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Finland Chief of State

President Sauli NIINISTO

Finland Head of Government

Prime Minister Juha SIPILA

Finland Government Type

parliamentary republic

Finland Capital


Finland Legislature

unicameral Parliament or Eduskunta (200 seats)

Finland Judiciary

Supreme Court or Korkein Oikeus (consists of the court president and 18 judges); Supreme Administrative Court (consists of 21 judges, including the court president and organized into 3 chambers)

Finland Ambassador to US

Ambassador Kirsti KAUPPI

Finland US Ambassador

Ambassador Robert “Bob” Frank PENCE


Finland Area

Total: 338,145 sq km

Land: 303,815 sq km

Water: 34,330 sq km

Finland Climate

cold temperate; potentially subarctic but comparatively mild because of moderating influence of the North Atlantic Current, BalticSea, and more than 60,000 lakes

Finland Natural Resources

timber, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromite, nickel, gold, silver, limestone


Finland Economic Overview

Finland has a highly industrialized, largely free-market economy with per capita GDP almost as high as that of Austria and the Netherlands and slightly above Germany and Belgium; exports account for over one-third of GDP, particularly in the wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

Finland GDP (Purchasing Power Parity)

$244.9 billion (2017 est.)

Finland GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity)

$44,500 (2017 est.)

Finland Exports

$67.73 billion (2017 est.)

partners: Germany 14.2%, Sweden 10.1%, US 7%, Netherlands 6.8%, China 5.7%, Russia 5.7%, UK 4.5% (2017)

Finland Imports

$65.26 billion (2017 est.)

partners: Germany 17.7%, Sweden 15.8%, Russia 13.1%,

Netherlands 8.7% (2017)


Finland Population

5.5 million (July 2018 est.)

Finland Population Growth

0.33% (2018 est.)

Finland Ethnicity

Finn, Swede, Russian, Estonian, Romani, Sami

Finland Language

Finnish (official) 87.9%, Swedish (official) 5.2%, Russian 1.4%, other 5.5% (2017 est.)

Finland Religion

Lutheran 70.9%, Greek Orthodox 1.1%, other 1.7%, unspecified 26.3% (2017 est.)

Finland Urbanization

urban population: 85.4% of total population (2018)

rate of urbanization: 0.42% annual rate of change (2015-20 est.)

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