Shri Shashi Bhushan Member of Parliament (MP) from South Delhi (Delhi) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Shashi Bhushan

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: South Delhi (Delhi)

Lok Sabha Experience: 4,5

Fifth Lok Sabha

Members Bioprofile 

SHASHI BHUSHAN, SHRI, (Cong.) Delhi-South Delhi—1971, Son of Shri Chandra Kant Bajpai; b. at Lashkar, Madhya Pradesh, November 11, 1928; ed. at Lashkar and other towns in Madhya Pradesh; m., 1952; 1 s. and 1 d.; Social and political worker and trade unionist; took part in the 1942 Quit India Movement; was arrested and imprisoned for 3 1/2 years and during this period was kept as youngest security prisoner in Lahore Fort, Borstal jail, Lahore and Kasur subjail; externed from British India; was arrested again for violating externment order and planning to liberate officers and men of Azad Hind Fouj; was again arrested at Lahore and was released in 1946; campaigned against monopolies, feudalism and communalism; offered Satyagraha to stop exploitation and victimization of Harijans and Adivasis in Shahdol area of Madhya Pradesh and was imprisoned; joined the Satyagraha of striking teachers in Delhi in 1968 and was imprisoned; undertook 10-day hunger strike to press for taking over of Birla House and its conversion into a national memorial; led an agitation against B.B.C. for presenting distorted Indian news abroad in 1968; Founder President, Institute for Socialist Education which held an All Indian Convention on the role of Workers and Management of Public Undertakings and Afro-Asian Convention on Nehru in 1970; Member, Fourth Lok Sabha, 1967-70; was the first Member of Parliament to demand freedom of voting according to conscience during presidential election, 1969; attended (i) Youth Festival in Vienna, (ii) meeting of the World Peace Council at Budapest, 1971; (iii) Conference on Palestinian Refugees held in Algiers in 1971; visited Arab and socialist countries to plead the cause of Bangla Desh.

Social activities.—Devoted to the Social and economic uplift of Adivasis, Harijans and other backward sections; active Trade Union worker; youth movement worked for relief and succour to refugees in the wake of partition in 1947.

Hobby.—Social work.

Publications.—Wrote short stories for the magazines and number of books on socialism.

Travels abroad.—Afghanistan, Australia, U.S.S.R., France, Belgium, Germany, U.K., U.S.A., Netherlands, Sierra, Leone, Nigeria, Algeria and other African countries.

Permanent address.—49/8, South T. T. Nagar, Bhopal.



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