Shri Haradhan Roy Member of Parliament (MP) from Asansol (West Bengal) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Haradhan Roy

Political Party: Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Constituency & State: Asansol (West Bengal)

Lok Sabha Experience: 9,10,11

Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliament
XI Lok Sabha


Father's Name	:	Late Shri Rakhal Chandra Roy

Date of Birth	:	16 March 1926

Place of Birth	:	Napur in Distt. Burdwan (West Bengal)

Marital Status	:	Unmarried

Educational Qualifications :
	Educated at Raniganj High School, Raniganj 
	(West Bengal)

Profession :
	Political Worker, Trade Unionist and Social Worker

Permanent Address :
	Central Office, Colliery Mazdoor Sabha of India, 
	Netaji Subhas Bose Road, Raniganj, Distt. Burdwan (West Bengal) 
	Tels. (0341) 44-4385, 44-6959
	Fax. (0341) 44-5477

Positions Held :
1945-46		Primary Member, I.N.C.
1946-48		Primary Member, Forward Bloc
1948-53		Activist, C.P.I.
1954		Member, C.P.I.
1962		Member, C.P.I. Committee, Distt. Burdwan,
		West Bengal
1964		Member, C.P.I.(M) Committee, Distt. Burdwan,
		West Bengal
1964 onwards	Member, All India and State Working Committees, C.I.T.U.
1967-87(Six terms) Member, West Bengal Legislative Assembly
1982-84		Member, Committee on Public Undertakings, West Bengal 
		Legislative Assembly
1989		Elected to Lok Sabha (Ninth)
1991		Re-elected to Lok Sabha (Tenth) 
1996		Elected to Lok Sabha (Eleventh) for the third time

Social and Cultural Activities :
	Educating masses, rural and urban development; setting up schools, 
	colleges,   libraries,  hospitals,  health   clinics;  organising 
	gymnasium, sports and cultural activities

Special Interests :
	Serving the masses

Favourite Pastime and Recreation :
	Socialising, study and sports

Countries Visited :
	Former U.S.S.R.

Other Information :
	Organised  trade unions, peasant movements, democratic movements; 
	suffered imprisonment  for  about  30 times  since 1952; remained 
	underground  from  1962-1964, & 1964-1966;  Assistant  Secretary, 
	Refractory  and  ceramic  Workers  Union  (INTUC), 1948;  General 
	Secretary,Organiser, Founder Member, Colliery Mazdoor Sabha since 
	1952  (Raniganj Coal belt);  Member  (i)  All  India  Engineering 
	Workers   Federation  1956-57;  (ii)  A.I.T.U.C.,  1957-58; (iii) 
	Central  Committee,  A.I.T.U.C., 1957-64; (iv) Working Committee, 
	Bengal Provincial Trade Union Congress (BPTUC) A.T.U.C., 1957-64; 
	General-Secretary,  Organiser  and Founder Member,  Jyoti Prakash 
	Glass  Mazdoor  Union;  Organiser, long  march  from  Raniganj to 
	Calcutta with 200 workers of Burn  company  and other trade Union 
	Units in demand of lifting lock-out and  settlement of demands of 
	workers of Burn Company Ltd.; General Secretary, Colliery Mazdoor 
	Sabha of India  (C.I.T.U.) till date;  Vice-President,  All India 
	Coal Workers Federation;  President (i)  Raniganj Girls' College; 
	and  (ii)  Khandera  College,  Khandera,  Vice-Chairman,  Asansol 
	Mines  Board  of  Health,  1978-83;  General Secretary, Aluminium 
	Mazdoor Union Since 1967;  Member, General Council, Indian School 
	of Mines. Dhanbad upto 31 August 1990

Election Result :
Asansol Lok Sabha constituency
Total electorate	12,07,881
Total votes polled	 8,41,736
Votes polled in favour of the
first four leading candidates:
(1) Shri Haradhan Roy 		[C.P.I.(M)]	3,76,806
(2) Shri Sukumar Bandyopadhyay	(I.N.C.)	3,29,856
(3) Shri Surendranath Lamba 	(B.J.P.)	  69,737
(4) Shri Gonesh Pal 		(Ind.)  	  11,556


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