Shri Dharanidhar Das Member of Parliament (MP) from Mangaldoi (Assam) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Dharanidhar Das

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: Mangaldoi (Assam)

Lok Sabha Experience: 5

Fifth Lok Sabha

Members Bioprofile

DAS, SHRI DHARANIDHAR, B.Sc., (Hon.), (Cong.) Assam-Mangaldai—1971, Son of late Shri Ram Charan Das; b. at Bajali, Distt. Kamrup, Assam, April, 1919; ed. at Calcutta University; m. Smt. Usha Das, 1949; 2 s. and 1 d.; Writer, journalist and author; joined Non-Cooperation Movement in 1931 and Quit India Movement in 1942; imprisoned in 1943; Editor, “Abhijan”, 1941-43 and 1948-53; formed a Socialist Group in Assam Congress; founded Assam Pradesh Krishak Congress and remained its General Secretary from 1947 to 1953; President, (i) All Assam State Transport Employees Union, 1948-53, (ii) All Assam P.W.D., Workers’ Union, 1948-53, (iii) All Assam Municipal Workers’ Union, 1948-53, (iv) Kamrup Industrial Workers’ Union, 1963-67, (v) Motor Transport Workers’ Union, 1963-67 and Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, Assam, 1959-63; Vice-president, Indian Association for Afro-Asian Solidarity, Assam; General Secretary, Assam Railway Employees Union, 1948-53; Founder General Secretary, Assam State Co-operative Union, 1955-60 and its Vice-President since 1964; Founder and General Secretary, Assam Socialist Forum (later converted into Assam Congress Forum for Socialist Action in 1962); Member, (i) General Body, National Cooperative Union of India, (ii) Central Steering Committee, Congress Forum for Socialist Action.

Hobbies.—Mass contact and visit to cooperatives in country-side and composing progressive poems and songs.

Favourite pastime and recreation.—Ideological and intellectual conversation on topics of mass interest; reading and writing.

Special interests.—Socialist planning.

Books published.—Poetry—(i) Sikha, (ii) Tridhara, (iii) Rupantar and (iv) Jugar Kabita; Literature—(i) Gandhibad-Marxbad, (ii) Gandhi and Lenin, (iii) Congress Reorganisation on Socialist Ideology, (iv) Socialism and Congress, (v) Socialism and Cooperation, (vi) Agrarian Reforms:  Socialist Way, and (vii) 26th January.

Travels abroad.—USSR, China, Afghanistan and Burma.

Permanent address.—Congress Road, Hedayatpur, Gauhati-3, Assam.

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