answer: (B)

38. If in a code language CALCUTTA is written as 81. How MADRAS is written in similar language-

(A)  65

(B)  54

(C)  64

(D)  56

Answer: (D)

39. If in a code language PALACE is written as APALEC. How EQUALITY is written in similar language-





Answer: (A)

40. If in a code language PRIEST is written as RPIETS. How MISSILE is written in similar language-





Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 41-45) Given below, four words/numbers are written in every question and Four answer alternative are given below against each question. The words/numbers in the question are related to each other in some way one word/number from among four answer alternative goes best with the words/numbers in the question. Find of the correct alternative-

41. Ranchi, Dehradun, Bhubeneshwar, Banglore-

(A)  Kolkata

(B)  Ahmedabad

(C)  Pune

(D)  Guwahati

Answer: (A)

42. 2, 6, 12, 20,

(A)  26

(B)  42

(C)  30

(D)  35

Answer: (C)

43. 17, 19, 23, 29,

(A)  34

(B)  31

(C)  45

(D)  51

Answer: (B)

44. Daman and Diu, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep, Delhi-

(A)  Dadar Nagar Haveli

(B)  Goa

(C)  Bihar

(D)  Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: (A)

45. Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Beetroot-

(A)  Brinjal

(B)  Lady Finger

(C)  Radish

(D)  Bottle guard

Answer: (C)

Directions- (Q. 46-50) Are based on the information given below, Read the information carefully and find out the correct alternative number from the four alternative?

Anand have interest in Cricket, Chess and Football. Vein have interest in Football, Hockey and Cricket. Nitin have interest Cricket, Hockey and Football, Mukesh have interest in Cricket, Hockey and Chess.

46. In which game most people has interest?

(A)  Chess

(B)  Cricket

(C)  Football

(D)  Hockey

Answer: (B)

47. In which game least people has interest?

(A)  Chess

(B)  Hockey

(C)  Cricket

(D)  Football

Answer: (A)

48. Who play the chess?

(A)  Anand and Vipin

(B)  Anand and Nitin

(C)  Vein and Nitin

(D)  Anand and Mukesh

Answer: (D)

49. How many people has interest in Hockey game-

(A)  2

(B)  4

(C)  3

(D)  1

Answer: (C)

50. How many people has interest in Football game-

(A)  1

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  2

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 51-55) Each of the following questions has a group of the three words which are related to each other in some way. This relationship can be represented by one of the four figure alternative given in the beginning. Find out the correct figure alternative.

51. Parliament, Loksabha, Rajaysabha-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (D)

52. Meter, Litre, Kilogram-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (B)

53. House, Door, Window-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (D)

54. India, Maharashtra, Mumbai-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (A)

55. Jharkhand, Ranchi, Raipur-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 56-60) Each of the questions are based on the information given below. Read the information carefully and find out the correct alternative number form the four alternative.

   In graduate Ramesh opted History, Geography and Sanskrit, Santosh opted Economics, Sanskrit and Geography, Manoj opted Geography, Sanskrit and Philosophy and Manish opted Economics, History and Sanskrit.

56. Which subject has opted by the most student?

(A)  Geography

(B)  Sanskrit

(C)  Philosophy

(D)  Economics

Answer: (B)

57. Which subject has opted by the least student?

(A)  Economics

(B)  History

(C)  Philosophy

(D)  Sanskrit

Answer: (C)

58. The students who did not opt Geography subject?

(A)  Manish

(B)  Santosh

(C)  Manoj

(D)  Ramesh

Answer: (A)

59. How many students opted Philosophy subject?

(A)  4

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  1

Answer: (D)

60. The students who did not opt History subject?

(A)  Manoj and Ramesh

(B)  Ramesh and Santosh

(C)  Santosh and Manoj

(D)  Manish and Santosh

Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 61-70) In questions the equations have become wrong because of the wrong order of sings. Choose the correct order of signs from the four option given below so as to make the equations right.

61. 7 – 6 + 73 = 31

(A)  + – =

(B)  = – +

(C)  × = –

(D)  × ÷ =

Answer: (C)

62. 9 ÷ 6 + 11 – 4

(A)  – + =

(B)  = + +

(C)  + – =

(D)  = × ÷

Answer: (B)

63. 9 ÷ 6 + 11 – 4

(A)  – + =

(B)  = + +

(C)  × – =

(D)  + – =

Answer: (D)

64. 83 + 19 – 68 = 4

(A)  – = –

(B)  – + =

(C)  = – +

(D)  – × =

Answer: (A)

65. 9 ÷ 6 + 11 =4

(A)  – + =

(B)  + – =

(C)  = – ×

(D)  = ÷ +

Answer: (B)

66. 9 + 9 × 49 = 32

(A)  – + =

(B)  = – +

(C)  × – =

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (C)

67. 9 = 3 × 7 – 10

(A)  ÷ + =

(B)  + – =

(C)  + + =

(D)  × – =

Answer: (A)

68. 39 = 3 × 5 – 65

(A)  × – =

(B)  = + ÷

(C)  = – ×

(D)  ÷ × =

Answer: (D)

69. 3 = 5 × 7 – 8

(A)  × + =

(B)  × – =

(C)  + ÷ =

(D)  = – ÷

Answer: (B)

70. 36 – 6 = 3 + 9

(A)  = + ÷

(B)  − ÷ =

(C)  – + =

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (D)

Directions-(Q. 71-80) Questions are based on definite series. In given question some letters are missing shown by – The missing letters are given in proper sequence as one of the four alternative given under each question. Find out the correct alternative.

71. – CE – L – E – LC – K





Answer: (D)

72. – – L – N – LO – GL –





Answer: (A)

73. – PK – J – K – JP – T





Answer: (C)

74. – – C – O – CP – N – –





Answer: (B)

75. – – C – L – C – LK – N





Answer: (C)

76. – FH – O – H – OF – N





Answer: (A)

77. – – P – R – PS – KP –





Answer: (D)

78. – SN – M – N – M – W





Answer: (B)

79. – – G – S – GT – R – –





Answer: (C)

80. – – E – N – E – NM – P





Answer: (A)

81. If in a code language CFIK is written as EIMP. So how EGJM would be written in similar code language?





Answer: (C)

82. If in a code language SRNG is written as NNKE. So how PNLI would be written in similar code language ?





Answer: (A)

83. If in a code language DGHL is written as FKNT. So how FJLN would be written in similar code language?





Answer: (D)

84. If in a code language USNG is written as NMIC. So how WTPL would be written in similar code language?





Answer: (B)

85. If in a code language CHJT is written as GDNP. So how FILV would be written in similar code language?





Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q.86-90) Each of the questions are based on the information given below. Read the information carefully and find out the correct alternative number from the four alternative.

Among the five brothers and sisters, Bina is the elder than Nita. Ramesh is elder than Nita but younger than Bina. Dinesh is younger than Suresh and Nita. Nita is the elder than Suresh.

86. Who is the eldest among five brothers and sisters?

(A)  Bina

(B)  Nita

(C)  Suresh

(D)  Ramesh

Answer: (A)

87. Who is in the middle among five brothers and sisters?

(A)  Dinesh

(B)  Bina

(C)  Suresh

(D)  Nita

Answer: (D)

88. Who is the youngest among five brothers and sisters?

(A)  Suresh

(B)  Nita

(C)  Dinesh

(D)  Bina

Answer: (C)

89. Who is in between Bina and Nita?

(A)  Suresh

(B)  Ramesh

(C)  Dinesh

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

90.Who is in between Nita and Dinesh?

(A)  Bina

(B)  Ramesh

(C)  Suresh

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)


Scholastic Aptitude Test

(A) Science

91. Unit of specific heat is-

(A)  Joule

(B)  Calorie

(C)  Calorie/Kg

(D)  Joule/Kg °C

Answer: (D)

92 . Lens used in Myopia is-

(A)  Convex lens

(B)  Concave lens

(C)  Both

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

93. Hotest Planet is-

(A)  Jupitor

(B)  Mars

(C)  Saturn

(D)  Venus

Answer: (D)

94. If an object is at infinity then image formed by convex lens is-

(A)  On focus, real, small

(B)  Inside focus, real, same size

(C)  One infinite, virtual, very large

(D)  Double of focal distance, inverted, very big

Answer: (A)

95. Main constituent of L.P.G is-

(A)  Propane + Butane

(B)  Methane

(C)  Nitrous oxide

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

96. Gas filled in electric bulb is-

(A)  Argon

(B)  Carbondioxide

(C)  Neon

(D)  Methane

Answer: (A)

97. Radius of earth in meter is-

(A)  105

(B)  108

(C)  1011

(D)  107

Answer: (A)

98. Time taken to complete one revolution of earth around the sun is called-

(A)  Solar year

(B)  Solar day

(C)  Leap year

(D)  Light year

Answer: (A)

99. Dynamo is used in-

(A)  Generator

(B)  Electromagnet

(C)  Electric bulb

(D)  Photo voltic cell

Answer: (A)

100. Specific heat of water is-

(A)  4200 J/Kg°C

(B)  2400 J/Kg°C

(C)  42 J/Kg°C

(D)  233 J/Kg°C

Answer: (A)

101. Which gas contain smell of rotten egg?

(A)  Oxygen

(B)  Carbon dioxide

(C)  Hydrogen sulphide

(D)  Nitrogen

Answer: (C)

102. Which metal can not displace hydrogen from water?

(A)  Sodium

(B)  Copper

(C)  Potassium

(D)  Calcium

Answer: (B)

103. The lead of a pencil is made up of-

(A)  Graphite

(B)  Clay

(C)  Charcoal

(D)  Graphite and clay

Answer: (A)

104. Charge on electron is-

(A)  1.6 × 1019 C

(B)  1.78 × 108 C

(C)  1 × 1019 C

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

105. Gypsum is used in-

(A)  Plaster of Paris

(B)  Paper

(C)  Cosmetics

(D)  Glass

Answer: (A)

106. Absolute zero temperature is-

(A)  −273°C

(B)  373°C

(C)  273°C

(D)  −4°C

Answer: (A)

107. Which metal is preserved in kerosene?

(A)  Mercury

(B)  Sodium

(C)  Sulpher

(D)  Magnesium

Answer: (B)

108. Water gas is mixture of-

(A)  CO + H2

(B)  CO + H2O

(C)  N2 + H2O

(D)  CO2 + H2O

Answer: (A)

109. What is used in the purification of water?

(A)  I2

(B)  Br2

(C)  Cl2

(D)  SO2

Answer: (C)

110. Which element have 8 electrons in its outer most orbit?

(A)  O

(B)  Ne

(C)  Na

(D)  Mg

Answer: (B)

111. Which of the following is electrically neutral particle?

(A)  α

(B)  β

(C)  Proton

(D)  Neutron

Answer: (D)

112. Device used for measuring pressure is-

(A)  Barometer

(B)  Lectometer

(C)  Thermometer

(D)  Sesmometer

Answer: (A)

113. Which radioactive element is used in cancer therapy?

(A)  U­235

(B)  Cobalt-60

(C)  Zn

(D)  Duterium

Answer: (B)

114. Which of the following rays passes undeviated through an electric field?

(A)  α−Ray

(B)  β−Ray

(C)  Gama – Ray

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

115. Purest form of coal is-

(A)  Anthricite

(B)  Lignite

(C)  Bauxite

(D)  Pyrite

Answer: (D)

116. Pencillin was discovered by-

(A)  Alexander Fleming

(B)  Edward Zener

(C)  Hober Lander

(D)  Darwin

Answer: (A)

117. Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness?

(A)  Vitamin K

(B)  Vitamin B

(C)  Vitamin A

(D)  Vitamin C

Answer: (C)

118. Which blood group have antigen ?

(A)  Group A

(B)  Group B

(C)  Group AB

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

119. Ozone hole enhances-

(A)  UV radiation reaching earth surface

(B)  Skin Cancer

(C)  Both

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

120. Which metal harms us ?

(A)  Lead

(B)  Cobalt

(C)  Uranium

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

121. Bhopal gas tragedy took place because methyl isocynate reacted with-

(A)  DDT

(B)  Ammonia

(C)  Carbondioxide

(D)  Water

Answer: (D)

122. Jaundice is related with-

(A)  Kidney

(B)  Stomach

(C)  Lung

(D)  Liver

Answer: (D)

123. AIDS virus enters the human body through-

(A)  Food

(B)  Kissing

(C)  Water

(D)  Blood

Answer: (D)

124. AIDS was first reported in-

(A)  Russia

(B)  France

(C)  America

(D)  Germany

Answer: (C)

125. Malaria is spread by mosquito-

(A)  Male culex

(B)  Female culex

(C)  Male Anophelese

(D)  Female Anophelese

Answer: (D)

(B) Social Science

126. Sandal wood is produced in abundance in-

(A)  Andhra Pradesh

(B)  Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Karnataka

(D)  Kerala

Answer: (C)

127. ‘Root Pressure’ is measured by-

(A)  Potometer

(B)  Barometer

(C)  Monometer

(D)  Oxcanometer

Answer: (B)

128. Which of the following is a common capital city of two states?

(A)  Delhi

(B)  Chandigarh

(C)  Jammu

(D)  Bengalooru

Answer: (B)

129. Which of the following food is obtained from trees?

(A)  Almond

(B)  Groundnut

(C)  Maize

(D)  Potato

Answer: (A)

130. Which one of these planets is warmer than Earth?

(A)  Jupiter

(B)  Venus

(C)  Plato

(D)  Saturn

Answer: (B)

131. Which city is famous for its rock garden-

(A)  Lucknow

(B)  Mysore

(C)  Hyderabad

(D)  Chandigarh

Answer: (D)

132. The highest Himalayan Peak is located in-

(A)  India

(B)  Bhutan

(C)  Nepal

(D)  Tibbet

Answer: (C)

133. The longest National Highway in India connects-

(A)  Mumbai and Kolkata

(B)  Kolkata and Delhi

(C)  Chennai and Kolkata

(D)  Varanasi and Kanyakumari

Answer: (D)

134. Which city is known as Pink City?

(A)  Udaipur

(B)  Agra

(C)  Jaipur

(D)  Kanpur

Answer: (C)

135. In following countries which country is also a continent?

(A)  New Zealand

(B)  Australia

(C)  England

(D)  India

Answer: (B)

136. Which one of the following town has winters when there is summer in India?

(A)  Shanghai

(B)  Damuscus

(C)  Melbourne

(D)  Osaka

Answer: (C)

137. How many days are there in a leap year?

(A)  365 days

(B)  366 days

(C)  386 days

(D)  327.3 days

Answer: (B)

138. Mahatma Gandhi started Dandi march on-

(A)  14 March, 1930

(B)  13 March, 1930

(C)  12 March, 1930

(D)  11 March, 1930

Answer: (C)

139. Gautam Buddha attained Enlightenment in-

(A)  Sarnath

(B)  Kapilvastu

(C)  Pataliputra

(D)  Bodh Gaya

Answer: (D)

140. Select the incorrect matching-

(A)  Punjab Kesari-Lala Lajpat Rai

(B)  Netaji – Subash Chandra Bose

(C)  Mahamana – Madan Mohan Malviya

(D)  Lok Nayak – Jawahar Lal Nehru

Answer: (D)

141. The first and the last women to rule from the throne of Delhi, was-

(A)  Chand Bibi

(B)  Jahan Ara

(C)  Noorjahan

(D)  Rajia Sultan

Answer: (D)

142. The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was-

(A)  Liaquat Ali Khan

(B)  Mohammed Ali Jinna

(C)  Abdul Gaffar Khan

(D)  Khwaja Nizamuddin

Answer: (A)

143. Which of the following discoveries led the Historic Man towards settled life?

(A)  Wheel

(B)  Agriculture

(C)  Stone Weapons

(D)  Fire

Answer: (D)

144. What was the food of Pre-Historic Man?

(A)  Root and Fruits

(B)  Cooked Meat

(C)  Wheat and rice

(D)  Milk and butter

Answer: ()

145. The Chief God of the Indus valley civilization was-

(A)  Ram

(B)  Krishna

(C)  Pashupati Shiva

(D)  Sheshnag

Answer: (C)

146. Which one of the following is the oldest scripture?

(A)  Rigveda

(B)  Maha Bharat

(C)  Valmiki Ramayana

(D)  Samveda

Answer: (A)

147. In order to propagate Buddhism, Ashoka the great sent his son and daughter to-

(A)  Malasiya

(B)  Burma

(C)  Sri Lanka

(D)  Thailand

Answer: (C)

148. In Ancient India, Society was divided in-

(A)  Eight Groups

(B)  Four Groups

(C)  Seven Groups

(D)  Six Groups

Answer: (C)

149. Who wrote ‘Shahnama’?

(A)  Omer Khayyam

(B)  Firdausi

(C)  Sheikh Sadi

(D)  Kaundilya

Answer: (B)

150. Who is the highest elected officer of Nagar Nigam?

(A)  Mayer

(B)  Deputy Mayer

(C)  Gram Pradhan

(D)  Commissioner

Answer: (A)

151. The Indian constitution was prepared by-

(A)  Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B)  Mahatma Gandhi

(C)  Constituent Assembly

(D)  Supreme Cout

Answer: (C)

152. Constitution of India came to effect on-

(A)  26 January, 1950

(B)  14 November, 1948

(C)  2 October, 1947

(D)  15 August, 1947

Answer: (A)

153. The number of Fundamental Rights given in the Indian Constitution is-

(A)  5

(B)  6

(C)  7

(D)  8

Answer: (B)

154. Who protects our fundamental rights?

(A)  President

(B)  Prime Minister

(C)  Supreme Court

(D)  Parliament

Answer: (C)

155. The first fully literate State was-

(A)  Kerala

(B)  Karnataka

(C)  Rajasthan

(D)  Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (A)

156. What is the qualification for membership for the state legislature?

(A)  He must be a graduate

(B)  He must be an Indian citizen

(C)  He must be living in the Same State

(D)  He must be a social worker

Answer: (B)

157. The High Court of Uttar Pradesh is situated at-

(A)  Kanpur

(B)  Agra

(C)  Allahabad

(D)  Meerut

Answer: (C)

158. The Judges of the High Court at appointed by the-

(A)  The President of India

(B)  Chief Justice of India

(C)  Chief Justice of the concerned High Court

(D)  Ministry of Law and Justice

Answer: (A)

159. Right to vote can be exercised by one who has reached the age of-

(A)  18 years

(B)  21 years

(C)  25 years

(D)  28 years

Answer: (A)

160. In which direction of India China lies-

(A)  East

(B)  West

(C)  North

(D)  South

Answer: (C)

(C) Mathematics

161. If A’s money is more than B’s money by 25%. Then B’s money will less than A’s money by-

(A)  25%

(B)  20%

(C)  Equal

(D)  100%

Answer: (B)

162. A bus goes from house to school by speed of 60 km/hr and returns back with speed of 40 km/hr, then average velocity of bus will be-

(A)  50 Km/hr

(B)  48 Km/hr

(C)  45 Km/hr

(D)  60 Km/hr

Answer: (B)

163. If figure PA and PB are tangents to the circle whose centre is O. ∠APB = 60°, then measure of ACB will be-

(A)  60°

(B)  120°

(C)  240°

(D)  100°

Answer: (B)

164. If  then value of x will be-

(A)  36

(B)  6

(C)  30

(D)  15

Answer: (C)

165. The complete circle of radius 3 cm that can be cut from sheet of 18 cm length 12 cm width will be-

(A)  6

(B)  8

(C)  10

(D)  5

Answer: (A)

166. If x = 11, y = −7, z = −4, then value of x3 + y3 + z3 will be-

(A)  924

(B)  0

(C)  500

(D)  824

Answer: (A)

167. If 3x = 500, then value 3x – 2 will be-

(A)  100/9

(B)  1000/9

(C)  500/9

(D)  500/3

Answer: (C)

168. If 200% of number is 20, then 50% of that number will be-

(A)  5

(B)  10

(C)  15

(D)  20

Answer: (A)

169. If  then value of  will be-

(A)  52

(B)  42

(C)  16

(D)  64

Answer: (A)

170. If A and B are two sets than value of (A – B) ⋂ (B – A) will be-

(A)  A ⋃ B

(B)  A ⋂ B

(C)  ϕ

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

171. A card is drawn from a pack of card then probability of, it is a face card will be-

(A)  3/13

(B)  4/13

(C)  5/13

(D)  7/13

Answer: (A)

172. If ax = by = cz abc, then value of  will be-

(A)  −1

(B)  x y z

(C)  1

(D)  1/xyz

Answer: (C)

173. The value of  will be

(A)  3

(B)  2

(C)  1

(D)  0

Answer: (D)

174. The value of expression  will be-

(A)  9/19

(B)  10/19

(C)  10/21

(D)  11/21

Answer: (C)

175. 1/5th of a pole is black 1/4th is white and remaining 3 meters is yellow, then the length of pole will be-




(D)  5.5 m

Answer: (A)

176. Present age of A is twice that of B. 30 years from now age of A will be  that of B. The present age of A and B will be-

(A)  60, 30

(B)  30, 60

(C)  40, 80

(D)  80, 40

Answer: (A)

177. Arithmetic Mean of 12 observations is 15. If each observation is multiplied by 4 then new Arithmatic Mean will be-

(A)  15

(B)  30

(C)  45

(D)  60

Answer: (D)

178. If figure A, B and C are the centres of circles each of radius 7 cm. Then area of shaded region will be-



(C)  72 √3 cm2

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

179. The difference of squares of two consecutive odd number is 24, then smaller number will be-

(A)  1

(B)  5

(C)  25

(D)  49

Answer: (B)

180. The maximum value of expression 27 – 19x – 81 will be-

(A)  27

(B)  17

(C)  44

(D)  26

Answer: (A)

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