Shri Ramdas Chandrabhanji Tadas Member of Parliament (MP) from Wardha (Maharashtra) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Ramdas Chandrabhanji Tadas

Political Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Constituency & State: Wardha (Maharashtra)

Lok Sabha Experience: 16

Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliament
XI Lok Sabha


Father's Name  :	Shri Venkateswarlu Tadiparthi

Date of Birth  :	25 June 1945

Place of Birth :	Tenali in Distt. Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)

Educational Qualifications :	Middle
	Educated at Govt. Girls High School, Tenali, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)

Profession :	Artist

Permanent Address :	3, Saraswathi Street, Mahalingapuram,
	Tel. (044) 8272687

Positions Held :
   1996	Elected to Lok Sabha (Eleventh)

Literary, Artistic and Scientific Accomplishments :
	Acted in more than 300 films in five languages; Recipient of a 
	national award "Urvashi Award", three times

Election result of :
Tenali Lok Sabha constituency
Total electorate	9,61,992
Total votes polled	6,32,237
Votes polled in favour of the
first four leading candidates:
(1) Smt. Sarada Tadiparthi 	(T.D.P.)	2,74,244
(2) Shri Singam Basvapunaiah 	(I.N.C.)	2,37,756
(3) Shri Ambati Brahamanaiah
     			[N.T.R.T.D.P.(LP)]	  72,831


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