Shri Radhelal Beharilal Vyas Member of Parliament (MP) from Ujjain-SC (Madhya Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Radhelal Beharilal Vyas

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: Ujjain-SC (Madhya Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 1,2,3

Third Lok Sabha

Members Bioprofile

VYAS, SHRI RADHELAL, B.A., LL.B., Cong., (Madhya Pradesh—Ujjain—1962):  S. of Shri Biharilal Vyas; B. Shajapur (M.P.), August 23, 1909; ed at Middle School, Shajapur, Madhava Collegiate High School, Ujjain, Victoria College, Gwalior and Holkar College, Indore; m. Shrimati Gitabai, August 3, 1927; 4 S. and 4 D.; Lawyer; Suffered externment and internment in Gwalior State in 1941 due to his social and political activities; Joined the Quit India movement of the Congress in Gwalior and was imprisoned and kept under detention, 1942-43; Member, Working Committee of Ujjain Sarvajanik Sabha, 1936-37; Founder of Khachraud Branch of Gwalior State Sarvajanik Sabha (State Congress), 1938; Secretary of Khachraud Sarvajanik Sabha, 1938—47; Secretary or President of the Ujjain district State Congress, 1940—47; Member of the Working Committee and the Central Committee of the Gwalior State Congress, 1939—48; Member of the working committee of the Central India States Peoples Conference, 1946—48; Member of the working Committee of the Madhya Bharat P.C.C., 1948-49; Dealt with all the Jagir problems in Gwalior State as member of the Gwalior State Congress Working Committee, 1939—47; Member, Pargana Board, Khachraud, 1937—41; Member of the Gwalior State Assembly from 1945; Leader of the Congress Party and, the leader of the opposition in Gwalior State Assembly, 1945—48; Member of the Pay and RetrenchmentCommission of Gwalior Government, 1947; Minister of Food and Agriculture of Gwalior State, 1947; Successfully negotiated with Gwalior Maharaja and introduced constitutional reforms including responsible government in Gwalior State under authority from the Working Committee of the Gwalior State Congress, 1948; Minister of Revenue, Jagir and Food of Gwalior State, 1948-49; Worked for the formation of the United State of Madhya Bharat State, 1948; Minister of Revenue, Jagir and Food, Madhya Bharat, 1948-49; Member, Provisional Parliament; President of the Ujjain Bar Association, 1950; Member of the First Lok Sabha, 1952—57 and Second Lok Sabha, 1957—62; Chairman of the Nahan Foundry Enquiry Commission, 1955; Served as a member of the Estimates and Public Accounts Committees and Privileges Committee.

Hobby:  Coaching up of small children.

Special interest:  Food and Agriculture, Cooperation and Community Development work, education and health.

Permanent address:  Advocate, Brahman Gali, Ujjain.

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate:  4,43,179

Shri Radhelal Vyas                                              . .                  84,976

Shri Mahendra Bhatnagar                                   . .                  56,305

Shri Nandkishore Purushottam                           . .                  35,662

Shri Shantilal                                                       . .                 27,777 

Shri Palanji Naserwanji Mehta                            . .                    7,231

Shri Diwakar Deshpande                                    . .                    5,999].


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