Tripura Parliamentary Lok Sabha Election 2019 Result MP Name

Status Known For 2 out of 2 Constituencies
Lok Sabha Election Result 2014
ConstituencyConst. No.Leading CandidateLeading PartyTrailing CandidateTrailing PartyMarginStatusWinning CandidateWinning PartyMargin
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Tripura East2Rebati Tripura
Bharatiya Janata Partyi
Maharaj kumari Pragya DebBurman
Indian National Congressi
204290Result DeclaredJITENDRA CHAUDHURYCommunist Party of India (Marxist)484358
Tripura West1Pratima Bhoumik
Bharatiya Janata Partyi
Subal Bhowmik
Indian National Congressi
305689Result DeclaredSANKAR PRASAD DATTACommunist Party of India (Marxist)503486

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Tripura Lok Sabha Election 2014 Result MP Names


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