Malhani Assembly Constituency, Uttar Pradesh MLA Election, Voters, Political Leaders, Parties, Candidates and Political Fact Sheet

Assembly Constituency: Malhani, Uttar Pradesh
Constituency Number 367
Constituency Name Malhani
District Jaunpur
Latest Election Year: 2017
Present MLA: Shri Paras Nath Yadav
Father Name: Smt. Shreeram Yadav
Date of Birth: 1/12/1949
Place of Birth: Jaunpur
Spouse Name: Smt. Heerawati Devi
Permanent Address: Om Rain Basair, Umarpur, T.D. College Road, Distt.- Jaunpur
Present and Past MLAs
MLA Party Year
Parasnath Yadav SP 2017
Paras Nath Yadaw SP 2012
2017 Election Details:
Votes Statistics Party Candidate Votes
Winner SP Parasnath Yadav 69351
Runner-Up NINSHAD Dhananjay Singh 48141
Margin 21210
Total Electors 345857
Total Voters 207665
Polling Percentage 60.04
Number of Polling Stations 369
Dates Polling Counting Result
8-Mar-2017 11-Mar-2017 11-Mar-2017
2012 Election Details:
Votes Statistics Party Candidate Votes
Winner SP Paras Nath Yadaw 81602
Runner-Up IND Dr.Jagriti Singh 50100
Margin 31502
Total Electors 333683
Total Voters 194580
Polling Percentage 58.31
Number of Polling Stations 366
Dates Polling Counting Result
15-Feb-2012 6-Mar-2012 6-Mar-2012

2017: Malhani Assembly Election 2017 MLA, Voters, Winner, Candidates Data

2012: Malhani Assembly Election 2012 MLA, Voters, Winner, Candidates Data

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