Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat Member of Parliament (MP) from Agra (Uttar Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat

Political Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Constituency & State: Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 10,11,12

Biographical Sketch Member of Parliament 12th Lok Sabha


Father's Name	 	Shri Ram Chandra Sharma

Date of Birth	   	4 December 1940

Place of Birth		Rawatpara, Distt. Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Marital Status	   	Married on 4 June 1965

Spouse's Name	   	Smt. Shakuntala Rawat

Children	   	Three sons and one daughter

Educational Qualifications 

		M.A. (English Literature), LL.B.

		Educated at Agra University, Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

		Lawyer, Journalist, Educationist, Political and
 		Social Worker

Permanent Address 

		243, Jaipur House Colony, Agra-282010
		(Uttar Pradesh)		

		Tels. (0562) 311133, 311144

Present Address  

		155, North Avenue, 
		New Delhi-110001

		Tel. (011) 3792523

Positions Held  
1968-73		Member, Agra Municipal Corporation

1970-72		Leader, Bharatiya Jana Sangh (B.J.S.),
		Agra Municipal Corporation

1977		Convenor, Janata Party

1980-90		Member, National Council, Bharatiya Janata
		Party (B.J.P.)

1984-86		President, B.J.P., Agra Mahanagar, Uttar

1986 		Member, State Working Committee, B.J.P., Uttar
onwards		Pradesh

1986-94		Incharge, B.J.P., Distt. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

1991		Elected to 10th Lok Sabha  

1991-93		Deputy Chief Whip, B.J.P. Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha

1991-96		Incharge, B.J.P. Parliamentary Affairs, Haryana

		Member, Executive Committee, B.J.P. Parliamentary

		Member, Committee of Privileges

		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of

1993-95		Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts 

1993-96		Member, Committee on Commerce

1994-96		Incharge, B.J.P., Agra Mahanagar, Uttar Pradesh

		Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee on Copyright 
		Bill, 1992

1995-96		Convenor, Sub-Committee of Committee on
		Commerce (Leather Products and Carpet Manufacturing)

1996		Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (2nd term) 

1996-97		Member, House Committee

 		Member, Committee of Privileges

		Member, Committee on Finance

		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of 

1996 		Incharge, B.J.P., Parliamentary Affairs,
onwards		Pondicherry

1998		Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (3rd term) 

		Whip, B.J.P. Parliamentary Party

1998-99		Member, Committee of Privileges

		Member, Rules Committee

		Member, Committee on Finance

		Member, Committee on Provision of Computers
		to Members of Parliament and its Sub-Committee on 
		Maintenance of computers and related activities

                Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of
                Civil Aviation

Social and Cultural Activities 

Founder-President, Sri Ram Lila Samiti, Jaipur House, Agra, 
1978-95; conducting seminars on literary and cultural matters; 
campaigning for creating solidarity and harmony and eradication
of ill practices in various communities of the society; 
development of slums; and development and renovation of places
of cultural importance
Special Interests 

Keen interest in reading, writing, social service and protection
of environment

Favourite Pastime and Recreation  

Visiting places of literary, cultural and religious 
importance and discussions thereon

Countries Visited  

Visited Australia, Hong Kong, U.K. and U.S.A. as a member of Study 
Group of Privileges Committee of Lok Sabha, 1997; and U.A.E. as 
member of inaugural Air India flight from Calicut to Abu Dhabi, 1999; 
Member, (i) Indian Parliamentary Delegation led by the Speaker, Kuwait, 
1995-96 and Morocco, 1998; (ii) Indian Delegation to United Nations, 
New York, 1997
Other Information 

President, Agra College Students' Union, 1961-62; Vice-President,
Agra Collectorate Bar Association, 1974-80;  Detained under 
Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA)during Emergency in 
1975-77; Member, (i) Agra College, Agra Trust (nominated by the
Government of U.P.), 1978-83; (ii) Management Committee, Agra
College, 1980-83; (iii) Senate, Agra University since 1985-97;
(iv) Executive Council, Agra University since 1986-96; (v) Legal
Aid Committee, Uttar Pradesh, 1991-92; and (vi) Managing Committee 
of U.P. State Road Fund, 1999 onwards

Election Result of
Agra Lok Sabha Constituency  

Total electorate 	12,22,357
Total votes polled 	 6,61,401

Votes polled in favour of the first four leading candidates

(1) Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat 	(B.J.P.) 2,40,172
(2) Shri Rameshwar Singh 	(Ind.)   1,91,749
(3) Shri Kishan Lal Baghel 	(B.S.P.) 1,66,241
(4) Shri Mohan Lal Agrawal 	(I.N.C.)   29,061


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