Shri Shraddhakar Supakar Member of Parliament (MP) from Sambalpur (Orissa) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Shraddhakar Supakar

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: Sambalpur (Orissa)

Lok Sabha Experience: 2,4

4th Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

SUPAKAR, SHRI SHRADDHAKAR. M.A., B.L., Sahityacharya, Cong., (Orissa-Sambalpur-1967):  s. of late Shri Janardhan Supakar; b. at Sambalpur town. April 23, 1915;  ed.  at Ravenshaw  Collage,  Cuttack,  Patna  Collage,  Patna, and  Patna Law  Collage; married ; 4  s.  and  4  d.; Advocate;  Assocated  with  the Ganatantra  Parishad,  1952 – 62; Member, (i)  Sambalpur District Board, 1940; (ii) Orissa Text Book Committee, 1939—41; (iii) the Senate and the Syndicate of the Utkal “University, 1948—50 and 1964-65 and of the Sambalpur University, since January 1, 1967; (iv) Governing bodies of Gangadhar Meher College, “Women’s College, Lajpatrai Law College and Government Training College; ex-Member, Governing Bodies of Burla Medical College and Burla Engineering College; Secretary, Sambalpur College Trust Funds Committee; Chairman, Reception Committee, All India Civil Liberties Conference, Cuttack Session, 1954; Member, (1) Orissa State Planning Advisory Board, 1952—58; (ii) Orissa Stale Transport Advisory Board, since 1964. and (iii) Orissa State Basic Education Board; Member, Orissa Legislative Assembly, 1949-56; Leader of Opposition, Orissa Legislative Assembly, 1952-56; Chairman, Orissa Public Accounts Committee, 1952—54; Member, Second Lok Sabha, 1957-62 and Rajya Sabha, November 1965 to February 1967; Member, Estimates Committee, 1957-59, and Public Accounts Committee, 1959-60 of Lok Sabha.

Social activities:  Undertook prohibition and  flood relief work during college days.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Reading and writing.

Special interests:  Promotion of Education;

Publications:  (i) Galpanjali; (ii) Vishakanya: (iii) Joar-Bhata (collections of short stories); (iv) Amara Jiban—A Biography; (v) Surendra Sai—Play; (vi) Kasturi Mriga—One Act Play; (vii) Tirtha-Pathey—Travel stories, and (viii)Vidhan—Sabhare Panch Barsha.

Club:  Fraser Club, Sambalpur.

Permanent address:  Jharuapara, Sambalpur, Orissa.


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