Shri C.K. Kuppuswamy Member of Parliament (MP) from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri C.K. Kuppuswamy

Political Party: Congress (I)

Constituency & State: Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

Lok Sabha Experience: 8,9,10

Tenth Lok Sabha
Members BioprofileKUPPUSWAMY, SHRI C.K.

[Cong. (I) – Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)]

Father’s NameDate of Birth

Place of Birth

Marital Status

Spouse’s Name


Educational Qualifications


Permanent Address

Present Address

Positions held


1989 onwards




Other Positions held

Social and Cultural Activities


Special Interests

Favourite Pastime
and Recreation

Sports and Clubs

Countries visited

Other Information


Shri Karuppanna Gounder16th March, 1932

Chandrapuram in Distt. Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

Married on 26th June, 1955

Smt. Muthammal

One daughter

Educated at KSCH School, Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu)

Agriculturist and Businessman

Sheriff Colony, Distt. Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). Tel. 24444 and 25555 (Tiruppur) 34455 (Coimbatore)

83, North Avenue, New Delhi-110001. Tel. 3792261


Elected to Lok Sabha (Eighth)

Vice-President, PCC (I), Tamil Nadu

Re-elected to Lok Sabha  (Ninth)

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies

Elected to Lok Sabha (Tenth) for the third time

Member, Committee on Papers Laid on the Table

Member, Estimates Committee during Eighth Lok Sabha

Welfare of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and weaker sections; promotion of facilities for irrigation and drinking water; plantation of trees, family planning and helping agriculturists

Upliftment of the poor and the weak and tree plantation


Football, Hockey, Volleyball and Kabaddi

Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

Participated in the freedom struggle;’ served in Police Department, Tamil Nadu as a jawan for ten years.



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