Pharmaceutical Science (PY) Competitive Examination-2017 (GPAT, CET, NIPER etc.) Question Paper With Answer Key

Pharmaceutical Science (PY) Competitive Examination-2017


1. An accurate clock shows the times as 30 minutes past two. The angle (in degrees) between the minute-hand and the hour-hand is:

(A)  120°

(B)  110°

(C)  105°

(D)  100°

Answer: (C)

2. If 2x + y = 10 & x + 3y = 10, then find x & y:

(A)  4 & 2

(B)  2 & 4

(C)  1 & 3

(D)  3 & 1

Answer: (A)

3. Highest number of USFDA approved pharmaceutical plants are placed in:

(A)  China

(B)  India

(C)  Brazil

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

4. Indian Patent Information office is situated at :

(A)  Mumbai

(B)  Nagpur

(C)  Kanpur

(D)  Bangalore

Answer: (B)

5. ‘In small bridged systems one can not have a double bond at the bridgehead position.’ This is:

(A)  Prelog’s rule

(B)  Bredt’s rule

(C)  Markowknikoff’s rule

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

6. Which of the following not a positive symptoms associated with Schizophrenia?

(A)  hallucination

(B)  anhedonia

(C)  delusion

(D)  Disorganized thoughts

Answer: (B)

7. Which of the following mood stabilizer would be most appropriate in a patient with liver diseases?

(A)  Lithium

(B)  Valproic acid

(C)  Carbamapezine

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

8. One is not correct about following structure :

(A)  It is an acid

(B)  it is fenamate

(C)  increases prostaglandin

(D)  it is an NSAID

Answer: (C)

9. Cefepime is …….. generation cephalosporin.

(A)  First

(B)  Second

(C)  Third

(D)  Fourth

Answer: (D)

10. When radiation modulated at an acoustical frequency, is absorbed by substance. The radiation is converted in to heat. This is called as:

(A)  Photoacoustic spectroscopy

(B)  Optoacoustic spectroscopy

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

11. Vector used in the Recombinant DNA technology is:

(A)  Plasmids

(B)  Cosmids

(C)  Bacteriophages

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

12. Borrelia recurrentis is s causative organism for :

(A)  Plague

(B)  Lyme disease

(C)  Relapsing fever

(D)  Dengue

Answer: (C)

13. Non-ionizing radiation used for sterilization is:

(A)  UV-rays

(B)  X-rays

(C)  γ-rays

(D)  Cosmic rays

Answer: (A)

14. Identification of specific RNA is done by:

(A)  Southern blot

(B)  Northern blot

(C)  Western blot

(D)  All of these

Answer: (B)

15. Deposition of enzyme on the carrier by applying electric current is called as:

(A)  Electrophoresis

(B)  Electroporation

(C)  Electrodeposition

(D)  Electrotransformation

Answer: (C)

16. Polyacrylamide gel is used as material in which tenchique of immobilization:

(A)  Covalent binding

(B)  Adsorption

(C)  Entrapment

(D)  Complexation

Answer: (C)

17. Radioallergosorbent test is related to ……… antibody.

(A)  IgE

(B)  IgM

(C)  IgA

(D)  IgD

Answer: (A)

18. Pseudomonas dentrificans is a source of:

(A)  Riboflavin

(B)  Vitamin B12

(C)  Ascorbic acid

(D)  Amino acid

Answer: (B)

19. In the fermentation process, animal or vegetables lipids are used as:

(A)  Antifoaming agent

(B)  Inhibitor of unwanted metabolic process in lack of O2

(C)  Source of carbon

(D)  pH maintaining agent

Answer: (A)

20. Bohrs effect is related to:

(A)  Lipids

(B)  Plasma protein

(C)  Hemoglobin

(D)  Vitamins

Answer: (C)

21. One of the following vitamin is known as harmone:

(A)  Vitamin D

(B)  Vitamin A

(C)  Vitamin C

(D)  Vitamin E

Answer: (A)

22. In nucleotide replacement, the phenomenon in which purine is replaced by pyrimidine & vice versa called as:

(A)  Transition

(B)  Transversion

(C)  Rearrangement

(D)  Exchange

Answer: (B)

23. Rapid amplification of DNA segment is called as:

(A)  General recombination

(B)  PCR

(C)  gene expression

(D)  Blotting technique

Answer: (B)

24. In cell culture, the phase in which cells dies is :

(A)  Lag phase

(B)  Exponential phase

(C)  Linear phase

(D)  Senescent phase

Answer: (D)

25. Icterus index is used to determine:

(A)  Serum albumin

(B)  Urine albumin

(C)  Serum bilirubin

(D)  Urine bilirubin

Answer: (C)

26. Carboxyhemoglobin is formed by binding of hemoglobin with :

(A)  CO

(B)  CO2

(C)  CHO


Answer: (A)

27. ETC is located at :

(A)  Inner mitochondrial membrane

(B)  Outer mitochondrial membrane

(C)  Intermembranous space

(D)  Mitochondrial matrix

Answer: (A)

28. Removal of one carbon atom from lipid occurs in:

(A)  β-oxidation

(B)  α-oxidation

(C)  ω-oxidation

(D)  All of these

Answer: (B)

29. In tissue culture, surface sterilization of explants is done by:

(A)  Distilled water

(B)  Methanol

(C)  Sodium hypochlorite

(D)  Propiolactone

Answer: (C)

30. Ornithin amino acid can never found in protein structure because :

(A)  Inability to form peptide bond

(B) Due to lack of zwitterions formation

(C)  Due to lack of codone

(D)  Due to structural dissimilarity

Answer: (C)

31. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is due to the deficiency of:

(A)  Hypoxanthin-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase

(B)  Formyltransferase

(C)  Adenine-phosphoribosyltransferase

(D)  Cyclohydrolase

Answer: (A)

32. One of the following phospholipid possesses antigenic properties :

(A)  Lecithin

(B)  Cephaline

(C)  Cardiolipin

(D)  Plasmalogens

Answer: (C)

33. Catalytic activity of enzyme is lost by :

(A)  Extreme pH

(B)  Extreme temperature

(C)  Denaturating agent

(D)  All the above

Answer: (D)

34. Three dimensional structure of a protein & the relative stereochemical position of its atom determined by :

(A)  X-ray crystallography

(B)  IR-spectroscopy

(C)  ESR

(D)  All the above

Answer: (A)

35. Aldolase enzyme belongs to class :

(A)  Transferase

(B)  Lyase

(C)  Ligases

(D)  Hydrolase

Answer: (B)

36. In un-compitative inhibition, inhibitors mainly binds to :

(A)  Enzyme

(B)  Substrate

(C)  Enzyme & enzyme-substrate complex

(D)  Enzyme-substrate complex

Answer: (D)

37. 1 IU of enzyme is equal to ………………

(A)  40 μ ketal

(B)  50 μ ketal

(C)  60 μ ketal

(D)  70 μ ketal

Answer: (C)

38. Mannitol is :

(A)  Polyhydroxy alcohol

(B)  Monosachharides

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None

Answer: (A)

39. How many grams of menthol should be used to prepare this prescription containing 0.8% Menthol & Alcohol sq. 60.00 ml ?

(A)  0.48 g

(B)  0.8 g

(C)  4.8 g

(D)  1.48 g

Answer: (C)

40. “In dehydrohaloganation the more stable the alkene, the faster it is formed” This is :

(A)  Saytzeffs rule

(B)  Walden inversion

(C)  Tollens reaction

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

41. Starting product of Sandmeyer reaction is :

(A)  alkynes

(B)  Diazonium salts

(C)  o-toludine

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)


These are ………………

(A)  Diastereomers

(B)  Enantiomers

(C)  Confirmational isomer

(D)  Bioisomer

Answer: (A)

43. ………. is a phase transfer catalyst.

(A)  crown ether

(B)  AlCl3

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)


The reaction follows :

(A)  Kharasch rule

(B)  Markovnikov rule

(C)  Bredt rule

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

45. Perkin condensation yields :

(A)  Unsaturated acids

(B)  Saturated acids

(C)  Unsaturated ketones

(D)  Unsaturated aldehydes

Answer: (A)


(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  5

(D)  no

Answer: (B)


are …………..

(A)  Confirmational isomer

(B)  Enantiomers

(C)  Distereomers

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

48. Nitrogen rule is used in the interpretation ……… spectra.

(A)  IR

(B)  NMR

(C)  Mass

(D)  ESR

Answer: (C)

49. CDRI is located at :

(A)  Lucknow

(B)  Kassuli

(C)  Itanagar

(D)  Chandigarh

Answer: (A)

50. GRAS is related to :

(A)  Safety

(B)  Stability

(C)  reactivity

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

51. Minister of chemical & Fertilizers Govt. of India is:

(A)  A. K. Antony

(B)  Ramvilasa Paswan

(C)  Sharad Pawar

(D)  Prafful Patel

Answer: (B)

52. The synonym of abduct :

(A)  Confined

(B)  Bound

(C)  Released

(D)  absolve

Answer: (A)

53. The antonym of Equivocate :

(A)  Distinguish

(B)  Pledge

(C)  Yields

(D)  Vary

Answer: (D)

54. Coulter counter works on the principle of :

(A)  electric resistance

(B)  light diffraction

(C)  light transmission

(D)  light absorption

Answer: (A)

55. Standard deviation is :

(A)  square of variance

(B)  square root of variance

(C)  square of difference between observation and mean

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

56. Guedels sign of anesthesia are based on effect of :

(A)  Diethyl ether

(B)  Thiopental

(C)  Ketamine

(D)  Fentanyl

Answer: (A)

57. Browning of vision due to retinal deposit is caused by :

(A)  Thioridazone

(B)  Clozapine

(C)  Haloperidol

(D)  Ariprazole

Answer: (A)

58. Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor used as DMARDs is:

(A)  Methotrexate

(B)  Leflunomide

(C)  Azathioprine

(D)  Cyclosporine

Answer: (B)

59. Vaughan Williams classification system classify drug used in :

(A)  Parkinsonism

(B)  Arrhythmia

(C)  Huntington’s diseases

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

60. G-Proteins are …………….

(A)  Tetrameric

(B)  Bimeric

(C)  Trimeric

(D)  Pentameric

Answer: (C)

61. One of the following lipoprotein increases in type IV hyperlipidemia:

(A)  LDL

(B)  HDL


(D)  Chylomicron

Answer: (C)

62. …………..measure the absorption & urninary excretion of radiolabled Vitamin B12

(A)  Carr test

(B)  Schilling test

(C)  Icterus index

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

63. Which of the following antiviral drug used as Antiparkinsonian agent :

(A)  Zidovudine

(B)  Amantadine

(C)  Foscarnet

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

64. Selective MAO-B inhibitor is:

(A)  Clogyline

(B)  Moclobemide

(C)  Tranylcypromine

(D)  Selegilline

Answer: (D)

65. Phosphodiesterase inhibitor used as Antiplatelate agent is :

(A)  Amrinone

(B)  Dipyridamol

(C)  Ticlopidine

(D)  Aspirin

Answer: (B)

66. Antimetic agent used during the cancer treatment is :

(A)  Promethazine

(B)  Metoclopramide

(C)  Odensetron

(D)  Cinnarizine

Answer: (C)

67. SMON Syndrome is related to :

(A)  Metronidazole

(B)  Diloxanide furoate

(C)  Quiniodochlor

(D)  Tetracycline

Answer: (C)

68. Cardiotoxicity is side effect of one of the following anticancer agent :

(A)  Dactinomycin

(B)  Doxorubicin

(C)  Bleomycin

(D)  Mitomycin

Answer: (B)

69. Macrolide derivative that used as Immunosuppresent is :

(A)  Cyclosporin

(B)  Tracolimus

(C)  Basiliximab

(D)  All of these

Answer: (B)

70. Hepatotoxicity is major side effect of followings drugs except:

(A)  Ethambutol

(B)  Isoniazide

(C)  Rifampicin

(D)  Pyrazinamide

Answer: (A)

71. All the following drugs acts better in acidic urine except :

(A)  Nitrofurantoin

(B)  Methanamine

(C)  Cloxacillin

(D)  Gentamicin

Answer: (D)

72. All the following macrolide derivatives are stable in acid except:

(A)  Azithromycin

(B)  Clarithromycin

(C)  Roxithromycin

(D)  Erythromycin

Answer: (D)

73. Drug of choice for motion sickness is :

(A)  Cinnarizine

(B)  Chlorpromazine

(C)  Prochlorperazine

(D)  Haloperidol

Answer: (A)

74. Plasma expander is:

(A)  Dextrans

(B)  Human Albumin

(C)  Hetastarch

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

75. All of the following are prodrug except:

(A)  Lisinopril

(B)  Enalapril

(C)  Perindopril

(D)  Ramipril

Answer: (A)

76. Competitive antagonist at GABA­A receptor is :

(A)  Muscimol

(B)  Bicuculline

(C)  Flumazenil

(D)  Picrotoxin

Answer: (B)

77. Class II Antiarrhythmic drugs…………….

(A)  Slows phase 0 depolarization

(B)  Suppress phase 4 depolarization

(C)  Shorten phase 3 depolarization

(D)  Prolong phase 3 depolarization

Answer: (B)

78. Mechanism of Antimanic drug Lithium is:

(A)  Decreases the release of NA & DA

(B)  Li+ partly replace Na+ & affect ionic fluxes across brain cell

(C)  Inhibit Inositol-1-phospate T reduces supply of Inositol for regeneration of brain membrane

(D)  All the above

Answer: (D)

79. Mianserin, Antidepressants agent acts by:

(A)  Inhibiting NA & 5-HT uptake

(B)  Blocking presynaptic α2 receptor

(C)  Inhibiting NA & DA uptake

(D)  All the above

Answer: (B)

80. All of the following true about Calcitonin except

(A)  Inhibits phosphate tubular reabsorption from kidney

(B)  Inhibits resorption of Ca from bone

(C)  Inhibits Ca tubular reasbsorption from kidney

(D)  Increases resorption of Ca from bone

Answer: (D)

81. A Grignard reagent does not react with ketones with bulky group but an………reagent reacts successfully with ketones with bulky groups.

(A)  organolithium

(B)  phosphonate

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

82. Stereospecific reaction of dimethyl maleate with butadiene yields cis-dimethyl cyclohexene-4, 5-dicarboxylate. This is………… reaction.

(A)  Claisen

(B)  Diels-Alder

(C)  Hoffmann

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

83. Pericyclic reactions are concerted, unaffected by catalyst or solvents & have ….. transition states.

(A)  acyclic

(B)  cyclic

(C)  both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

84. Sodium boronhydride is chemoselective. It does not reduce :

(A)  esters

(B)  ketones

(C)  aldehydes

(D)  acid chlorides

Answer: (A)

85. All protein amino acids belong to …………series.

(A)  L

(B)  D

(C)  DL

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

86. Exchange of pair of groups around a sterocentere gives a different :

(A)  configurational isomer

(B)  stereoisomer

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)


Answer: (B)

88. …..stereoisomers are possible in 2,3-dibromobutane.

(A)  4

(B)  2

(C)  No

(D)  3

Answer: (D)

89. Water has ………. axis of symmetry.

(A)  C3

(B)  C4

(C)  no

(D)  C2

Answer: (D)

90. Troger’s base is:

(A)  chiral

(B)  achiral

(C)  can not say

(D)  Both (A) & (B)

Answer: (A)


This is chair conformation of cyclohexane, It has……..

(A)  S6 axis

(B)  S3 axis

(C)  center

(D)  All these

Answer: (D)


These structures are:

(A)  all equivalent (R)

(B)  all equivalent, (S)

(C)  first two equivalent

(D)  last two equivalent

Answer: (D)


One of the following is correct:

(A)  Pair A : Homomers, Pair B: Diastereomers

(B)  Pair A : Diastereomers, Pair B : Diastereomers

(C)  Pair A : Homomers, Pair B : Homomers

(D)  Pair A : Diastereomers, Pair B : Diastereomers

Answer: (A)


This sulfoxide is:

(A)  (S)

(B)  (R)

(C)  not chiral

(D)  symmetrical

Answer: (B)

95. (S)-(+)-2-bromobutane when exposed to bromide ion in acetone is racemized due to……….SN­2

(A)  irreversible

(B)  reversible

(C)  stereoselective

(D)  no

Answer: (B)

96. The activation energy for cyclohexane ring inversion (rapid process) is……kcal/mol.

(A)  10.8

(B)  3.8

(C)  20

(D)  40

Answer: (A)

97. Lithium aluminium hydride reduction of 4-t-butyl-cyclohexanone gives……alcohol.

(A)  axial

(B)  equatorial

(C)  no

(D)  Both (A) & (B)

Answer: (B)

98. Witting reaction is………..regioselective.

(A)  completely

(B)  not

(C)  partially

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

99. Most of the protein amino acids have S-configuration except:

(A)  L-Alanine

(B)  L-Proline

(C)  L-Cysteine

(D)  L-Serine

Answer: (C)

100. N-acyl-L-amino acids are……….molecules.

(A)  heterochiral

(B)  homochiral

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

101. The allenes of the type abC = C = Cab are……….due to non planar arrangement of our groups called a chiral………. .

(A)  chiral, axis

(B)  achiral, axis

(C)  chiral, point

(D)  achiral, point

Answer: (A)


This is……….reaction.

(A)  Reformatsky

(B)  Perkin

(C)  Mannich

(D)  Knoevenagel

Answer: (C)

103. Asymmetric synthesis yields?

(A)  one enantiomer predominantly

(B)  one distereomer predominantly

(C)  Both (A) & (B)

(D)  50% mixtures of both stereomers

Answer: (C)

104. MESNA is used to relieve the side effects of….. .

(A)  methotrexate

(B)  cyclophosphamide

(C)  hydroxyurea

(D)  5-fluorouaracil

Answer: (B)

105. Cisplatin acts by inhibiting…………… .

(A)  DNA polymerase

(B)  DNA gyrase

(C)  RNA polymerase

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (A)

106. Acyclovir is widely used in treatment of :

(A)  HIV

(B)  Polio

(C)  genital herpes simplex

(D)  varicella zoster infection

Answer: (C)

107. One of the following vitamin is used along with isoniazide:

(A)  riboflavin

(B)  pyridoxine

(C)  thiamine

(D)  niacin

Answer: (B)

108. The major side effect of metformin is:

(A)  lactic acidosis

(B)  agranulocytosis

(C)  hypoglycemia

(D)  renal failure

Answer: (A)

109. One of the following antidiabetic is not hypoglycemic, but it is antihyperglycemic:

(A)  Glipizide

(B)  Glibenclamide

(C)  Tolbutamide

(D)  Metformin

Answer: (D)

110. One of the following H2 antagonist contains furan ring:

(A)  cimetidine

(B)  famotidine

(C)  ranitidine

(D)  nizatidine

Answer: (C)

111. A synonym of decorous is :

(A)  momentary

(B)  emotional

(C)  suppressed

(D)  proper

Answer: (D)

112. A antonym of hallow is :

(A)  keep silence

(B)  desecrate

(C)  instigate

(D)  prove incorrect

Answer: (B)

113. If two or more dosage forms contain the same labeled quantities of the same drug, then it is called as:

(A)  bioequivalence

(B)  chemical equivalence

(C)  clinical equivalence

(D)  therapeutic equivalence

Answer: (B)

114. The drug which is resistant to biotransformation is called:

(A)  soft drug

(B)  hard drug

(C)  prodrug

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

115. The scheduled indicating list of minimum equipments for efficient running of a pharmacy is:

(A)  M

(B)  P

(C)  N

(D)  R

Answer: (C)

116. S-H stretching region in IR is:

(A)  2600-2550 cm1

(B)  2400-2220 cm1

(C)  1600-1400 cm1

(D)  1070-1030 cm1

Answer: (A)

117. NaCl is titrated by:

(A)  redox titration

(B)  argentometric titration

(C)  iodometry

(D)  acid base titration

Answer: (B)

118. Dropping mercury electrode is used in:

(A)  amperometry

(B)  potentiometry

(C)  polarography

(D)  conductometry

Answer: (C)

119. CDRI is located at:

(A)  Kanpur

(B)  Kolkata

(C)  Lacknow

(D)  Kasauli

Answer: (C)

120. Preparation of plate in TLC is done by:

(A)  pouring

(B)  dipping

(C)  spraying

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

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