Shri Bommagani Dharmabhiksham Member of Parliament (MP) from Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Bommagani Dharmabhiksham

Political Party: Communist Party of India

Constituency & State: Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 10,11

Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliament

Father's Name 	:  Shri Muthi Lingam

Date of Birth	:   15 February 1922

Place of Birth	:   Suryapet in Distt. Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh)

Marital Status	:   Unmarried

Children	:   One son and one daughter (both adopted)

Educational Qualifications :
Educated at Suryapet and Government High School, Distt. Nalgonda 
(Andhra Pradesh) and Aligarh University Course, Suryapet

Profession :
   Political and Social Worker, Industrial Worker, Trade Unionist 
	and Journalist

Permanent Address :
   (i)13/3RT, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500001 
(Andhra Pradesh)
Tel. (040) 3313854
(ii) Suryapet, Distt. Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh)
Tel. (08684) 20190

Positions Held :
1951-73Secretary, C.P.I., District Council, Nalgonda,
Andhra Pradesh
1952-67Member, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
1957-62Member, Estimates Committee, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly
1972 onwardsExecutive Member, C.P.I., Andhra Pradesh
1991Elected to Lok Sabha (Tenth)
1991-96Member, Consultative Committee, Deptt. of Rural Development
1992-95Secretariat Member, State Council, C.P.I., Andhra Pradesh
1996Re-elected to Lok Sabha (Eleventh) 
Member, C.P.I., National Council 

Literary, Artistic and Scientific Accomplishments :
   Tamrapatra awarded

Social and Cultural Activities :

Mobilising rural poor, toddy tappers, youth and students and unorganised workers to fight for their rights and acquiring land and houses for the poor; Organised agricultural workers

Special Interests :
   International affairs

Favourite Pastime and Recreation :
	Reading, touring and socialisation

Sports and Clubs :
   Hockey and yoga

Countries Visited :

Other Information :

Freedom Fighter; Founder of trade unions in Nalgonda; President, All India Toddy Tappers and Workers Federation; an Arya Samaj Organiser and Andhra Mahasabha activist

Election Result :
Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituency
Total electorate	14,27,026
Total votes polled	 8,51,118
Votes polled in favour of the
first four leading candidates :
(1) Shri Bommagani Dharmabhiksham 	(C.P.I.) 		2,77,336
(2) Shri Indrasena Reddy Nallu 		(B.J.P.) 		2,05,579
(3) Shri Gangadhar Tirunagaruu 		(I.N.C.) 		1,99,282
(4) Shri Venreddy Narender Reddy 	[N.T.R.T.D.P. (LP)]       22,994

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