Smt. Savitri Nigam Member of Parliament (MP) from Banda (Uttar Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Smt. Savitri Nigam

Political Party: Congress

Constituency & State: Banda (Uttar Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 3

Third Lok Sabha

Members Bioprofile

NIGAM, SHRIMATI SAVITRI, Cong., (U.P.—Banda—1962):  D. of late Babu Anandi Prasad Nigam; B. Banda, May 1919; ed. at Arya Kanya Pathshala, Allahabad; m. Shri Brijnandan Prasad Nigam, April 25, 1937; 2 D.; Political and social worker; Secretary, A.I.W.C, 1947—49; Vice-President, Avadh Branch of A.I.W.C, 1950-51; Member, Association for Social and Moral Hygiene in India since 1951; Member, Women’s Food Council, since 1951 Executive Committee, Congress Party in Parliament, 1960-61; Secretary, Congress Party in Parliament, 1961-62; Member, Women’s Advisory Board of A.I.C.C., National Advisory Board for Family Planning, Central Advisory Council for the Education of Handicapped, All India Prohibition Board and All India Bharat Sevak Samaj, A.I.C.C; Secretary, Occupational Therapy; Vice-President,  Delhi Prohibition Board, 1955 and 1956; President, All India Federation for Deaf and Dumb since 1957; Chairman, National Integration Committee, Bharat Sevak Samaj; Member, Rajya Sabha, 1952—62.

Social activities:  Women Protection League, City Scheme for education of adult women and Adult Women Night School; Reorganised (i) Yahiyaganj Mahila Congress Committee, Lucknow and (ii) Lucknow Branch of Avadh Women’s Conference.

Hobbies:  Writing short stories, painting, travelling and debating.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Reading, Radio talk on Women’s uplift and other topics, stories and dramas, swimming, tennis. 

Special interests:  Social work, care of the handicapped; slum clearance and adult education.

Sports and clubs:  George Town Ladies Club; Delhi Gymkhana Club; International Club, Lucknow; Mahila Sahayak Sangh, Lucknow. 

Travels abroad:  U.S.A., U.K., Sweden, Finland, West Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Ceylon, Burma, Thailand and Philippines.

Books published:  ‘Grahastanjali’, ‘Annapoorna’, and a large number of articles on family planning, abolition of prostitution, food problem and women uplift etc.

Permanent address:  Anand Niwas, Banda.

[Voting results at the Election: 

Electorate:  4,20,121

Shrimati Savitri Nigam                                        . .                     45,919

Shri Jamuna Prasad                                           . .                     32,238 

Shri Ram Sajiwan                                               . .                     21,471

Shri Acharya Prabhakar Misra                            . .                     19,350

Shri Avadh Behari                                              . .                       6,427].


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