Allahabad High Court ARO Examination-2018 Held on February 24, 2019 Question Paper With Answer Key

Allahabad High Court ARO Examination-2018 Held on February 24, 2019

Answer: (a)

Answer: ()

Answer: (d)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (d)

13. The Kyoto Protocol is related to

(a)   Trade

(b)   Climate change

(c)   Security

(d)   Extradition

Answer: (b)

14. Which legendary comic writer who created famous characters like Spiderman, Hulk, etc. passed away recently at the age of 95?

(a)   Disney

(b)   Friz Freleng

(c)   Matt Groening

(d)   Stan Lee

Answer: (d)

15. In which of the following cities of Turkey, was a big airport inaugurated recently in 2018?

(a)   Istanbul

(b)   Ankara

(c)   Diyarbakir

(d)   Antalya

Answer: (a)

16. The 12th ASEAN Defence Minister’s Meet was held at in October, 2018.

(a)   Jakarta

(b)   Kuala Lumpur

(c)   Singapore

(d)   Bangkok

Answer: (c)

17. Which of the following is not a European Union (EU) country?

(a)   Austria

(b)   Turkey

(c)   Belgium

(d)   Finland

Answer: (b)

18. In December 2018, which country has recently banned Indian currency notes above Rs 100 denomination?

(a)   Malaysia

(b)   The UAE

(c)   Myanmar

(d)   Nepal

Answer: (d)

19.Who was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan in the December, 2018 Vidhan Sabha elections?

(a)   Kamal Nath

(b)   K. Chandrasekhar Rao

(c)   Bhupesh Baghel

(d)   Ashok Gehlot

Answer: (d)

20. Out of the following cricketers, who wrote his autobiography recently titled ‘281 and Beyond’?

(a)   Yuvraj Singh

(b)   VVS Laxman

(c)   Sachin Tendulkar

(d)   Harbhajan Singh

Answer: (b)

21. Who was appointed as the Chairman of UPSC in November, 2018?

(a)   Arvind Saxena

(b)   Sunil Arora

(c)   AM Naik

(d)   MP Poonia

Answer: (a)

22. Mary Kom scripted history by clinching a record ……. World Championship Boxing Gold medal in the light flyweight 48 kg category.

(a)   fourth

(b)   fifth

(c)   sixth

(d)   seventh

Answer: (c)

23. Which movie won the Golden Peacock Award in the International Film Festival of India held in November, 2018?

(a)   Donbass

(b)   Ee Ma Yau

(c)   When the Trees Fall

(d)   Aga

Answer: (a)

24. Which is the first State to launch Pan India single emergency number ‘112’, in November, 2018?

(a)   Himachal Pradesh

(b)   Kerala

(c)   Telangana

(d)   Sikkim

Answer: (a)

25. Aahana was born on 18th of April, 1971, which was a Sunday. What shall be the day when she becomes exactly 10 years old?

(a)   Thursday

(b)   Saturday

(c)   Sunday

(d)   Monday

Answer: (b)

26. In a code language BIGGEST is written as BGGST; KINGSTON is written as KNGSTN; TRICKS is written as TRCKS. How would CRYPTS be written in the same language?

(a)   CRYPTS

(b)   CRPTS

(c)   CRPT

(d)   CRYPT

Answer: (a)

27. In a code language CONTROLLING is written as GNILLORTNOC; VOLLEYBALLS is written as SLLABYELLOV. How would SANCTUATIES be written in the same language?





Answer: (c)

28. In a code language GODSENT is written as FNCRDMS; JOKING is written as INJHMF. How would BRAZENLY be written in the same language?





Answer: (a)

29. Ranjeeta is walking along the seaside on a clear bright sunny morning. If her shadow is falling towards her right hand side, her back is facing which of the given directions?

(a)   East

(b)   South

(c)   West

(d)   North

Answer: (d)

30. Three of the following four numerical are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?





(a)   1

(b)   2197

(c)   125000

(d)   681400

Answer: (d)

31. In a code language BEASTLY is written as 84; GIVEAWAY is written as 93. How would XEREXES be written in the same language?

(a)   103

(b)   99

(c)   100

(d)   101

Answer: (c)

32. Given below is situation, followed by four choices, namely, A, B, C, D. You need to choose your response to the given situation by marking any one of the four responses.

Shailendra is on his way to Delhi fro Mathura by train. On the way he sees a camel being mistreated by its handler. What should Shailendra do?

(a)   Continue with his journey and hope that the ill treatment of the camel shall be stopped.

(b)   Pull the chain, stop the train, get down and hand over the handler to the nearby Police station.

(c)   Take out a procession after reaching Delhi against the way a animals get treated in India.

(d)   Call up the help line for the organization that deals with such mistreatment against animals, tell them the location and facts of the matter from his mobile phone with a resolve that he shall be ready to help in the matter once he completes his journey.

Answer: (d)

33. Two statements I and II are followed by two conclusions I and II.


(I) All weeks have seven days.

(II) Wednesday lies in the middle of the week.


(I) The following week shall have six days.

(II) Thursday shall not lie exactly in the  middle of the following week.

Mark your answer is

(a)   if only conclusion I follows

(b)   if only conclusion II follows

(c)   if both I and II follow

(d)   if neither I nor II follows

Answer: (b)

34. Aaryaman owns a non-digital ordinary clock that has minute and hour hands. How many times would the two hands be exactly over one another in a continuous period of twenty-four hours considering that the clock is working properly throughout the given duration?

(a)   22

(b)   24

(c)   12

(d)   48

Answer: (a)

35. Catherine is playing with an ordinary dice. If she gets the number five on the face of the dice, which number shall lie on the side exactly opposite to the face of dice?

(a)   3

(b)   6

(c)   4

(d)   2

Answer: (d)

36. Ruchit is standing on the thirty-second position from the left end in a row of forty-eight students. What shall be his position from the right end in the same row?

(a)   17

(b)   16

(c)   32

(d)   18

Answer: (a)

37. ……… play an important role in our health to carry oxygen throughout the body.

(a)   Red blood cells

(b)   White blood cells

(c)   Plasma

(d)   Platelets

Answer: (a)

38. What is the standard unit of kinetic energy?

(a)   Ampere-hour

(b)   Coulomb

(c)   Joule

(d)   Kilowatt-hour

Answer: (c)

39. Name the instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure.

(a)   Decibel meter

(b)   Barometer

(c)   Hertz

(d)   Anemometer

Answer: (b)

40. Who first discovered nucleic acid?

(a)   Friedrich Miescher

(b)   Edward Jenner

(c)   Charles Darwin

(d)   Alexander Fleming

Answer: (a)

41. ………… is a linear network of links, that starts form producer organism and ends at apex predator species.

(a)   Food Web

(b)   Food Chain

(c)   Food Pyramid

(d)   Food Path

Answer: (b)

42. Which of the following is not an abiotic component of the ecosystem?

(a)   Organism

(b)   Light

(c)   Water

(d)   Soil

Answer: (a)

43. Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?

(a)   Biofuel

(b)   Biomass

(c)   Biogas

(d)   Coal

Answer: (d)

44. Which is the outermost layer of the Earth?

(a)   Troposphere

(b)   Mesosphere

(c)   Asthenosphere

(d)   Lithosphere

Answer: (d)

45. Name the discipline that determines the age of rocks, fossils, and sediments using signature inherent in the rocks.

(a)   Geochronology

(b)   Biogeochemistry

(c)   Petrology

(d)   Volcanology

Answer: (a)

46. What are the causative agents of ‘Tuberculosis’?

(a)   Bacteria

(b)   Viruses

(c)   Fungi

(d)   Parasites

Answer: (a)

47. What is the theme of the 106th Indian Science Congress?

(a)   Future India : Science and Technology

(b)   Reaching the Unreached through Science and Technology

(c)   Science and Technology for National Development

(d)   Science and Technology for Human Development

Answer: (a)

48. Where is the Indian Space Research Organization’s headquarter situated in India?

(a)   New Delhi

(b)   Mumbai

(c)   Bengaluru

(d)   Kolkata

Answer: (c)

49. The fear of the Phallus worship was replaced in the …….. by its recognition as an official ritual.

(a)   Rig Veda

(b)   Sama Veda

(c)   Yajur Veda

(d)   Atharva Veda

Answer: (c)

50. After the death of King Ashoka the ……… declined rapidly.

(a)   Maurya Dynasty

(b)   Chola Dynasty

(c)   Chalukya Dynasty

(d)   Gupta Dynasty

Answer: (a)

51. The best known Chahamana, later known as Chauhan, ruler was ……….. who defeated the Afghan ruler named Sultan Mohammad Ghori in 1191.

(a)   Ashoka

(b)   Prashasti

(c)   Harischandra

(d)   Prithviraj III

Answer: (d)

52. ……….. is a set of edicts that formed a policy of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka Maurya, who succeeded to the Mauryan throne in modern-day India around 269 BC

(a)   Dhamma

(b)   Rules

(c)   Dharma

(d)   Karma

Answer: (a)

53. The last battle fought and won by King Ashoka was

(a)   Battle of Panipat

(b)   Kalinga war

(c)   Pannar war

(d)   Buxar war

Answer: (b)

54. Emperor Ashoka was the son of

(a)   Rajaraja

(b)   Akbar

(c)   Bindusara

(d)   Vijayalaya

Answer: (c)

55. The another reason for the decline of Mauryas was that the coup of …….. was a peoples’ revolt against Mauryan oppression and a rejection of the Mauryan adoption of foreign ideas, as for instance in Mauryan Art.

(a)   Vijayalaya

(b)   Pushyamitra

(c)   Aryanism

(d)   Mauryan

Answer: (b)

56. The converging point of trade routes was ……… which was connected with the Silk route passing through Central Asia.

(a)   Taxila

(b)   Buxar

(c)   Bindusara

(d)   Vijayalaya

Answer: (a)

57. Malavikagnimitram refers to Sungas as Brahmins belonging to …………… gotra.

(a)   Agastya

(b)   Atri

(c)   Kashyap

(d)   Bhrigu

Answer: (c)

58. Delhi first became the capital of a kingdom under the Rajputs.

(a)   Chahamanas

(b)   Chauhans

(c)   Tomara Rajputs

(d)   Gupta Dynasty

Answer: (c)

59. The government of the Satavahana kingdom was organized on the traditional lines wherein the kingdom was divided into

(a)   Gupta Dynasty

(b)   Janapadas

(c)   Amataya

(d)   Gamika

Answer: (b)

60. Janapadas were sub-divided into

(a)   Gram

(b)   Gamika

(c)   Pratishthana

(d)   Aharas

Answer: (d)

61. For which of the following fertilizers, is sulphuric acid being used in large amounts?

(a)   Organic fertilizers

(b)   Phosphate fertilizers

(c)   Potassium fertilizers

(d)   Nitrogen fertilizers

Answer: (b)

62. Which agency of the Central government is responsible for coordinating agriculture education and research in India?

(a)   CIMFR

(b)   AICTE

(c)   ICAR

(d)   UGC

Answer: (c)

63. At which of the following places, is RBI’s printing press situated?

(a)   Dewas

(b)   Chennai

(c)   Banaras

(d)   Sriperumbudur

Answer: (a)

64. ………. in reference to international trade means the export by country or company of a product at a price that is lower in the foreign market than the price charged in the domestic market.

(a)   Shelving

(b)   Dumping

(c)   Propagating

(d)   Sounding

Answer: (b)

65. As on October, 2018, the investment limit of FDI in insurance sector is………%.

(a)   38

(b)   45

(c)   49

(d)   51

Answer: (c)

66. MICR code in the banking stands for

(a)   Magnetic ink colour recognition

(b)   Magnetic ink commodity recognition

(c)   Magnetic interpretation of colour

(d)   Magnetic ink character recognition

Answer: (c)

67. Which of the following is a nationalized bank in India?

(a)   IDBI

(b)   HDFC Bank

(c)   Canara Bank

(d)   Axis Bank

Answer: (c)

68. Which of the following areas is famous for the marble mining in India?

(a)   Neyveli

(b)   Makrana

(c)   Zawar

(d)   Jadugoda

Answer: (b)

69. In which year was the Royal Commission of Agriculture set-up to examine and report the status of India’s agriculture and rural economy and in which year did it submit the report?

(a)   1926, 1928

(b)   1938, 1940

(c)   1942, 1944

(d)   1946, 1947

Answer: (a)

70. In which year was the National Commission on Farmers set-up?

(a)   2001

(b)   2004

(c)   2006

(d)   2007

Answer: (b)

71. The watchwords of the French Revolution Liberty, Equality and ……….. inspired the whole world.

(a)   Fraternity

(b)   Justice

(c)   Simplicity

(d)   Freedom

Answer: (a)

72. The Indian National Congress was founded by ……. in 1885.

(a)   Allan Octavian Hume

(b)   Lord Dufferin

(c)   Badruddin Tayabji

(d)   Annie Besant

Answer: (a)

73. ………. passed the Indian Universities Act in 1904, imposing stiff control over Indian Universities.

(a)   Lord Dufferin

(b)   Lord Curzon

(c)   Lord Simon

(d)   Lord Robertson

Answer: (b)

74. …….. means, made in our own country by our own people.

(a)   Swadeshi

(b)   Videshi

(c)   Garam Dal

(d)   Renaissance

Answer: (a)

75. It was ………. who realized the importance of boycott as a weapon that could be used to paralyze the whole British administrative machinery in India.

(a)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(b)   Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(c)   Dadabhai Naoroji

(d)   Firoz Shah Mehta

Answer: (a)

76. ……..,……… and ………… were important leaders of this Radical group.

(a)   Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(b)   Dadabhai Naoroji, Firoz Shah Mehta and Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(c)   Lala Lajpat Rai, Dadabhai Naoroji and Firoz Shah Mehta

(d)   Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Bipin Chandra Pal

Answer: (d)

77 .………. gave a slogan ‘Freedom is our birth right and we must have it.’

(a)   Lala Lajpat Rai

(b)   Mahatma Gandhi

(c)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(d)   Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: (c)

78. ……….. started working for the Home Rule Movement in 1914.

(a)   Mahatma Gandhi

(b)   Jawaharlal Nehru

(c)   Annie Besant

(d)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Answer: (c)

79. In 1916, Muslim League and Congress came to an understanding with each other and signed the

(a)   Bengal Pact

(b)   Treaty of Calcutta

(c)   Self-Government Act

(d)   Lucknow Pact

Answer: (d)

80. On December 30, 1906 the ……….. was founded.

(a)   Lucknow Pact

(b)   All Indian Muslim League

(c)   Self-Government Act

(d)   Bengal Pact

Answer: (b)

81. Montague-Chelmsford Reforms introduced………. which was a kind of double government in provinces.

(a)   Dual

(b)   Self-Government

(c)   Legislative Reform

(d)   Dyarchy

Answer: (d)

82. For peaceful protest against the Rowlatt Act, people had gathered on April 13, 1919 on the occasion of Baisakhi fair at

(a)   Bengal

(b)   First World War

(c)   Jalianwala Bagh

(d)   Khalipha

Answer: (c)

83. What is the minimum essential duration of professional practices by an advocate for appointment as a High Court Judge?

(a)   5 yr

(b)   10 yr

(c)   15 yr

(d)   20  yr

Answer: (a)

84. Which of the following States had maximum Lok Sabha seats in 2014?

(a)   Utter Pradesh

(b)   Rajasthan

(c)   Madhya Pradesh

(d)   Maharashtra

Answer: (a)

85. The Department of Mines Safety comes under which Central Ministry in India?

(a)   Ministry of Mines

(b)   Ministry of Labour and Employment

(c)   Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

(d)   Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Answer: (b)

86. In 2018, through which scheme, was National health protection with insurance introduced in India?

(a)   Pradhanmantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

(b)   Janani Yojana

(c)   Ayushman Bharat

(d)   National Pension Scheme

Answer: (c)

87. Which of the following is a subsidiary of RBI?

(a)   National Housing Bank

(b)   ICICI

(c)   SBI

(d)   SIDBI

Answer: (a)

88. In India the Social Entrepreneur Award, 2018 was conferred to

(a)   Neichute Doulo

(b)   Poonam Bir

(c)   Prema Gopalan

(d)   Azim Premji

Answer: (c)

89.Which of the following in India, is not a commodity listed under Essential Commodities Act, 1955?

(a)   Drugs

(b)   Petroleum

(c)   Fertilizers

(d)   Food Machinery

Answer: (d)

90. In India, ‘Operation Flood’ is associated with

(a)   Water conservation

(b)   Dairy product

(c)   Flood rescue

(d)   Crime prevention

Answer: (b)

91. In India, Mewar festival is celebrated at

(a)   Jaisalmer

(b)   Jodhpur

(c)   Udaipur

(d)   Jaipur

Answer: (c)

92. Which of the following monasteries is situated in Sikkim?

(a)   Rumtek Monastery

(b)   Namgyal Monastery

(c)   Ghum Monastery

(d)   Tawang Monastery

Answer: (a)

93. In India, Jnanpith Award is associated with

(a)   Classical Singing

(b)   Literature

(c)   Classical Dance

(d)   Cinema

Answer: (b)

94. In which Indian city is Panch Mahal located?

(a)   Lucknow

(b)   Golconda

(c)   Agra

(d)   Fatehpur Sikri

Answer: (d)

95. Which of the following IIT, is situated in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   IIT Roorkee

(b)   IIT BHU

(c)   IIT Bhilai

(d)   IIT Mandi

Answer: (b)

96. In which year was the Banaras Hindu University established?

(a)   1910

(b)   1916

(c)   1920

(d)   1921

Answer: (b)

97. In which of the following places is the Indian Veterinary Research Institute situated in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Bagpat

(b)   Noida

(c)   Lucknow

(d)   Izzat Nagar (Bareilly)

Answer: (b)

98. Ustad Bismillah Khan is famous for ……… and was awarded……..

(a)   Shehnai, Bharat Ratna

(b)   Sitar; Bharat Ratna

(c)   Flute; Padma Shri

(d)   Sarod; Bharat Ratna

Answer: (a)

99. The Chaukhandi Stupa is situated at

(a)   Bodhgaya

(b)   Sarnath

(c)   Kaushambi

(d)   Ayodhya

Answer: (b)

100. Which of the following Agriculture Universities is not in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Banda University of Agriculture and Technology

(b)   Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology

(c)   GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

(d)   Rani Laxmi Bai Central Agriculture

Answer: (c)

101. Which of the following nuclear power plants is situated in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Rawatbhata

(b)   Kakrapar

(c)   Narora

(d)   Tarapur

Answer: (c)

102. Which of the following places in Uttar Pradesh has an Aluminum plant?

(a)   Rayagarh

(b)   Renukoot

(c)   Hirakund

(d)   Mathura

Answer: (b)

103. Which among the following industries is Mathura famous for?

(a)   Limestone Mining Industry

(b)   Granite Industry

(c)   Oil Refinery

(d)   Marble Industry

Answer: (c)

104. Which city is famous for Glass industry in India?

(a)   Farrukhabad

(b)   Firozabad

(c)   Moradabad

(d)   Azamgarh

Answer: (b)

105. In which of the following cities is the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange situated?

(a)   Noida

(b)   Meerut

(c)   Lucknow

(d)   Kanpur

Answer: (d)

106. In which of the following places did the Indian Rebellion of 1857 start?

(a)   Varanasi

(b)   Meerut

(c)   Faizabad

(d)   Lucknow

Answer: (b)

107. Out of the following options, in which State of India is the sex ratio minimum as per Census 2011?

(a)   Kerala

(b)   Andhra Pradesh

(c)   Chhattisgarh

(d)   West Bengal

Answer: (d)

108. What is the interval between two consecutive Censuses?

(a)   3 yr

(b)   5 yr

(c)   10 yr

(d)   15 yr

Answer: (c)

109. Out of the following options, which State of India has maximum population density as per Census 2011?

(a)   Kerala

(b)   Rajasthan

(c)   Maharashtra

(d)   Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (a)

110. ……….. is a branch of ecology in which we study the interaction of an individual organism or a single species with the living and non-living factors of its environment.

(a)   Chemical Ecology

(b)   Auto Ecology

(c)   Genetic Ecology

(d)   Paleoelogy

Answer: (b)

111. The source of energy in ecosystem is

(a)   Oxygen

(b)   DNA

(c)   Sun

(d)   Geological reserves

Answer: (c)

112. Which of the following layers of the atmosphere is nearest to the Earth’s surface?

(a)   Troposphere

(b)   Stratosphere

(c)   Mesosphere

(d)   Thermosphere

Answer: (a)

113. ………….. speciation occurs when a species separates into two separate groups which are isolated from one another.

(a)   Allopatric

(b)   Peripatric

(c)   Parapatric

(d)   Sympatric

Answer: (c)

114. ……… the ability of a population of a living species to increase under ideal environmental conditions.

(a)   Ecological potential

(b)   Biotic potential

(c)   Multidirectional potential

(d)   Genetic potential

Answer: (b)

115. Which of the following is a carnivore in the ecosystem?

(a)   Giraffe

(b)   Elephant

(c)   Deer

(d)   Dolphin

Answer: (d)

116. Which of the following is not a cause of urbanization?

(a)   Education

(b)   Cultivation

(c)   Industrialization

(d)   Economic casues

Answer: (b)

117. Which of the following is not an environmental impact of urbanization?

(a)   Air pollution

(b)   Solid waste

(c)   Flash flood

(d)   Crime

Answer: (d)

118. A cosmopolitan city means

(a)   It is a capital city

(b)   It is a city of less dense population

(c)   It is a city composed of people for various cultural backgrounds

(d)   It is a city of large financial centres

Answer: (c)

119. The Palk Strait is situated between

(a)   India and Sri Lanka

(b)   India and the UAE

(c)   North Korea and South Korea

(d)   Asian and European parts of Turkey

Answer: (a)

120. The Busan Harbour is situated in

(a)   North Korea

(b)   South Korea

(c)   Chaina

(d)   Japan

Answer: (b)

121. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following countries?

(a)   Mexico

(b)   Myanmar

(c)   India

(d)   Brazil

Answer: (d)

122. Which of the following not an island of Japan?

(a)   Hockkaido

(b)   Honshu

(c)   Shikoku

(d)   Sin Cowe

Answer: (d)

123. The Falkland conflict over Falkland islands is between

(a)   Mexico and the USA

(b)   Uruguay and Argentina

(c)   UK and Argentina

(d)   Uruguay and Paraguay

Answer: (c)

124. Which of the following rivers does not culminate in Bay of Bengal?

(a)   Mahanadi

(b)   Krishna

(c)   Kaveri

(d)   Narmada

Answer: (d)

125. Which of the following is the highest peak of Aravalli hill range?

(a)   Gurushikhar

(b)   Dhupgarh

(c)   Panchmarhi

(d)   Anamudi

Answer: (a)

126. India’s largest Tulip garden is situated at …… in Jammu and Kashmir

(a)   Kokernag

(b)   Verinag

(c)   Srinagar

(d)   Pahalgam

Answer: (c)

127. Mount Girnar is situated in the …… district of Gujarat.

(a)   Mehsana

(b)   Junagarh

(c)   Kheda

(d)   Porbandar

Answer: (b)

128. For which metal is Bauxite exploited from the Earth?

(a)   Zinc

(b)   Copper

(c)   Aluminium

(d)   Manganese

Answer: (c)

129. Farakka water sharing treaty is between

(a)   India and Pakistan

(b)   India and Nepal

(c)   India and China

(d)   India and Bangladesh

Answer: (d)

130. Which of the following does not have a nuclear power plant?

(a)   Narora

(b)   Kudankulam

(c)   Kaiga

(d)   Rampura Agucha

Answer: (d)

131. Which of the following is not a feature of computer?

(a)   Speed

(b)   Storage

(c)   Economy

(d)   Reliability

Answer: (c)

132. Computer software is divided mainly into which categories? Choose the most appropriate option.

(a)   System Software

(b)   User software

(c)   Application software and System software

(d)   Application software and user software

Answer: (c)

133. Which of the following is not a part of operation of instruction cycle?

(a)   Fetch

(b)   Indirect

(c)   Execute

(d)   Memory

Answer: (d)

134. The system bus is separated into three functional groups. Choose the most appropriate option from the following:

(a)   Data bus, address bus and Control bus

(b)   Star bus, Mesh bus and Data bus

(c)   Control bus, data bus and Star bus

(d)   Address bus, Star bus and Mesh bus

Answer: (a)

135. For converting raw input data into useful information, all computer systems performs the following basic process

(a)   Input-Store-Process-Output-Control

(b)   Input-Process

(c)   Process-Control-Output

(d)   Input-Store-Output

Answer: (a)

136. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as

(a)   Uniprocessor

(b)   Multiprocessor

(c)   Multihreaded

(d)   Multiprogramming

Answer: (b)

137. Which of the following terms is defined by ‘A step by step description of how to arrive at a solutions to a given problem?

(a)   Algorithm

(b)   Program

(c)   Software

(d)   Hardware

Answer: (a)

138. From the following, where does the actual instruction execute during data processing?

(a)   Arithmetic Logic Unit

(b)   Information Unit

(c)   Storage Unit

(d)   Output Unit

Answer: (a)

139. Currently which generation computers are we using?

(a)   2nd

(b)   5th

(c)   6th

(d)   3rd

Answer: (b)

140. Which device among the following is used for sending digital data over a phone line?

(a)   USB

(b)   Scanner

(c)   Printer

(d)   Modem

Answer: (d)

141. The computer system can store any king of data in the form of 0’s and 1’s which is known as

(a)   Binary number system

(b)   Number system

(c)   Text number system

(d)   Number unit

Answer: (a)

142. BCD stands for

(a)   Binary Coded Decimal

(b)   Bit Control Decimal

(c)   Binary Code Device

(d)   Byte Coded Data

Answer: (a)

143. Auxiliary memory is popularly known as

(a)   Primary Storage

(b)   Secondary Storage

(c)   Random Access Storage Device

(d)   Processing Unit

Answer: (b)

144. Flash drive is popularly known as

(a)   Microprocessor

(b)   RAM

(c)   ROM

(d)   Pen Drive

Answer: (d)

145. WORM stands for

(a)   Write Once, Read Many

(b)   Write Read Memory

(c)   Wipe Only, Read Memory

(d)   Read Write Memory

Answer: (a)

146. Choose the compile-time error from the following options:

(a)   Logic error

(b)   Syntax error

(c)   Application error

(d)   Testing error

Answer: (b)

147. Convert the decimal fraction number 0.8125 into its binary equivalent.

(a)   0.1111

(b)   0.111

(c)   0.0011

(d)   0.1101

Answer: (d)

148. Convert the decimal number 759 into its equivalent octal number.

(a)   1365

(b)   1752

(c)   1367

(d)   1771

Answer: (c)

149. Data entry cannot be captured by which of the following options?

(a)   OCR

(b)   OMR

(c)   COM

(d)   MICR

Answer: (c)

150. …….. feature of MS Word helps to create a list in a document.

(a)   Word Art

(b)   Scaling

(c)   Bullets and Numbering

(d)   Word Wrap

Answer: (c)

151. Substitute the phrase in italics with the appropriate option Usually, no one gives a job to someone who runs away from the law.

(a)   a fugitive

(b)   a persistent

(c)   a juvenile

(d)   None of these

Answer: (a)

152. Fill in the blank and complete the idom

They had successfully hidden the news of their venture form everyone. It was now time to let the …….. out of the bag.

(a)   dog

(b)   toy

(c)   cat

(d)   cards

Answer: (c)

153. Fill in the blank using the options given below

If you wish to survive here, you must prove your ……….

You ought ……….. to touch the fire unless you want to get burned.

(a)   medal, knot

(b)   mettle, not

(c)   meddle, nought

(d)   metal, note

Answer: (b)

154. Fill in the blank using the options given below

The activity that you are doing should ………. your interest.

(a)   peak

(b)   pique

(c)   peek

(d)   peke

Answer: (b)

155.Complete the analogy Dirty: Filthy : Silly : ?

(a)   Mundane

(b)   Frivolous

(c)   Serious

(d)   Discreet

Answer: (b)

156. Which part of the sentence has an error?

“I found a purse lying in the corridor. I have no idea who it belonged to.”

(a)   a purse

(b)   lying in

(c)   have no idea belonged

(d)   who it

Answer: (d)

157. Complete the sentence using the correct form of verb in the brackets.

Presidential ………. (assent/ascent) is a must ………. (in/on/for) the new legislation.

(a)   assent, in

(b)   ascent, on

(c)   assent, for

(d)   ascent, in

Answer: (c)

158. Choose the correct word from the given pairs to complete the sentence.

“As the ATM ran out of ………., the manager ordered to get money from the ……. to refill the ATM.”

(a)   cash, cash

(b)   cash, cache

(c)   cache, cache

(d)   cache, cash

Answer: (b)

159. Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom.

“Raining cats and dogs”

(a)   Very heavy rain

(b)   A strange event

(c)   A false gossip

(d)   Something impossible

Answer: (a)

160. Which among the following phrase describes Someone who comes up with a counter argument contrary to what other people have been saying?

(a)   Midnight’s Children

(b)   Dark Sheep

(c)   Devil’s Advocate

(d)   Satan’s Sword

Answer: (c)

161. Which among the following is the correct spelling according to the dictionary?

(a)   Millenieum

(b)   Milennieum

(c)   Millennium

(d)   Milleniumm

Answer: (c)

162. Given below are parts of a single sentence. Each part is labeled as K, L, M, N. You need to arrange the given parts to form a coherent sentence by identifying the correct sequence.

K : a reception which will be attended by

L : from the film and sports fraternity

M : a host of celebrities

N : tonight the couple will host

(a)   NLMK

(b)   KLMN

(c)   NKLM

(d)   NKML

Answer: (d)

163. Identify the word that is spelt correctly.

(a)   Baleweather

(b)   Bellwether

(c)   Bellweather

(d)   Belwether

Answer: (b)

164. Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom.

“To tie the knot”

(a)   Get married

(b)   Playing with a coir rope

(c)   Give a death penalty

(d)   Commit suicide

Answer: (a)

165. Fill in the blank with the correct from of the word given in the bracket.

My guide ………. (tell) me if I wanted to meet these people, I would have to walk two miles.

(a)   telling

(b)   tell

(c)   told

(d)   has tell

Answer: (c)

166. Identify the word that is spelt correctly.

(a)   Bougeinvillea

(b)   Bougainvillea

(c)   Bougainvillae

(d)   Bouganvillea

Answer: (b)

167. Identify the word from the following options that shall appear last in an ordinary English dictionary.

(a)   June

(b)   May

(c)   July

(d)   March

Answer: (b)

168. Given below are parts of a single sentence. Each part is labeled as K, L, M, N. You need to arrange the given parts to form a Coherent sentence by identifying the correct sequence.

K : lies in

L : beholder

M : beauty

N : the eyes of the

(a)   MNLK

(b)   MKNL

(c)   KLMN

(d)   MKLN

Answer: (b)

169. From the given options, identify the word that does not signify the meaning of the word, ‘Traduce’.

(a)   Revile

(b)   Vilify

(c)   Besmirch

(d)   Plaudit

Answer: (d)

170. Which of the given options best describes the meaning of the phrase

‘To stew in one’s own juice’?

(a)   To eat healthy food

(b)   To suffer the results of one’s own actions

(c)   To eat unhealthy food

(d)   To suffer the results of other’s actions

Answer: (b)

171. Choose the correct meaning of the given proverb

“To make hay while the Sun shines”

(a)   To make good use of an opportunity

(b)   To put out the cut grass for drying up

(c)   To create a maychem during daytime

(d)   Be fearful of nights and darkness

Answer: (a)

172. Identify of the word that is spelt correctly.

(a)   Conscientios

(b)   Consientious

(c)   Conscientious

(d)   Consceintious

Answer: (c)

173. Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom.

“Once in a blue moon”

(a)   Night time

(b)   An incident that happens extremely rarely

(c)   An incident that happens very frequently

(d)   Moonless night

Answer: (b)

174. The closest meaning of the word

“Claustrophobia’ is

(a)   Fear of clouds

(b)   Fear of closed spaces

(c)   Fear of clowns

(d)   Fear of nothing

Answer: (b)

175. Complete the given sentence using the appropriate pronoun from the following options.

This is the boy …….. scored the highest marks.

(a)   it

(b)   whose

(c)   which

(d)   who

Answer: (d)

176. From the given options, identify the synonym of the word ‘Consequences’.

(a)   Antecedents

(b)   Perceptions

(c)   Results

(d)   Applications

Answer: (c)

177. Which of the given words describe Yashpal’s state most appropriately?

“I am feeling under the weather, today”, said Yashpal.

(a)   Brightness

(b)   Hardness

(c)   Wellness

(d)   Illness

Answer: (d)

178. Choose the option that cannot be made by using the letters of the given word.


(a)   CARROT

(b)   CHROME

(c)   GRAPH

(d)   GRAM

Answer: (b)

179. Which of the following is a wrong spelling?

(a)   Embarass

(b)   Acknowledge

(c)   Concious

(d)   Definite

Answer: (a)

180. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options as given: Given money to the poor is a/an ……act of service to the poor.

(a)   benevolent

(b)   bemused

(c)   atrocious

(d)   bad

Answer: (a)

181. Out of the following options, select the word which best substitutes the given sentence. “Official prohibition or order to stop something”

(a)   Ban

(b)   Bane

(c)   Curse

(d)   Ruin

Answer: (a)

182. Three of the options are related in some way except one option. Select the odd one out from the following options.

(a)   Eulogy

(b)   Panegyric

(c)   Ignominy

(d)   Glorification

Answer: (c)

183. Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the word ‘Quagmire’.

(a)   Buffoon

(b)   A traitor

(c)   An admirer

(d)   A predicament

Answer: (d)

184. Among the following options, select the word that can best complete the given sentence. When I met Ram yesterday, it was the first time I …………… him since my graduation.

(a)   met

(b)   had been meet

(c)   have meet

(d)   have been seeing

Answer: (a)

185. Complete the analogy : Bamboozle : Hoodwink : : Recluse : ?

(a)   Upbeat

(b)   Whirl

(c)   Hermit

(d)   Plug

Answer: (c)

186. Identify the adjunct in the following sentence.

Every Wednesday, the shop opens at 9 o’clock.

(a)   Every Wednesday

(b)   the shop

(c)   opens

(d)   at nine o’clock

Answer: (a)

187. Choose the correct option which gives the plural of the given word.


(a)   Handfulls

(b)   Handfuls

(c)   Handful

(d)   Handfill

Answer: (b)

188. Complete the sentence with appropriate phrase. To help you, the meaning of the phrase is given in the brackets.

Sharmila has a ………. approach to management. She gets things done very efficiently, rather than following theory. (practical)

(a)   baneful

(b)   rapid

(c)   speculative

(d)   pragmatic

Answer: (d)

189. Complete the given sentences using the correct form of the verb in the brackets. Choose present simple or present continous tense.

A What’s you skirt made from? It ……… like wool.

B I won’t be coming to work today. I ……… very well.

(a)   feels, not feeling

(b)   feels, don’t’ feel

(c)   is feeling, feeling

(d)   feeling, feel

Answer: (b)

190. Fill in the blanks with a, an or the.

Madhav left in …… hurry after eating ……. bowl of porridge and …… orange.

(a)   a, a, a

(b)   the, a, a

(c)   the, the, a

(d)   a, a, an

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 191-200) Read the passage given below and answer the questions.

She was suddenly roused by the sound of the door-bell and her spirits were a little fluttered by the idea of it being Colonel Fitzwilliam himself, who had once before called late in the evening and might now come to inquire particularly after her. But this idea was soon banished and her spirits were very differently affected, when to her utter amazement, she saw Mr. Darcy walk into the room. In a hurried manner he immediately began an inquiry after her health, imputing his visit to a wish of hearing that she were better. She answered him with cold civility. He sat down for a few moments and then getting up, walked about the room. Elizabeth was surprised, but said not a word. After a silence of several minutes, he came towards her in an agitated manner and thus began, “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Elizabeth’s astonishment was beyond expression. She started, coloured, doubted and was silent. This he considered sufficient encouragement and the avowal of all that he felt, and had long felt for her, immediately followed. He spoke well, but there were feelings besides those of the heart to be detailed, and he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of pride. His sense of her inferiority-of its being a degradation-of the family obstacles which judgement had always opposed to inclination, were dwelt on with a warmth which seemed due to the consequence he was wounding, but was very  unlikely to recommended his suit.

191. Which statement best expresses how the author uses emotions to describe the meeting?

(a)   Upon hearing Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth was roused ad fluttered.

(b)   Elizabeth’s astonishment was beyond expression.

(c)   Mr. Darcy spoke well and could convey his true feelings.

(d)   None of the above

Answer: (b)

192. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct preposition from the following options.

“Everything…….. this store is for sale.”

(a)   on

(b)   in

(c)   through

(d)   over

Answer: (b)

193. Identify the figure of speech used in the following sentence.

“Even though many were called for the auditions, few were chosen.”

(a)   Metaphor

(b)   Simile

(c)   Hyperbole

(d)   Antithesis

Answer: (d)

194. Choose the correct option to complete the idiom which means to overcome a barrier, specially the ones related to gender or race :

“To …….. through the glass ceiling”

(a)   crack

(b)   break

(c)   beat

(d)   melt

Answer: (b)

195. The word ‘approach’ can be used as

(a)   both noun and verb

(b)   both noun and adjective

(c)   both adjective and adverb

(d)   noun, verb and adverb

Answer: (a)

196.Fill in the blank with the appropriate preposition.

“The teacher complained…… him when she met his mother in the market.”

(a)   in

(b)   against

(c)   on

(d)   by

Answer: (b)

197. Fill in the blanks with the correct tenses from the following options :

“Galileo …….. that the Earth ………. around the Sun.”

(a)   discovers, moved

(b)   discovered, had moved

(c)   discovered, moves

(d)   discovers, has moved

Answer: (c)

198. Identify the grammatical error in the given sentence.

“We went to the market yesterday to buy some fruits and furnitures.”

(a)   We went to

(b)   the market yesterday

(c)   to buy some

(d)   fruits and furnitures

Answer: (d)

199. Choose the correct option which gives the antonym of the given word.


(a)   Secure

(b)   Equivocal

(c)   Dubious

(d)   Dicey

Answer: (a)

200. Complete the analogy.

Acrophobia : Fear of heights : : Anglophobia : ?

(a)   Fear of pain

(b)   Fear of open spaces

(c)   Fear of English culture, people

(d)   Fear of opinions

Answer: (c)

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