Shri Gananath Pradhan Member of Parliament (MP) from Sambalpur (Orissa) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Gananath Pradhan

Political Party: Janata Party

Constituency & State: Sambalpur (Orissa)

Lok Sabha Experience: 6

6th Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

PRADHAN, SHRI GANANATH, Janata, (Orissa—Sambalpur—1977):  s. of late Shri Sankirtan Pradhan; b. at Sikirdi, Sambalpur District, December 7, 1924; ed. at Gangadhar Mehar College, Sambalpur, Utkal University, Intermediate Commerce; m. Smt. Parbati Pradhan, June 10, 1942; 1 s. and 2d.; Agriculturist; previously associated with Samyukt Socialist Party and Bharatiya Lok Dal; imprisoned for 4 to 5 years after Independence, during emergency detained under Maintenance of Internal Security Act in 1975; Chairman, Orissa State Unit of Samyukt Socialist Party; Vice-President, Bharatiya Lok Dal, Orissa State Unit; Member, Party Election Committee; President, Orissa Farmers’ organisation; Director, Central District Co-operative Bank; Member, School and College governing body in the constituency; Member, (i) Orissa State Legislative Assembly 1961—67 and 1974—77, (ii) Estimates Committee; Member (i) Indian Delegation in 1974 from Farmers’ Association of India to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines to study different agricultural operations of these countries (it) Indian Co-operative Banks Delegation to Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

Social activities:  Organised village social activities, clubs, libraries; organising cultural activities in the constituency and in the State; uplift of backward communities; organising societies for agriculture finances to small farmers; organising schools and colleges in the district; organising State-level farmer fairs etc.; encouraging women’s education in the State; broadcasting on various agricultural problems of the State.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Reading political journals, newspapers, novels of renowned authors, gardening and visiting paddy fields.

Special interests:  Politics, agriculture, travelling to foreign countries.

Publications:  (i) Different methods of agricultural land improvement, (ii) Methods of high yielding varieties of paddy, and (iii) other literature on agriculture.

Travels abroad:  Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines arid Malaysia.

Permanent address:  Satlama P.O. via Barpali, Sambalpur District, Orissa.


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