State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2014 Class-VIII Question Paper With Answer Key

State Level National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Exam-2014 Class-VIII


General Mental Ability Test

Direction- In questions 1 to 10 each question has four terms. Three terms are alike in some way. One term is different from others. Write the number of the different term against the proper question number on year answer sheet-


(A)  Lucknow

(B)  Bhopal

(C)  Jaipur

(D)  Agra

Answer: (D)


(A)  Pen

(B)  Pencil

(C)  Book

(D)  Copy

Answer: (C)


(A)  Cow

(B)  Horse

(C)  Elephant

(D)  Lion

Answer: (D)


(A)  K 121

(B)  E 23

(C)  Q 289

(D)  O 225

Answer: (B)


(A)  12 4 48

(B)  12 5 60

(C)  12 6 75

(D)  12 7 84

Answer: (C)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (B)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (C)

Direction- In Question 11 to 20 there are four terms in each question. Right to the symbol : : the terms have same relationship as the two terms of the left of the symbol : : out of four terms one terms is missing, which is one of the four alternative given below. Find out the correct alternative and writes its number against the proper question on your answer sheet-

11. Stadium : Player : : School : ?

(A)  Library

(B)  Play ground

(C)  Laboratory

(D)  Student

Answer: (D)

12. Examination : Degree : : Interview : ?

(A)  Selection

(B)  Board

(C)  Testing

(D)  Process

Answer: (A)

13. Monday : Friday : : Thursday : ?

(A)  Monday

(B)  Sunday

(C)  Tuesday

(D)  Saturday

Answer: (A)

14. Justice : Judge : : ? : Doctor

(A)  Hospital

(B)  Treatment

(C)  Medicine

(D)  Nurse

Answer: (B)

15. 15 : 225 : : 12 : ?

(A)  144

(B)  24

(C)  120

(D)  56

Answer: (A)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (B)


Answer: (C)


Answer: (D)

Direction-Questions 21 to 25 are based on number/letter series. One or two term is missing in each series and indicated by question-mark (?) find out the missing term out of the four alternatives given below and write its alternative number against the correct question number on your answer sheet-

21. AZ, BY, CX, DW, ?

(A)  EU

(B)  EV

(C)  FU

(D)  FV

Answer: (B)

22. E, H, K, N, ?

(A)  Q

(B)  P

(C)  O

(D)  M

Answer: (A)

23. BD, CF, DH, EJ……….GN, HP

(A)  FL

(B)  FH

(C)  FI

(D)  FJ

Answer: (A)

24. 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, ?

(A)  20

(B)  22

(C)  24

(D)  26

Answer: (C)

25. 2, 4, 8, ?, 32, 64, 128

(A)  14

(B)  16

(C)  28

(D)  30

Answer: (B)

Direction- In Question 26 to 30 problem figures are given at the left hand side consisting four figures in a definite series and the place for fifth figure is vacant which has been shown by question-mark (?). Four answer figure are given against each problem figure. Find out the correct answer figure and write its alternatives number against the proper question number on your answer sheet-


Answer: (D)


Answer: (B)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (D)


Answer: (C)

Direction- In Question 31 to 40 equations have become wrong due to incorrect order of signs. Choose the correct order of signs from the four alternatives given below, so that the equations become correct. Write its correct alternative number on your answer sheet against the proper question number-

31. 15 = 3 × 4 – 9

(A)  + − =

(B)  = × −

(C)  × − =

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (D)

32. 9 + 3 × 7 = 20

(A)  − + =

(B)  × − =

(C)  ÷ + =

(D)  + − =

Answer: (B)

33. 5 – 4 × 3 = 6

(A)  × − =

(B)  = × −

(C)  + − =

(D)  ÷ = ×

Answer: (C)

34. 24 × 4 + 5 = 1

(A)  ÷ − =

(B)  × − =

(C)  + − =

(D)  − + =

Answer: (A)

35. 15 × 4 ÷ 6 = 13

(A)  − + =

(B)  ÷ − =

(C)  + − =

(D)  − × =

Answer: (C)

36. 49 – 7 + 5 = 2

(A)  ÷ + =

(B)  × − =

(C)  ÷ − =

(D)  + − =

Answer: (C)

37. 35 – 3 × 4 = 5

(A)  × + =

(B)  = + ×

(C)  ÷ − +

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (B)

38. 6 – 4 + 19 = 5

(A)  ÷ − =

(B)  − × =

(C)  × + =

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (D)

39. 9 = 3 × 4 – 31

(A)  − + =

(B)  − × =

(C)  × + =

(D)  ÷ + =

Answer: (C)

40. 15 – 3 × 4 = 20

(A)  × − =

(B)  ÷ × =

(C)  − + =

(D)  = × −

Answer: (B)

Direction-Question 41 to 50 are based on definite series. In given questions some symbols are missing shown by (―). The missing symbols are given in proper sequence as one of the four alternative given under each question. Find out the correct alternative and write its number on the answer sheet against the corresponding question number―

41. ―BO―C―O―CB―H

(A)  H C B H O

(B)  C I C H O

(C)  C H B H O

(D)  O C H B I

Answer: (C)

42. ― ―H―D―HL―QH―

(A)  D Q L Q D L

(B)  C P L P D M

(C)  D P L R C L

(D)  L Q D C L H

Answer: (A)

43. ―DQ ― E ― Q ― ED ― J

(A)  F J C K R

(B)  E J D J Q

(C)  G J E J R

(D)  E J E K S

Answer: (B)

44. ― ―H―B―HU―N―U

(A)  C N U M C H

(B)  B M V N A I

(C)  B N U N B H

(D)  C N V M C H

Answer: (C)

45. ―U―DO―Q―OU―D

(A)  P R U D R

(B)  R O Q U D

(C)  Q O D Q U

(D)  O Q U D Q

Answer: (D)

46. ―ZM―A―M―AZ―F

(A)  A F Z F M

(B)  B G Z F N

(C)  C F M Z A

(D)  Z F Z N M

Answer: (A)

47. ― ― F―B―FJ―OF―

(A)  C O K P B J

(B)  C O J P C J

(C)  B O J O B J

(D)  B P J P G J

Answer: (C)

48. ― ― F―Z―FS―L―S

(A)  Y L R L Z E

(B)  Z L S L Z F

(C)  Z M R L Z G

(D)  X M R R Y F

Answer: (B)

49. ―S―BM―O―MS―B

(A)  N O R B O

(B)  M R O B P

(C)  M O S B O

(D)  N O R A O

Answer: (C)

50. ―BO―C―O―CB―H

(A)  C I C H O

(B)  B H B O H

(C)  B H O B H

(D)  C H B H O

Answer: (D)

Direction-In Questions 51 to 60 given below, four words/ numbers are written in every question. Four answer alternative are given below against each question. The words/numbers in the question are related to each other in same way. One word/number from among the four answer alternatives goes best with the words/numbers in the question find out the correct alternative and write its number against the proper question number-

51. 3, 5, 7, 11

(A)  18

(B)  9

(C)  15

(D)  17

Answer: (D)

52. Seeta, Geeta, Meena, Tina

(A)  Sangeeta

(B)  Umesh

(C)  Brijesh

(D)  Dinesh

Answer: (A)

53. Jaipur, Dispur, Raipur, Ranchi

(A)  Goa

(B)  Chennai

(C)  Tripura

(D)  Nagaland

Answer: (B)

54. 4, 9, 16, 25

(A)  72

(B)  68

(C)  64

(D)  96

Answer: (C)

55. 8, 27, 64, 125

(A)  216

(B)  196

(C)  276

(D)  324

Answer: (A)

56. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra-

(A)  Poona

(B)  Dehradun

(C)  Kolkata

(D)  Gujarat

Answer: (D)

57. Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Meerut, Bareilly-

(A)  Nagpur

(B)  Patna

(C)  Agra

(D)  Mumbai

Answer: (C)

58. 18, 24, 30, 36

(A)  49

(B)  35

(C)  34

(D)  45

Answer: (D)

59. 31, 37, 41, 47

(A)  48

(B)  53

(C)  56

(D)  33

Answer: (B)

60. 22, 33, 44, 55

(A)  56

(B)  72

(C)  77

(D)  84

Answer: (C)

Direction-In Question 61 to 70 number are placed in the figure on the basis of same rules one place in vacant which is indicated as (?). Find out the correct alternative to replace the question-mark (?) and write its number against the proper question number on your answer sheet-


(A)  21

(B)  42

(C)  441

(D)  336

Answer: (C)


(A)  15

(B)  18

(C)  20

(D)  25

Answer: (D)


(A)  15

(B)  11

(C)  17

(D)  13

Answer: (B)


(A)  25

(B)  30

(C)  32

(D)  35

Answer: (C)


(A)  15

(B)  7

(C)  25

(D)  6

Answer: (B)


(A)  225

(B)  210

(C)  145

(D)  245

Answer: (D)


(A)  10

(B)  20

(C)  30

(D)  35

Answer: (A)


(A)  2

(B)  7

(C)  9

(D)  11

Answer: (C)


(A)  4

(B)  6

(C)  7

(D)  8

Answer: (A)


(A)  15

(B)  20

(C)  21

(D)  25

Answer: (C)

Direction- Each of the following questions 71 to 80 has a group of the three words which are related to each other in some way. This relationship can be represented by one of the four figure alternative given in the beginning. Find out the correct figure alternative and write its number against the corresponding questions on your answer sheet-

(1) India Madhya Pradesh Bhopal

(2) Science Economics History

(3) Science Physics History

(4) History Ancient History Medival History

71. Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Bihar

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  1

(D)  2

Answer: (D)

72. Mathematics Geometry Arithmetic

(A)  4

(B)  1

(C)  2

(D)  3

Answer: (A)

73. Litre Metre Kilogram

(A)  4

(B)  2

(C)  1

(D)  3

Answer: (B)

74. Cricket Amit Mishra Zaheer Khan

(A)  3

(B)  1

(C)  4

(D)  2

Answer: (C)

75. Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Vidhansabha

(A)  3

(B)  1

(C)  2

(D)  4

Answer: (B)

76. History Modern History Philosophy

(A)  4

(B)  1

(C)  2

(D)  3

Answer: (D)

77. School Male Student Female Student

(A)  4

(B)  1

(C)  2

(D)  3

Answer: (A)

78. Month Week Days

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  1

(D)  2

Answer: (C)

79. Film Actor Actress

(A)  1

(B)  4

(C)  2

(D)  3

Answer: (B)

80. Gold Silver Iron

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  1

Answer: (A)

Direction-The following questions from 81 to 85 based on the information given below. Read the information carefully and find out the correct answer from the four alternative and write its alternative number on your answer sheet against the proper question number-

   For being graduate Harish opted Hindi, Science and History. Mahesh opted Math, Science and Geography. Ganesh opted Hindi, Science and Geography. Praveen opted Maths, Science and Geography and Suresh opted Hindi, Maths and History.

81. Which subject was opted by the most students?

(A)  Hindi

(B)  Math

(C)  Science

(D)  Geography

Answer: (C)

82. Which subject was opted by the least students?

(A)  Geography

(B)  Hindi

(C)  Math

(D)  History

Answer: (D)

83. How many students study Hindi subject?

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  2

(D)  5

Answer: (A)

84. How many students study Geography subject?

(A)  4

(B)  3

(C)  1

(D)  2

Answer: (B)

85. How many students study Science Subject?

(A)  3

(B)  1

(C)  4

(D)  2

Answer: (C)

Direction-In question 86 to 90 are based on the following information. Read the information carefully and choose the correct alternative from four alternatives given below each question and write its alternative number against proper question number on your answer sheet-

   Information- A man have five sons named R, S, T, U and V. In which T is elder than U but younger than S. S is elder than R and T but younger than V. R is elder than U but  younger than T.

86. Who is the eldest son?

(A)  R

(B)  V

(C)  S

(D)  T

Answer: (B)

87. Who is the youngest son?

(A)  T

(B)  S

(C)  U

(D)  R

Answer: (C)

88. Who is at the middle order?

(A)  T

(B)  S

(C)  R

(D)  V

Answer: (A)

89. Which son is at the second order from above?

(A)  S

(B)  U

(C)  B

(D)  T

Answer: (A)

90. Which son is at the second order from below?

(A)  V

(B)  S

(C)  R

(D)  T

Answer: (C)


Scholastic Aptitude Test

(A) Science

91. How much part of the earth’s mass is surrounded by water?

(A)  1/2 part

(B)  2/3 part

(C)  3/4 part

(D)  3/5 part

Answer: (B)

92. An example of curve line speed is-

(A)  Running water of canal

(B)  Air through squeeze

(C)  Movement of snake

(D)  Falling fruit from tree

Answer: (C)

93. The natural source of light is-

(A)  Moon

(B)  Sun

(C)  Lantern

(D)  Electric Bulb

Answer: (B)

94. Force always has-

(A)  Magnitude

(B)  Direction

(C)  Magnitude and direction both

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

95. Which of the scientist are of Indian origin?

(A)  Farmi

(B)  Markoni

(C)  C.V. Raman

(D)  Edison

Answer: (C)

96. Which of these scientist invented the electric Bulb?

(A)  Edward Jenner

(B)  Alexender Flamming

(C)  Gallileo

(D)  Edison

Answer: (D)

97. The pure form of water is-

(A)  Distilled water

(B)  Mineral water

(C)  Soda water

(D)  Boiled water

Answer: (A)

98. Which easy machine is used to extract water from the well?

(A)  Wheel

(B)  Slop or sloping surface

(C)  Pulley

(D)  Screw

Answer: (C)

99. Muscular power have been used in-

(A)  Driving car

(B)  Driving cycle

(C)  Driving Motor cycle

(D)  In tractor

Answer: (B)

100. By which process, wet clothes, becomes dry in presence of sunlight?

(A)  Vaporization

(B)  Distillation

(C)  Condensation

(D)  Boiling

Answer: (A)

101. Which force applies to up-lift the things through hand?

(A)  Electric force

(B)  Muscle force

(C)  Magnetic force

(D)  Gravitational force

Answer: (B)

102. The renewable resource of energy is-

(A)  Petrol

(B)  Natural wood

(C)  Diesel

(D)  Running water

Answer: (D)

103. Which has helps in extinguish fire?

(A)  Nitrogen

(B)  Oxygen

(C)  Carbon dioxide

(D)  Above all the three gas

Answer: (C)

104. A part of element burns when it contects with air is-

(A)  Nitrogen

(B)  Phosphorus

(C)  Carbon

(D)  Zinc

Answer: (B)

105. The has does fresh lime water into milky is-

(A)  Hydrogen

(B)  Oxygen

(C)  Sulphur dioxide

(D)  Carbon dioxide

Answer: (D)

106. Condensed water vapour is-

(A)  Earth water

(B)  River water

(C)  Rain water

(D)  Sea water

Answer: (C)

107. The boiling point of pure water is-

(A)  90°C

(B)  Less than 100°C

(C)  100°C

(D)  More than 100°C

Answer: (C)

108. After some time the Nephthelene ball becomes small in size-

(A)  Due to magnetism

(B)  Due to solubility

(C)  Due to sublimation

(D)  Due to attraction

Answer: (C)

109. The organized group of atoms which keeps element in force, state is known as-

(A)  Molecule

(B)  Atom

(C)  Element

(D)  Smallest particle

Answer: (A)

110. The mixture of sulphur and Iron particles can be separated through-

(A)  On the basis of solubility

(B)  On the basis of magnetism

(C)  On the basis of sublimation

(D)  On the basis of gravitation

Answer: (B)

111. Increase the process of rusting is-

(A)  Normal water

(B)  Water river

(C)  Saline water

(D)  Wet air

Answer: (D)

112. Among these which pair is true?

(A)  Carbon dioxide-to help in burining fire

(B)  Nitrogen-to Growth

(C)  Oxygen-to extinguish fire

(D)  Hydrogen-making urea

Answer: (B)

113. A substance added to L.P.G. cylinders to help detect gas leakage is-

(A)  Methyl mercaptan

(B)  Ethyl mercaptan

(C)  Ethelene mercaptan

(D)  Ethene mercaptan

Answer: (A)

114. Human body’s temperature is normally-

(A)  32°F

(B)  212°F

(C)  100°F

(D)  98.4°F

Answer: (D)

115. Which of the following is necessary for photosynthesis?

(A)  Light

(B)  Sound

(C)  High temperature

(D)  High pressure

Answer: (A)

116. Green colour of the leaves of the plant is due to the presence of-

(A)  Starch

(B)  Cellulose

(C)  Chlorophyll

(D)  Keratin

Answer: (C)

117. Xerophytes have very small leaves or spines to-

(A)  Reduce weight

(B)  Reduce loss of water

(C)  Reduce volume

(D)  Be beautiful

Answer: (B)

118. The structural unit of a living being is-

(A)  Atom

(B)  Molecule

(C)  Muscle

(D)  Cell

Answer: (D)

119. For healthy teeth and bones the mineral required is-

(A)  Iron

(B)  Calcium

(C)  Sodium

(D)  Magnesium

Answer: (B)

120. Stomach secretes-

(A)  Dilute hydrochloric acid

(B)  Dilute sulphuric acid

(C)  Dilute citric acid

(D)  Dilute nitric acid

Answer: (A)

121. The largest part of the alimentary canal is-

(A)  Oesophagus

(B)  Large intestine

(C)  Small intestine

(D)  Stomach

Answer: (C)

122. Bile juice is secreted by-

(A)  Stomach

(B)  Small intestine

(C)  Pancreas

(D)  Liver

Answer: (D)

123. Which of the following is not a synthetic fibre?

(A)  Polyester

(B)  Nylon

(C)  Wool

(D)  Acrylic

Answer: (C)

124. Which of the following maintains balance in a monkey?

(A)  Tail

(B)  Hands

(C)  Legs

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

125. In anaerobic respiration-

(A)  Oxygen is given out

(B)  Carbon-dioxide is given out

(C)  Carbon-dioxide is taken in

(D)  Oxygen is taken in

Answer: (C)

(B) Social Science

126. The river which is called the ‘Ganga of South’-

(A)  Narmada

(B)  Godavari

(C)  Mahanadi

(D)  Kaveri

Answer: (B)

127. Harsha established his capital at-

(A)  Pataliputra

(B)  Vatapi

(C)  Kannauj

(D)  Ujjain

Answer: (C)

128. The gas, found in largest quantity in atmosphere is-

(A)  Nitrogen

(B)  Oxygen

(C)  Carbon dioxide

(D)  Hydrogen

Answer: (A)

129. The largest continent in area is-

(A)  Africa

(B)  North America

(C)  Asia

(D)  South America

Answer: (C)

130. The rhinoceros is mainly found in-

(A)  Assam

(B)  Gujarat

(C)  West Bengal

(D)  Uttarakhand

Answer: (A)

131. Which one of these is a Village Court?

(A)  Gram Panchayat

(B)  Gram Sabha

(C)  Panchayat Sammiti

(D)  Nyaya Panchayat

Answer: (D)

132. Which one of these is a union territory?

(A)  Manipur

(B)  Delhi

(C)  Tripura

(D)  Telangana

Answer: (B)

133. Pashmina shawls are made in-

(A)  Kashmir

(B)  Himachal Pradesh

(C)  Tripura

(D)  Gujarat

Answer: (A)

134. The official language of Akbar’s court was-

(A)  Urdu

(B)  Turki

(C)  Farasi

(D)  Hindi

Answer: (C)

135. Indian Parliament is consisted of-

(A)  Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

(B)  Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President

(C)  President

(D)  Prime Minister

Answer: (B)

136. The book ‘Tahreek-e-Hind’ is authored by-

(A)  Firdausi

(B)  Badauni

(C)  Ibna-E-Batuta

(D)  Albaruni

Answer: (D)

137. Subhash Chandra Bose was born in-

(A)  Calcutta (Kolkata)

(B)  Darjiling

(C)  Katak

(D)  Delhi

Answer: (C)

138. The Supreme Court of India is situated at-

(A)  Delhi

(B)  Chennai

(C)  Mumbai

(D)  Kolkata

Answer: (A)

139. Goswami Tulsidas was contemporary of-

(A)  Aurangzeb

(B)  Akabar

(C)  Jahangir

(D)  Shahjahan

Answer: (B)

140. The process in which rocks tends to break in its own place, is called-

(A)  Weathering

(B)  Erosion

(C)  Denudation

(D)  Volcano

Answer: (A)

141. Moksha means-

(A)  Rebirth

(B)  Perfect knowledge

(C)  Freedom from the cycle of birth and death

(D)  Enlightenment

Answer: (C)

142. The instrument to measure atmospheric pressure is-

(A)  Potometer

(B)  Monometer

(C)  Oxcanometer

(D)  Barometer

Answer: (D)

143. Bodh Gaya is the place where Gautam Buddha-

(A)  Was born

(B)  Attained perfect knowledge

(C)  Delivered his first sermon

(D)  Died

Answer: (B)

144. Grand-Trunk-Road constructed by-

(A)  Akabar

(B)  Humayun

(C)  Shershah

(D)  Jahangeer

Answer: (C)

145. The famous temple in India was attacked by Mahmood Gajanavi-

(A)  Somnath Temple

(B)  Konark Temple

(C)  Jagannath Temple

(D)  Tanjour Temple

Answer: (A)

146. Select the correct matching-

(A)  Popa – Japan

(B)  Fujiyama – Myanmar

(C)  Atana – India

(D)  Vesuviyas – Italy

Answer: (D)

147. Prime Minister appointed by-

(A)  Parliament

(B)  Election Commission

(C)  President

(D)  Speaker

Answer: (C)

148. Finance Bill is produced in-

(A)  Only Lok Sabha

(B)  Only Rajay Sabha

(C)  Anywhere in both

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

149. The chairman of ‘Constitution Drafting Committee’ was-

(A)  Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(B)  Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

(C)  Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

(D)  Abul Kalam Azad

Answer: (C)

150. ‘Public Distribution System’ started by-

(A)  Firoz Shah Tuglak

(B)  Alaudding Khilzi

(C)  Muhammad-Bin-Tuglak

(D)  Jalaluddin Firoz Khilzi

Answer: (B)

151. Largest ‘Cocoa’ produced in-

(A)  Chilley

(B)  United States of America

(C)  India

(D)  Brazil

Answer: (D)

152. Who translated of Upnishads form sanskrit to farsi-

(A)  Jahangir

(B)  Shahjahan

(C)  Akabar

(D)  Darashikoh

Answer: (D)

153. The Government is not responsible for-

(A)  Organishing aid for flood victims

(B)  Providing health services

(C)  Maintaining your house out of public fund

(D)  Defending the country

Answer: (C)

154. National Park is situated in Uttar Pradesh-

(A)  Simplipal

(B)  Gir

(C)  Dudhwa

(D)  Rajaji

Answer: (C)

155. The Supreme Officer of the districts is-

(A)  District Magistrate

(B)  Commissioner

(C)  Chief Development Officer

(D)  Superintend of Police

Answer: (A)

156. Civilization of Indus valley was-

(A)  Rural

(B)  Urban

(C)  Half Rural

(D)  Half Urban

Answer: (B)

157. The song ‘Vande Mataram’ created by-

(A)  Rabindra Nath Tagore

(B)  Satyendra Nath Tagore

(C)  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

(D)  Subhash Chandra Bose

Answer: (C)

158. The ‘Player of Veena’ was-

(A)  Aurangzeb

(B)  Darashikoh

(C)  Shahjahan

(D)  Jahangir

Answer: (A)

159. Select the incorrect matching-

(A)  Tajmahal-Agra

(B)  Lal Quila-Delhi

(C)  Buland Darwaza-Agra

(D)  Gol Gumbad-Beejapur

Answer: (C)

160. Who presides the joint session of the parliament?

(A)  President

(B)  Vice-President

(C)  Chairman

(D)  Speaker

Answer: (D)

(C) Mathematics

161. The value of (−3) × (−23) will be-

(A)  −69

(B)  69

(C)  26

(D)  −26

Answer: (B)

162. If x = 2, y = 3 and z = 4, then the value of 2x + 3y + z will be-

(A)  17

(B)  16

(C)  18

(D)  14

Answer: (A)

163. In adjoining figure, the perimeter of ∆ ABC will be-

(A)  5xyz

(B)  6xzy

(C)  2x + 3y + z

(D)  5xy + z

Answer: (C)

164. One-third of any number is equal to 24, that number will be-

(A)  63

(B)  72

(C)  84

(D)  36

Answer: (B)

165. The ratio between angles of triangle are 2 : 3 : 4. The angles of triangle will be-

(A)  30°, 60°, 90°

(B)  20°, 40°, 120°

(C)  40°, 60°, 80°

(D)  30°, 90°, 60°

Answer: (C)

166. The product of two rational number is −5/6, if one rational number is −7/12, then the second rational number will be-

(A)  35/12

(B)  10/7

(C)  −10/7

(D)  7/10

Answer: (B)

167. If  then value of  will be-

(A)  4

(B)  14

(C)  10

(D)  16

Answer: (B)

168. The simplest value of  will be-

(A)  0

(B)  1

(C)  2/3

(D)  3/2

Answer: (B)

169. The difference of two supplementary angle is 40°, then every angle will be-

(A)  65°, 115°

(B)  75°, 115°

(C)  70°, 110°

(D)  25°, 65°

Answer: (C)

170. The factor of expression xy + 5x + 5y + 25 will be-

(A)  x

(B)  y

(C)  5

(D)  5 + y

Answer: (D)

171. One-half of a number is 15 more than one-fourth of the same number, then the number will be-

(A)  30

(B)  40

(C)  50

(D)  60

Answer: (D)

172. Value of  will be-

(A)  2√6

(B)  2

(C)  2/50

(D)  1/√2

Answer: (B)

173. Two numbers are in the ratio 5 : 6 and least common multiple (L.C.M.) is 660. Greater number will be-

(A)  132

(B)  110

(C)  165

(D)  22

Answer: (A)

174. Each angle of a regular Polygon is 156°, then the side will be-

(A)  10

(B)  12

(C)  14

(D)  15

Answer: (D)

175. A sum of money becomes twice of itself in 20 years at a certain rate of simple interest, then how much time will for thrice itself?

(A)  30 years

(B)  40 years

(C)  38 years

(D)  41 years

Answer: (B)

176. A piece of lace is used to form on equilateral triangle, a square or a circle which of the shapes will have maximum area ?

(A)  Circle

(B)  Equilateral triangle

(C)  Square

(D)  Circle and equilateral triangle both

Answer: (A)

177. The extract rational number between 1/3 and 1/2 will be-

(A)  2/5

(B)  5/12

(C)  1/6

(D)  1/5

Answer: (B)

178. A train 320 metres long travelling at the rate of 72 km/hr will cross a pole in time-

(A)  20 sec

(B)  16 sec

(C)  18 sec

(D)  36 sec

Answer: (B)

179. Total surface area of a cube is 150 cm2, then its volume will be-

(A)  100 cm3

(B)  150 cm3

(C)  125 cm3

(D)  120 cm3

Answer: (C)

180. The average weight of 4 girls is 60 kg, the weight of first is one fourth of the sum of the last three. The weight of first girl in kg will be-

(A)  15

(B)  45

(C)  48

(D)  51

Answer: (C)

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