Shri Mohammad Idris Ali Member of Parliament (MP) from Jangipur (West Bengal) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Mohammad Idris Ali

Political Party: Indian National Congress

Constituency & State: Jangipur (West Bengal)

Lok Sabha Experience: 11

Biographical Sketch Member of Parliament XI LOK SABHA


Father's Name  :   Late Kaptan Mondal

Date of Birth	:   1 February 1932

Place of Birth  :   Vill. & P.O. Diar Fatehpur within P.S. Lalgola in 
		    Distt. Murshidabad (West Bengal)

Marital Status	:   Married on 28 March 1961

Spouse's Name	:   Smt. Setara Begum

Children	:   Four sons

Educational Qualifications :
	M.A., LL.B. 
	Educated at Calcutta University, Calcutta 
	(West Bengal)

Profession :

Permanent Address :
	16, Vivekanand Road, Haipatgunj, 
	P.O. Murshidabad, Distt. Murshidabad-742149 
	(West Bengal)
	Tels. (03483) 55216, 55304

Positions Held :
1962 onwards	Member, I.N.C.
		Vice-President, D.C.C.; Murshidabad
		Member, P.C.C., West Bengal
1969-77		Member, West Bengal Legislative Assembly
		Chairman, Estimates Committee, West Bengal Legislative 
		Member, Public Accounts Committee, Public Undertakings 
		and  Committee  on  Government Assurances, West Bengal 
		Legislative Assembly
1996		Elected to Lok Sabha (Eleventh)

Social and Cultural Activities :
	Revived abandoned Manik Chak High Madrasah; Raised contributions 
	from  public;  as  Honorary  Headmaster, Madrasah  for two years; 
	appointed  required  number of  teachers  and  paid them lugging 
	money & crops from local people-including Zainal Abedin, Ex-M.P.; 
	established  many  clubs,  Libraries, more  than  hundred Primary 
	Schools,  High  &  Junior  Madrasahs, High  Schools, Intermediate 
	Schools, etc.

Special Interests :
	Establishment  of  educational  institutions;  social  peace  and 
	harmony in the locality; agricultural development such as sinking 
	deep and shallow tube wells, river lefts in the Ganga River etc.; 
	improvement of road  communication  and law  and order throughout 
	the State as M.L.A. and Social Worker

Sports and Clubs :
	All kind of games, especially football, cricket and Ha-do-do

Other Information :
	Social  worker since college days i.e. 1948 onwards;  Headmaster-
	cum-Secretary,  Manik Chak High Madrasah,  Murshidabad,  1956-57; 
	Secretary, Manik  Chak  High  Madrasah  upto  1968;  Constructed 
	village Katcha roads;  organising  students  of both college and 
	school of the locality

Election Result :
Jangipur Lok Sabha constituency
Total electorate	10,47,225
Total votes polled	 8,87,589
Votes polled in favour of the
first four leading candidates :
(1) Shri Mohammad Idris Ali 	(I.N.C.)	3,92,942
(2) Shri Zainal Abedin 		[C.P.I.(M)]	3,79,820
(3) Shri Shyamal Gupta 		(B.J.P.)	 66, 095
(4) Shri Abdus Sayeed 		(Ind.) 	   	   8,255

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