Pharmaceutical Science (PY) Competitive Examination-2015 (GPAT, CET, NIPER etc.) Question Paper With Answer Key

Pharmaceutical Science (PY) Competitive Examination-2015


1. Which of the following drug is not given by sublingual rout?

(A)  Methylestosterone

(B)  Isoprenaline

(C)  Clonidine

(D)  Aminophyline

Answer: (D)

2. Rate limiting enzyme in the catecholamines synthesis is:

(A)  DOPA decarboxylase

(B)  N-methyl transferase

(C)  Dopamine β-Hydroxalase

(D)  Tyrosine hydroxlase

Answer: (B)

3. Which of the following drug has the shortest half life?

(A)  Pindolol

(B)  Esmolol

(C)  Timolol

(D)  Nadolol

Answer: (D)

4. Histamine is not absorbed orally because ………. .

(A)  it is acid labile

(B)  it is not absorbed through GIT

(C)  it polymerizes in basic environment

(D)  liver degrades it after absorption

Answer: (D)

5. One of the following is not the action of Diflunisal.

(A)  Antipyretic

(B)  Anti-inflammatory

(C)  Analgesic

(D)  Antiplatlate

Answer: (D)

6. One of the following statement is false:

(A)  Somatostatin inhibits the release of insulin.

(B)  Insulin inhibits glucagon secretion.

(C)  Glucagon evokes release of insulin.

(D)  Somatostatin increases release of glucagons.

Answer: (C)

7. ………… is most prone to produce cardiac arrhythmias.

(A)  Isoflurane

(B)  Halothane

(C)  Enflurane

(D)  NO2

Answer: (B)

8. Selective 5-HT4 agonist is…………. .

(A)  Renzapride

(B)  Sumatriptan

(C)  LSD

(D)  Buspirone

Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following is not selective COX2 inhibitor?

(A)  Meloxicam

(B)  Celecoxib

(C)  Rofecoxib

(D)  Valdecoxib

Answer: (A)

10. Major side effect of Auranofin, a Gold compound is …….. .

(A)  Diarrhea

(B)  Flatulence

(C)  Anemia

(D)  Alopecia

Answer: (A)

11. ………… is not mucolytic agent.

(A)  Pholcodein

(B)  Carbocisteine

(C)  Ambroxol

(D)  Bromohexine

Answer: (A)

12. Octreotide is a synthetic derivative of……… .

(A)  prolactin

(B)  somatostatin

(C)  insulin

(D)  glucagon

Answer: (B)

13. Cosyntropin test is used to determine………… .

(A)  acetylcholine insufficiency

(B)  adrenal insufficiency

(C)  thyroid insufficiency

(D)  parathyroid insufficiency

Answer: (B)

14. ………. is inverse agonist of benzodiazepine.

(A)  Muscimol

(B)  β-carbolines

(C)  Flumazenil

(D)  Picrotoxin

Answer: (B)

15. When a person is suffering from hypertension along with dry cough, most preferred treatment is …….. .

(A)  Captopril

(B)  Losartan

(C)  Furosemide

(D)  Hydralazine

Answer: (B)

16. Most preferred drug for peit mal seizures is …….. .

(A)  Carbamazepine

(B)  Ethosuximide

(C)  Primidone

(D)  Valproic acid

Answer: (B)

17. Which one of the following is the most common side effect of antihyperlipidemic drugs?

(A)  Increase in B.P.

(B)  GIT disturbances

(C)  Headache

(D)  Liver disturbances

Answer: (B)

18. Class III antiarrhythmic agents are ……… .

(A)  Na+ channel blocker

(B)  K+ channel blocker

(C)  Na+ channel opener

(D)  K+ channel opener

Answer: (B)

19. Which of the following angina is not relived by Nitroglycerine?

(A)  Stable

(B)  Unstable

(C)  Variant

(D)  Prinzmental

Answer: (B)

20. Sulphonamide inhibits mainly …………. .

(A)  folate synthetase

(B)  folate reductase

(C)  cell wall synthesis

(D)  DNA synthesis

Answer: (A)

21. Nalidixic acid should not be given concurrently with …….. .

(A)  Atropine

(B)  Nitrofruantoin

(C)  Streptomycine

(D)  Trimethoprim

Answer: (B)

22. Red man syndrome is a side effect of ……… .

(A)  Lincomycin

(B)  Vanomycin

(C)  Clindamycin

(D)  Spiramycin

Answer: (C)

23. …………… acts as urinary analgesic.

(A)  Nitrofurantoin

(B)  Methanamine

(C)  Phenazopyrodine

(D)  Nalidixic acid

Answer: (C)

24. ……… is a antileprotic agent chemically related to sulphonamide.

(A)  Clofazime

(B)  Dapsone

(C)  Ethionamide

(D)  Isoniazide

Answer: (B)

25. Major toxicity of Foscarnet is………. .

(A)  Kidney damage

(B)  Liver damage

(C)  Neurotoxicity

(D)  Hypotension

Answer: (A)

26. Which of the following is tissue schizontocide?

(A)  Chloroquine

(B)  Mefloquine

(C)  Proguanil

(D)  Primaquine

Answer: (D)

27. ………… is a cell cycle specific anticancer agent.

(A)  L-asparaginase

(B)  Actinomycin-D

(C)  5-Flurouracil

(D)  Vincristin

Answer: (D)

28. …………. of tablet is the only dimensional variable determined by process variable.

(A)  Diameter

(B)  Thickness

(C)  Weight

(D)  All of these

Answer: (B)

29. Acceptable limits of friability for conventional tablet is ………. of their weight.

(A)  Less than 1.5%

(B)  Less than 0.5%

(C)  Less than 0.5-1.0%

(D)  Less than 2.0%

Answer: (C)

30. Stability of suspensions can be increased by ………… .

(A)  reducing interfacial tension

(B)  decreasing total surface area

(C)  increasing viscosity of medium

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

31. Whiskering phenomenon is related to……. .

(A)  Suspensions

(B)  Creams

(C)  Tablets

(D)  Capsules

Answer: (C)

32. DOT means ………… .

(A)  Department of Telecommunication

(B)  Department of Transportation

(C)  Department of Technology

(D)  all of the above

Answer: (B)

33. Pycnometer is used to measure……….. .

(A)  Specific gravity

(B)  Sedimentation

(C)  Density

(D)  Particle size

Answer: (C)

34. Largest size of capsule is…………. .

(A)  0

(B)  00

(C)  1

(D)  5

Answer: (B)

35. Credit of formulating Phase rule goes to ….. .

(A)  Einstein

(B)  Gibbs

(C)  Stokes

(D)  Raoults

Answer: (B)

36. HEPA filter prevents the entry of microbes of size ………. .

(A)  Less than 0.3μ

(B)  Less than 0.1μ

(C)  More than 0.3μ

(D)  More than 0.1μ

Answer: (C)

37. According to USP, the test used to confirm the actual presence of the compound is:

(A)  Standard of Purity

(B)  Standard of Identity

(C)  Standard of Quality

(D)  Standard of Potency

Answer: (B)

38. Moisture penetration in to the tablet core is prevented by ……….. .

(A)  Sub coating

(B)  Seal coating

(C)  Syrup coating

(D)  Polishing

Answer: (B)

39. The system consisting of loosely packed particles that can be redispersed easily is called as:

(A)  Flocculated system

(B)  Coagulated system

(C)  Deflocculated system

(D)  Aggregated system

Answer: (A)

40. In Aerosol filling process, hydrocarbon as a propellant is not be used in the following apparatus.

(A)  Pressure filling apparatus

(B)  Cold filling apparatus

(C)  Compressed filling apparatus

(D)  All the above

Answer: (B)

41. Class 10,000 is one in which the particle count is not more than …………. .

(A)  10,000 per cubic foot

(B)  10,000 per cubic metre

(C)  10,000 per cubic inch

(D)  10,000 per cubic centimeter

Answer: (A)

42. As per USP XX, in content uniformity test, how many capsules are used?

(A)  20

(B)  30

(C)  40

(D)  50

Answer: (B)

43. Which of the following is permeation enhancer?

(A)  Dimethylsulfoxide

(B)  Lecithin

(C)  Benzalkonium chloride

(D)  Paraffin wax

Answer: (A)

44. Abrasive used in Dental preparation:

(A)  Diacalcium phosphate

(B)  SLS

(C)  Selenium sulphate

(D)  Colloidal silicate

Answer: (A)

45. The temperature at which the given mixture of air & water vapor must be cool to become saturated is:

(A)  Yield point

(B)  Craft point

(C)  Dew point

(D)  Bubble point

Answer: (C)

46. Acid solubility limits for empty capsule shell is ……….. .

(A)  Dissolved in < 5 min. in 0.5% aqueous HCl

(B)  Dissolve in < 5 min. in 0.1% aqueous HCl

(C)  Dissolve in < 15 min, in 0.5% aqueous HCl

(D)  Dissolve in < 5 min. in 0.5% aqueous HCl

Answer: (A)

47. Local anesthetic used in parenteral formulation is ……….. .

(A)  Ethyl alcohol

(B)  Benzyl alcohol

(C)  Methyl alcohol

(D)  Ethylene glycol

Answer: (B)

48. All of the following are oil soluble antioxidants except ……….. .

(A)  Propyl gallate

(B)  a-tocopherol

(C)  BHT

(D)  Ascorbic acid

Answer: (D)

49. Asymmetric molecule frequently exhibits a fourth phase, called mesophase which lies between ……….. .

(A)  Liquid & gas phase

(B)  Liquid & Crystalline phase

(C)  Crystalline & Gas phase

(D)  All

Answer: (B)

50. The moisture condensed on the surface of glass container that can extract some weakly bound alkali leaving white deposit of alkali carbonate is called ………… .

(A)  Flaking

(B)  Coring

(C)  Leaching

(D)  Weathering

Answer: (D)

51. The protein part of enzyme is referred as ……….. .

(A)  haloenzyme

(B)  apoenzyme

(C)  prosthetic group

(D)  activator

Answer: (B)

52. Which functional group is transferred by coenzyme biocytin?

(A)  acyl

(B)  CO2

(C)  H-atom

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

53. Some enzymes act on closely related substrate. This phenomenon is known as :

(A)  absolute substrate specificity

(B)  relative substrate specificity

(C)  broad specificity

(D)  none

Answer: (C)

54. Cofactor required for DNA polymerase is ……….. .

(A)  Zn++

(B)  Cu++

(C)  Ni++

(D)  Fe++

Answer: (A)

55. For production of enzyme, fermentation method used is ……….. .

(A)  submerged culture

(B)  deed bed culture

(C)  surface culture

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

56. PCR stands for ……….. .

(A)  Polymerase chain reaction

(B)  People choice reaction

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None

Answer: (C)

57. In hepatic jaundice, Level of ……….. type of serum bilirubine is increased.

(A)  Unconjugated

(B)  Conjugated

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

58. One of the following substances is administered intravenously to measure glomerular filtration rate:

(A)  Inulin

(B)  Creatinine

(C)  urea

(D)  Mannitol

Answer: (A)

59. The simultaneous transport of two different species in the same direction is termed as :

(A)  Cotransport system

(B)  Uniport system

(C)  Antiport system

(D)  Symport system

Answer: (D)

60. Basal metabolic rate is measured in :

(A)  cal/m2/hr

(B)  cal/kg/hr

(C)  cal/hr

(D)  cal/kg

Answer: (A)

61. The population or number of living micro-organisms per defined unit surface or system is called as :

(A)  Z-value

(B)  F-value

(C)  Bioburden

(D)  Resistance value

Answer: (C)

62. Discrete sequence of DNA code for given biological molecule such as structural proteins & enzyme is:

(A)  Chromosome

(B)  Gene

(C)  Histone

(D)  None

Answer: (B)

63. Conversion of DNA information sequence is to mRNA sequence :

(A)  Transduction

(B)  Transcription

(C)  Transformation

(D)  Translation

Answer: (B)

64. Restriction Endonuclease mostly used in gene manipulation is of:

(A)  Type I

(B)  Type II

(C)  Type III

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

65. One of the following is killed vaccine:

(A)  Small pox vaccine

(B)  BCG

(C)  Sabine poliomyelitis

(D)  Salk poliomyelitis

Answer: (D)

66. The time in minute at specific temperature needed to kill a population of cell or spore is called:

(A)  D-value

(B)  F-value

(C)  Z-value

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

67. Maltose on hydrolysis yields:

(A)  2 glucose units

(B)  Glucose + Fructose

(C)  Glucose + Galactose

(D)  2 units of galactose

Answer: (A)

68. Plasmids having multiple copies per cell is called as:

(A)  Cryptic plasmids

(B)  Relaxed plasmid

(C)  Stringent plasmid

(D)  Conjugative plasmid

Answer: (B)

69. D-Glucose on reduction gives:

(A)  D-Dulcitol

(B)  D-Mannitol

(C)  D-Sorbitol

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

70. Wernicke Korsakoffs syndrome is occur due to the deficiency of :

(A)  Vit-B­1

(B)  Vit-B2

(C)  Vit-B6

(D)  Vit-B7

Answer: (A)

71. Annealing of primer in PCR is performed at temperature:

(A)  95°C

(B)  74°C

(C)  54°C

(D)  20°C

Answer: (C)

72. The phenomenon in which one or more base pair are inserted or delated from DNA is called :

(A)  Point mutation

(B)  frame shift mutation

(C)  Silent mutation

(D)  Missense mutation

Answer: (B)

73. X-rays are used for determination of structure of protein because :

(A)  X-rays can penetrate the protein

(B)  X-rays is higher energetic region in electromagnetic spectrum

(C)  Wavelength of X-rays & molecular dimension of protein are of same order

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (C)

74. ESR of compound is performed in ………. region.

(A)  Radiowaves

(B)  Microwaves

(C)  γ-rays

(D)  Cosmic rays

Answer: (B)

75. 1 Joule is equal to ………….. .

(A)  107 erg

(B)  107 erg

(C)  108 erg

(D)  107 erg

Answer: (B)

76. The time in second required for the passage of successive maxima or minima through a fixed point in space is called :

(A)  Period

(B)  Wavelength

(C)  Frequency

(D)  Amplitude

Answer: (A)

77. Which of the following is not included under physical evaluation of the plants?

(A)  microbiological limits

(B)  volatile oil content

(C)  refractive index

(D)  acid value

Answer: (D)

78. The biological source of Guar gum is:

(A)  cyamposis tetragonolobous

(B)  acacia arabica

(C)  astragalus gummifer

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

79. Granulated honey contains:

(A)  crystalline glucose

(B)  crystalline dextrose

(C)  crystalline sucrose

(D)  crystalline fructose

Answer: (B)

80. Cascara bark contains :

(A)  O-glycoside

(B)  C-glycoside

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

81. Aglycon part present in lanatoside B is :

(A)  Digitoxigenin

(B)  Gitoxigenin

(C)  Digoxigenin

(D)  Diosgenin

Answer: (B)

82. Antigastric effect of liquorice is due to the presence of:

(A)  saponin

(B)  flavonoides

(C)  coumarin

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

83. Sodium picrate test is used for identification of:

(A)  gallic acid

(B)  chebulic acid

(C)  ellagic acid

(D)  catechutannic acid

Answer: (C)

84. Olive oil is obtained from………… of Olea europoem.

(A)  leaves

(B)  fruits

(C)  seeds

(D)  all of these

Answer: (B)

85. Chief constituent of Cuminum cyminium is :

(A)  carvone

(B)  limonene

(C)  cuminic aldehyde

(D)  all of these

Answer: (C)

86. One of the following is not characteristic of mother clove:

(A)  dark brown colour

(B)  starch grain present

(C)  starch grain absent

(D)  inferior in volatile content

Answer: (C)

87. Which of the following is not a true alkaloid?

(A)  pilocarpine

(B)  quinine

(C)  atropine

(D)  ephedrine

Answer: (D)

88. Vinca leaves contain ……… stomata.

(A)  Cruciferous

(B)  anomocytic

(C)  anisocytic

(D)  actinocytic

Answer: (A)

89. All of the following are water insoluble alkaloids except:

(A)  ergometrine

(B)  ergotamine

(C)  ergocristine

(D)  ergocornine

Answer: (A)

90. Diactetyl derivative of morphine is called :

(A)  codeine

(B)  heroin

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

91. Glandular trichomes present in belladonna leaf are:

(A)  uniseriate unicellular

(B)  uniseriate multicellular

(C)  biseriate unicellular

(D)  biseriate unicellular

Answer: (A)

92. Quinine & quinidine are :

(A)  stereoisomers

(B)  enantiomers

(C)  epimers

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

93. All of the following contains oleoresins except:

(A)  Canada balsam

(B)  capsicum

(C)  jalap

(D)  copaiba

Answer: (C)

94. Marine drug having cardiovascular activity is:

(A)  laminine

(B)  eunicine

(C)  ara-c

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

95. Heckel plot is related to:

(A)  deformation

(B)  mixing

(C)  granulation

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

96. Liquid glucose used as binder is a solution of………..sugar in water.

(A)  20%

(B)  50%

(C)  80%

(D)  90%

Answer: (B)

97. In NMR, the component of electromagnetic radiation responsible for absorption of radio-frequency waves is:

(A)  magnetic

(B)  electric

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

98. The process in which emitted radiation is identical in frequency to the radiation employed for excitation is called:

(A)  nonresonance fluroscence

(B)  resonance fluroscence

(C)  nonradiative relaxation

(D)  None

Answer: (A)

99. Fabry-perot filters are related to:

(A)  interference filter

(B)  absorption filter

(C)  prism

(D)  monochromator

Answer: (A)

100. The material used in pyroelectric detector is:

(A)  platinum

(B)  silicon carbide

(C)  triglycine sulphate

(D)  thorium rod

Answer: (C)

101. The wavelength of radiation emitted or absorbed by a rapidly moving atoms decreases the motion towards the transducer & if the atom is receding from the transducer. The Phenomenon is called as:

(A)  Stoke shift

(B)  Doppler effect

(C)  Blue shift

(D)  Red shift

Answer: (B)

102. Cold vapor atomization method in AAS is used only for the determination of:

(A)  Hg

(B)  Na

(C)  Mg

(D)  Ca

Answer: (A)

103. Zeeman effect is related to:

(A)  NMR

(B)  IR

(C)  X-ray

(D)  AAS

Answer: (D)

104. Detector used in the mass spectrometry:

(A)  Faraday cup

(B)  electron multiplier

(C)  photographic plate

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

105. Which one of the following is not an auxochrome?

(A)  ―OH

(B)  ―NH2

(C)  ―NO2

(D)  C6H6

Answer: (D)

106. Which is false about fluorescence?

(A)  It involve a change in electron spin

(B)  It is spontaneous phenomenon

(C)  It occurs in singlet state of atom

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

107. C-N stretching in amine is observed in the range of:

(A)  2100-2260 cm1

(B)  1610-1680 cm1

(C)  1180-1360 cm1

(D)  3590-3650 cm1

Answer: (C)

108. “Protons present on alkene show deshielded spectra & protons present on alkyne show shielded spectra”. This is due to :

(A)  van der Walls deshielding

(B)  anisotropic effect

(C)  nuclear overhouser effect

(D)  None

Answer: (B)

109. In HPLC, detector used for compounds containing thiols or sulphide compounds is;

(A)  refractive index

(B)  electrochemical

(C)  light scattering

(D)  mass spectroscopy

Answer: (B)

110. Hydrolysed silica for stationary phase in bonded phase chromatography is prepared by the hydrolysis of silica with :

(A)  0.1 M HCl

(B)  0.1 M H2SO4

(C)  1M HCl

(D)  1M H2SO4

Answer: (A)

111. Particle size in case of HPTLC is near about:

(A)  20 μ

(B)  15 μ

(C)  10 μ

(D)  5 μ

Answer: (D)

112. Which of the following is used as primary standard?

(A)  NaOH

(B)  KHP

(C)  HCl

(D)  H2SO4

Answer: (B)

113. The temperature above which distinct liquid phase of substance cannot exist regardless of pressure is called:

(A)  critical temperature

(B)  ambient temperature

(C)  transition temperature

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

114. One of the following technique is used for the separation of amphiproteic species such as amino acid is:

(A)  capillary gel electrophoresis

(B)  capillary isotachophoresis

(C)  capillary isoelectric focusing

(D)  capillary zone electrophoresis

Answer: (C)

115. The thermal technique in which difference in heat flow into a substance and a reference are measured as function of sample temperature while the two are subjected to controlled temperature program is:

(A)  DSC

(B)  TGA

(C)  DTA

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

116. The solution containing 1 mole of substance per 1000 gm of solvent is called:

(A)  molarity

(B)  formality

(C)  molality

(D)  normality

Answer: (C)

117. According to …………. theory, acid is any substance that ionizes in water to give H+.

(A)  Arrhenius

(B)  Lewis

(C)  Lowry-Bronsted

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

118. The graph obtained in case of polarography is:

(A)  current v/s potential

(B)  current v/s volume

(C)  current v/s time

(D)  potential v/s volume

Answer: (A)

119. Retention factor of solute for better separation is in the range of:

(A)  2-10

(B)  10-20

(C)  20-30

(D)  30-40

Answer: (A)

120. Tendom mass spectroscopy is :

(A)  MS-MS



(D)  GC-MS

Answer: (A)

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