State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2014 Class-VIII Held on 2 November, 2014 Question Paper With Answer Key

State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2014 Class-VIII

Held on 2 November, 2014


Mental Ability Test

Directions-(Q. 1-10) In the number series given below, one number is missing. Each series is followed by five alternatives : (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E). One of them is the right answer. Indicate it as per the ‘Instruction’,…….

1. 36, 29, 22, 15, ……

(A)  6

(B)  5

(C)  8

(D)  7

(E)   4

Answer: (C)

2. 5, 6, 11, 17, ……

(A)  28

(B)  23

(C)  22

(D)  39

(E)   25

Answer: (A)

3. 3, 9, 21, 45, …….

(A)  135

(B)  81

(C)  69

(D)  90

(E)   93

Answer: (E)

4. 4, 12, 36, 108, ……

(A)  216

(B)  324

(C)  432

(D)  160

(E)   540

Answer: (B)

5. 243, 81, …, 9, 3

(A)  18

(B)  36

(C)  45

(D)  27

(E)   54

Answer: (D)

6. 583, 463, 343, 223, …..

(A)  113

(B)  103

(C)  123

(D)  93

(E)   130

Answer: (B)

7. 115, 236, 357, 478, …

(A)  589

(B)  499

(C)  699

(D)  498

(E)   599

Answer: (E)

8. 3, 6, 18, 72, …

(A)  360

(B)  350

(C)  432

(D)  216

(E)   99

Answer: (A)

9. 7, 17, 37, 67, ….

(A)  106

(B)  87

(C)  97

(D)  107

(E)   117

Answer: (D)

10. 160, 115, 80, 55, …

(A)  45

(B)  40

(C)  35

(D)  30

(E)   25

Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 11-15) These are based on letter analogy. There are two pairs of letter combinations in each question. The first (left hand side) pair has some relationship between its members. In the second pair, one member is missing. Find this out from the answer (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) such that this pair has a similar relationship as the first pair. Indicate your answers as per the ‘Instructions’.

11. BD : AE : : HJ : ?

(A)  FL

(B)  FK

(C)  IK

(D)  GL

(E)   GK

Answer: (E)

12. CBA : GFE :: PON : ?

(A)  TSR

(B)  TRS

(C)  SRT

(D)  QRS

(E)   RST

Answer: (A)

13. FH : EG :: NP : ?

(A)  MN

(B)  OP

(C)  MO

(D)  NO

(E)   MP

Answer: (C)

14. TS : PO :: LK : ?

(A)  GH

(B)  HG

(C)  GI

(D)  HI

(E)   IJ

Answer: (B)

15. ABCD : BCEF : IJKL : ?





(E)   JKMN

Answer: (E)

Directions-(Q. 16-25) Letters/letter groups are arranged in a particular order with some underlying criterion. Study the order and choose the answer from the alternatives to fill the gaps. Indicate the right answer as per the ‘Instructions’.

16. A, C, F, H, ……

(A)  I

(B)  L

(C)  J

(D)  K

(E)   M

Answer: (D)

17. A, G, L, P, …….

(A)  R

(B)  S

(C)  Q

(D)  T

(E)   U

Answer: (B)

18. AC, EG, IK, ……..

(A)  MN

(B)  MP

(C)  LN

(D)  LO

(E)   MO

Answer: (E)

19. AZ, BX, CV, ……

(A)  DS

(B)  ET

(C)  DT

(D)  DU

(E)   DW

Answer: (C)

20. A, E, G, K,…..

(A)  M

(B)  L

(C)  N

(D)  O

(E)   J

Answer: (A)

21. AF, HL, NQ, …..

(A)  SV

(B)  SU

(C)  TU

(D)  TV

(E)   ST

Answer: (B)

22. ZYX, ABC, VUT, EFG, …..

(A)  PQR

(B)  RPQ

(C)  QPO

(D)  RQP

(E)   QOP

Answer: (D)

23. ABC, ZYX, DEF, WVU, ……

(A)  HIJ

(B)  IJK

(C)  GHI

(D)  UTS

(E)   HIG

Answer: (C)

24. Z, X, U, Q, …..

(A)  K

(B)  M

(C)  N

(D)  J

(E)   L

Answer: (E)

25. AFK, BGL, CHM, DIN, …..

(A)  GJO

(B)  EJO

(C)  GJN

(D)  EJN

(E)   FIO

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 26-30) In each of these questions, five words are given. If they are arranged in the alphabetical order as in a Dictionary, find out the word which comes first. Indicate your answer as per the ‘Instructions’.


(A)  Bean

(B)  Bamboo

(C)  Beast

(D)  Banker

(E)   Bangle

Answer: (B)


(A)  Risk

(B)  Ridge

(C)  Road

(D)  Ring

(E)   Ribbon

Answer: (E)


(A)  Crane

(B)  Coat

(C)  Cook

(D)  Clove

(E)   Code

Answer: (D)


(A)  Neem

(B)  Nerve

(C)  Nest

(D)  News

(E)   Neck

Answer: (E)


(A)  Season

(B)  Shield

(C)  Shore

(D)  Shorts

(E)   Sherpa

Answer: (A)

Directions –(Q. 31-40) In each of these


(A)  Malaysia

(B)  Tunisia

(C)  Brazil

(D)  Europe

(E)   Russia

Answer: (D)


(A)  Bidar

(B)  Nagpur

(C)  Haryana

(D)  Jhansi

(E)   Indore

Answer: (C)


(A)  Veena

(B)  Violin

(C)  Tabla

(D)  Guitar

(E)   Sitar

Answer: (C)


(A)  Carrot

(B)  Brinjal

(C)  Tomato

(D)  Drumstick

(E)   Bitter Gourd

Answer: (D)


(A)  Camel

(B)  Pigeon

(C)  Cow

(D)  Dog

(E)   Goat

Answer: (B)


(A)  C. V. Raman

(B)  M. S. Swaminathan

(C)  U. R. Rao

(D)  Jayant V. Narlikar

(E)   Swami Agnivesh

Answer: (E)


(A)  Chemistry

(B)  Geology

(C)  Astronomy

(D)  History

(E)   Physics

Answer: (C)


(A)  Hatred

(B)  Anger

(C)  Happiness

(D)  Sorrow

(E)   Jealousy

Answer: (C)


(A)  Kolkata

(B)  Bellary

(C)  Indore

(D)  Calicut (Kozhikode)

(E)   Patiala

Answer: (A)


(A)  Curd

(B)  Oil

(C)  Butter

(D)  Ghee

(E)   Milk

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 41-45) There is a certain relationship between two given words on the one (left) side of : : and one word is given on the other side of : :, while another word is to be found from the five given alternatives, such that similar relation exists in the second pair. Identify the right answer the indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.

41. Crescograph : Jagdish Chandra Bose : : Theory of Evolution : ?

(A)  Dr. Jayant V. Narlikar

(B)  Albert Einstein

(C)  S. S. Bhatanagar

(D)  C. R. Rao

(E)   Darwin

Answer: (E)

42. Maharashtra : Mumbai : : Rajasthan : ?

(A)  Udaipur

(B)  Jodhpur

(C)  Jaipur

(D)  Gwalior

(E)   Bikaner

Answer: (C)

43. Moscow : Russia : : Phenom Penh : ?

(A)  Cambodia

(B)  Thailand

(C)  Vietnam

(D)  North Korea

(E)   Mongolia

Answer: (A)

44. Flower : Rose : : Mammal : ?

(A)  Hen

(B)  Sparrow

(C)  Cobra

(D)  Cow

(E)   Eagle

Answer: (D)

45. Food : Stomach : : Fuel : ?

(A)  Car

(B)  Engine

(C)  Bus

(D)  Truck

(E)   Train

Answer: (B)

Direction-(Q. 46-51) These are based on the following diagrams. Study them carefully and indicate the correct answer as per the ‘Instructions’.

46. Animals, Cows, Horses

Answer: (C)

47. Doctors, Authors, Women

Answer: (C)

48. District, Mandal, Village

Answer: (B)

49. Parrots, Birds, Cats

Answer: (D)

50. Fish, Tigers, Snakes

Answer: (E)

51. Flowers, Jasmine, Banana

Answer: (D)

Directions-(Q. 52-56) With the help of the diagram given below, answer the following questions making the right choice from the given alternatives. Indicate the answer as per the ‘Instructions’.

52. Which letter indicates students who are players but not singers?

(A)  d

(B)  c

(C)  b

(D)  a

(E)   e

Answer: (C)

53. Which letter indicates students who are neither players nor singers?

(A)  a

(B)  b

(C)  e

(D)  e

(E)   f

Answer: (A)

54. Which letter indicates those who are both players and singers but not students?

(A)  e

(B)  d

(C)  b

(D)  c

(E)   f

Answer: (E)

55. Which letter indicates those who are players, singers and also students?

(A)  f

(B)  e

(C)  b

(D)  d

(E)   c

Answer: (B)

56. Which letter indicates singers who are neither players nor students?

(A)  b

(B)  d

(C)  f

(D)  g

(E)   e

Answer: (D)

Directions-(Q. 57-61) If in a language (English), A is coded as 1, B is coded as 2, C is coded as 3 and so on how are the following letter- groups coded in that language (English)?

   After identifying the right answer, indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.

57. BEDA

(A)  2514

(B)  2154

(C)  2541

(D)  2415

(E)   2451

Answer: (C)


(A)  43169

(B)  43619

(C)  43196

(D)  41396

(E)   41369

Answer: (A)


(A)  58234

(B)  58243

(C)  57324

(D)  57243

(E)   57234

Answer: (D)


(A)  18235

(B)  18325

(C)  18253

(D)  28225

(E)   18352

Answer: (B)


(A)  25886

(B)  24887

(C)  24867

(D)  25868

(E)   25887

Answer: (E)

Directions-(Q. 62-66) If HEART is coded as 12345 and DISK as 6789 respectively, how are the following words coded ? Identify the right answer and indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.

62. KITE

(A)  9751

(B)  9752

(C)  9652

(D)  8752

(E)   9572

Answer: (B)


(A)  53851

(B)  53582

(C)  53852

(D)  51853

(E)   51852

Answer: (C)

64. HARD

(A)  1346

(B)  1345

(C)  1347

(D)  1246

(E)   1247

Answer: (A)

65. DARK

(A)  6149

(B)  6159

(C)  6259

(D)  6349

(E)   6348

Answer: (D)

66. RAKE

(A)  4391

(B)  4195

(C)  4194

(D)  4382

(E)   4392

Answer: (E)

Directions-(Q. 67-76) The following questions are based on simple arithmetic principles. There are five alternatives given under each question. Identify the right answer and indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.

67. 4789 + ? = 6500

(A)  1701

(B)  1611

(C)  1711

(D)  1601

(E)   2711

Answer: (C)

68. 55555 + 5555 +555 = ?

(A)  60655

(B)  61665

(C)  60605

(D)  61655

(E)   61660

Answer: (B)

69. (14 – 9)3 ?

(A)  124

(B)  216

(C)  64

(D)  125

(E)   196

Answer: (D)

70. √36 + √x = 14

(A)  64

(B)  49

(C)  36

(D)  81

(E)   60

Answer: (A)

71. 5678 – ? = 4321

(A)  1257

(B)  1358

(C)  1347

(D)  1247

(E)   1357

Answer: (E)

72. 15% of 90 = ?

(A)  12.5

(B)  13.0

(C)  14.0

(D)  13.5

(E)   14.5

Answer: (D)

73. 0.5 × 0.0008 = ?

(A)  0.004

(B)  0.04

(C)  0.00004

(D)  0.0014

(E)   0.0004

Answer: (E)

74. 4/7 of 294 = ?

(A)  169

(B)  166

(C)  158

(D)  128

(E)   188

Answer: (A)

75. 8.512 – 4.4011 = ?

(A)  4.0109

(B)  4.1119

(C)  4.1109

(D)  4.1110

(E)   4.1100

Answer: (C)

76. 6464 ÷ 8 = ?

(A)  818

(B)  808

(C)  880

(D)  908

(E)   828

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 77-82) In each of these questions, there are four problem figures (1), (2), (3) and (4). Figure (4) is vacant shown by a question ‘?’. Figure (2) bears a certain relationship to (1). Similarly one of the answer figures bears similar relationship to (3). Find this out and indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.


Answer: (C)


Answer: (E)


Answer: (B)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 83-86) Out of the five given figures in each question. four figures are similar based on some common feature. One is different from them. Find out the figure and indicate it as per the ‘Instructions’.


Answer: (E)


Answer: (B)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (D)

Directions-(Q. 87-90) In the following questions there are five problem figures (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). (5) is blank shown by a question mark ‘?’. Choose one answer figure to fill the blank and continue the series. Identify the right answer and indicate as per the ‘Instructions’.


Answer: (A)


Answer: (E)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (D)


Scholastic Test


91. The distance between the fixed points of a thermometer is 20 cm. If the level of the mercury in it is 13 cm, the temperature in Celsius scale is-

(A)  50°C

(B)  65°C

(C)  55°C

(D)  75°C

Answer: (B)

92. A circuit is shown in the figure. The bulbs used in the circuit are identical. Which bulb does not glow?

(A)  S

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  P

Answer: (A)

93. Observe the system as shown in the figure. If the free end of the string is pulled horizontally at a constant speed of v = 2 cm/s, then the speed of a block is-

(A)  3 cm/s

(B)  2 cm/s

(C)  1 cm/s

(D)  4 cm/s

Answer: (B)

94. Observe the system shown in figure. Every object (block or pulley) in the system is at rest. Neglect the masses of pulleys and strings. The mass of the object ‘A’ is-

(A)  20 kg

(B)  10 kg

(C)  15 kg

(D)  23 kg

Answer: (A)

95. A ray of light falls perpendicular to the reflecting surface of a plane mirror. The angle of reflection is-

(A)  90°

(B)  180°

(C)  360°

(D)  0°

Answer: (D)

96. The distance covered by an oscillating particle in 10 s is 1000 cm and the amplitude of it is 1 cm. The frequency of it is …………. oscillation/second.

(A)  25

(B)  50

(C)  100

(D)  75

Answer: (A)

97. In a tug-of-war contest, two men pull on a horizontal rope from opposite sides. The winner will be the man who-

(A)  Exerts greater force on a rope

(B)  Exerts greater force on the ground

(C)  Exerts a force on the rope which is greater than the tension in the rope

(D)  Makes a smaller angle with vertical

Answer: (B)

98. Three bodies A, B and C are at the same temperature. B and C are only in thermal contact and are not interacting with surroundings. A is also not interacting with surroundings. Which is true?

(A)  A and C are in thermal equilibrium

(B)  B and C are in thermal equilibrium

(C)  A, B and C are in thermal equilibrium

(D)  A and B are in thermal equilibrium

Answer: (C)

99. A man is car travels from a town P to town Q with an average speed 40 km/hr and town Q to town P with an average speed 50 km/hr. The average speed of the entire journey is-

(A)  45 km/hr

(B)  44 km/hr

(C)  46.2 km/hr

(D)  44.4 km/hr

Answer: (D)

100. Two horizontal forces of magnitudes 10 N and 6 N act simultaneously on a block in opposite directions as shown in figure. Still then it is at rest. Choose correct option.

(A)  Net force on the block is 4 N

(B)  Horizontal floor exerts a static friction of 4 N on block along the direction of 10 N

(C)  Horizontal floor exerts a static friction of 4 N on block along the direction of 6 N

(D)  Horizontal floor exerts a sliding friction of 4 N on block along the direction of 6 N

Answer: (C)

101. A simple cell is shown in the diagram. Which of the following is wrong?

(A)  Hydrogen is given off at the copper rod

(B)  Zinc rod is negatively charged and copper rod is not charged when the key is open

(C)  Current flows from zinc rod to copper rod through the electrolyte

(D)  The concentration of H2SO4 is unaffected

Answer: (A)

102. Electric charges A and B are attracted to each other. Electric charges B and C repel each other. If A and C are held close together, they will-

(A)  not affect each other

(B)  repel

(C)  attract

(D)  more information is needed

Answer: (C)


103. Which of the following is used to remove grease stains?

(A)  Potassium hydroxide

(B)  Ammonium hydroxide

(C)  Calcium hydroxide

(D)  Aluminium hydroxide

Answer: (A)

104. Burning sensation we feel, when bitten by an ant is due to-

(A)  Formic acid

(B)  Acetic acid

(C)  Citric acid

(D)  Sulphuric acid

Answer: (A)

105. ………… is used in preparation of pickle.

(A)  Acetic acid

(B)  Citric acid

(C)  Carbonic acid

(D)  Oxalic acid

Answer: (A)

106. ……….. gases are responsible for the formation of layer in greenish colour on copper vessel when it is exposed to air.

(A)  Oxygen and water vapour

(B)  Carbon dioxide and water vapour

(C)  Nitrogen and oxygen

(D)  Oxygen and carbon dioxide

Answer: (B)

107. Which of the following is called ‘fake fur’?

(A)  Nylon

(B)  Rayon

(C)  Polyester

(D)  Acrylic

Answer: (D)

108. Terylene is mixed with cotton to make-

(A)  Terriwool

(B)  Polyester

(C)  Nylon

(D)  Terricot

Answer: (D)

109. Which of the following oxide is acidic?

(A)  Magnesium oxide

(B)  Calcium oxide

(C)  Sulphur dioxide

(D)  Zinc oxide

Answer: (C)

110. The first component separated from petroleum is-

(A)  Petrol

(B)  Diesel

(C)  Kerosene

(D)  Natural gas

Answer: (A)

111. Where does the complete combustion take place in the flame of candle?

(A)  Blue zone

(B)  Middle zone

(C)  Outer most zone

(D)  Dar zone

Answer: (C)

112. Which of the following is used to extinguish the fire of oil and petrol?

(A)  Water

(B)  Carbon dioxide

(C)  Hydrogen

(D)  Oxygen

Answer: (B)

113. Which of the following is not a metal?

(A)  Sodium

(B)  Sulphur

(C)  Magnesium

(D)  Silver

Answer: (B)


114. The hormone that controls emotions is-

(A)  Growth hormone

(B)  Testosterone

(C)  Adrenaline

(D)  Luteinizing hormone

Answer: (C)

115. Example of an endemic species-

(A)  Orchids

(B)  Peacock

(C)  Spanish flag

(D)  Kangaroo

Answer: (D)

116. External fertilization takes place in-

(1) Frog              (2) Human beings

(3) Birds             (4) Fish

(A)  1 and 2

(B)  1 and 3

(C)  1 and 4

(D)  2 and 4

Answer: (C)

117. Identify the mismatched pair-

(A)  Amoeba – binary fission

(B)  Yeast – multiple fission

(C)  Hydra – budding

(D)  Paramecium – binary fission

Answer: (B)

118. Which of the following disease does not spread through air?

(A)  Typhoid

(B)  Swine flu

(C)  Tuberculosis

(D)  Mumps

Answer: (B)

119. Vaccine for rabies was invented by, ……..

(A)  Alexander Flemming

(B)  Louis Pasteur

(C)  Edward Jenner

(D)  Jonas Salk

Answer: (C)

120. Iodine solution is used to test the presence of-

(A)  Carbohydrates

(B)  Proteins

(C)  Minerals salts

(D)  Fats

Answer: (A)

121. In 1752, James Linds found that ……… disease can be cured by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

(A)  Scurvy

(B)  Beri beri

(C)  Amoebiasis

(D)  Marasmus

Answer: (A)

122. An ant bite causes burning sensation and pain as …………. is released.

(A)  Citric acid

(B)  Formic acid

(C)  Hydrochloric acid

(D)  Formaldehyde

Answer: (B)

123. Which of the following food material consists of lactic acid?

(A)  Amla

(B)  Curds

(C)  Vinegar

(D)  Apple

Answer: (B)

124. The indicator which changes acids into red colour and bases into yellow colour is-

(A)  Milk of magnesium

(B)  Methyl orange

(C)  Phenolphthalein

(D)  Iodine

Answer: (B)

125. Which one of the following cells is in diploid stage

(A)  Sperm

(B)  Pollen grain

(C)  Ovum

(D)  Zygote

Answer: (D)


126. Which one of the following is not a perfect cube?

(A)  175616000

(B)  2048383

(C)  60236288

(D)  20971524

Answer: (D)

127. 13 + 23 = 32, 13 + 23 + 33 = 62, 13 + 23 + 33 + 43 = 102 so 13 + 23 + 33 + 43 + 53 + 63 + 73 + 83 + 93 = ?

(A)  432

(B)  442

(C)  452

(D)  462

Answer: (C)

128. Given that ‘a’ is a positive integer, find the value of-

(A)  0

(B)  1

(C)  −1

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

129. If  then the value of x is-

(A)  6129

(B)  6565

(C)  7103

(D)  7228

Answer: (D)

130. If 3 : 5 = 4.5 : x, then x – 5 = ?

(A)  7.5

(B)  5

(C)  4.5

(D)  2.5

Answer: (D)

131. Given  then each fraction will be-

(A)  1/2

(B)  −1

(C)  1/2 or −1

(D)  1/2 or 1

Answer: (A)

132. 8% of 400 – 4% of 800 +1% of 500 = ?

(A)  10

(B)  20

(C)  4

(D)  5

Answer: (D)

133. The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by 25% and  The area will increase by-


(B)  25%



Answer: (D)

134. a + b = 123, b + c = 37 and c + a = 40, then 

(A)  30

(B)  20

(C)  10

(D)  18

Answer: (C)

135. If  then x = ? given x ≠

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  1

Answer: (C)

136. The value of is-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (A)

137. When 24 × 34 × 54 × 7 is expressed as a single number, then the sum of its digits will be-

(A)  21

(B)  19

(C)  23

(D)  18

Answer: (D)

138. Given that 3x . 3y . 3z = 19683, the average of x, y and z will be-

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  4.5

Answer: (B)

139. The value of 

(A)  a

(B)  2

(C)  1/5a

(D)  −3a

Answer: (B)

140. xa + 1 is a factor of xab + 1, if b is-

(A)  Odd number

(B)  Even number

(C)  Negative number

(D)  Radical

Answer: (A)

141. Area of a semi circle is 77 cm2. Its perimeter is equal to-

(A)  35 cm

(B)  44 cm

(C)  42 cm

(D)  36 cm

Answer: (D)

142. The angle of a triangle are in the ratio 1 : 1 : 2. It sides will be in the ratio of-

(A)  1 : 1 : √2

(B)  1 : √3 : √2

(C)  1 : 1 : √3

(D)  1 : 2 : √3

Answer: (A)

143. The area of an equilateral triangle is 25√3 cm2. The area of a square with a side equal to the side of this triangle is-

(A)  75 cm2

(B)  100 cm2

(C)  125 cm2

(D)  120 cm2

Answer: (B)

144. ABCD is a rectangle. The ratio of the areas of ABCD and AED is-

(A)  √2 : 1

(B)  2 : 1

(C)  3 : 1

(D)  3 : √2

Answer: (B)

145. A semi circle is drawn on a side of a square measuring 14 cm. The ratio of between the areas of the shaded part and the square is-

(A)  17 ; 28

(B)  7 : 22

(C)  π : 2

(D)  7 : 11

Answer: (A)


146. Who introduced the Ryotwari Settlement in South-India?

(A)  Cornwallis

(B)  Thomas Munro

(C)  Henry Vivian Derozio

(D)  Lord Macaulay

Answer: (B)

147. Who organized The East India Association in London during 1866?

(A)  Surendranath Banerjee

(B)  Annie Besant

(C)  Dadabhai Naoroji

(D)  A. O. Hume

Answer: (C)

148. The people of which movement declared “Gandhiji’s Swaraj” is coming and we will not pay taxes to this government.

(A)  Chirala-Perala Movement

(B)  Mepla Movement

(C)  Champaran Movement

(D)  All the above

Answer: (C)

149. After the death of Jyoti Rao Phule, who took over the responsibility of Satya Shodak Samaj?

(A)  Tarabai Shinde

(B)  Pandita Ramabai Saraswati

(C)  Savitribai Phule

(D)  Keshav Chandra Sen

Answer: (C)

150. The first newspaper in Telugu was ‘Krishna Patrika’. It was edited by-

(A)  Mutnuri Krishna Rao

(B)  G. Subramanya Iyer

(C)  Dasarathi Krishnamacharya

(D)  Madapati Hanumantha Rao

Answer: (A)

151. Which among these is not correctly matched?

(A)  Palas-Bengal

(B)  Cholas-Tamil Nadu

(C)  Kalinga-Orissa

(D)  Anarta-Kerala

Answer: (D)

152. This dynasty participated in the ‘Tripartite Struggle’ for Kannauj-

(A)  Gurjara Pratihara

(B)  Rashtrakuta

(C)  Eastern Chalukyas

(D)  Palas

Answer: (A)

153. Who is the author of Kitab-Al-Hind?

(A)  Al-Beruni

(B)  Ibn Battuta

(C)  Abdul Razzak

(D)  Amir Khusro

Answer: (A)

154. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple was constructed by-

(A)  Dhangadeva

(B)  Raja Raju

(C)  Rajendra – 1

(D)  Amoghavarsha

Answer: (A)

155. “Hari dwells in the East, they say, And Allah resides in the West. Search for him in your heart, in the heart of your heart; There he dwells, Rahim – Ram”. The above stanza was composed by-

(A)  Kabir

(B)  Guru Nanak

(C)  Surdas

(D)  Chaitanya Maha Prabhu

Answer: (A)


156. Kundu is a tributary of this river-

(A)  Krishna

(B)  Penna

(C)  Godawari

(D)  Kaveri

Answer: (B)

157. Amount of insolation reflected by clouds in the total insolation (100%) is-

(A)  6%

(B)  51%

(C)  20%

(D)  16%

Answer: (A)

158. Which of these is the reason for formation of seasons?

(A)  Daily rotation of the earth on its own axis

(B)  The tilt of the axis of rotation compared to the plane on which the earth moves

(C)  The earth’s movement around the sun once a year

(D)  All the above

Answer: (C)

159. Huge chunks of ice break off and float into the oceans is-

(A)  Ice bergs

(B)  Glaciers

(C)  Permafrost

(D)  Ocean Currents

Answer: (A)

160. ‘Joint Forest Management’ policy was started in the year-

(A)  1972

(B)  1966

(C)  1988

(D)  2002

Answer: (C)

161. Largest reserves of barytes in the world are located at-

(A)  Bombay High

(B)  Mangampeta

(C)  Kothagudem

(D)  Agnigundala

Answer: (B)

162. ‘Dogger Bank’ is located at this sea-

(A)  Mediterranean sea

(B)  Black sea

(C)  North sea

(D)  Caspian sea

Answer: (C)

163. The mountains to the north-west of Africa are-

(A)  Drakens Berg Mountains

(B)  Kilimanjaro

(C)  Caucasus Mountains

(D)  Atlas Mountains

Answer: (D)

164. Name the winds which cause heavy rainfall in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh during October-December-

(A)  South-west monsoons

(B)  North-east monsoons

(C)  Loo winds

(D)  Western disturbances

Answer: (B)

165. Contour lines means-

(A)  It is a line joining the places with equal height

(B)  It is a line joining the places with equally recorded rainfall

(C)  It is a line joining the places with equally recorded pressure

(D)  It is a line joining the places with equally recorded salinity

Answer: (A)

Political Science

166. Which of the following statements is correct?

(A)  Constitution determines the relationship between people and government

(B)  Democratic countries generally contain a Constitution

(C)  To make a Constitution to a diverse country like India is not an easy task

(D)  All are correct

Answer: (D)

167. Which of the following is not a Republic State?

(A)  United States of America

(B)  England

(C)  India

(D)  France

Answer: (B)

168. The number of Constituencies reserved for St’s (Schedule tribes) in the Lok Sabha are-

(A)  79

(B)  58

(C)  30

(D)  41

Answer: (D)

169. The subject is in the Concurrent List-

(A)  Country’s defence

(B)  Sales tax

(C)  Health care

(D)  Electricity

Answer: (D)

170. Which of the following is correct about the formation of Central Government?

(A)  Party or coalition that has support of the President forms the government

(B)  Party or coalition with number of seats forms the government

(C)  Party or coalition with more than half the seats forms the government

(D)  Election Commission selects the party that forms the government

Answer: (C)

171. Which of the following statements is not correct?

(A)  An F.I.R. filled in the police station

(B)  Being arrested by the police is equal to being punished

(C)  A bail is given on the basis of securities

(D)  Supreme Court is the highest court in the country

Answer: (B)

172. What we know as Bharatanatyam today springs from-

(A)  Kuravanji

(B)  Gusadi

(C)  Sadirnatyam

(D)  Natikari Dhimsa

Answer: (C)

173. The share of the members elected by the teachers for Legislative Council-

(A)  1/12

(B)  1/6

(C)  1/3

(D)  1/24

Answer: (A)

174. When was the ‘Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Protection Act (APWALTA) made?

(A)  2005

(B)  2002

(C)  2009

(D)  2013

Answer: (B)

175. According to the Preamble of the Constitution, India is a-

(A)  Sovereign, Democratic, Socialistic and Republic

(B)  Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Republic

(C)  Sovereign, Democratic and Republic

(D)  Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic

Answer: (D)


176. Which of these cities does not have any domestic airport?

(A)  Renigunta

(B)  Puttaparthi

(C)  Rajahmundry

(D)  Kurnool

Answer: (A)

177. When is the Road Safety Week celebrated?

(A)  First week of every year

(B)  Second week of every year

(C)  Third week of every year

(D)  Fourth week of every year

Answer: (A)

178. India stands in which place in the making of medicines?

(A)  First

(B)  Second

(C)  Third

(D)  Fourth

Answer: (C)

179. Who started the ‘Assembly line method’ of production to produce more cars quickly?

(A)  Henry Ford

(B)  Boulton

(C)  George Stephenson

(D)  Franklin

Answer: (A)

180. Expands ATM-

(A)  Automatic Telling Machine

(B)  Automatic Teller Machine

(C)  Any time Money

(D)  Any time Mobile

Answer: (B)

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