RRBs Group D Recruitment Examination Held on December 10, 2018 Question Paper With Answer Key

RRBs Group D Recruitment Examination Held on December 10, 2018

1. What is the relation between frequency and time period?

(a)   T = 1 + v

(b)   T = v

(c)   T = 1/v

(d)  T = 1xv

Answer: (c)

2. George Saunders, and American author, won the 2017 Man Booker Prize for fiction for his novel ……….. .

(a)   Lincoln The Lone Walk.

(b)   Lincoln Letters.

(c)   Lincoln in The Bardo.

(d)  Speeches and Writing.

Answer: (c)

3. Consider the following question and decide which of the statements is sufficient to answer the question.


Find the value of x.



(a)   Only I is sufficient.

(b)   Only II is sufficient.

(c)   Either I or II is sufficient.

(d)  Neither I nor II is sufficient.

Answer: (a)

4. 5.4 × 0.0015 = ?

(a)   0.081

(b)   0.00081

(c)   0.81

(d)  0.0081

Answer: (d)

5. The Narmada and Tapi are …… flowing rivers.

(a)   East

(b)   South

(c)   North

(d)  West

Answer: (d)

6. Who appoints the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India?

(a)   Chief Minister

(b)   Prime Minister

(c)   President

(d)  Vice-President

Answer: (c)

7. The radius of a sphere is equal to thrice the radius of the base of a cylinder. The height of the cylinder is nine times the radius of its base. If the numerical values of the total surface area of the cylinder and that of the volume of the sphere are the same, what is the height of the cylinder?

(a)   4.5 units

(b)   2.25 units

(c)   3 units

(d)  5 units

Answer: (d)

8. Rani and Radha were walking in opposite directions. If Radha was walking in North-East direction, then in which direction was Rani walking?

(a)   North-West

(b)   North-East

(c)   South-East

(d)  South-West

Answer: (d)

9. Which famous scientist was appointed as in 2018 the Chairman of ISRO for the period of three year?

(a)   Dr. K Siwan

(b)   Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

(c)   Rakesh Sharma

(d)  AS Kiran Kumar

Answer: (a)

10. The radio between two numbers is 19 : 26. If 2 is added to the smaller number, the ratio changes to 3 : 4. What is the larger number?

(a)   78

(b)   104

(c)   130

(d)  91

Answer: (b)

11. Find the next term in the series.

3X24C, 5V22E, ……. .

(a)   9T21G

(b)   8T21G

(c)   7T20G

(d)  8T20G

Answer: (c)

12. Who played the lead role in the movie ‘Hindi Medium’ released in 2017?

(a)   Akshay Kumar

(b)   Raj Kumar Rao

(c)   Nawazuddin Siddiqui

(d)  Irfan Khan

Answer: (d)

13. At which place, gravitational acceleration is zero?

(a)   At equator

(b)   At poles

(c)   At the centre of Earth

(d)  At sea level

Answer: (c)

14. If a plane flies a distance of 4000 m with work done of 20000 J, then the force applied is

(a)   10 N

(b)   0.2 N

(c)   5 N

(d)  50 N

Answer: (c)

15. A 141.5 m long train, travelling at 57 km/h, crosses a platform in 39 sec. What is the length of the platform?

(a)   476 m

(b)   461 m

(c)   586 m

(d)  613.5 m

Answer: (a)

16. Find the appropriate mirror image of the given figure if the mirror is placed to the left of the figure.

Answer: (a)

17. Which district in Maharashtra was known for its revolutionary role in the field of medicine

(a)   Gadchiroli

(b)   Goclio

(c)   Nanded

(d)  Latur

Answer: (a)

18. Which schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with scheduled language?

(a)   VII

(b)   VIII

(c)   V

(d)  I

Answer: (b)

19. In all the samples off carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon and oxygen are present in the ratio of 3 : 8. It is in accordance with …….. law.

(a)   conservation of energy

(b)   multiple proportion

(c)   constant proportion

(d)  conservation of mass

Answer: (c)

20. Which of the numbers given below is divisible by 3?

(a)   1711

(b)   1111

(c)   1311

(d)  1411

Answer: (c)

21. A tank can be filed by tap A in 3 hours and B can fill the same in 4 hours. Tap C can empty the filled tank in 6 hours. If all the three taps are opened simultaneously. How much time will be taken to fill the tank completely?

(a)   8 h

(b)   12/5 h

(c)   10/7 h

(d)  5 h

Answer: (b)

22. Raksha can complete a piece of work in 27 days while Esther takes 45 days to complete the work. They start working together, but Raksha leaves 9 days before the work gets over. For how many days does Esther work?

(a)   22.5

(b)   18

(c)   13.5

(d)  10

Answer: (a)

23. Select the correct option to complete the following series.

2, 5, 9, 19, ?

(a)   37

(b)   43

(c)   41

(d)  36

Answer: (a)

24. How many districts does Uttar Pradesh have?

(a)   79

(b)   77

(c)   73

(d)  75

Answer: (d)

25. Read the statement and decide which of the following conclusion follows.

Statement To participate in a long and a complete debate, a person should be very intelligent, because intelligent people are talkative and boring.


(I) All intelligent people are boring.

(II) All intelligent people are capable of handling long and complex debates.

(a)   Either I or II follows

(b)   Only I follows

(c)   Both I and II follow

(d)  Only II follows

Answer: (d)

26. If  then a2 + b2 = ?

(a)   √8

(b)   7

(c)   5

(d)  6

Answer: (c)

27. Starting from point O facing West a man walks 4 km to reach point A. He turns right, walks 4 km and reaches point B. He then turn right, walks 4 km and reaches point C. Then, he turns right walks 3 km and reaches point D. He turns left, walks 4 km and reachs point E. Then, he turns right, walks 5 km and reaches point F. The shortest distance between point A and point E is

(a)   5√65 km

(b)   2√65 km

(c)   √68 km

(d)  √65 km

Answer: (d)

28. A cosmetic shop has different brands of cosmetics and accessories. 50% of the store’s sales come from selling hair accessories. 40% comes from personal hygiene products. Every quarter, the store’s sales on an average is Rs 1500000. What is the shop’s approximate average monthly sales from personal hygiene products?

(a)   Rs 200000

(b)   Rs 500000

(c)   Rs 25000

(d)  Rs 300000

Answer: (a)

29. Superman is flying around the planet Krypton. Krypton is spherical in shape. He is at the city Pune which is situated at the equator. Currently he is facing North pole. While crossing equator he started flying towards his left and reaches Mumbai, which is opposite to the equator line passes through Pune. He decided to fly towards South pole, but stops at Delhi which is middle of the path. Considering the centre of the Krypton as reference point, find the measurement of the following angles.

(I) Pune-Centre-Delhi

(II) Pune-Centre-Mumbai

(III) Mumbai-Centre-Delhi

(a)   135°, 180°, 45°

(b)   45°, 180°, 135°

(c)   120°, 170°, 45°

(d)  120°, 0°, 45°

Answer: (a)

30. Raman told Anant. “yesterday I taught the only brother of only daughter of my paternal grandmother.” Whom did Raman taught?

(a)   Father

(b)   Father in law

(c)   Son

(d)  Brother

Answer: (a)

31. Find the next term in the following series.

5E, 7G, 9I, 11K, ………. .

(a)   14 M

(b)   13 M

(c)   13 N

(d)  14 N

Answer: (b)

32. A block of 2 kg slides on the parallel surface with the speed of 4 m/sec. If falls on the uncompressed spring and compresses the spring till stopping. This value of kinetic friction and spring constant are 15 N and 10000 N/m respectively.

The maximum compression in the spring is

(a)   5.5 m

(b)   5.5 cm

(c)   8.5 cm

(d)  8.5 m

Answer: (b)

33. The cells of the ……… tissues are used to make different types of permanent tissues.

(a)   Collenchyma

(b)   Parenchyma

(c)   Meristematic

(d)  Sclerenchyma

Answer: (c)

34. Cell of the collenchymas tissue are thickened at the corners with …….

(a)   Cellulose and pectin

(b)   Lignin and cutin

(c)   Pectin and chitin

(d)  Suberin and cellulose

Answer: (a)

35. In a certain language, ,if BOXER is coded as CQAIW, which word will be coded as BEWSW?

(a)   AFTOR

(b)   ADTOR

(c)   ACTOR

(d)  ACSOR

Answer: (c)

36. What is the square root of 16129?

(a)   137

(b)   127

(c)   143

(d)  117

Answer: (b)

37. Which of the following scientists gave modern periodic table?

(a)   MJ Mosley

(b)   Hund

(c)   Mendlev

(d)  Newland

Answer: (a)

38. Find the odd one out.

(a)   Sutlej

(b)   Chenab

(c)   Yamuna

(d)  Ravi

Answer: (c)

39. A tank can be filled in 10 hours through a tap. However, due to a leak it takes 11  hours to fill. The tap is stopped when the tank in full. How many hours would it take the tank to be empty due to the leak?

(a)   100 h

(b)   130 h

(c)   50 h

(d)  110 h

Answer: (d)

40. Rajdeep Sardesai is known for his role as which of the following?

(a)   Doctor

(b)   Actor

(c)   Journalist

(d)  Politician

Answer: (c)

41. Find the odd one out.

(a)   LNJ

(b)   RTP

(c)   NPK

(d)  FHD

Answer: (c)

42. If the nucleus of an atom of an element contains 11 protons and 12 neutrons, then the mass number of the element is

(a)   12

(b)   35

(c)   11

(d)  23

Answer: (d)

43. Choose the mirror image for the following figure if mirror is at MN.

(a)   D

(b)   C

(c)   B

(d)  A

Answer: (c)

44. Which of the following metals do not react with air?

(a)   Gold, Platinum

(b)   Potassium, Nickel

(c)   Silver, Platinum

(d)  Gold, Silver

Answer: (a)

45. ……….. Phytochorme is a form of far red (Pfr)

(a)   P 760

(b)   P730

(c)   0630

(d)  0660

Answer: (b)


In the figure given above, ∠BAE = 30°, ∠ABE = 80° and ∠DBE = 50°. What is the measure of ∠BCE?

(a)   20°

(b)   10°

(c)   25°

(d)  5°

Answer: (a)

47. 5/12 of a number is ¾. What is the number?





Answer: (a)

48. cosec θ = α ⇒ cosec1 α = θ and sec ϕ = β ⇒ sec−1 β = ϕ. Then the value of cosec−1 γ + sec−1 γ =

(a)   45°

(b)   30°

(c)   60°

(d)  90°

Answer: (d)

49. ………… spreads through stem.

(a)   Bryophyta

(b)   Rose

(c)   Bryophyllum

(d)  Tamarind

Answer: (b)

50. If sin θ = cos θ, then sec θ = ?

(a)   1

(b)   2

(c)   √2

(d)  1/√2

Answer: (c)

51. In 2018, the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation launched the second project of Swajal Yojana in the village :

(a)   Bhikampura, Karauli, Haryana

(b)   Bhikampura, Karauli, Rajasthan

(c)   Bhikampura, Karauli, Gujarat

(d)  Bhikampura, Karauli, Himachal Pradesh

Answer: (b)

52. Find the next number in the following series. 71, 63, 55, ………

(a)   48

(b)   47

(c)   46

(d)  45

Answer: (b)

53. Moti Masjid or mosque is the most beautiful part of …………… fort.

(a)   Amer

(b)   Golconda

(c)   Red

(d)  Agra

Answer: (d)

54. Identify the answer figure that will replace the question mark in the given problem figures.

(a)   A

(b)   D

(c)   C

(d)  B

Answer: (c)

55. Study the following statement and decide which assumption is implicit.

Statement This container contains gas.


(I) Container contains Oxygen.

(II) Container contains Helium.

(a)   Neither I nor II is implicit.

(b)   Only I is implicit.

(c)   Only II is implicit.

(d)  Both I and II are implicit.

Answer: (a)






Answer: (b)

57. 276 x 1 is divisible by 3. What is the minimum possible value of x.?

(a)   3

(b)   2

(c)   4

(d)  5

Answer: (b)

58. Which country did not participate in the 2018 Champions Trophy Hockey?

(a)   India

(b)   Pakistan

(c)   Netherlands

(d)  Malaysia

Answer: (d)

59. Which of the following is not true about Manganese?

(a)   It is used in the heating elements of electric iron, toasters etc.

(b)   Managanese is an electropositive element

(c)   A high temperature affects its resistance.

(d)  It does not oxidise easily.

Answer: (c)

60. What is the similarity between Helium and Argon?

(a)   Valence shell of both is completely filled

(b)   Both the elements are liquid metals

(c)   Both elements are used in balloons

(d)  Both have high diffusion rate

Answer: (a)

61. Gold is mixed with copper to

(a)   make gold  more yellowish

(b)   make gold hard

(c)   make gold soft

(d)  give gold luster

Answer: (b)

62. Two numbers are in ratio 15 : 11. If their HCF is 13, find the numbers

(a)   195, 143

(b)   146, 159

(c)   143, 201

(d)  203, 413

Answer: (a)

63. Which country will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

(a)   Argentina

(b)   Brazil

(c)   France

(d)  England

Answer: (c)

64. pH scale is used to measure the Hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. What is the meaning of P?

(a)   Potential, which in German means rest

(b)   Potenz, which in German means power

(c)   Potency, which in German mean power

(d)  Power

Answer: (b)

65. Which of the following is a gymnosperm?

(a)   Pine

(b)   Moss

(c)   Fern

(d)  Mango

Answer: (a)

66. The mean of three numbers is 21. The range of this data set is 12 and the difference between the two smallest numbers is 3. The greatest of the three number is

(a)   24

(b)   27

(c)   25

(d)  28

Answer: (d)

67. Consider the following question and decided which of the statement is sufficient to answer the questions.


Find the value of Z from the statements.


(I) A + Z = 19    (II) Z + P = 12

(a)   Only statement I is sufficient.

(b)   Either statement I or II sufficient.

(c)   Only statement II is sufficient

(d)  Neither I nor II sufficient.

Answer: (d)

68. Three resistors of resistance 9Ω, 4Ω and 12Ω are connected in parallel;.

Equivalent resistance of the circuit will be

(a)   2.2 Ω

(b)   1.9 Ω

(c)   0.8 Ω

(d)  2.6 Ω

Answer: (a)

69. Consider the following statements and decide which of the conclusions logically follows from the statement.


Freedom and discipline are very important for a good society.


(I) Society faces problems due to people without freedom and discipline.

(II) No one in society has freedom and discipline.

(a)   Only conclusion II follows

(b)   Neither conclusion I nor II follows

(c)   Both conclusions I and II follow

(d)  Only conclusion I follows

Answer: (d)

70. The odometer of car reads 3000 km at the start of a trip and 3400 at the end of the trip. If the trip took 8 h ours, calculate the average speed of the car in ms1.

(a)   13.9 ms1

(b)   12.9 ms

(c)   14.9 ms1

(d)  15.9 ms1

Answer: (a)

71. In the year 1778, the British established the first printing press at

(a)   Madras

(b)   Bombay

(c)   Calcutta

(d)  Ahemdabad

Answer: (c)

72. Find the number of triangle in the following figure.

(a)   5

(b)   11

(c)   7

(d)  9

Answer: (c)

73. A sum of money was divided between Shivani and Pramita in the ratio 5 : 7. If Pramita gave Rs 5 to Shivani, the ratio would change to 3: 4. What is the sum of money that got divided?

(a)   Rs 420

(b)   Rs 432

(c)   Rs 396

(d)  Rs 408

Answer: (a)

74. A and B are working separately can do a piece of work in 9 days and 12 days respectively. If they work for a day alternately. A beginning, in how many days, the work will be completed?





Answer: (a)

75. Sangai deer recently seen in the news, is the State animal of which State?

(a)   Tamil Nadu

(b)   Gujarat

(c)   Jammu and Kashmir

(d)  Manipur

Answer: (d)

76. During the time of sunset, at the railway platform , Sachin and Anjali are standing opposite to each other. If Anjali’s shadow is to the left of Sachin. Then, which direction is Sachin facing?

(a)   North

(b)   West

(c)   East

(d)  South

Answer: (d)

77. Which of the following word related to Basketball?

(a)   Penalty corner

(b)   Upper cut

(c)   Bicycle kick

(d)  Flagrant foul

Answer: (d)

78. If the equations 20x + 5y + 11 = 0 and 50x – ky – 9 = 0 have no solution, then the value of k is

(a)   18

(b)   −12.5

(c)   12.5

(d)  −18

Answer: (b)

79. Read the following statement and assumptions and decide which assumption is implicit.


I like armyman.

I want to be an armyman.


(I) I am not an armyman.

(II) I am an armyman.

(a)   Only assumption II is implicit.

(b)   Only assumption I is implicit.

(c)   Neither I nor II is implicit.

(d)  Either assumption I or II is implicit.

Answer: (b)

80. Abhay’s age after 6 years will be three-seventh of his father’s age. Ten years ago, the ratio of their ages was 1 : 5. What is Abhay’s father’s age at present?

(a)   50 yr

(b)   53 yr

(c)   51 yr

(d)  55 yr

Answer: (a)

81. Anantnag is a city in

(a)   Himachal Pradesh

(b)   Jammu  and Kashmir

(c)   Uttarkhand

(d)  Sikkim

Answer: (b)

82. What are the products formed when Ferrous Sulphate crystals are heated in a test tube?

(a)   Ferrix Oxide + Sulphur dioxide

(b)   Ferric Oxide + water + Sulphur dioxide + Sulphur trioxide

(c)   Ferric Oxide + Sulphur dioxide + water

(d)  Ferric Oxide + water + Sulphur trioxide

Answer: (b)

83. Ramesh had 50 coins in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 5. The total amount of money with Ramesh is Rs 116. What is the number of 50 paise coins with him?

(a)   6

(b)   4

(c)   12

(d)  8

Answer: (d)

84. A tent is such that the bottom part is a cylinder to a height of 24 m with a diameter of 126 m and the top part is a cone with the same diameter of the base of 126 m and slant height of 80 m. The canvas is 8 m wide. Calculate the length of the canvas required to make the tent.

(a)   3190 m

(b)   3168 m

(c)   3020 m

(d)  3296 m

Answer: (b)

85. Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.

Abhinav and Barani play Golf and Volleyball. Krish and Dev play Tennis and Cricket. Barani and Krish play Cricket and Volleyball. Abhinav and Dev play Golf and Tennis. One who plays Tennis, Volleyball and Golf is

(a)   Abhinav

(b)   Krish

(c)   Dev

(d)  Barani

Answer: (a)

86. The chemical formula of Sodium Carbonate is

(a)   NaCO2

(b)   Na3CO2

(c)   Na2CO3

(d)  NaCO3

Answer: (c)

87. How many right angled triangles are there in this figure?

(a)   5

(b)   12

(c)   8

(d)  4

Answer: (b)

88. When a force of 100 N is applied on a body of mass 50 kg, then acceleration produced in the body is?

(a)   2 ms2

(b)   0.2 ms2

(c)   0.2 ms2

(d)  2 ms2

Answer: (a)

89. A is standing at the entrance of a mall waiting for his friend to come. He is facing East. He then turns his head to the right to see if his friend has come. From which direction is he expecting his friend to come?

(a)   West

(b)   South

(c)   North

(d)  East

Answer: (b)

90. Who said, “The present changes the past; looking back you do not find what you left behind”?

(a)   Vikram Seth

(b)   Kiran Desai

(c)   Khushwant Singh

(d)  RK Narayan

Answer: (b)

91. Mayurbhanj mines are known for which of the following metals?

(a)   Aluminium

(b)   Iron-ore

(c)   Bauxite

(d)  Copper

Answer: (b)

92. Who was appointed as the Chairman of DRDO in August, 2018?

(a)   Satish Dhawan

(b)   Malathi Varma

(c)   Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy

(d)  K. Sivan

Answer: (c)


In the above series, the 5th term to the left of the 8th term from the right is

(a)   P

(b)   O

(c)   H

(d)  5

Answer: (b)

94. Which of the following number is divisible by 6?

(a)   12340

(b)   12344

(c)   12348

(d)  12346

Answer: (c)

95. ‘g’ (acceleration due to gravity) = ?

(a)   G/MR2

(b)   GR2/M

(c)   GM/R2

(d)  R2M/G

Answer: (c)

96. Complete the second pair in the same way as first pair.

Vacant : Empty : : Sedate : ?

(a)   Cat

(b)   Calm

(c)   Car

(d)  Defect

Answer: (b)

97. Read the given statement and conclusion carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement.


Some Jagurs are Cheetahs, Some Cheetahs are Leopards.


(I) No Leopards is a Jaguar.

(II) Some Jaguars are Leopards.

(a)   Only conclusion II follows

(b)   Either I or II follows

(c)   Both I and II follows

(d)  Only conclusion I follows

Answer: (b)

98. Name the physical quantity which is equal to the product of force and velocity.

(a)   Energy

(b)   Power

(c)   Acceleration

(d)  Work

Answer: (b)

99. The relation between wave velocity ‘v’, frequency ‘f’, and wave length ‘λ’ is

(a)   v = f/ λ

(b)   v = fλ

(c)   v = 1/fλ

(d)  v = λ / f

Answer: (b)

100. Analyse the given statement and conclusions and given answer.

Statement The employer said to the daily wage workers, “There will no extra time given to the person, to complete the work who started late.”


(I) Daily wage workers hope to complete the allotted work till the end of the day.

(II) The employer is addressing those workers who come late.

(a)   None of the conclusions follows

(b)   Both conclusions follows

(c)   Only conclusion II follows

(d)  Only conclusion I follows

Answer: (a)

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