Shri Mohammed Ismail Member of Parliament (MP) from Barrackpore (West Bengal) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Mohammed Ismail

Political Party: Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Constituency & State: Barrackpore (West Bengal)

Lok Sabha Experience: 4,5,7

7th Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

MOHAMMED ISMAIL, SHRI [C.P.I. (M)—West Bengal, Barrack-pore,1980]  s. of late Shri S. K. Mohammad; b. at Ranjitpurwa, Unnao District, U.P., 1912; continued studies after Matriculation in jail and learned Bengali, Hindi and Urdu; Unmarried; Trade Unionist and Political Worker; participated in Khilafat Movement, 1928; previously associated with the Indian National Congress, 193O-35; spent 7 years in Jail and 3 years underground in connection with trade union and political activities; Secretary, Bengal Committee of the Communist Party of India, 1949; Member, (i) A.I.C.C. and Bengal Provincial Congress Committee, 1930-35, and (ii) Working Committee, A.I.T.U.C, since 1935, (ii) Calcuttaa Municipal Corporation, 1945-50; Secretary, Calcutta Tramway Workers Union, 1929; Vice-President, (i) Centre of Indian Trade Unions, and (ii) A.I.T.U.C., 1957-70; President, (i) Assam-Bengal Railroad Workers Union, (ii) Water Transport Federation of India since 1975 and (iii) West Bengal, Committee of Centre of Indian Trade Unions and several other trade unions, since 1970; Adviser, First Indian labour Conference, Delhi; Member, (i) Fourth Lok Sabha, 1967-70 and (ii) Fifth Lok Sabha 1971-77. 

Travels abroad:  China, East Germany and U.S.S.R. 

Permanent address:  249-A, Bipin Behari Ganguli Street, Calcutta -12, West Bengal.



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