Shri Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao Member of Parliament (MP) from Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao

Political Party: Communist Party

Constituency & State: Nalgonda (Andhra Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 2

Second Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

RAO, SHRI DEVULAPALLI VENKATESWARA, Comm.,(Andhra Pradesh—Nalgonda—1957): S. of Shri Devulapalli Varada Rao; B. at Vil. Ingurthi, Warangal, June, 1918; Graduated from the Nagpur University; m. Shrimati Ranganayakamma, May, 1939; 1 S. and 1 D.; Cultivator; While a student organised students’ agitation against Nizam’s Government; Organised “Vande Matharam” movement by students in the Hyderabad State (1939); President, Nalgonda District Committee, Andhra Mahasabha (a national cultural organisation of Andhras in Telangana); Secretary,Andhra Mahasabha; Worked for removal of feudal landlordism in Telangana; Vice-President, Telangana Kisan Sabha; Secretary, Nalgonda District Communist Committee; Secretary, Telangana Communist Committee; Member, Central Committee, Communist Party of India; Organised the resistance movement against Nizam Razakar armed bands; Remained underground for 8 years (upto 1953); worked for the unification of the Andhras.

Pablications: Janagama Prajala Veeroshita Poratalu and Comments on Hyderabad Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Acts (in Telugu).

Permanent address: Suryapet, Nalgonda District (Andhra Pradesh).

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate: 7,95,291

Shri Devulapalli Venkateswara Rao .. 2,41,512

Shri Gopu Shouri Reddy ..              1,87,998

Shri Kattairam Reddy ..                 45,647]


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