Shri Ramgarib Member of Parliament (MP) from Basti-SC (Uttar Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Ramgarib

Political Party: Independents

Constituency & State: Basti-SC (Uttar Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 2

Second Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

RAMGARIB, SHRI, B.Sc., Ind., [Uttar Pradesh—Basti (Reserved—Sch. Castes)—1957]: S. of Shri Bhaya Jagroop Singh; B. Taunggyi, Southern Shan States, Burma, September 21, 1923; ed. at University College of Rangoon, Burma; m. Shrimati Chabraji Devi, April 28, 1944; 2 D.; Agriculturist; Joined the Auxiliary Force, R.A. when the Japanese invaded Burma; on September, 13, 1941; Served in various British units in 14th Army, included in the Special Troops of General Wingate (“The Chindils”); Released from Army on February 12, 1947 after re-occupation of Burma and came to India; Can read, write and speak Burmese.

Special activities: Took up the work of reforming his community, Barwars, previously called “Criminal Tribes” of U.P.

Hobby: Gardening—vegetables, flowers and flowering trees.

Special interest: Reading informative books. 

Favourite pastime and recreation: Driving cars. 

Sports: Football, hockey and tennis.

Travels abroad: Burma. Malaya, parts of China and Japan.

Permanent address: (1) Athdama House, Dist. Basti, Basti, U.P. (2) Village Parainia, B.P.O. Rajapur Parsawara, P.S. Dhaneypur, Distt. Gonda, U.P.

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate: 8,07,318

Shri Ramgarib ..     1,84,549

Shri Sheo Narain .. 1,72,573]


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